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Might get responses if on Company Board.

Posted By: NM on 2008-11-12
In Reply to: Diskriter Company info - Karen Duclos


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And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
read recent posts on this board and on the company board
I meant to say Job-Seekers Board, not Company Board.
No mssg.
COMPANY INQUIRIES belong on Company board, please!
You put them on the company board, not the main board. They are still there.
Post about Companys on the Company board, post job ads on the Job Seeker board
It's over on the Company Board.

I tried selling on ebay for years.  It was kind of a hassle.  Once I cleared the clutter out of my house, I had to find merchandise to sell.  There are a LOT of people out there claiming to be wholesalers, drop shippers or resellers who are nothing more than con artists.  I tried selling craft kits and books purchased direct from the manufacturers/publishers, but you just can't get a decent wholesale discount unless you buy in huge volume.  Plus, the prices on ebay were often cheaper than the wholesale price.  I used to go to yard sales late in the day and offer to buy their remaining stuff at a cheap rate.  I made OK money at that part of it with the collectibles and used books, but my house got cluttered up with other people's junk.  I also signed up for Avon and scented candles with the intent of selling online, but later I found out they had stinky rules about online selling.  Other people do it, but you can lose your account if they catch you.  And you have to sell a lot to make any decent money.  You're also competing with ex-reps who went out of business and are trying to liquidate their inventory.  Plus, I had nowhere to store everything.  It's a hassle finding shipping supplies, although you can order boxes and labels for free through USPS.gov and charge everyone for priority shipping.  Plan on driving to the post office nearly every day.  And keep good records on what you purchase and sell to figure your cost of goods sold for the IRS.

You might enjoy it.  Give it a try, but start out slowly.  Use as many templates as you can and prefigure shipping or you'll get a bunch of emails from people.

on company board...
I would go on the company board
posts, check the archives, and also maybe check out some other forums to get a few ideas.  Some companies are merely expanding, and some are not very good companies to work for.  Good luck in your search.  Sorry about self-righteous and condescending posts below.  I think your question was simple, to the point, and totally appropriate.
See company board

See all the answers under your question on the Company Board -- again, do not feel it is necessary and I am not along in this thinking.  The doctor is liable not us, we only transcribe what he says and he signs off on it.  Talk to someone else who works for Accuscribe and see that they say.  To me it is foolish.


This company board. nm
not what you're thinking.
See the Company Board for
Where is it on the Company Board?
(Try the Company Board) sm

You will have to do some research yourself and see what would be a good fit for you.  Try reading on the company board, do a search on whatever you want to know about.  There are way too many variables for simple answers to your questions.  (Besides, you are preaching to the choir, we all want the best)  Good luck.

Company Board.
Try the company board with name of company.
Question on company board. NM
Answer is on company board
...by someone called nashvilleMT, who asks we let you know that she was not able to post on main board.  There is a very precise solution for your situation...

Hope this helps...
Company Board is messed up!
Click on it and you get "Main Board" with zero topics and zero posts...?!?!
Wonder why it was moved to the company board
TO ALL - Please see post on Company board
that was posted by the Administrator regarding mudslinging.  Don't just read it. Live it!
right under the Company Board link, 4th down
Search company board. sm
Apparently they outsource and have been banned from posting here. Lots of bad reviews, too.
I meant to put this on the company board!
This topic also on company board
Look under company board - maybe page 2 by now.
Lots of posts and lots negative as usual.
post this on the company board here....nm
Look on the company board, they are discussed
almost daily. 
Go to the company board and check the sm
Set Up Your Alerts notice at the top.  I think that is how you set it up. 
It should be posted on the Company board, please.
This is not the Company Board, Anon. nm

Do you always answer a question with a question? 

In reply to job ads . . . on the company board

I would like to respond to a post about new job listings on the company board.  Yes, it seems the same companies continually post want ads for MTs and yes it seems like these companies in question do indeed have revolving doors, but please do not blame the MTs or complain about them speaking their minds on the board. 


I left a very good MT job because of a paycheck that was returned for insufficient funds.  I say "good" because I loved the accounts and for the most part I was content until the pay incident.  It took me nearly a year to find what I had given up.  I applied for and accepted many jobs advertised here only to be very disappointed.  I asked questions up front before accepting and for the most part the companies lie to get you in the door. 


First company gave promises of working whenever I wanted.  Said there was always work.  That turned out to be nothing but "BS."  There was never any work unless I wanted to work overnight. 


I had two job offers at the same time soon after that and I accepted the one that promised 8 cents a line.  Well I never saw 8 cents a line.  Once again it was a sham.  First off they only allowed you to type a total of 9 reports a day until off hold.  You never get off hold (months) because no two QA people QA by the same standards.  They claimed to follow the Book of Style, yet faulted you for typing things as demonstrated in the Book of Style.  Once my paycheck was over a week late and I had contacted payroll 3 times and received no response.  Another time I was cheated out of pay (60+ lines) I informed payroll and they never responded nor did they ever pay me for it.  The final straws – one day I had called for work – by the way most times there wasn't any because the pool was dry, once again you gave a schedule as to when you wanted to work – yet work was rarely there – anyway there was a smart remark about still being on hold.  I have never been on hold more than 2 weeks with any other job in the past so it wasn't me.  I followed the Book of Style – seems like some QA people have never opened the book!  They only ever checked the ESL reports – horrible dictators by the way – what about all the other perfect ones?  I'm sorry but you can only do so much with bad dictators.  And when the company fails to pay on time I don't feel obligated to go that extra mile to leave zero blanks with and ESL doctor who makes my ears bleed!  Last but not least I received a paycheck without a signature.  Yep!  I reported it ASAP.  Big surprise no one in payroll that day.  They didn't overnight me a new signed check either.  I had to mail the check back and wait another week for it to be returned with a signature on it.  I left.  There was no advancing in h e double hockey sticks. 


There was another job that I tried while this mess was evolving.  I asked up front what type of platform they used because I dislike Emdat and Inscribe.  The person who hired me wouldn't say what it was but that I would love it.  Well, it was indeed Inscribe.  Also the contract stated I would be paid for spaces – I used my own counting software and discovered I was not being paid for spaces.  There was also a charge for typos in the demographics and according to my line counter the company didn't seem to be paying for the demographics as it was.  How can you fine someone for typing something incorrectly that she is not being paid for in the first place?  With this particular job I also asked up front "Would I have my own accounts?"  I was told yes.  Nope it was a typing pool. 


Moral of the story . . . if you don’t want MTs to complain about these jobs then please do not lie to them!  Pay them on time and treat them right.  I have found I cannot make money on a majority of the platforms out there.  MS Word is the only way to go for me.  I also thrive on my own accounts so please . . . when we ask if we will be assigned our own group of doctors again do not lie to us.  A typing pool is not what I consider to be my own account!


Thank you and good night.

I will check out the company board sm
Later about the Expander thing.  I am on my way out now, but will take a look and see if I can help.
Do you think Company Board should be shut
company board, for one. mouse yourself over.
See Allstate on company board
I feel your pain, I didn't get my paycheck period and I had to actually borrow money to pay my mortgage (which was also due on the 1st) and had to pay over 200.00 in late charges to boot. Boy that Thousand would have come in handy to pay back my loan.
You should probably post this on the Company Board
If you are the OP, you also posted this on the Company board
As being a position with Keystrokes. I didn't think KS hired ICs?

Color me confused but...?
Look at the Company Board. Names given
At the top of the Company Board is posted ....s/m
' Don't make your decisions based on someone else's recommendation - Administration '
Better response on company board.
This conversation was on the company board, but I think
about line counts and how we might be suspicious. Don't know, but checking your lines anytime and knowing exactly how they are calculated are apples and oranges. I for one would like to know exactly the formula, and I would like to know when it changes. If the calculation changes so should my original offer letter. That is IMHO.
This is also discussed on the company board

Looking for info on Execuscribe on company board
Any information on this company? Interviewed yesterday but i'm just wondering what the feedback on them is from others...
Is company board down? No posts from today. nm
To add to that...MQ posts..shouldn't they be on the COMPANY BOARD??
ANYTHING about that!!
They have a post on the company board about benefits, etc. sm
I do ortho and love Keystrokes. I know that they are known for radiology, but I have plenty of work, a GREAT manager and a steady paycheck. My sister and daughter also work for Keystrokes and they are clinic and hospital work. They are both happy as well.