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Lucy, we use the EditScript MT platform, which is what you're referring to, I believe...sm

Posted By: Jay on 2006-03-14
In Reply to: Escription platform - sm - lucy

All in all I think it's pretty user friendly. It has the audio player built into it and it also handles all the downloading and uploading of the voice files and completed reports. It also has a search function that allows you to search old reports, which is really nice. The downside is that it only works with Word 2000 or 2003, not 2002, and it's a little sensitive to interference on your Internet connection. Also, although they say it will work with dial-up Internet, we have never been able to use it successfully with dial-up.


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LOL! Sounds like old I Love Lucy! Lucy does
Is EditScript and Escription the same platform? sm
I am only familiar with Dictaphone EXText, EXSpeech, and now EXEditor, but have heard that escription is even better than these platforms. I want to get my fact straight (the difference, if any, between EditScript and Escription) before applying for companies using those platforms. TIA!
Are all Escription accounts EditScript? I could not use this platform. sm
I see so many people that use Escription and like it.  Are there other Escription platforms, or are they all EditScript?
I think they're referring to the Christmas Child banner. nm
Be careful in your wording. Wannabe's? If you're referring to new MTs, then say so. It's
may I ask what platform you're on that....nm

depends on what platform you're on...sm

and the company you work for.  Ask your supervisor or the tech gurus how to turn off the yellow highlight...It can be done!  Good luck.   Cat  


I'm with Lucy
yeah, but "I Love Lucy"
'Splain to me Lucy...what do you want to do to MedRite? sm
The other question well...too much information.
Thanks for responding! I'm surprised we didn't have a Lucy and Ricky in the bunch ;-) nm
three bassetts - Zeuss, Lucy and Flash, one hamster Jerry nm
Dang Lucy's got a good idea. Now why didn't I think of that because I've been experiencing

MTSO with platform versus no platform (big message)

If a MTSO advertises that the MT works in MS Word and sends dictation by FTP, does this usually mean there will be no demographic/doctor database and the demographics will not be autopopulated?


I got into a mess with a small company (got out real quickly too).  I was required to print out daily email copies of the doctors' office patient schedules (which were barely legible) and type in all information.  I spent more time hunting for the correct patient through pages and pages of these schedules.  Then I had about 25 pages worth of doctor's names that I would have to go through to find the attending, referring, etc.  A total waste of time as I didn’t get paid for that. 


I wish MTSO would give more information as to what platform they use (if any).  Proprietary software is such a generic, totally useless description.  Would they buy a new car that listed, "Car has gasoline operated motor?" 


And for Pete's sakes, why so secretive about the pay?  Give a ballpark figure.  Just say, pay is between 7-12 cpl depending on skill, testing, etc. Tell me if you pay for spaces, headers, etc.  It would save them time because I wouldn’t even apply for a 7 cpl job. 


Before I spend an hour or two testing, I need more information from a company to be sure it is compatible for my needs.  If the MTSO would spend a little time on their website detailing their platform, how they send/receive files, pay rates,  how line rate is determined (spaces/no spaces) employee/IC/SE status, minimal line count, whether work pools consist of 100s of doctors, or smaller pools with 25-50 doctors etc.   Having all this information on their website would save them time and the MTs time.   Phoenix Medcom has a really good layout describing pretty much everything an MT would want to know before testing with them.  I am just tired of testing with a company and then finding out the job wasn’t exactly suited to my needs. 

Platform versus non-platform (templates)?

I've been working for MTSOs for years now, using their templates which sometimes cause productivity problems (macro issues, etc). I'm wondering if productivity is increased when working on a structured platform, such as one that a national company provides for its transcriptionists?  I've never used a platform, but it would seem that all one needs to do is straight type onto the screen and the platform program takes care of margins, page breaks, etc?

Any thoughts (as well as companies who are hiring who use platforms) would be appreciated.  Thanks

Which ones are you referring to?
There are people complaining about their companies not paying on time, the platforms they use, changing to voice recognition, not recognizing loyal employees, running out of work. They all come from different companies. Are they ALL disgruntled employees? It's just as sad that some MTs can't recognize that there ARE problems with companies and have to lump all complainers into the disgruntled category.
What are you referring to??? Not getting
your point.
I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to, but

If you are talking about picking a different encounter (perhaps a different DOS), just delete what is in the encounter box and type in a question mark and hit Enter. This will take you to all of the patient's encounters and you can select the one you want. At least this is how it works for me.

Good Luck.




This is the very one I am referring to
That was the worst experience I've had by far. Team leads were friendly, but big liars. Upper management...the nastiest people I've ever encountered.  I feel sorry for their recruiter.  She certainly doesn't belong with that sour bunch.
What are you referring to? CK-MB?
i'm referring to
my footpedal, headset, keyboard and mouse...i have a new laptop that i'd occasionally use for work, needing all these. If i had previously attached them to the laptop, was wondering if i'd damage anything or if they would all work, if i didn't shut down equipment before putting these things back on the laptop (which are usually on my desktop version); and wondering too if i have to do anything before un-attaching them. thanks.
I don't think, if you were referring to my
post, that it was b*tchy.  Just stating the facts! Supporting each other does not mean putting down your profession all the time either.  We're supposed to encourage and lift others up.  I know everyone complains sometime and has a bad day, but not everyday.  Put it this way, if you are having more bad days than good, it's time to move on! Life is too short to be so unhappy!
That is mostly what I am referring to
It seems like every time I post on here, someone always attacks me and has something mean to say. I mean, this board reminds me of elementary school girls...never getting along. I just want helpful advice, motivation, positivity, and friendliness. And to the post up above who said maybe I should find another board..I already have and you are one of the ppl I am referring to as always having to attack someone.
I don't know if you are referring to me...sm
as the other poster who was judging. I haven't judged anyone on here. I did state what I thought to that nasty poster who said that if you aren't making good money it is more than likely you. If you are doing good I am happy for you. Some MTs do have plenty of work, and that makes a big difference. If the work is not there, you can't very well make any money. I certainly would never suggest you pad your lines or any of those other things. I try not to judge people.
I was referring to the OP, of course! nm
I was referring to the fact that (sm)
it's free, unlike other sites, to post messages and such here.  That's what FREE I was referring to!
No problem -- I was referring to
the poster making snide remarks for MTs to stop being lazy and work 8 hours a day. No need in that mess.

I'm happy to share what has worked for me.

I have used VR before; not currently using it so it would take a while to get back into it. Yes, it can produce some great results but it takes a lot of investment from you to get it there -- training it to recognize your speech, etc.

Good luck.
When you say MDI, are you referring to Maryland or FL??? nm
Sorry, that was not the post I was referring to. nm
someone earlier was referring
to the TV show, The Apprentice, with Donald Trump.  That's the only postI've seen on here regarding apprentice.
No. I am referring to her first response to a . . .

post of mine.  I was offering MY opinion and was not specifically singling her post out.  Not at all.

The last time I checked, we are all entitled to our own opinions.  If people offer an opinion, albeit one that does not agree with someone else, why is that negative?

Geesh.  . . . and the horse you rode in on.

I am not referring to cases
such as you are describing, and I don't get why you're so defensive. Of course that splinter case that you described warrants an ER visit. I am referring to all of the reports that I type of cases that could easily be taken care of by a PCP and in no way should be considered an emergency. Relax...geez.
Is this the article you were referring to?
"Foreign Medical Graduates May Get New Test" in the NY Times? If so, it was printed on May 1, 1988. It also stated that the foreign medical graduates have to take an English profiency exam, NOT that they will NOW have to take one if the new test guidelines occur. The new requirements are that they have to take the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) Step 1 and Step 2, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Clinical Skills Assessment. This is before they can even begin a residency in the U.S. Might be nice if you had some reading comprehension skills.
I was referring mainly to employees. IC's are

I will start referring to BOS
as AAMT's POS - I think that might be a better descriptive of the content - lol
Not quite. I wasn't referring to the standards

we can use with ctrl-S.  In the expander, isn't there a standard capability?  I think what I wanted to do was save a report using that.  The report did save, but then I wanted to edit it, because I really just wanted ROS and PE.  I was doing H&Ps and she kept (very wordy) saying the same thing over and over and over.  But once I saved it I wanted to edit out the parts I didn't need and I couldn't do it, didn't know how to do it.

Does that make sense to you?  With MTs or Legacy once you saved or created your normal you could edit it.  Is it possible? 

Any help is much appreciated.  Sorry for any typos, it is so way past my bedtime!

Well I wasn't referring to HIPAA. Do you think
I'm referring to Phoenix Medcom
They sent me a lot of info when I inquired & were very specific: they pay per 65-character line, with headers & footers, no spaces.
I think OP is referring to dialing in for dictation. nm
Oops....I was referring to the ? a few down, thought it was gone - sm
things have been disappearing though.
Are you referring to a PC Card/slot?

I have a newer laptop that requires an ExpressCard (very similar to the PC cards-just latest version) and I had hoped to drop my dial-up and go with just the ExpressCard (based on a cell phone connection as you mentioned).

I work live, on-line, on a platform (which the platform co. said this card would work). Are you saying this won't work??? Is it because your connection gets dropped all the time or ???

I have been waiting and so excited about getting this new card (which may be out yet this month) and dropping my ISP for faster connection and being able to go mobile (as we camp a lot in the summer) as I hoped I could eventually do this hoping to be a "snowbird" some day. Please tell me this will work. :D

All I have available to me is dial-up and satellite and I don't want to go satellite.

Thanks so much for any feedback you can share.



Shotty if you are referring to lymphadenopathy. sm
If it was about a shoddy place of business, or the like, then that would be correct.  But shotty lymphadenopathy is a very common term, and the poster is correct.
I meant *comparing*, not *referring* ! - nm
I was referring to the "anymore", not the ebonics.
I was referring to new MTs and I don't care if you agree


My post was referring to a patient who does not
speak English, not the doctor. It is not the doctor's fault he cannot communicate with a non-English speaking patient.
OP was referring that patient names
being accessible/available to others was in conflict with HIPAA rules. Just stating that they are not and giving examples.
How about "Bunch Of Scum" ? (Referring to

How dumb are YOU? I was referring to people saying crap like
"things happen," which is a HUGE COP-OUT.
What/who are u referring to--missed original post.
Well actually i was referring to the fact that he/she has been booted off the site
so many times and is stupid enough to keep doing this LOL.