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My cat once chewed through...

Posted By: PAMT on 2006-07-12
In Reply to: How do you break a kitten from chewing on and playing with your cords and wires? I just got my - MissouriMT

the wires of my headset when I left them dangling over the side of my desk when I wasn' t around.  Lesson learned for me there. Haven't done it since.  You can always keep a water bottle within reach and give her a little squirt, as long as she isn't near anything you don't want to get wet.  My last cat wouldn't stay out of the Christmas tree until one or two shots of water from the water bottle.  That's all it took.  She looked at me like Stewart on MADTV as if to say, "I'm not hurt.  I'm startled."

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Nope, just get chewed out if I don't do them first nm
Don't talk about hand, I still remember the one that got her hand chewed up by her pet rat....

had nightmares for 2 days after that.