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Posted By: TIA on 2009-02-06
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I just started on a new account using Lanier and have a report in my que that we're not supposed to transcribe.

How do I skip the report?  I thought it was *8 but that didn't work.


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Hi, Deeni! I did Lanier for several years and was always told that Lanier....sm
would only work with/accept/interface with other Lanier products, that everything was proprietary, but that was a few years ago and do not know if anything there has changed, wish I was of more help!  Have a good one!
Yes Transcend uses the voice writer on certain accounts.  Just started using it. 
Lanier VXP??
Anybody use Lanier VPX? I can't get my wav pedal to play these files. Any suggestions?
Lanier VXP
These can only be played with a Lanier footpedal.  They have a proprietorial header on the voice file and cannot be opened without the appropriate footpedal.
I have a lanier - sm
I would like to know more too.  Thanks.
Does anyone use a lanier voice writer and looking for extra work?   Thanks!
I know this may be redundant, but try unplugging everything and then start over. I have had this happen and it corrected it. Good luck!
Lanier LX-219-1
Can someone tell me what the VVI board underneath the Lanier machine is used for?? Does the Lanier machine with the phone attachment work the same way even though it does not have that VVI board???
I NEED HELP with this Lanier LX-219-1

Please help...I am ready to pull out my hair....

I need to set up my Lanier LX-219-1 system into a vonage modem

and I am TOTALLY lost...have tried all kinds of different connections

to no avail....Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you...


My Lanier LX-230 will NOT turn on when I push on/off button .  I tried *99 1 to see which buttons are programmed, and the on/off button did not light up .  Does anyone know what (if there is one) the code is for on/off button for the LX-230.  To check, pls. try *99 then 1 while your LX-230 is off, then push the on/off button once - the code should be displyed...PLEASE reply to me with the code.



If you use a calling card to dial into the hospital system using a Lanier, do your phone card minutes start to decrease immediately or only when you have the foot pedal down and are listening to the dictation? I hope this question makes sense? Tx
On mine assign job is on the right side 5th one down - good luck!
IC Lanier
Check out MDI-MD.
Could someone tell me what a Lanier is.
I know I heard of it but not sure exactly what it is.
It is a device that hooks into a phone line and you hook in your headphones and receive the dictation through there. Expensive peice of equipment. You have to dial into where ever your dictation is coming from. Does that help you at all?
I currently use it.
Looking for an affordable digital system that would allow at least 4 people to dictate at the same time. Since they dial into the server with Lanier, is it possible for more than one person to be dictating at the same time? Would you need more than one phone line to allow for this? (Not sure if this system would allow for that or not). Any suggestions?
if you know job #, use the assign by job # key and reassign it to yourself. if you don't have that key, holler and I'll give you programming directions.
Try unplugging the phone lines from the modem (flat box) for about 10 minutes and then plug back in.
I need some help. I have a Lanier LX-219-1 with VTI. sm
I need a terminal block, power source and pedal.  Can anyone tell me where I can get these.  I have checked Executive Communications and they have them new.  I would like to buy used if at all possible.  Thanks!
Lanier P-145


Does anyone know how to use the Lanier P-145(An old telephone 4 tape recording system)?  Or does anyone know of a manual I can get my hands on?  I just purchased a used one and I have tried everything and I can not get it to work!!!  It does power on, but I am not sure if I am hooking everything up correctly. 

Thank you very much.


Agree. Lanier the best, but expensive. $600-700 for mine 12 years ago. Lasts forever, and you can spend the same $600-700 on cheaper models that will need to be replaced with new on a regular basis. Have tried Olympus, Panasonic, Sony - all lasted less than a year.
Lanier 219

Any one here know ths machine like the back of their hand?  I have a few questions about functions of some of the keys.


Sometimes they get sensitive and can do that, or also not give a full visual read-out in the window. When that happens, the tech tells us to fully power it down, totally unplug from its power source (from the wall, etc.) and let it sit for a full 5 minutes. This cools the unit down and since they are preprogramed which also includes programming of your footpedal, this allows the preprogramming to come back to its original state. Mine does stuff like that about every month or so. Most of them are pretty old. Also, you may have to get technical support if powering down does not work, to check your pedal settings. Hope this helps. I know these "old dinosaurs" get fussy sometimes.

I am trying to find out what are the advantages/disadvantages of Lanier versus other platforms? 



Lanier is the best
Any transcription product with Lanier on the name is #1 in my book.
Lanier is one of the oldest, slowest, clunkiest systems around. I actually quit a job that was paying me 11 cpl on Lanier and took one for 9-3/4 on WAV and am making waaaay more on the WAV account. Lanier stinks.
Lanier help

I need the command prompts to use to access a Lanier system with non-Lanier equipment. 

I access 2 other Lanier systems with the same equipment with NO problem at all.  But this one is recognizing me as a "dictator" and not a "transcriber".

The prompts I do have, don't work.  They are "call in, wait for beep, enter #6"  I should hear "welcome" then enter my ID and should be good to go. 

I've spent almost 3 hours searching for the solution on the internet and I need help fast.  There are a ton of jobs waiting for me on this new system - so I'm losing $$$

thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,


Is it possible to get Lanier voice files with anything other than a Lanier? I tried calling in on a Dictaphone, but it doesn't work. Seems like I remember someone posting about this, but I can't remember how she said it was done.


Good morning grasshopper... luv that name  LOL

Thanks so much.  Other than the color being black, it looks the same as my old faithful friend that was white or beige, but not black.  I will try it.  Thanks again...happy listening and typing to ya grasshopper.


Good morning grasshopper... luv that name  LOL

Thanks so much.  Other than the color being black, it looks the same as my old faithful friend that was white or beige, but not black.  I will try it.  Thanks again...happy listening and typing to ya grasshopper.

Questions on Lanier 219 or 230

Could some MTs that use either of these systems please email me.  I have a ton of questions concerning these machines and don't know where to look.  Looking at working on an account that requires one of these machines and have been looking on ebay.  Asked a few questions to one seller and I don't think he knows what he has.  Any help would be really appreciated.

Tabatha in Charleston, SC


Hi Everyone!

Do you know if Lanier makes a sofware package similar to TransNet in which you can sign onto their system, download your voice files, and then sign off?  If so, what is the name of that software?



Lanier hook up

I purchased a Lanier 230 and come to find out it did not come with the required cables to hook this stupid thing up.  I got the base unit with large display, the power supply, the foot pedal, and the VTI but no cables.  Can someone tell me what cables I need and how to plug it in so it will run properly?  The only thing that came with it is the quick check brochure on how to program it.  Nothing is mentioned on hook up.

Thank you in advance everyone.  I would like to get to work on an account but don't even know how to get started.  I figured posting here would get a quicker response.  I don't want to go bald... hehe


Vonage and Lanier? sm

I have used Vonage in the past with a C-phone.   Will it work as smoothly with a Lanier system? 

I have had no problems using it with my Lanier.
Lanier Headset

Does anyone know where I can get a good price on a Lanier Stethoscope style headset (metal) - LX-10-35???   I have found these for $70, but maybe you might know of a better deal.   THANKS....

lanier system sm

Please help. Our Transcriptionist left abruptly, and we are needing to acess the files to pull a medical report. We have the job in que, but we are not able to get any further. Can someone walk us through getting this thing typed.

I use it with C-phone and Lanier.
I have had absolutely no problems with it at all.
Lanier question

Please email me. I tried to email you, but there was an error in your email address. I can answer a few of your questions.

I used to work for a hospital and they changed to the Lanier system. Since the hospital hired per diems, the only way I can work now is if they delete a worker's profile and add me into their system. I work for them as an IC now.

Lanier and VOIP
I use digital phone with Time Warner for my Lanier account. I also kept my unlimited LD with Verizon as a back up, but use the digital phone service for my Lanier because I'm afraid that Verizon will catch up with me. Therefore, I have TWO lines, one land one (Verizon), and one VOIP (Time Warner). Both are unlimited LD, but if the cable goes out, I still have my land line. Hope this helps.
C-phone vs Lanier - sm
The two devices are completely different, and if the facility you type for is set up for C-phone, Lanier will not work. Don't ask my how or why, but I have both, and they are not interchangeable for each account.
Lanier repair?
I have a Lanier LX-219-1 with the extended screen, and all of the backlighting is out. Does anyone know of ANYONE who repairs these? I live in the Sacramento, CA area but might be willing to ship out to someone reliable.
HELP....with LANIER and Dictaphone???

I am looking for any information that someone can give me regarding getting your equipment fixed with Lanier Voice Write -LX-219-1 machine, as I cannot get my machine to operate.

I also have a C-phone (Dictaphone) and I am getting a lot of static in the earpiece and cannot even hear the physician in the background.

Basically, I feel that both of my systems need to be serviced and was wondering if you could help me here with either (Lanier or Dictaphone) as I am losing $$ as I am even typing this.  I have called all the local businesses and searched the web for any help and to no avail.  I live in Ridgeway VA....

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated....Thank you

A Lanier question
How do you skip a report; I don't want to sign it off, just skip over it.  Thanks.
Lanier transcriber - the best!.....nm

Lanier question, please help
Just wanted to clarify the first post.  I am trying to re-listen to a job that I have already signed off (Lanier LX-219).  How do I do this? Thanks.
assign key on Lanier-need help!
I'm trying to re-listne to a job I signed off.  I need to find the assign key.  My Lanier is not marked with that key.  How do I find it.  Thanks
lanier question

i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i didn't see any other boards.  anyone use lanier voicewriter? if so, has your LCD screen (the one above your keypad) ever "fade out"?  it's very hard to explain what mine is doin, but certain lines are fading out and not all of the numbers are showing up.  I bought my lanier for a "steal" and i really don't want to buy another one. 


Manual for Lanier LX-218

Does anyone have a manual for a Lanier LX-218?  Need one ASAP. 



My lanier experience
When I used to work on a Lanier, you had 10 seconds to listen and decide if you wanted the report. After 10 seconds it was stuck on your line until it was complete. If you only listened for 9 seconds you could hang up and the report would go back into the general queue for anyone to take.