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MedQuist pays more. They pay 80% of your

Posted By: MT line rate for ASR work. Others pay 50% or less on 2007-05-22
In Reply to: ASR line rate? - moneyhoney


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MedQuist pays PTO and offers 401K to part-timers.
You have to work 16 hours a week minimum.

MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.
Link is also below.
VR pays half of what typing pays...
If you would read her post more closely she said she does VR, which pays half of what straight typing does.  I do VR and have made 4 cpl, so 5 is actually good and 4-5 is an industry standard, and may be even less if you are an employee.  The problem is that you have to double your line counts in order to make decent money, which is not always easy.  I embrace VR because I like it better than straight typing, but it is not productive for everyone, no matter how hard you try.
THANK YOU! That is my point. She still pays taxes, her DH still pays taxes...

so who exactly is getting cheated?  And just who are you talking about when you talk about whether it is "fair" or not.  I don't give a crap how much taxes my neighbor pays.  It's none of my business.  And if I found out they were paying less in taxes than me, I would ask them how they heck are they doing it so I can do it too!

I just want ask, is it necessary to get personal and insult?  You disagree with me, fine.  But I've been called a liar, a cheat, a no-ingetrity thief, my intelligence has been insulted, and I have had my parenting skills questioned.  That is a little over the top.  If you cannot debate an issue without resulting to personal attacks, then YOU are the stunted one!

It is a very good thing that some of you work at home, ALONE!  You are sorely lacking in people skills and diplomacy.  Let me guess, when you worked in the office you were one of those girls who didn't like to share her desk, griped if someone dropped a crumb on your desk, and kept track of everyone's breaks, lunches, and line counts just so you could tattle to the supervisor!  I've worked women like you, it was like working with kindergarteners.  That's why I came home to work.  Do us all a favor, looking in the mirror, count your wrinkles, and realize that this isn't high school anymore!

MedQuist NE

Would appreciate specifics about why people say to stay away from the northeast offices of MedQuist.  What region is a good one?

Quit last job and would appreciate any info about a good company.

Thank you




It was enlightening to read your Imail - Email??  I'm just as confused as you are.  - and I was ready to throw in the towel(or something).  I have been doing this almost 12 years also.  The changes being made are baffling - but since it has been a great 12 years so far, maybe a few more months will be best at this point.  I am old enough to know that change can be painful at times.  Since I love this work and feel as though I accomplish something in the process I am going to stay with it, thanks to you.  To make things worse, I have been on vacation for a while.  Who knows what's going on since I left.  May need to take a course in transcription.  Oh, oh I started the sentence wrong, didn't I. - Is that 1 point off or 2 (or is it two?)  Good grief!!


RSVP and have a good day.

I'm not surprised.  Getting a raise is like pulling teeth out of a lion's mouth - it just doesn't happen easily at all.  You have to beg for a raise at MQ and even when you do ask, you either get ignored or put off.
QA for MedQuist

I am considering becoming a QA for MedQuist instead of a transcriptionist for them.  does anybody have any experience doing this for MedQuist and, if so, any advice?  Should I do it?  Is it profitable?



QA for MedQuist
i really would rather not say, i'm just wondering myself if anybody had experience in this position.
Radiology (I know, I know - they're awful and foul and terrible and bad and icky according to others so I'll go ahead and flame myself here:  )....but it sure works as a company for me!
not according to MedQuist
If the doc says cc, they want cc. I learned this after converting to mL for about two weeks.

As I have said before - I am busy UNlearning everything I learned in school....oh well.

Dear Duck, Dear MQMT, and Dear MQ Slave:

I would like you to collectively pull your heads out of the 14 feet of sand that they are in and do a search on this MTStars website about the r-e-a-l-i-t-i-e-s of MedQuist.   Your comments are would be hilarious if they were not so sad and profoundly ignorant.   Do the search.  Then, gosh, you might know what the fuss is all about, goobers. 

More on Medquist
'Wondering why everyone hates MedQuist. I have worked for them for six years and I haven't had any problems.
I'm not management, just wondering.
I don't have my HEAD IN 14 FEET OF SAND. I have seen some changes. I'm not ignorant. That's why I got a full-time job at a hospital that will allow me to work at home and kept MQ as part-time. I just don't believe/take as gospel everything that folks say
GO medquist
Did they give you any reason why they fired you?
Hey I just wanted to offer my sympathies. I worked in a hospital office for MQ and we got paid by the report. Then mq hired people at home who would dial in whenever they wanted to and type the short work and leave the long ones for us. What a nightmare it was. I felt like I was going to have a breakdown and the woman sitting next to me was wearing a holter monitor, ha ha. Anyway, good luck, I'm looking to.
MedQuist - changes

I have been with Medquist 5 years as a subcontactor.  Times they are a changin....I would like to know what some of the other girls are doing and is this change for the better?  I am very confused about the whole deal.  I have always enjoyed working for MedQuist and would like to stay on, but I am a bit concerned.  Is this standard in the way of the way transcription companies work.  MedQuist is the only large company I have worked for other than the hospital of course and for myself.

I am going to try it for a few months as well and see what happens. I worked hard this year training on op notes and a very hard account. I am just now starting to get my production back up to par and nothing to where I need to be. I would hate to leave all that. Plus, Medquist provides my equipment and I would also like to try out the 401K. I have no investments either other than some dolls and collectibles that I have been buying over the years and I can't live on that. Let me know how you do? Not that I have been making any incentive pay lately anyway, but it sounds like it will be very difficult to do so. My base rate stayed the same, but it is low due to the fact that my production has been down, so I need to get that up. If I understand right, you can discuss increases with your supervisor and then produce so much for two consecutive pay periods and go from there. I am on the highest tier, but low base rate because of my production in June, July, and August. I need to concentrate on getting that up and trying for 1500 lines a day that would provide a little incentive I guess, but hard on the neck and shoulders.
I strongly advise anyone working for Medquist to actually sit down and do the math on the new incentive plan. I have been through it forward and backward and come up with the same result, less money for the same amount of work.

Please explain what I am doing wrong. I used this formula.

I based 1200 lines a day for 12 days (average pay period in a bi-monthly pay period. On the old incentive plan, this many lines would put you at an extra 1.5 cents per line. The new plan give syou only your base pay for this. If you go over 1200 lines a day then you make added incentive ONLY FOR THE LINES OVER THE 1200, not for the entire 1200. The base pay was only 1/2 cent a line more. So there is the benefit to this?

I would realy appreciate an explanation as to why my figuring is incorrect.


I heard something about Medquist going to 1 office.  Does anyone know more?

I am just starting with MQ and am happy to hear that someone is happy with them. Are you still? I've been reading all negative things..
Iwork for the California office and they have recently done an update. One of the things changed was the ability to regulate the speed of dictation. A big help to me.
MT for MedQuist
I actually posted to the board for general questions, so I don't know how my question ended up on this board. I would be working as an MT. I have been an independent MT for 3 years now, so I know it will be a change. I was just wondering how it is to work for Medquist as an MT, i.e., plenty of steady work, great communication, etc.?
Do you work there? Just wondering since last week I was speaking to my production supervisor who told me that eventually they would be completely ASR. The majority of the work I was getting was ASR. It is getting there, slowly but surely. Why don't you ask somebody there. Some people can't see the truth if it hits them in the forehead.
Anyone out there work for Medquist and can give me some info on the pros/cons of working for them? Or...suggest a company to work for.
who pays 40% tax?

I'm an IC and keep track on my gross income and taxes on an Excel spreadsheet. I use this link to calculate my taxes:  http://www.pensoft.com/taxcalc.asp

I claim married status, one dependent. I'm paid semi-monthly. I make certain to double the SS tax at the bottom of the page.

My taxes are between 22% and 25% of my gross earnings, depending upon what the gross pay is. Never had a problem with the IRS yet.

So, if 40% of your gross earnings goes for taxes ... something is WRONG!!!!

What do to if the company you work for doesn't pay for two months and stops answering mails and work is stopped as well? I am in a different state than Ohio.

Here is their web site:  www.prioritymedicalresource.net

Please send me suggestions how to get this woman behind bars?  Is it a very long process?  She is not responding to phone calls, e-mails, faxes.

VR - Who Pays The Best?
My hands hurt and I am thinking about getting into VR.  Who pays the best for VR these days?  Are slow typist more productive with VR than straight typing? Thanks
No, it is not w/ Medquist. It is w/ a smaller co. nm
I said MediSCRIPT, not MedQUIST..nm
MedQuist I-mail

What's the deal with changing the way we get our e-mail?? I got the memo about opening a browser and typing


but I can't get that to work any way, shape, or form.  My helpful CSC said "Call Atlanta."  I have been on hold for over 1/2 hour, listening to their hideous Muzak.   Can anyone tell me how to access my e-mail???

Medquist I-Mail
Geez - sure glad I checked the boards tonight - I'm lost. I've received no memo regarding a change in I-Mail but sure was wondering why I hadn't received anything since 6/20. Did you get a memo via "slow mail" or through your I-Mail & when did you get it - today? I checked my I-Mail earlier this evening before coming on here & still had nothing. Thanks to you guys - guess I'd better hop onto Medquist.com & find out what's going on. Talk about "good communication!" Personally, I never wanted to use I-Mail because of having to access it through IE, have had trouble off and on with access working then all of a sudden not working (occurring before this incident) & really hate the thought of trying to figure something else out in order to get an e-mail from Medquist. Anyhow - thanks for the heads up - I'll check out Medquist.com & see if I can figure out what I have to do this time - then will inquire as to why I didn't receive notification of such.
Medquist.com - QNet
Well, continuing from my message above - maybe I've been let go & they haven't told me yet - not kidding. I have received no memo regarding change in I-Mail, so, per your message, went to Medquist.com, QNet, then your message said to follow the links - what links?? I-Mail only took me to my I-Mail registration site- nothing new, changed, or new information. Tried a couple of other sites & got absolutely no where!! Geez - I only thought I was lost - now I'm totally baffled & don't know where to go from here! Guess I could try voicemail, but, there again not sure who or whom I should call as personnel changes have been made & I have no clue who to contact nor extension to call! Hopefully, getting in touch with who I think is and/or was my MT Supervisor will get me some help, although voicemail received today was from one of the new supervisors - my new supervisor? I, again, have no clue. Any other suggestions anyone?! As all of my "familiar" leadership & support over the last 12 yrs has now disappeared, I'm just about ready to call it quits myself. A fiasco & confusion such as this, which in the overall picture is minute, would never have occurred to begin with under their leadership. I truly believe I'm not the only one who has no clue as to what is going on simply regarding I-Mail, which makes me wonder who knows what is going on with anything. Getting too scary for me with no one knowing, or admitting to anything, & communication diminishing to nil. I'm done trying things tonight (well,this a.m.). Will await getting a "memo" (i.e. still nothing), and go from there !!!
Medquist mail
I accidentally deleted my e-mail telling me how to check my mail under mail.medquistmail.com. When I try that address, I dead-end. Anybody have a step-by-step that works or is the system down?
MedQuist v Spheris.

For those who have worked for either or both companies my question is:  Which is better to work for, MedQuist or Spheris?

Curious in KY...

Medquist bonus

You must be an IC.  I have never gotten a bonus, or a dime extra from Medquist, not even for working weekends, holidays, or nights and I've been there 8 years.  Getting a raise is a joke, too.  They are stingy.  If you get a bonus, count yourself lucky.

MedQuist is simply...
The greatest medical transcription company on the planet.
If you work for MedQuist...
I just received the computer today. I thought it was going to be JUST a computer. I had no idea they were sending a monitor, speakers, headset, pedal, etc. I'm feeling quite a bit overwhelmed because this is a second job for me. Is this stuff to be used ONLY for Medquist work? Is it okay to not use some of their stuff? I mean, my pedal, speakers, and monitor are just fine. Where would I find the room for two of everything?

The manual keeps talking about a modem. On the phone I was told they wanted me to have high-speed internet access. Am I correct to assume then that I won't need a modem for anything? I certainly hope so because since going high speed we got rid of our phone and went to cell phone only.

I'm also feeling very overwhelmed looking through the big manual. My training starts on Thursday. How am I ever to learn everything in that manual by then? They haven't confirmed my start date but I'm thinking possibly as early as this Sunday. Please tell me I'm not the only overwhelmed by all the stuff that was sent.

Anyone heard of MedQuist?
Need info STAT!
Speaking of MedQuist
I got a check today for $114.60 and I haven't worked for them in over 2 years.  Well, I do appreciate the check. LOL
Any heard of Medquist
I have worked for them for six years and have never had any problems. Maybe it all depends on which one you work for. Still work for them part-time as a statuatory.
I love Medquist and have

never had any problems with them. I think it is funny that all of you who work there come on day after day after day and say bad things about them. Find another job!!!!!!! There are so many posted on the Job Seeker's Board. Enough already!!!!


Medquist must be so PROUD of you!!
Chuck you Farley!  You are a disgusting pig.

It was April, 2004 and I had been working for Medquist for two years.  Without warning, after transcribing for 19 years, was fired by this company, ,threatened over the phone that "I will be watching you like a hawk."  Fired over the phone, told I was "termed" and turned out in the cold.  I lost home, car, etc, etc and am really having a major time getting over this.  I would refuse to do MT anymore and hoping to change careers online degree wise.  My pay variated like the change of seasons and of all three companies I worked for, none of them appeared to be able to fight there way out of a papersack.   ANY SUGGESSTIONS???

MedQuist gave what they can
I also am in agreement with what Medquist did was great!

It doesn't matter what we think or feel, it is what the people receiving that money feel, and they are grateful! That is a lot of money in anyones eyes. Common sense should tell you that you only give what you can and if 20,000 is what MedQuist could give then that is not worth picking apart.

The points being brought up about how MedQuist just spent millions on legal fees should say something right there, they still gave didn't they? YES SIR!

No gripes here for the amount that MedQuist gave:)
Go to the medquist site ...
at medquist.com and there is a box in the upper right hand quadrant called QNet. It is the website for employees. You have to register for it (have to have the information off your checkstubs) to have access. You can access information and even your paystubs, etc.

Anybody quitting Medquist before Oct 1?
Wondering if anyone was bailing from Medquist before the pay cut.
MedQuist - changes are actually quite competitive
I have worked for them for 10 years; additionally, worked for EDiX way back when; also have worked for 3 large (over 500 beds) hospitals. I have 28 years' experience as an MT.

As far as outsourcing services go, what MQ is implementing is quite commensurate with other outsourcing companies. They would be cutting their own heads off if they didn't maintain competition with all other providers!

My advice - you have nearly 2 months before your decision must be in. Take that time to post your resume and search other companies to see if what they offer is better than what MQ, whom you've already been with for 5 years, is offering. Weigh all pros and cons of both so you may make your most informed decision.

The best of luck to you!

If you'd like to discuss further, you can email me at

You never know, maybe we can assist each other in muddling through this!