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MS Word site has all info on moving them

Posted By: to another computer.... on 2008-06-04
In Reply to: autocorrect - dolle


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Info/help on open Word 2007 docx with Word 2003.

I have a friend who sent me a document with .docx extension, presumably Word 2007. I can open it in Word 2003; however, all I see are musical notes and highlighting, no text (this is a document with words and highlighting only, no pictures, music notes, etc.). I tried to open this with Notepad and only see the usual gibberish.

I know I opened another 2007 Word doc before and I remember seeing the converter load at that time but that was probably a year ago. Is there something that has changed that I'm not aware of?

Darn Microsoft.

FTP site info
yes you will need a user name and password as they have to transmit with secure settings regulatory to OSHA and HIPAA regulations... with using FTP sites.
Check this site for info
you might find some help or info on this site sm
he needs help...but it's tough to make them see they have a problem...feel for you...

Thanks.I didn't see that info at their site
This site may give you some info.....
Thanks for posting that site and info. nm
great site - thanks for the info!
Looked at the info on law firm site and
it looks like all the platforms are involved in this. Anyone heard from the law firm as to what is going on at present with the class action and how long it takes to get the thing moved to NJ and in process?
Lots of info that that "other" site
that we cannot mention here but they are the ones that hand out the credentials for the CMT.
IC vs. employee...see link to IRS site for more info...
Good cardiology info site?
Thank you fellow MT. I love that site.....good source of info without the complaing....
Thanks again.
Thank you fellow MT. I love that site.....good source of info without the complaining....
Thanks again.
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Please go to Word help for this info.
Basically, Tools, Macro, Record New Macro.
Word help site

Hi all,

Here's a great site I found recently. Sharing this with everyone.


Sorry about that, I am using Word 2002! Thanks for the info about the key assigments. sm
I did try searching for help in the office assistant and didn't really get much help. It always seems that there are other people out there who are sooo incredibly proficient at Word that it amazes me. I have only been using Word for about 6 to 7 months now, after using WP5.1 for about 4 years. Thanks
Word 2003 helpful info
I finally got rid of my duplicate tool bar!  Thanks MTs!  I tried unchecking the standard and then formatting, but it had something to do with the E-mail tool bar!  Go figure!  Anyway -- it is back to the way I had it before.  Amen!  And thank you all for all of the suggestions!  (((hugs)))
Word, wav pedal, FTP site to download
Need info on backing up Shorthand files. Also Word Autocorrect. TIA. nm


The Latest Word was a waste. Stedman's might have monthly updates on their site, not sure. nm
Several companies still train on site. In fact, we are piloting an on-site training sm
program, where everyone would come in to the Keystrokes office to train for 1 or 2 weeks. We have a large training room and feel that this may be a way to cover all aspects of an account, be right there to answer questions as they come up and have one-on-one contact.

It will be optional at this point and may not be more effective as remote training, but some people have expressed that they miss the training that you get when you start at a hospital.

We are trying to bridge that gap between working in-house somewhere and working at home.

It may seem out-dated in many ways, but sometimes going back to basics is a good step to take!
Moving to AZ...sm

I tried posting this on the state boards but there is no activity there, so I am posting here.

Thinking about moving to Arizona next year.  Somewhere around the Goodyear, Surprise, Litchfield Park area.  Love Estrella Ranch but it is just a tad too pricey for what we want to spend.  Anybody from Arizona care to share if there are other communities similar to Estrella Ranch?  Where are the best schools for high school and middle school?  good, bad and ugly would be great. 


Considering moving on from MT to QA at MQ and

am wondering how that works.  If you're in QA, do you ONLY do QA work?  Or do you also do transcription?

I ask because when I receive updates from my office, and it shows which MTs and which QA's are currently working, sometimes there are NO REPORTS in QA, and it makes me wonder if those folks just sit there until something comes along, or do they do something else in the meantime?

No one to ask this evening so thought I'd ask here.  Thanks!


lol thats it? lol moving on....
Moving up sm
I know that most places, this is the luck of the draw to find a management position. I have experience doing it and I can't get a job to be able to do it again, and honestly I don't know that I would want to at this point. I was a wonderful manager, as far as my MTs were concerned, but it is not my forte' in this business and I didn't particularly enjoy it. I found it pretty thankless all the way around, from the QA to trying to motivate a good MT to work more and try to teach a poor MT how to do a better job, assigning work, taking STAT reports in the middle of the night which I was not supposed to type myself, but usually did because I am not going to call someone at 3 a.m.!!! Yuck.

As far as MTing goes, I am a better than average MT and I know what I am doing. I can get in, get it done and get out to take care of my life. It doesn't have to encroach on my free time. I didn't find this true when I was manager, there was no free time. I make substantially better money with about one-third of the hours.

Also, in order to get in on one of these management positions, I think you need to distinguish yourself as an outstanding MT. Now, if you do that, they will notice you, but they will not promote you because you are now too valuable as an MT. This is the situation I was recently in in. My last job I was told I would *never* be considered for QA or management because of my MT skills. I was consistently in the top 3 production wise, my QA numbers were well below 5% and my accuracy on audits was over 99%. I was just too good for it. You are darned if you and darned if you don't.

Then again, my goal was never to manage, it was to be an excellent MT. I think as it is your goal, you should go for it. You might consider taking some management courses at a local community college so you can put that on your resume too. If you have anything that could be considered management experience, make the most of it. Be valuable to your company, but not too valuable! LOL

Still not moving - sm

I tried both suggestions, but neither moved the "file through help" portion back to the horizontal toolbar - still vertical on the left side of the page.

thank you for trying...

I have noticed sometimes I will try to get into a web site and that site will freeze up and I dont

know if I have too many screens opened up and minimized or what. I tried to open a website sent by email and froze up the email screen. Not sure what I am doing.

I loved it. Very moving.
It is HIS house, I do the moving

He owns this house. It is too expensive for me to live here. It is an older home, needs work, expensive to heat. I work 5 pm to 2am. So evenings and nights. He puts kids to bed. I and kids wake up at 9am. Kids go to bed at 10pm.

And, there is nothing...I say N O T H I N G to rent in my daughter's school district (I've already moved her twice) and I am staying in this district til she graduates or if I am settled, for the duration of little kids' schooling.

Nope, don't have any interest in being Radiology Director of a 300+ bed hospital. Sorry.

Thanks for post.

Try moving your monitor up or down, too. sm
When my monitor is not positioned correctly, I get terrible neck aches and headaches. Sometimes just a half inch really makes a difference. Or even move your keyboard up or down. When I worked at the hospital, maintenance had to move my whole desk up onto 2 x 4's to give me that little bit of extra I needed and then I was comfortable. They had a desk made for kids that I had to sit at. It was really cramped.
Moving IT to a new computer
Please see the link below for instructions on how to move IT to a new computer.
Ok, I started it. Come on over and see if we can get it moving.

Stay away from the D/FW area and Houston - too much traffic and illegals.  Drugs, gangs, etc.  Try to find a small town or country setting.  It is HOT and the concrete of the cities just increases that heat.  Also the pollution in these areas is bad so if you have any type of lung or breathing problems - stay away.  However, if you do not mind sitting in traffic for an hour to get to a job 10 miles away - then you should move to a big city.  If you are planning to work from home, remember that internet is not available everywhere in Texas.  Personally, I wouldn't move to Texas - I would choose SC or FL - much better options.



moving to Sacramento......
I am in Loomis, about 20-30 minutes away. It is hotter than heck here in the summer and they last till, well we have the last of it now. This year was the WORST in my opinion, and I have been in the area for 25 years. I have never had a problem finding work, I check the various MT boards and Craigslist also yes occasionally Sutter does hire, but not so much MTs in this area - more in the Bay Area. Most of the Sutter Hospitals in the Sac area outsource their transcription. I worked there for 7 years in transcription, and another 4 years in other departments. Not so sure you want to work at a Kaiser Hospital, they aren't so nice. Good luck to you! Really this is such a great location for CA, you are close to mountains, ocean, etc. I think you are really going to like it!
Moving jobs
Same here - I have had 3 jobs in the past 2 years, as well -with 2 being lost to account loss. I work as an IC - so it just goes on my resume as IC with the specialties I have worked. I am doing mostly editing now and do not know if this is a good fit, either, and may be changing again very soon.
I'm going to try moving my laptop around...sm...
to different areas of the house or on the deck or somewhere to see if that helps.  Haven't tried it yet but will soon.  I'm almost finished getting laptop set up.
Good for you...i am moving on as well...
I decided to go back to school!
Moving into management

Some places will promote their lead Transcriptionist into management, but that's often a mistake.  Having excellent transcription skills is not the same thing as having mentoring, motivating, planning, budgeting and interpersonal skills in a transcription environment. 

You've had a boss who thought you had potential in these areas.  Do you feel you would enjoy doing those things or would you feel the call of the keyboard?  Would you dislike delegating?  Would you dislike training because it's just faster and easier to do it yourself?  Do you like dealing with people, or do you prefer to deal with data and to be left alone to do your thing?  These are some of the questions to consider because the jobs really are different.

If you are truly tired of the rat race that is production typing and think you really might be interested in management, then check your local junior college or business school for classes on management/supervision.  They might be credit classes or they may be career/life enrichment classes.  They shouldn't be all that expensive, and they should give you a better idea about whether this is the path you want to take.  Employers sometimes look for the RHIT or CMT credential for management personnel.  If you aren't one of those, then proof of study in the management field may be of help to you.

I find that I generally like to read/discuss management techniques more than I like doing them, but it's getting harder and harder to do the production thing.  Maybe I'm ready to try management again.  I think I've learned not to make the same mistakes I made before.  It's thinking about making the new ones that's holding me back!  Best of luck in whichever path you take.

Moving up in your company
I am just starting as an MT for a new company. What I am really interested in is working as an MT for a good while, learning everything about my account, my company, and the platform, and then working my way up. Can anyone who has done this tell me about what steps they took to do it and/or give any tips you can? I am not that interested in doing QA, but if I can move up to QA one day I wouldn't turn it down.
template moving..help please..sm

I could use any help from someone more savvy than I am in regards to the making the template not move.

I was given a letterhead that I now need to put headers in.  The need to be lined up like this:


PATIENT NAME:   @@                      DOB: @@

PHYSICIAN:   @@                              MR#: @@


No matter what I try, I can not fill in one field without the other field moving over. It is so time consuming to have to back it up each time considering there are four fields each side.

Any ideas? 

The form I need to make this on has their header with log and the footer with their names and the like, so I have the inside of a template so to speak, to work in. 

thank you for anything to help.



moving tool bar
So I played around with Word. There are three dots to the right of the word File. Put your curser on the three dots and drag them back up to your tool bar. They will then be in a "little bar/box" then click on that bar again and "drop" it back on top. Hope that helps!
Moving big stuff
Log onto Craigslist for your area and post a notice - you need someone with a truck who is traveling in your direction to take your furniture. If you are near a college, perhaps a student would keep the rocking chair or whatever til the semester ends in May and transport it then - put up notices around your town. Post a Craigslist notice on your destination town's board - just spread the word and someone will step forward to help you out. I got a refrigerator box from Sears one year when we lived in Hawaii and put my rocking chair in that, filled with sheets and blankets to pad it. I taped it like there was no tomorrow. Shipped from Hawaii to British Columbia without a problem.
question about moving on

I worked for MQ for over 2 decades, from back when they were Transcriptions Limited.  Have nearly 34 years experience in EVERYTHING except pathology. 

I was offered a job with a company where I would do urgent care from an FTP site using my Word 2003.  That is fine.  My question is, how do you count lines?  They said something about counting lines using Word 2003 as everything on the page is paid for.  I don't even know how to do that.  That is what happens when you work for one company for so long, you get use to their program and never think about it.

Is there a way to count lines for every single document all at once or do you have to count lines for each document?  Haven't started this yet, but sure would like to know what I am doing before I get hooked up into this.

Thanks ahead of time!


we are thinking about moving to Denver (sm)
and I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who lives in or around that area.  Any info good or bad would be appreciated.  I just wanna know the basics, like how hard would it be for a southern family to adapt to Colorado? TIA!
I know it says it once and once is all it takes. We are moving away from it but still acceptable.nm
Always, always be sure to have your helmet on, even when grooming and moving from
paddock, pasture, stall, etc.  We just had a girl in 4-H that was pretty timid.  The horse she was taking through a gate spooked and she ended up getting her face bones fractured as well as crush fracture to the top of her skull.  This horse had NEVER been a problem before.  Now everyone wears a helmet if they are even handling a horse and not just at riding time.  Point is to not scare you....just be aware that horse knows how you are doing emotionally and if he doesn't trust you, keep yourself protected until he does.  By the way, I could never earn enough money to pay for the 'therapy' I receive from my horses!!!  HAPPY TRAILS!!
Moving menu bars
You may have just moved it - try moving your other toolbars around, see if it comes back.  I've done the same thing in the past!
I'm moving into editing. Since so much transcription is
need editors.  I've tested for a company that is paying 6 cpl.