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Looking for info on Execuscribe on company board

Posted By: LoriT on 2005-07-08
In Reply to:

Any information on this company? Interviewed yesterday but i'm just wondering what the feedback on them is from others...

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you might find more info through the company board here.
or did you try that? I'm not awake, tring to help, tho.

try a search on company board-lots of info there
And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
read recent posts on this board and on the company board
I meant to say Job-Seekers Board, not Company Board.
No mssg.
COMPANY INQUIRIES belong on Company board, please!
You put them on the company board, not the main board. They are still there.
There is no info unfortunately on this company
I will be sure to post the name of the company, however, if my money doesn't get here!
Interesting info on Offshore Concerns board
OSI offshores and that is why they can't keep quality MTs

In Reply to: Today, I landed a client that was using and Indian service. They said the service - Kansas MTSO sm

The MTs they do keep are basically no more accurate than the Indians. The QA department is a joke because they hire people fresh out of MT school. It is a sad company and is destined to fail if they don't start thinking more about quality than keeping the brownnosers happy. This could be true for other companies that offshore as well.

AHDI Board Members Salary Info
Unless things have changed, I don't believe the board members are paid.  They do receive reimbursement for travel and a food allowance.  They go to board meetings every month or so at different places around the country and stay in the nice hotels.  
If a company gave out my IM info SM

to people they  have working on the same account I am for me to help them, I'd stop working for that company.  I work for myself, my rate is for typing the company's work only, not for assisting another transcriptionist.  The only way I'd do that is if I subbed work to another Transcriptionist myself.


Diskriter Company info
Didn't see this post.  Hope it's not up twice!  Anyone know any recent info on Diskriter?  Thinking about taking a position with this company but not sure about it.  Thanks for any help!
Need Info on Company - TranscribeATL
I searched the archives for info (good? bad? etc.) on this company but can find nothing.  Anyone know?  Are they good to work for?  Platform good?  Pay on time?  TIA
Search on the Companies or New Student board for course info. Jobs are available all over the US and
If you so a search on this board you'll find lots of info.

Basically, you've got it right. However, voice files can be large and email may reject large file attachments. Also, there's the security aspect that you didn't mention. Basically, the voice file and finished document need to be encrypted to be secure.

You said you don't have the time/didn't take the time to do the research. Lots of people have and have shared their findings time and again on this board. I, for one, am not willing to reinvent the wheel every time someone is looking for this information but doesn't want to take the time to do the legwork. No offense meant but please do take the time to educate yourself. If you really don't have the time or don't want to take that time, then be prepared to pay for that information in the form of a consultant.

Anybody have any info for AZ company Valley Radiologists that they...
can share or hear anything. I've heard very very bad things about the transcription supervisor.  Please do share any info you may have or have heard.  Thanks!!!
Do an archive search on this board and you'll find lots of info. NM
Info on Documed typing platform -- not company
I have been hired with company that uses the Doc-U-Med typing platform, and I was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on how well they like it and is it easy to get you line counts.  Some platforms are so clumsy and slow that no matter the ease of the dictators, you cannot get line counts because of the platform, so I am asking for feedback.  Thanks
Post about Companys on the Company board, post job ads on the Job Seeker board
Any info on Execuscribe from anyone who works there?
Has anyone heard of or worked for Execuscribe.
Has anyone heard of or worked for Execuscribe. Have not seen their name posted on any od the old archives.
I currently work for them and we are constantly running out of work.  yocardial infarction will have no work one moment and then there are dictations from 3 days ago.  Seems really inconsistent.  I do love ChartScript though.
Asked on the drug board...ever heard of a T-Teck Pack for pneumonia? Cant find any info on it. Help!

is execuscribe and amphion the same?
just wondering because their website for appliing look very similar to one another
amphion and execuscribe
sorry i meant mxsecure and Amphion (not amphion and execuscribe)
One or both of the MDIs do, ExecuScribe in NY does..nm
If anyone has the story about Execuscribe on 7/22 from the Rochester
it here. Thanks.
Medware and Execuscribe, JLG any comments...
or opinions on theses three companies. Been offered a position with both and wondering who is the best out of these 3 to go with? TY in advance
It's over on the Company Board.

I tried selling on ebay for years.  It was kind of a hassle.  Once I cleared the clutter out of my house, I had to find merchandise to sell.  There are a LOT of people out there claiming to be wholesalers, drop shippers or resellers who are nothing more than con artists.  I tried selling craft kits and books purchased direct from the manufacturers/publishers, but you just can't get a decent wholesale discount unless you buy in huge volume.  Plus, the prices on ebay were often cheaper than the wholesale price.  I used to go to yard sales late in the day and offer to buy their remaining stuff at a cheap rate.  I made OK money at that part of it with the collectibles and used books, but my house got cluttered up with other people's junk.  I also signed up for Avon and scented candles with the intent of selling online, but later I found out they had stinky rules about online selling.  Other people do it, but you can lose your account if they catch you.  And you have to sell a lot to make any decent money.  You're also competing with ex-reps who went out of business and are trying to liquidate their inventory.  Plus, I had nowhere to store everything.  It's a hassle finding shipping supplies, although you can order boxes and labels for free through USPS.gov and charge everyone for priority shipping.  Plan on driving to the post office nearly every day.  And keep good records on what you purchase and sell to figure your cost of goods sold for the IRS.

You might enjoy it.  Give it a try, but start out slowly.  Use as many templates as you can and prefigure shipping or you'll get a bunch of emails from people.

on company board...
I would go on the company board
posts, check the archives, and also maybe check out some other forums to get a few ideas.  Some companies are merely expanding, and some are not very good companies to work for.  Good luck in your search.  Sorry about self-righteous and condescending posts below.  I think your question was simple, to the point, and totally appropriate.
See company board

See all the answers under your question on the Company Board -- again, do not feel it is necessary and I am not along in this thinking.  The doctor is liable not us, we only transcribe what he says and he signs off on it.  Talk to someone else who works for Accuscribe and see that they say.  To me it is foolish.


This company board. nm
not what you're thinking.
See the Company Board for
Where is it on the Company Board?
(Try the Company Board) sm

You will have to do some research yourself and see what would be a good fit for you.  Try reading on the company board, do a search on whatever you want to know about.  There are way too many variables for simple answers to your questions.  (Besides, you are preaching to the choir, we all want the best)  Good luck.

Company Board.
Try the company board with name of company.
Execuscribe On-Line Test Score
No, they didn't tell me what score was passing before I tested. They invited me to test based on my resume. I don't know about having to use a C-phone once hired but no I did not need one to test.
Question on company board. NM
Answer is on company board
...by someone called nashvilleMT, who asks we let you know that she was not able to post on main board.  There is a very precise solution for your situation...

Hope this helps...
Company Board is messed up!
Click on it and you get "Main Board" with zero topics and zero posts...?!?!
Wonder why it was moved to the company board
TO ALL - Please see post on Company board
that was posted by the Administrator regarding mudslinging.  Don't just read it. Live it!
right under the Company Board link, 4th down
Search company board. sm
Apparently they outsource and have been banned from posting here. Lots of bad reviews, too.