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My huge 19-pound cat lies on my footpedal

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: Anyone else have the family pet who has to sit directly on your foot pedal? My dog (who is an 80-lb - memt

and I constantly have to chase him off of it. :)

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Oh, I know what lies are, I hear them every day from the Shrub Chimp boy in the White House..Im like a human lie detector..I can detect lies from Bush, Cheney, Rummy, ugly..so ugly Rice, et. al.  Oh, please, Rice, change your hairstyle..it makes you look sooooooooooooo ugly..
I have come across this on my own records as well. Saying things that they didn't even ask or telling you opposite stuff. I was wondering the same thing. I believe it comes down to they are overworked (sometimes) and not really paying attention to the patient's needs and exactly what they are saying. Sometimes I really wonder if these docs actually treat us the correct way, isn't that scary?
How can you believe any of her lies...
site was hijacked...oops maybe not....totally against offshoring (except for the offshoring that she contracts) yeah, whatever, check the yahoo log, same person sending MTStars newsletters since 2001. SHE IS IS A LIAR.

Everything spewed from her mouth is a lie, this is no different.
It seems that the whole premise of the American system and way of life is based on lies these days. What happens at the top,(US Government) trickles down to the bottom.

Transcription schools have a lot to lose if they tell their students that outsourcing is a thing of the past. Who would go for an education as an MT if they (prospective students) thought that they were going to compete with cheap labor in India? This would level the playing field.
I am sure you do, you 300 pound MT.
So, get a mirror and take a look at yourself. Get a membership to Curves and lose at least 75 pounds. The people getting attacked are the ones who like MQ, they are the ones who start it and if we respond, you make it worse. You think I am going to sit here and take crap from some lard a** who is ugly and lives in a trailer park? Doubt it. So, go type and don't worry about me, that is, if you can fit in your chair.
I also think the problem lies with all
the advertising/seminars that tell these people that they can make $50k a year and stay at home with their children! I have worked at home for the last 12 years and my children DO NOT stay home with me unless they are sick. I am not home to "babysit" my children, I'm working.

It just amazes me.
Of course the lies start now...
In fact it's sad to see how easy it is to DUPE Americans.

Not only are the elections a total joke, but whoever gets "chosen" by the true powers will be automatically LEGITIMIZED by the other party and the media - just like GEORGE W. FRAUD was. That SHOULD scare the bejesus out of people but instead they STIL increduously continue to believe in this "system" of government... instead of revolting like they should.

The election coming up is as fixed as any other ones: THE true POWERS THAT BE and THE MEDIA HAVE CHOSEN FOR all of us - THREE PEOPLE - one of whom will be president. The better candidates don't have a prayer in the corrupt US. because the PEOPLE will not stand up to the corruption.

Anyone who still believes we live in a democracy (or even a representative democracy) probably also believes in the Easter Bunny.
More industry lies...
1200 lines per day at 8 cpl is only $96.00 per day. At that rate, if you worked eight hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, you would earn just over $35K. Who does that? Anyone working full-time for an MTSO can expect to earn less than $25K and you will rarely, if ever, see a raise. This survey is, as they say, in no way scientific. It is all designed to make people think it pays to be certified, which it does not.
Have you tried calling the pound?
Wonder what they'd do with the goat?

I was visiting my MIL this week, and there were three beagles running around her yard. They kept coming up on her porch, so I led them out to the road. They followed me quite happily. Then somebody drove up in a truck and just observed us. I wandered over to ask if he was missing any beagles, and he was the dog catcher! He had been called about FOUR beagles. I just told him they weren't mine, but they sure were friendly! He asked if they'd come to me when called, and I said SURE! But then I left him to call the dogs himself, LOL. I can't help it if dogs don't like him. :oD
LOL it's POUND sand... nm
Pound Sterling (GBP It is..(SM)
Pound Sterling is the currency in Channel Islands (Aldernay, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark), Isle of Man, and United Kingdom (England, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, UK, GB, GBR). Pound Sterling is also known as the British Pound, the United Kingdom Pound, UKP, STG, the English Pound, British Pound Sterling, BPS, and Sterlings. The symbol for GBP can be written . Pound Sterling is divided into 100 pence. The exchange rate for the Pound Sterling was last updated on June 13, 2008 from The International Monetary Fund. The GBP conversion factor has 6 significant digits.
The problem lies with the MTSO
Any quality MTSO will have funds available at all times to pay their workers in a timely fashion whether they have received payment from their client or not.

Please keep in mind that MTSOs are paid a whole lot more money than they are paying out. They should be more responsible with managing their businesses. Don't you think for a minute that the owners are going without pay.

I think it is so pathetic that MTSOs who do not pay timely take MTs for granted the way they do. If the company I work for ever sends me a check that bounces, I will be on another company's site submitting a resume and testing that same day.

The company I work for does not offer direct deposit. Even though my check is always mailed on the proper date...it's still difficult for me because I have to wait on a check. If they don't offer direct deposit soon, I will be looking for another employer that does.
what a crock, using lies on your kids like that
you are an unscrupulous mt/mtso

Don't care to hear the lies or is it don't
care to pay what you owe? It is easy to manipulate the minds of the forum readers. If you think some people even from the offshore are incompetent why did you continuously utilize the services of these people. Did you not get paid for the jobs done by these people?
therein lies the problem my dear sm
Its not about you! Its about what has to be done. Like I have told people I have trained for years, learn everything you can the BEST you can and be able and WILLING to do all work types and the possibilities are better. This is not about us, this is about the patient's behind the charts! I am sorry OPs bore you but they need to be done. I hope the next time you have surgery the MT is not too bored to transcribe your record CORRECTLY or it probably will be one being done over in India with horrible mistakes.

Somewhere over the years I see MTs who think this profession is about lines and cpl and have forgotten its about transcribing a legal medical document that can be legitimate in a court room setting if needed. Some of the stuff I see coming from supposed experienced MTs is an absolute embarrassment! I have often wondered when these medical records do have to be brought into a court room setting what other people think about the people who transcribe this stuff.

On the subject of boredom, I absolutely despise and I mean DESPISE opthalmology but I do it and can do it as well as the other. It has to be done!
How's this for a fun fact? A pound of flab is the...
equivalent of four sticks of pure butter.  Thought this would make some laugh.  I just started running and found this fun fact in one of my fitness magezines.  So that means I have 100 sticks of pure butter on my butt and thighs that I want to lose, LOLOLOL!!!
It sounds like if feel you don't want to pound
IC job on-line?
No, the problem lies with the party that doesn't SM

keep enough money to pay people. That's the bottom line. It is no one else's fault.

I don't contract with a hospital. I contract with an MTSO.

Then USA Today spread lies and you know the truth.
The lies from physician put on my medical records
I posted on this before- had plastic surgery done, 2-3 things done at 1 time including tummy tuck, face and ? forgot but anyway, the face not done. Went home, no bruising, no swelling, went and looked at my records, not done, went to the office and told the physician he had not done, he forgot, gave me an IOU on his letter head. Bottom line, I asked for the return of the amount of the facelift only, he refused, was hostile, he was personally calling my house, threatening like, I had to have my job (at same hospital where he practiced)-I just said Karma will take care. Long story short, he did not dictate my operative report until EIGHT (8) months later, then falsified, and put the biggest facelift report in there you could image. My name is French sounding, unusual, and I know that was done intentionally. Big, big lies. I told lady over medical records falsified, she said I could just put an addendum in the chart.
I thought traditionally lies were to start AFTER....sm
being elected, but apparently it's okay these days to start the lies before even getting elected. What a bleak, dismal future this country has. I sure don't see any one of them that is worth the salt it takes to fill a shaker!
My 75 pound husky likes to "sm"
come and take her ball and toss it on my keyboard! When I have enough and tell her to quit, she will lay it very sweetly beside my keyboard! She knows exactly what she is doing!
get business cards, pound the pavement....sm
go to medical center buildings and sell yourself with your business card, your resume if required, and your own self-confidence!!  Good luck!! 
I cook mine low - about 225 or 250, for about 10 minutes per pound
There are laundries that will wash/dry/fold by the pound sm
I have taken in Laundry Mountain and had it all finished for around $40. Of course it's going to be different wherever you are. It did get me caught up and I was able to keep up with it for quite a while.
Be prepared to pound those keys for a national

and you have to be able to stay focused if you chose a national requiring set hours.  Consider your benefits.  There are pros and cons to working from home.  I would say unless you have a really good reason to type from home, then keep your day job.  I do fine myself because I am an IC, but I sometimes feel very isolated from the outside workforce.  I do have children, but adult conversation when you are pounding those keys all day is hard to come by.  The other duties you speak of on-site keeps you sane!  Just my opinion!  Good luck whatever you decide.  The money is just not there anymore working for these nationals unless you are willing to put on long days and pound out about 300 lph. 

Penny wise and pound foolish
Cheap ones don't save in voice files. They're hard to use so most likely your doc will not bother to pause or rewind for dictation. You may save some money now but you will end up wasting more time to decipher the recording. The best one is Olympus DS5000... every word can be heard clearly with that.
DId NOT work. Had to pound the keys -- took it back in 2 days. nm
Hyphens are used because 32-year-old and 11-pound are compound modifiers. SM

A compound modifier is two or more words that act as a single modifier for a noun.

For example:

32-year-old male

11-pound weight loss

22-gauge needle

1-cm mass


Please, don't "ex-pound," I probably meant expand!. It's late! Thanks
My cat veterinarian authorized us to use cat Frontline on our 5-pound tiny toy poodle
She said it goes by size and he's the size of a small cat.
I have an 80-pound, 3-legged husky under my desk--- keeps messing with the foot pedal! - sm
So I have dog now lying down somewhat quietly but breathing his hot breath on my legs, makes it hard not to laugh hysterically ---- certainly hard to work, but it is funny.
okay neatly correlated lies. and the trailer parks are really neat little hideaways the statistics
no excuse for not researching with google or even yahoo. my neighborhood is zoned to not allow trailer parks (ever wonder why???) thus my property if more valuable than another community that is not zoned against trailer parks. Now did you ever consider why communities would even think of having a zoning commission that would ban trailer parks. Community standards might come in to play and they don't want property values diminished. GOOGLE friend. The truth will set you free.
Such lies. Just yesterday I had a payroll problem. 1 phone call, person answered, and IMMEDIATELY
remedied the situation. There are always people there to help us.  Wendy is just lying, and like I'll bet she's lying about her name! Its sooooooooo stupid to do this stuff when you're a disgruntled ex.
USB footpedal

Where do I purchase a USB footpedal?


You wouldn't be working for Zylomed would you? I was to start work with them - they sent the foot pedal and it was nothing but problems. We (meaning me and their IT people) could never get the foot pedal with the adapter to work. Needless to say, I never did any work for them.
I had to buy a 9-pin pedal and go to RadioShack to buy an adaptor. I haven't had any problems.
MT without footpedal
I am an MT with Cerebral Palsy and it is virtually impossible for me to use a footpedal so I use hot keys on my keyboard to control my dictation. It is wonderful. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Once you get used to what keys control what, it doesn't slow you down at all. It is definitely something I couldn't live without and I enjoy having at my disposal.
No way to do it other than with the footpedal,
but you can adjust the speed of the forward and rewind arrows...click on the "more" button.  I really do not care for this player either. 
Can anybody tell me if the Olympus footpedal with serial (COM) port works with escription (EditScript) ?  TIA  
I would think you should ask the company you will be working for which one they would be using.   They may actually provide all that equipment anyway.
so..... how IS that footpedal, anyway?? NM
Yes, you have a footpedal and headphones

are connected to your computer, the foot pedal into the USB port and the headphones into the headphone jack on the computer.  In my case I have a laptop that runs for quite a while on the battery, so I can either run it on the battery or I can plug it into an electrical outlet on the deck.  I have wireless cable internet, so I don't have to be connected to the router or anything.  I also have wireless keyboard and mass, and the little reception unit for that plugs into the USB port, it is about the size of a mouse.

So all I have to do is take my laptop, my keyboard, mouse, foot pedal and earphones on the deck and I'm all set.  All of it is very lightweight and not cumbersome like a C-phone would be to drag out and hook up.

I took tests with footpedal. If using

Windows Media Player, have to keep hitting the play and rewind buttons with the mouse.  Very time consuming but doable.  Good Luck on your test!! 

oops, that's WITHOUT footpedal, sorry...

How does the footpedal work???
OK. This may be strange. But, I listen to a lot of audio programming online through iTunes. My son is doing research for school and asked if I could transcribe a news report for him. I can do it the old fashioned slow way, without a foot pedal, but I have a footpedal. I've never before used it for anything other than work, so I just don't question how it's set up. Can I "point" it to work with something like iTunes, as well?
Escription with a USB footpedal?
Can it work or do I have to get a adapter to change it to a serial port?  I am not getting the clearest of answers from the MTSO on this one.
USB footpedal and Incribe
I am getting ready to start on Inscribe and my pedal did not work. What type of pedal will work.
Where to get a DB9 serial footpedal?

I'm needing a serial DB9 foot pedal ASAP but can't afford to spend $70+ on it right now.  I have an ad on the Classifieds board but I don't think I can wait for someone to reply to me. 

Anyone have any ideas where to get one reasonably priced and quick?  I already tried ebay and I found one for $54 but that means waiting for the auction to expire, then shipping.

Incompatible footpedal

Try to put the 9 pin into the serial port on the back of the modem instead of the USB port, hopefully you have one.  I had the same problem and it worked for me.  You have also to click on control panel, then footpedals, then serial port to change the setting.

Footpedal : Hotkeys...........
What is your problem with the hot keys? They are very easy if you get used to it, it is actualy easier on your body than the footpedal.