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Posted By: Souzam on 2005-08-30
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Has anyone interviewed/tested with Kaiser?  Looking for info regarding how they test and any info regarding working there (good or bad).  Thanks!!!

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I had my last 2 babies at Kaiser Fontana. I LOVED Kaiser insurance...
I have a plan with Kaiser for $200 a mth.
I actually really dislike Kaiser, but it was the least expensive that I found.
I thought Kaiser was more $.
Since I have had number surgeries on my wrists (carpal tunnel and complications) I have been rejected by other insurance companies including Blue Shield. How do I sign up for Kaiser?
Not when you work as an MT at Kaiser (sm)
Not saying that's where the previous poster works. But you will make $23-30 per hour at Kaiser in California, and Kaiser even has a work at home program for acute care MTs, but they WILL put you through the ringer. In some departments, there is absolutely no schedule flexibility (when working at home or in-house). Plus, they are phasing out MTs due to a new EMR (HealthConnect). So you get excellent pay and benefits, but expect to be micromanaged.
Kaiser where I live (CA) does it for free too. (nm)
Is this Kaiser nationwide or a particular hosp?
I was searching for a Kaiser facility and the article came up (sm)

I don't know if I would call it better, but different sites come up.

It doesn't mention what they plan to do about identity theft and their 3 years is now up.  Anybody work for this Kaiser facility?

Kaiser recently dropped transcription
Even their op reports.  I don't know how you can do touch-screen op reports.  I would like to know how this works if anybody does know out there
Kaiser switching to EMR and to be offering retrival of your medical records online. sm