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Looking for wireless ergonomic keyboard with split spacebar, if it exists. Anyone know where I can f

Posted By: lcm on 2006-12-29
In Reply to:

Been searching everywhere.  Please help if you have seen this before.

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I have a split ergonomic keyboard
and LOVE it.  It took a few days to get used to it, but now I don't know how I typed all those years on a straight keyboard.  This is MUCH better.
Anyone out there use ergonomic split keyboard?
I bought a micrsoft ergo split keyboard. I am not sure if I am going to like this. Apparently one is supposed to use their left hand for the letter B....after all these years I have been using my right! Whoops. Anyone out there really see or feel the difference in the comfort or have any of you tried it for a long time and still just do not like ergos? Let me know your thoughts.................thanks friends!
I have a wireless split keyboard I take along. nm
Split keyboard mounted on chair arms versus split keyboard on desk

For longtime comfort which is best - split keyboard mounted on chair arms or split keyboard to be used on the desk?

Also, why the preference over split keyboards that come totally apart versus split keyboards that are permanently connected at the top?

I want to revamp my office and there are so many different options.

IBM model M-15 split ergonomic
I bought one of these keyboards from www.clickykeyboards.com

Fully adjustable for any typing angles like Goldtouch, but much better key feel.

Priceless keyboard that I hope to use for next 20 years.
Yes, ergonomic...geez, didn't think it was that unusual to say split. lol
Yes, that is all I use. I attach a wireless ergonomic
Ergonomic Keyboard
I purchased a refurbished SafeType keyboard because I started having tingling, numb wrists and hands and the difference.....WOW!! I told every MT I knew about the difference they make.....WHAT A GREAT INVESTMENT THAT WAS!!
I could tell the FIRST day of using it (after I got used to it) that my pain and tingling was GONE!! The keys are sideways and I thought it would take me forever to get used to it, but it didn't! I thought it was worth a try as a last resort in "ergonomic keyboards." I was using a split keyboard and I got used to the SafeType faster than I got used to the split keyboard when I started using it. I'm actually faster with the SafeType. They retail for around $300, but they sell refurbished ones for around half that. IT TRULY WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE FOR TRANSCRIPTION!! If you haven't heard of them, check them out.... www.safetype.com, I think. THE MOUSE is GREAT, too! It's only around $80 new, but I lucked into getting a demo for about half that too!
Ergonomic keyboard!
Thanks for the greate website and the prices are so much better than I have seen. Have heard it takes a couple of weeks to get used the the Ergonomic keyboard, is this true? Is it worth buying, does it make a big difference? I want to buy one but want to make sure it will be worth it. Thanks!
Ergonomic keyboard!
Thanks,will get it. Do you recommend a certain one?
Ergonomic keyboard!
Wow, can give it a couple of days. Thanks!
ergonomic keyboard

These are 49.99 minus 10.00 rebate at www.compusa

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, USB


Manufacturer: Microsoft    Visit their Showcase


Mfg Part #: B2M-00012


Product Number: 333743


Was: $59.99
SAVE $10 after:
$10.00 mail-in rebate(s)

Ergonomic Keyboard
I have always used a split keyboard, however, just purchased the Microsoft 4000 and have found it a little difficult to adjust to. The keys and space bar are hard to press and I am running words together because I think they space but don't. Other than that I love the split style and could never use a regular keyboard again.
ergonomic keyboard


MS ergonomic keyboard
help!  I have the MS ergonomics 4000 keyboard.  My F7 key would not work at all yesterday and  now the F5 and F9 will not work which I need to use for the company that I work for.  my tech dept. did not seem to know what the heck is going on.  Any suggestions welcomed!  Thank you,

Probably about 10 or more years ago, started having same problem.  Switched to ergonomic keyboard, and have been using ever since.  I have a Microsoft, I think it is Microsoft Elite, or something like that.  There is also a Microsoft 2000 available.  Just check on the Internet for availability at discount computer stores, or try E-Bay. 

Would definitely recommend!

Ergonomic Keyboard

I have been using a Microsoft keyboard that seems like forever (since 2002).  It has survived spills and scrubbing when I clean it.  The only problem is that I have worn off some of the letters on the keys.  It has its advantages - keeps my son from using my computer because he is not that familiar with the keys.


Are you using an ergonomic keyboard, that may help some.
What is the best ergonomic keyboard?
I used to use a DataHand, but they are out of production now and I'm so disappointed. What is everyone else using?
ergonomic keyboard ?
what part of the hand? I get pain in my wrists and wear wrist support, but I also know my ergonomic keyboard makes a big difference. I would say stretched, but not sure of what hand movements you could do, cause like i said mine is the wrist.
oh and anti-inflammatory round-the-clock. hope it gets better, it's not pleasant to work through :(
split keyboard

Go to www.datavisionergonomics.com.  They have several different styles of keyboards.  I personally have one just like the Maxim keyboard, which is just like the keyboard has been chopped in half right down the center.  I've used mine for ten years and it's getting old and needs to be replaced.  When I bought mine ten years ago, it was over $400.00.  You can buy one now for under $$150.00.  Here's how it works:

I sit in my chair with my arms at my sides, and each half of the keyboard is directly in front of each arm.  I can put my schedules, an 8.5 x 11 in. paper, in-between the two halves of the keyboard!  That's how far apart the two halves are, and there is no strain on my wrists, shoulders, arms, or neck.  When I try to use my husband's keyboard now, a regular keyboard, I can't even type my name! 

It'll take you 1-2 days to get used to this style of keyboard, but take my word for it, you will love it and never want to go back to the traditional keyboards or even the so-called "split" ones that are still all in one unit, but have the right and left hands a little farther away from each other. 

Another thing, I (like you) use my left thumb space bar as the back space.  My right thumb, as usual, hits the forward space.  I never have to use my right pinky to go way up and hit the original back space key.  Hmm...maybe Maxim will give me a free keyboard if I refer enough MTs to them.    Let me know if you have any other questions.  Have a fun day!

Getting used to split keyboard
Go to the notions department and get Velcro dots.  Put them on the home row keys.   After about 2 or 3 days you will become accustomed to where the keys are and can take the dots off.  Be careful when removing them because they are on there very strong...you don't want to pull of the keycap. 
Best split keyboard?
Any recommendations?
Not sure what you mean by a split keyboard

I tried a split keyboard once . . .
When I worked in-house an orthopedic doc brought in a split keyboard for each of us to try. Within 45 minutes of use, my left arm went from tingling to numb to cold. No one else had that problem. Since then, I have tried one for a few minutes and started having problems again. Maybe I'm just deformed!
Split keyboard -- Help! ...

I recently began using an ergonomic split keyboard. I hated the first ergo boards that came out (where your hands were almost facing each other when you typed.  However, these new split keyboards are so comfortable to use and I completely adapted to it after two days...EXCEPT for the '6' key. They put the '6' on the left side of the keyboard instead of the right. This means I would have to retrain myself to type it with the left index finger rather than the right one.  This would be no easier than moving the 'r' key over to the right side of the keyboard and trying to retrain my brain to hit it with the right hand.  It also is difficult to  feel or see the error when it pertains to a number. 

If anyone has any advice or information as to where I could find a split keyboard with the 1-2-3-4-5 on the left and 6-7-8-9-0 on the right, I would owe you big time!  

split keyboard
I love mine--it wasn't hard to adjust to--and once you get used to it--you will see how much more natural and less "cramped" your arms and hands are in this position.  What can be a challenge is trying to type on the standard keyboard after getting used to the ergonomic...you won't want to go back
Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard
Check out ebay for keyboards.  I use a Goldtouch, whic tents up in the middle, like a teepee.  Got used to it real quick.  Now it seems totally strange and uncomfortable to use a "regular" keyboard.
Ergonomic Keyboard - My Experience
I use the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard which is a split ergonomic style and I think it is great, but I had to get used to it by using it a lot and I could not resort to using the other keyboard while getting used to it, otherwise it made it more difficult. Once I got used to it, I was fine. Now if I have to type on a regular keyboard, the keys now seem too close together. I also find that keeping my keyboard (either one) low near my lap and my hands at a neutral extension so that my wrists are not flexed either up or down has kept me from incurring any injuries or syndromes (CTS) connected with our type of work. I bought a tray for keyboard that I can adjust in this way. I have been a paralegal in the past and I am currently an MT culminating in over 20 years of typing and my hands and wrists are still fine.
4000 Ergonomic Keyboard
I just purchased and using the Microsoft 4000 ergonomic keyboard and love it.  It took a couple of days to get used to the keys.  I have used other ergonomic keyboards, but this one is the best. 
Try Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

Hi, try Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.  I don't know about the wireless ergo keyboard but I do know they are expensive than the wired ones.  You could contact your local Microsoft hardware dealer. 

Instructions for a DIY ergonomic keyboard.
I admit, I an avid nut for creative problem-solving. As part of that addiction, I am a coach for a creative problem-solving team of kids in the DestinationImagination program. Through that involvement, I came to love the Instructables site. Today, there I came across instructions for an ergonomic keyboard and wanted to share them with those of you out there who are handy or married to a handy spouse. Let me know if anyone takes this project on and how it turns out.
I agree - ergonomic keyboard sm
all the way.  I also use the Microsoft one.  I started using it about 6 or 7 years ago.  Funny thing though, once you start it's really hard to go back to a regular keyboard as it seems so tiny and crammed. 
Kinesis Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard

Has anyone used this keyboard?  (It is the weird shaped one).  How comfortable are the hard plastic wrist rests?

poster means ergonomic keyboard....

Microsoft 4000 split keyboard.

Does anyone use this keyboard?  I just got one thinking it would help my hands from hurting, but I am having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the keyboard.  Did anyone else have this problem?  If so, did you catch on, or did you have to return it?  I went from the plain keyboard to this, but It has  slowed me down tremendously.  I wonder if I should get an ergonomic keyboard without the split?  Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

(sigh) The M15 split is my dream keyboard.
No. I haven't. I don't even like the split keyboard...call me
old fashioned, but I type the swiftest on a good ole basic keyboard.
My split Comfort keyboard has backspace on
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Has anyone had a chance to try this new keyboard out yet?

I saw it at Best Buy yesterday and had a chance to give it a little hands-on feel. Very interesting. Started a little research and the reviews seem to be fairly positive (7/10 to 8/10).

But, I'm more trustworthy of feedback from people like MTs who really give keyboards a good "workout" on a daily basis.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
I have a brand new one still in the box that I'll sell for a fraction of the retail cost. Just email me at rinny1987@yahoo.com.
In the market for a new ergonomic keyboard. I would love some suggestions!!! What are you using??
Right now I'm looking at the Comfort Keyboard ($289) and Ergoflex ($179) that are on e-bay. If you haven't seen them, they basically look like a regular keyboard, just in two halves. I've also been looking at the Microsoft Curve Comfort and the Logitech Wave. I HATE the big, bulky ergonomic split keyboards like the Microsoft Elite. I cannot use them at all. I also tried the Kinesis Classic and after a month, couldn't get used to it either.

Right now I'm using the A-tech AntiRSI keyboard. It's okay, nothing great.

I would appreciate ANY suggestions. Price really is a factor even though the ones I listed are outrageous. I'd rather not spend a ton, but will if I have to.

Please Help - anyone who uses the Kinesis Freestyle Solo split keyboard....
 am considering buying one.  However, I noticed you have to buy a keypad separately.  I use the numbers at the top so I don't need a keypad.  Or so I thought, until I realized I use the plus and minus key on the keypad when we are in the ADT screen to move the date back.

So, my question is:  Do I have to also buy that separate keypad or is there a plus/minus key (that you don't have to use SHIFT to use) on the keyboard?



I use ergonomic keyboard, gloves, splints at night, but sometimes what works best is a cool shower.

Can a wireless keyboard be used with a KVM set up? Thx. nm
wireless keyboard
Just to report a very odd experience I had.  Wireless keyboard was periodically duplicating characters up to 5 to 7 times.  Nuts-making!   It never occurred to my computer guru that the keyboard batteries might be at fault, because whenever his own batteries went dead, his wireless keyboard simply stopped working completely.  I replaced my batteries (rechargeable, low, but not "dead") with regular non-recharge fresh batteries and the duplication problem went away.  This is prob unrelated to your difficulty, but at least weird things can happen. 
Wireless keyboard

Wireless simply means that you don't have a wire connecting the keyboard to the computer tower.  There is a unit that plugs into the tower that controls the signal for the mouse and the keyboard, both of which have batteries in them.

As for ergonomic keyboards, opinions on those vary.  I tried the "standard" ergo keyboard from Microsoft and HATED it.  It actually slowed me down.  My sister and a former co-worker love them.   I have seen some interesting keyboards that have the sides of the keypad standing up, so your wrist is in a handshake position (much more neutral for your arms).  They're expensive, though, so I haven't tried them yet. 

http://www.safetype.com/      I saw several people on here talk about the Safetype keyboard and loved it.

http://www.kinesis-ergo.com/    I also then read a review on this keyboard that spoke highly of it. 

I think at some point I'm going to try the Kinesis Freestyle.  That gives a lot more options in terms of wrist position, plus Kinesis also has the ergo mouse as well.

wireless keyboard question
What exactly does that mean?  I want a new keyboard and I am trying to find one that is ergonomic and will hopefully increase my productivity.  I currently use a Belkin.  Any recommendations? Cost is not a problem. TY
Wireless MS keyboard and mouse...sm
I just bought a wireless keyboard/mouse from Amazon, it is the Microsoft curved one... only $24 and I love it.  I had to fool with it a little bit, the receiver and the channel button at the bottom of the keyboard, but it is very nice, and curved, because i am so used to using the split erogo ones, but this one is very good. 
Computer not seeing wireless keyboard/mouse

I hooked up the mini receiver to the USB port, put all batteries in as directed, used the CD to install, turned off and then back on computer but when I type on the keyboard or use the mouse, nothing registers.  I have to then hook up my plug in keyboard and mouse (why I am able to type right now). 

What am I doing wrong? 

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried the wireless MS natural keyboard? Very soft!!