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Posted By: Linda on 2008-11-04
In Reply to:

It's baaaacccck! Indian post on job board is back!!!!!

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Thank you Moderator. sm
I find it unbelievable that people are posting account names.  What happened to the confidentiality agreements they signed with their companies?  Bizarre.
thank you, moderator
can the moderator tell me
where it went? Thanks !
Thanks moderator!!! I appreciate you!

Thank you, Moderator
Thank you for allowing the prayer request board on the Gab Board.
Hey Moderator
I won a scavenger hunt.  Forgot to put in there that I live in Florida.  Thanks again.  
you really should take that up with the moderator. obviously
plenty here have no problem with this board.
Thank you, Moderator!
I certainly would not want to offend anyone, and I appreciate your taking the time to let me know how you feel about this.

By the way, I am very impressed with the job you are doing keeping the board on track and moving it in the right direction. It is like a breath of fresh air!

If at any time you do receive complaints about my avatar, please feel free to contact me and I will do whatever you wish.

Best regards,

Running on MT

2 moderator...
What I am hearing is some want a tranquil place to take a break yet still discuss things pertaining to MT, like a conversation you would have drinking a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. I don't think a lot of the opinions going back and forth would sit well in a peaceful environment. They would probably have to call security.

I don't think bringing it up will help the situation but I think that it's the arguments after an opinion is given that the OP is referring to. Can't speak for the OP but ....

maybe a meditation board or quiet room board might help...


what the heck is going on with the main board?  people asking about companies etc?

Moderator, there is some person posting foul messages.
Never sure about what the moderator will and will
To the moderator - you need to step up
and block this flamer from the board. We come here to chat nicely because we have isolating jobs and don't get out much. There is absolutely no need for someone to make these kind of statements to a mother. If her purpose is just to cause upset, then clearly she has no place here. Do the right thing.
Moderator/Administrator (sm)
I've been trying for weeks to get into chat.  No matter what name/password I use, it won't let me in.  I tried to reregister and it consistently tells me I'm not using at least six letters in my password even though the ones I've tried are 6 and 9, and then today it finally admitted I already had an account but when I clicked the lost password part it sent me to Error 404.  I'm about to give up.  Am I not holding my mouth right or something??? Hope you can help and get me into chat again. 
oops, sorry moderator

Goldbird Moderator maybe you can help (sm)
I've emailed the administrator twice now and received no response (even gave her a few of the passwords that I know I've used on the internet).   I used to go into chat once in a while to see if anyone was there, but in the past few months I haven't been able to.  I tried every password I know I've used and even tried to re-add myself, but it says I'm already in the system (I know that because I used to be able to get into chat).  I've asked to have the password sent to me but it's never showed up.  How can I get my password sent to me again?
Thank you moderator and poster, much better...nm
how does one get a moderator on this board?
moderator question

How do we get tot he Gab board and "funny" board - there is no selection - the only way I was able to get there was through your arrow when you moved it - will there be a selection for that forum on the forum main screen any time soon?

Just curious

admin / moderator
Don't let this thread fall away - move it to the top and lets get everyone to take action - send to news, Glenn Beck at me@glennbeck.com - bombard the media and lets see if we can finally do something. This time it is not just the MT word against others, it is actual video that must be seen by all - Everyone;'s job in jeopardy - not just the MT. Move it to the top. Thanks Hayseed for your post
Thank you, Administrator and Moderator !!!

And hopefully he has now been blocked.  You guys owning and running MTStars are THE_ABSOLUTE_BEST !!!!



question for moderator

When we post on MTStars, can our employers ever find out who is posting?  The reason I ask is because there have been entire pages of posts removed after negative comments have been made about certain companies.  One of the companies actually threatened to sue the employee who was badmouthing them, even if what he/she posted was true!

question for moderator
Ah!  That makes sense!  Thanks, Goldbird.
To New Admin---you NEED a moderator

on the MQ board....the resident troll is back and as annoying as ever.  While we hate the overzealous banning....please, please, please remove the troll.  Disagreeing and trolling are way different, and the trolls DO need to be banned. 

Will you PLEASE address this issue?  I don't want to hear you tell me you are trying to get things together since you claim to have been the web developer for some years. If you want people to trust you, do the right and LEGAL thing and take action.  Cutesy little picture of the 2 of you ... wonder what else was cooking that night?
Attention Moderator
Kindly delete any of my posts that you feel the urge to edit.  I would rather you delete than skew the content and purpose of my communication caused by your editing.  Of course, it is not necessary for me to participate on these forums at all.
To Cher / Moderator
I just explained to you that I n e v e r sent her an email. I n e v e r do this. Why should I ?
I post all my comments on the board.

Moderator, what's going on with this forum?
It's often down lately and I haven't been able to access it for a day or so. Just wondering what the problem is?
MODERATOR-Whatcha think????
Can we do it? I think it would be great to have support from fellow MTs. We all listen to reports all day about people who need to get healthier, we need to hold ourselves to that too!
Try reporting it to the moderator.
I just sent one - I don't know if this is just some way to send viruses or what, but is certainly illegal.
Not the moderator, but people are not
Moderator still alive?
Indians wanting jobs on job seeker board too.
MODERATOR could we have a msg board just
I started using this board about 10 years ago, then quit for about 9, and just started using it again this year. I remember being on the board the day a poster asked if we could have a separate board just for MQ. We did, but now after coming back after 9 years, not much has changed on here....except we that are jobs are changing. It would be a nice to have a place to share experiences.
This is NOT what the moderator was saying in her post
She did not make ANY reference to newbies. You did not get it what the moderator meant with this sentence:

QUOTE: It also means to stop trying to personally address others' posting styles or personalities by calling them out. END QUOTE.

She certainly did NOT talk about newbies.

She was referring to something else, I understood.

Are you trying to 'pick a fight?'

Moderator, is there any way that there could be 2 job posting boards? sm
one for at-home positions and one for in-office positions or at least ask them to state which position it is for?  I see a lot of hospitals advertising on there but not many of them even state whether it is in-house or at-home positions. it would save a lot of wasted time on our part and there part if we knew this detail before we decided to apply, etc. 
Moderator and everybody else, my apology was DELETED. sm
I had wrote an apology for coming across so nasty earlier and I am sure that the gals that were involved in this post read it before somebody deleted it and decided to give me a warning. 
Moderator, can I ask why my first apology was deleted?nm
We all saw it and all it said was sorry for coming across so nasty.
To Moderator re Christmas gift
I made a small donation to MTStars Santa's House for Christmas Angels on December 19th but never received any gift.  Would you let me know the status?  Thanks.
Moderator. I'm speaking of the post a few down.
That says "Decisions about what to pay" and it's reply. Thank you. Apparently, it is contains too much legal jargon for some. Just erase it if you can. Thanks.
That's true, when you will report it to moderator..
Moderators can compare the IP Address of your posts or can compare email addresses to verify the request is being made by the original poster.
moderator, is there a way to copy photos
I just got the funniest forward and wanted to share it.
Dear Moderator, the wording is what it is. sm

If I had meant new MTs, I would have said so. So, to be clearer, I define wannabes as the individuals who claim to want to be MTs but fail to deliver the necessary skill set. This would not include individuals who understand what skills and knowledge the MT vocation requiresand know how to apply that skill set in their delivery of quality work.

MODERATOR - glitch in the system again?
my avg quaranteens 'it' but there is nothing there in my quaranteen jail. there is no virus.

the webmaster fixed it once, the pesty thing is back and,I don't know, but with all that has been happening, could be an aggravation by someone with a grudge. Just my opinion, tho, considering.

you are safe and they will get rid of it....again.

Moderator - can we have a picture board?
you know - family, kids, pets (the babies), etc?
there's one from India there.
Moderator: VR board? I know it was mentioned ..sm
before but don't think it was addressed.  It would be great to have a board for VR issues.  With VR such a part of our industry now, whether we like it or not, it would be great to have a board we could visit for tips and tricks, and just general support. 
it's okay to post company name, per moderator.
addendum: I think Moderator Cher is one of the
nicest, fairest and most dedicated.
Hi, Moderator: This is very valuable information, a big Thanks..nm
All I stated is that I grew up in the Utica/Rome area, and now it is deleted.  Who did I offend????
Right, and the moderator apologized for deleting it, so neener.