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One thing may help

Posted By: At Home MT on 2006-07-12
In Reply to: How do you break a kitten from chewing on and playing with your cords and wires? I just got my - MissouriMT

Make sure kitty has plenty of toys that he CAN play with and will occupy him. When he grabs for something he shouldn't, divert him to what he CAN have. May help some.

You may also need an enclosure or a room where Kitty can be safe and kept for short periods of time just to give you a break. :)
Good luck. :)

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Ebonics: Not a black thing or white thing. (sm)

I don't think there's any cause to get upset or defensive here.  Look it up on line...even colleges are offering courses in Ebonics!  ...well of course they are more sociology-type courses, but still, people are PAYING to learn about the why's and how's of this "other" language.

A quote from one of the sites I found:

"UT-Austin's "Introduction to the Study of African American English," teaches students that the sentence, "Nobody didn't leave" is not "mainstream English with mistakes," but rather a legitimate English dialect. "Ebonics: Myth and Facts" and "African-American English" are both offered at Harvard. Penn and UCLA also promote Ebonics as a legitimate dialect in, "Introduction to African American and Latino English" and "Afro-American Sociolinguistics: Black English," respectively."

Here's the link: http://www.academia.org/campus_reports/2002/september_2002_2.html


Best thing - I am my own boss and my own emloyee, worse thing - I am my own boss and my own


A "man" thing? What the heck is a "man thing?"

"I was told it was a "MAN" thing and everyone does it (i guess all men)"

whenever anyone takes an action and relates it to a whole gender and then tags on everyone does it....well, I guess there's your answer

And the best thing of all, it's
Thanks gj...the only thing I can tell you...sm
is that I just worked some overflow stuff and kept looking until I found what I wanted. I am lucky enough not to have to depend on my income right now, so I was able to be much more picky. If you would like more info, let me know and I can email you. Hope all works out well with you and thanks for the good wishes.
one more thing sm
I was only referring to the bitter ones here who work for MQ, not all MQrs.  I am one of the MQrs, ya know! Please get your facts straight before you post a response!
One more thing... (sm)
Tell her if she is willing to travel, there are PLENTY of jobs for traveling coders.
I just had to add one thing (sm)
You need to stop thinking you are owed, whatever the situation may be.
Hard work does pay off and if you're working for the wrong people, there are many more out there. I've found a lot of "wrong people" in this business, LOL.

one more thing...sm
I suck at OP notes...does this matter?
And I too heard from companies I didn't even know existed!

I was told by a couple of them that they don't post on this board because they received calls and resumes from people who did not read what the positions were for and it was a nightmare. They made requests for no overseas need apply and of course, overseas would call and apply. If it was a certain requirement, say 5+ years experience, newbies would apply. Just things like that.
same thing
This profession is going to hell in a hand basket.
The only thing I have to say is sm
why on earth would anyone stay with ANY company if they are treated so poorly?  A good MT still has a whole lot of options.  Assuming these complaints about SS, MQ, KS, Spheris, whatever company, are true, why do people continue to work for them?
one more thing
Go you for watching something that is hard to watch and for trying to inform yourself and others, please spread the word, what an idea to get this into schools, but probably will never happen. There are many videos out there that you can purchase for nominal fees and hold private showings for friends and family members, one person tells one person and so on, keep the information flowing!!!!
one more thing (sm)
If you are talking about disability insurance on your mortgage, credit account, etc. be very, very careful when you purchase it.  Read the fine print on the contract.  A friend of mine is terminal and had disability insurance on a number of her accounts.  The one on her second mortgage is still paying.  She had one on a credit card and those weasels charged her $15 every month for the insurance fee, paid $16 on the balance of her credit card each month, and then after a year said they were done paying!  Read the fine print!!
My dad is going thru the same thing....
From what I was told he is having all checks made out to her estate and not him personally (he is the executor).  She had some stocks ($2000-$3000).  If the checks were made out to him he has to pay tax on them but if they are made out to my grandmother's estate then she is responsible but since she did not make enough money in 2005 there will be no taxes taken out.  I may be wrong but that is my understanding of the situation. 
VR may NOT be the Next Big Thing...
MedQuist has been trying for years to push VR on the hospital radiology department I transcribe for and they absolutely REFUSE to use it. MQ was always like "try it, you'll like it" and I believe they did try it one day and that was it. MQ finally gave up. So there is hope for us all yet!
My son did the same thing.

He was in football and really did well.  Everyone in the family always talked about how great he was with football.  Then he decided to quit one day.  I was so disappointed because I knew he could have gotten a college scholarship.  It is SO tough to be supportive of someone when you think they're making the wrong choice.  My Dad got on my son's case about being a quitter and an underachiever.  He really came down hard on him, so I had to defend my son.  In defending my son, I changed my own thinking.  I realized that although we give birth to these adorable little babies, they are their own person.  They're going to do things that we would have done differently.  What can you do?  You can't impose your will upon them.  We all have dreams for our children.  However, their dreams are more important than our expectations of them.

My son just did the same thing...

to him and we all had to adjust our schedules to accommodate him and he just quit.  This was going to be his senior year on the varsity team.  Unfortunately, he did not participate in anything else for his whole high school career, so now he has no activities resume.  You can't tell him anything though.  He does do extremely well in school and takes several APs as well, but it was disappointing.  He was going to try to get an internship with our local hospital, but of course, that never panned out.  Now he works about 15 hours a week and hangs out the rest of the time.  His attitude is getting really crappy too, but his father won't do a thing about it.  He took his car the other night, but gave it back to him the next morning.  Yeah...that really taught him a good lesson :(!  He has been really frustrating me lately.  He is a great kid and when he is good he is the best, but when he isn't, he is just unbearable.  He's not into drugs or drinking or partying and is a homebody, so I guess I have no real complaints.  Maybe it's me not handling his new "adultness."  pheww....that was a vent and a half! 

Same thing here
Arizona-- not even in the HOTTEST part. Couldn't stand to live there any more. I am anxiously awaiting fall, too.
Going through the same thing.
It is VERY frustrating.
I did the same thing...
There were 3 different times I have done this.  Twice, I needed to be out of town and once last month when my daughter had surgery. It wasn't so much the money as making my minimum lines for my phone reimbursement, which I am still waiting for after 6 months of putting in the second line, but that is a whole other thread!
and another thing
That's how I even learned what a macro, expander, acronym was - when I worked for MQ/TL 10 years ago.   These are tools now thare are quite invaluable to me.  $120 investment was worth.  Sounds like a lot, we probably spend that on the first two isles in Wal-Mart.......
same thing

happened to me.  I canceled the credit card.  Also recently when I had to find a new physician/medical group, I asked if they outsourced to another Country and if they did I did not choose them.  I wonder how many patients would stay with a physician/medical group if they knew their records were going somewhere else, granted some have no choice. 

It is one thing to have fun, but that was
disgusting and perverted. I bet that guy was a molester or something.
I get the same thing
It's a big joke. They don't realize how they are pushing people right out of their once great company and they are heading right down the tubes, under bidding jobs, promising things they can't keep and taking it out on who? The people who make the money for them. With MTs, no Medical Transcription company!
I only have one thing to say...sm

I agree wholeheartedly!

It really ticks me off when someone has something positive to say about MQ, and then they get bashed to death!!!

Like so many times before it has been said; If you aint happy, there's plenty other places out there to work.  FIND ANOTHER JOB!

And don't hate on the rest of us who are happy with our jobs, be it withMQ or anywhere else!!!

one more thing...
Don't plan to drive through Cuba NM on a Friday or Sat night unless you like being stuck in traffic (I hear its a big thing to "cruise" there on the weekends and hear they drive very very slowly).  I have never been there myself but can believe it because some people in NM really love and make an art out of tricking out their cars and showing them off.  Someone can correct me if I am wrong.  I think it holds true for a lot of small towns, just this one in particular I have heard mentioned more than once.
One more thing........
If you re-read my EXACT post, you will see that I said it will be DIFFICULT TO DO BUT I WILL MANAGE.

My kids DON'T have set schedules on when they wake up, need a changed diaper, are sick, or get hungry or thirsty, therefore, that makes it difficult for me. Again, I am 100% happy with MQ and am not complaining, just simply stating I will adjust. What gives you the right to attack me for stating that?
One more thing sm
The rates I quoted are average. I am a CMT and make more per hour and I have been doing QA for a long time. This is an average rate for QA that I quoted.
One more thing (sm)
Remember your child will need social skills as well, so I'd definitely encourage an outside activity with other children, and when 16, maybe even a volunteer job or part-time paying job.  I can't believe I forgot to type this part because this is so very important.
One more thing
If he had access to your car, even if it was while you were sleeping and he got up in the night and took your keys, take your car to a car alarm business and have it checked for a global satellite positioning system. I found one on my car hooked into my radio so every time I cranked my car, the GPS sent out my route to a web site that he could access for less than $10 a month to see where I was.

Hey! That's the same thing I do.
And one more thing

I didn't find it funny, it was a serious question!!!

I do the same thing...
Can't seem to get enough of this job! ARGH.
My boy did the same thing
in high school. He insisted on black jeans, blue/black shirts and tops, sometimes a gray t-shirt, very monochromatic. I tried buying "blue" jeans for him and they just stayed in his drawer and he wore the black ones. He is now 23 and just now buying a few "blue" jeans. As long as grades, moods, friends, etc. seem to stay about the same, I would not worry too much.
One more thing to add...
Speaking of rebelling, if you DO make a big deal out of it repeatedly, that's when the rebellion will come out. You know that old story about someone forbidding you to do something and that makes you want to do it even more out of rebellion? I'm not saying this woudl be the same if it were something serious - you SHOULD forbid it; but this to me is not even something that falls into the category of something to be concerned about. Just my opinion - fads come and go! Just let her be herself and she'll appreciate you and respect you for it.
Just one thing to add to that....
Spell check! Looks like that one fell through the cracks...LOL
The thing is

I have worked for them for 10 years and have never raised my rates so I don't feel I should need to lower my price! :) I will raise my rate if they do not go digital. I feel they have saved a considerable amount over the years so they have already been compensated in my opinion.

Another thing, I pickup/deliver five days a week and it seems about one day a week when I drive in (which is 44 miles round trip), there is no dictation to pick up and no one notifies me! I asked the OM if someone couldn't please notify me but they haven't thus far. I usually have transcription to deliver but I don't feel with what I am geting paid (which isn't bad) that I should have to deliver the work (since I DO have a 48-hr TAT anyway in my contract) IF there is no dictation to pick up. I receive a schedule in advance for each month BUT I have one doc in particular that does not always have her dictation done/ready the next day and sometimes I don't get it for days. That is one reason why I wanted to go digital.

Thanks for the suggestion of taking in some of the SOAP sheets (and I would write on them made up info and handle them considerably before hand) to try in a few different laser printers at an office store. I may ultimately need to buy a laser printer.

going through the same thing
I have 4 children and my 17-year-old became extremely upset about my hours. I have to work long hours because my home is so expensive. I have him sit with me and watch movies while I work and I put my house up for sale to move into something less expensive so I don't have to work so many hours. They grow up so fast and I've missed so much.
Yes, best thing that ever

happened to me. I was about 2 months out of community college when I landed a job through the placement office for a group of ten pathologists. Twenty one days later I was fired because of nepotism. The physician owner employed his secretary's 22-year-old daughter to do the transcription, she had no formal training as an MT. I worked more efficiently (used the word expander) and daughter was left with no work. So, her mom and her mom's best friend in the marketing department conspired to get me out of there so the daughter could keep her job. Good riddance to bad garbage. I gladly went to work for a national where I work at home and don't have to put with office politics, just nasty QC folks--which is much easier.

Same thing...
happened to me. I have worked harder this year than last. What a reward.
One more thing.......
Think of it this way. You work in a certain room in your home, correct? Do they have any legal right to that room?

Same thing.
I was going to say the same thing!

We did this at my daughter's kindergarten Christmas party a few years back and it was very easy and not too messy.  It wasn't too time consuming, either.  This is a great, inexpensive way to keep them happy for a while.  Good luck.  Merry Christmas!

the only thing is
in part you still need gas. I mean look at a lot of our large cities. Not all are in good climates to grow the corn let alone have any land to farm on. You would still need to transport the fuel.
I did the same thing (sm)

One more thing...
You're right about the self check-out thing.  The companies try to sell it as faster, easy to use, cool new equipment--in reality, it cuts the positions of at least 9-10 cashiers and doesn't lower the costs of consumers at all.  In effect, if you use the self checkout without a discount, you're paying the stores to work for THEM!
Same thing here (sm)
My kids started back to school yesterday and the school nurse called at 12:30 and said my son was sick and I needed to come get him.  This too is after a virus that got to the whole family down including my parents, me, husband, kids, brothers, their wives, nieces and nephews - Oh please, not again
Sure thing

Can I add one more thing to that....
No, your first responder was correct, this is not considered acute care; however, it is VERY valuable experience! This is especially so if the medical group has a variety of specialties in it. Although companies advertise for two or three year acute care experience, this would improve your chances. So don't feel like you have to turn this down just because it isn't "acute care". Good luck!!! :D
One more thing...SM

Loo Loo

One thing I have found is keeping the auido files in DSS format is much faster during transfer than converting to Wav files.  Keep in DSS format and then after transfer you can convert to Wav if needed.  The Olympus DSS software allows you to convert.


And another thing...
PAs are licensed by the same entity that licenses physicians. PAs are authorized to prescribe medications, including controlled substances.

A medical assistant is not subject to the same licensing requirements and certainly does not prescribe medications.

Also, a PA makes a LOT more money than an MA. Just inquire about the salary of the wannabe and compare it to the salary a PA could command in the same region. The U.S. Dept. of Labor website should have that kind of info.
I just want to add one more thing...sm
We probably only get to go thru this life ONE time - and so for anyone to hold you back is NOT a good thing.  Since we probably only get to go thru the life one time, we are supposed to become the best possible person we can be in the life.  If a spouse is going to hold you back from those goals, seems to me one should weigh all the pros and cons of the current marriage (relationship) and if the cons certainly outweigh the pros of staying in the relationship, I'd get out YESTERDAY.