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My neighbor has/had PKD- he is 51 now - sm

Posted By: XXX on 2006-07-31
In Reply to: OT-Anyone have polycystic kidney disease? - At Home MT

He has had it for years, since he was about 35 or so. He has always been a vegatarian and the doctors said that helped him stay healthy as long as he did. He did start to eat meat and eggs some though as he got worse for the protein though. He was doing quite well until about 18 months ago when he started getting worse. He ended up have right and left radical nephrectomies, and lived on peritoneal dialysis at home and used a cycler at night. He was due to have a transplant about 2 weeks or so after the double nephrectomy but unfortunately at the last minute the donor was deemed unacceptable after they looked at her kidneys via a CT (to figure out which one to take) and found issues with hers with blood vessels and the fact that her kidneys were not functioning at 100% capacity (about 60% between the 2 of them), so that nixed the transplant. Luckily he did very well on dialysis (he has some other issues going on as well such as permanent vertigo due to the former hospital he was going to screwed up and have him the wrong antibiotics when the PD access got infected--ones you do not give a patient with no kidneys and he ended up with antibiotic poisoning which unfortunately resulted in permanent damage). So he ended up on the transplant list. Fortunately for him a young blood relative with no sign of PKD stepped forward and donated a kidney in January. He has done great and the donor has done quite well too. He still cannot drive or work due to the veritgo but is trying to get better with that with some PT though I don't think it will ever go away. I am "on-call" if he ever needs anything since I am usually home and his wife works about 35 minutes away. I don't see them too often but I know he is well as his wife and I email on a regular basis. Obviously everyone is different, but I do a lot of kidney transplant reports and for the most part they go very well. I have only done about 10 or so due to PKD though, most kidney failures are due to other issues from what I can tell from my experience anyways. All I can say it read up, ask plenty of questions and don't be shy about asking friends and relatives about a transplant when/if it comes to that. The list can take anywhere from 2-5 years or longer and they won't list you until you need it basically. You have to meet the parameters of need first. I hope it all works out for you though.

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You're right, you could be my neighbor. My neighbor is flaky, too.
I have a neighbor who is always... sm

pestering me to "teach her to do what I do".  She stopped over one time while I was working and said it again... This time I stacked every one of my reference books up, handed them to her and told her "Go home and memorize these.  Then we'll talk about it".  Needless to say she hasn't mentioned it since.  


They were after the other neighbor.
They came over and asked if we had seen anyone at the neighbor's house.  Uh, no, I don't watch my neighbors all day long.
My neighbor has one. I would
like to get one, but cannot afford it right now.  He paid around $10,000.  That includes installation I think.  He uses it to heat his home and has radiant floor heat and uses that to heat the water pipes in his flooring.  It is way cool. It looks like a metal shed almost outside his house.  He is saving lots of money, but it does make smoke, so you would have to be in an area that is zoned for it.
My neighbor had one (sm)
and they are VERY high energy. They have a tendency to experience separation anxiety also. I can tell you they are not like most big dogs, in that they have a strong personality of their own and you have to dedicate a lot of time to training them.
Use my neighbor's. sm
When I go on vacation there is a lawyer who lives a few houses away. He has Netscape wirless tower and I have a Linksys on my laptop. I have all the latest virus and Spyware as does he. He gives me permission to use his connection as the house where I stay does not have internet. I can work off his as though it is my own. He also uses his laptop in the parking lot of Starbucks, he states, when he is on a case away from his main tower. I don't know, just see if it works for you as far as confidentiality is concerned. I don't think anything is compromised. At first I was very worried but a nephew who is tech savvy said it was safe. Just my humble opinion. Not sure. I don't use it for work, don't work on vacation but sure do appreciate using the net, I am addicted and can't leave home without my laptop!
What to do about a neighbor's yapping dog?

This thing is driving me CRAZY.  Yes I know that there are times during the day that a dog is not considered "disturbing the peace," but these people moved in about a year ago and they now have a Yorkie that they leave outside ALL DAY on a 6 foot leash and all that thing does is "yap, yap, yap, yap, yap!"  CONSTANTLY. . . ALL DAY LONG until they finally bring the poor thing in for the night.

We tried to welcome the couple to the neighborhood, but they don't assoiciate with anybody.  When anyone comes near their property, they run inside and lock the doors, leaving the "yapper" outside to "yap" even louder if anyone is within 20  feet from their property.

I've actually resorted to yelling out the window, SOMEBODY MAKE THE DOG STOP!  PLEASE!!!!"

We have a dog, but I wouldn't even get one until we had fenced in the entire back yard and then trained him from a puppy not to bark.  Of course our dog will bark if somebody knocks on thedoor, which is a good thing,  but I shake a coffee can with some pennies in it (Hint from Heloise) and he stops.

I feel bad for the poor Yorkie who never gets walked or paid attention to as he sits all day "yapping" on his 6 foot chain. But I don't want to cause any discord in the neighborhood either. 

What to do?

Lucky neighbor....
My ex-neighbor also experienced this and was lucky enough to live (very high mortality rate).   She delivered her baby OK but then all her problems began.  She swelled up like a balloon and had an emergency hysterectomy (thinking she had internal bleeding) before being airlifted to a bigger hospital.  After over six months in the hospital and rehab, she is fine with no brain damage, but she suffers from bilateral foot drop and sometimes wears braces.  She is one very lucky lady!!! 
I had a neighbor like this once but after a frank
She had a boyfriend and they were the have a fight and make up kind. One night they had a particularly nasty argument and I didn't know who was going to win the _ugly word_ you, no _ugly word_ you argument. She kicked him out. We lived in NJ and he lived in Brooklyn and it was after public transportation had stopped running so he was looking at a $100 cab fare home.

The next day I made a point of running into her and being curiously interested in the bus schedules to Brooklyn and cab fares and when she asked why I was asking, I told her I was concerned for her boyfriend after what had happened the night before, using my best "bless your heart" face and telling her if she ever needed someone to talk to, just knock on my door.

She avoided me like the plague after that and they started meeting at his house


noisy neighbor
I say get a mop, cover it with material and rap on the ceiling when SHE is trying to sleep. When I have noisey cotranscriptionists at work, I take noisemaking machine that makes sounds like the ocean waves. I focus on it between the words and that helps a little. When my Co MTs were really noisy I actually used to listen to music in my left ear and dictation in my right....takes a little practice...but it CAN be done. That eliminates background noise altogether.
howdy neighbor! nm
Hi, neighbor....I'm in Reading, PA.
Look in your own backyard first before your neighbor's...

I am Canadian and take offence to you blaming the whole country...are there not innocent PEOPLE dying at the hands of Americans in Afghanistan? You want to fight a cause don't do it here on this board, that's not what it was meant for.  Innocent people, woman, children and soldiers and dying at the hands of your government....take up that issue. PLEASE!  I'm sure there are numerous other NON-TRANSCRIPTION boards dedictated to it!

Neighbor trouble
I agree with ignoring her. She is seeking sympathy and attention.
They have doctors that can help her and unless she is seeking help herself, she will just drag you down with her.
Talking with friends does not solve this problem, but a psychiatrist/psychologist might be able to help her, along with medication.
Look at what she is doing already, trying to pit you and the other neighbor against each other out of jealousy. She is smarter than you think girl!!!! enough said
Howdy neighbor!
Same here, August 14th, in Gwinnett County.
I just found out that my neighbor
with a BB gun when they come on his property.  I live on a small farm and everybody has acreage.  My cats go crazy when I lock them up in the house.  Don't know what to do.
Hey neighbor! Arkadelphia here!

Neighbor Noise
Any chance of selling your place and getting a little place in the country? We live far out and have high speed internet and only critter noise to deal with. Your hours are tough ones. Don't you hate those friends who call when they know you need to be sleeping and say, "I hope I didn't awaken you."
I have a neighbor who walks her dog in a stroller.
Weird looking.
My neighbor has NINE (9) Rotweilers in his backyard
One small backyard...one hugh mess. He has been reported to police and animal control and councilmen, etc.  No one does anything to him. They are scared of him. He's a known cocaine dealer in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, all the grass in the yard is gone and the dogs bark at everything and anything that passes their way! What to do???
The same thing happened to my neighbor (sm)

She passed with flying colors and then couldn't find a job.  I was amazed, I live in Southern California.


I do have a neighbor whose parents live
in Houma.  She went down there to help them get their things in order.  I think she had to bring a generator.  I have not talked to her as of yet.  I will see her tomorrow and let you know.
I have to shred everything. We have a nosy neighbor
who digs through our trash and takes stuff, so I don't want him having anything with our names or personal information on it.  It's a long history with this guy and police involvement, so that's just the safest thing I can do is shred everything.
My neighbor across the street did that...sold

I was dying to ask her how much she got for her house but didn't want to be too nosy, so I didn't.  She was pregnant with twins and near the end of her pregnancy and not able to work full time anymore, and her husband had lost a good job and was working at a lower paying job to just try to get by, and the house only had 2 bedrooms and they already had a son and were having twin girls, and she didn't say but I think they were having trouble paying their mortgage.

Anyway, although I don't know if they got a fair price for their house I know the whole transaction was very fast and easy.  She told me that THEY were allowed to set the date that the house changed hands; it was totally up to them.  The whole thing was done in a just a couple of weeks, because they wanted to move and get settled into a place (they rented a duplex) with more bedrooms before the twins were born.

She told me that part of the reason they sold it like that was that the house needed some work done to it before they tried to sell it, and they just didn't have the time or the money to do it.

But, I have to say the company that bought it didn't do anything either.  She told me they told her they were going to go in and do work to it and then rent or sell it.  Well they didn't do a thing that I saw - no one was ever there working on it.  They put a sign in the yard that it was for sale or rent and within a couple of weeks someone bought it.

Foul-mouthed neighbor sm
Welcome to the club. I have the exact same problem. In my case, it is husband and wife, using the "F" word constantly, fighting, threatening divorce, drinking, then they decide to stay together and they know it upsets us to no end for our grandchildren to hear all this foul mouth language and they make it even worse for us by "yelling" things like, "Look at these ..... leaves, we have enough to do." She at one time called my husband a ......... idiot because he asked them not to throw snow in our yard when they shovel because when it melts it goes into the ground around our house and into the basement. They are very close to the street, there is no reason for them to throw it in our yard. They are just being spiteful. . By saying the slightest thing to these people it sets them off. They have a limited education and hang out with the same type people. I am afraid that it will actually come to blows if this continues. I am actually hoping that one day they'll kill each other off with one of their fights. In the meantime, I keep my windows closed in the hot weather and avoid even looking at them. It's a shame but there's not much you can do with this type of person, as they seem to thrive on making everyone around them miserable. You can send a "cease and desist letter" via a lawyer but you would have to have proof and it would only make them worse. Welcome to the horrible neighbor club, I understand completely. Toilet mouths belong with other toilet mouths. Sometimes it just helps to know someone else is going through the same hell on earth. Sorry for your problem, it's an awful way to live. They say, "pray for them" but that's kind of hard when you're the "victim." I hate to even go out in my own yard. Guess what she does? She has an expired CNA license and calls herself a "private duty nurse." She uses the "F" word when speaking of her "clients" and I wish I could report her to the authorities but she would call me an ....... liar. Terrible situation - I understand.
loud-mouth neighbor
ooooooooooo, I would love 1 minute alone with your neighbor!!!!
Yep NC has 4 in it, but Chris is almost a neighbor, didn't
know him though. 
My neighbor had Merry Maids (sm)
They were VERY expensive, and she got different employees almost every time, some were good, some were so-so, and some were awful. She's found another lady to come in and clean now and it's much cheaper. She works off of the checklist that Merry Maids had drawn up for her so the same work is being done.
My next door neighbor cleans ....sm
every other week and charges $70 to do my entire 1800 foot house. She does a great job, too - and is trustworthy. Before that I wouldn't trust anyone because of the stories of services/people not cleaning or stealing from you.
No flames here. The neighbor was definitely in the wrong. sm
I am a dog owner, too, and mine do not go outside of my yard without being on a leash and I live in the country.
hit your neighbor where he lives - in the wallet - sm
check out your homeowners insurance about filing a claim (especially if you have medical expenses or can't work because of the attack) - they can find out who your neighbor's insurance is and believe me his rates will go through the roof! Our dog got attacked too (their dog was just being "friendly") with vet bills, etc. We have a leash law so I filed a complaint with Animal Control and they got a fine...if it happens again the file escalates. Good luck!
My mom's neighbor is a Filipino nurse. She's
really sweet, but she has to go over & ask my mom what she should do when her kids get sick or hurt, etc. And she's a neonatal ICU RN with a degree from the Phillippines -- tell me that's not SCARY.
loud foul-mouthed neighbor
I could make this really long because I am so frustrated I could just strangle my neighbor.  Without going into detail it will probably sound like I am overreacting but I'll spare you all the drama.  Just know I am at my wits and am hoping for some "nice" advice on what to do about a loud mouthy neighbor.  Can someone please, please tell me the best thing to do?  I expect to hear everyday noises and don't mind those a bit--I'm used to that.  But she talks very loud and has a shrill whiny voice that I can hear through the walls.  She talks nonstop on the phone or to anyone who stops by who will listen.  All day.  And it is LOUD.  That is irritating enough but she thinks it is cute to use curse words.  She has 5 favorite ones she uses over and over and over.  I avoid going around her because it is so repulsive and I don't want my son hearing it either as she doesn't mind saying things in front of him either.  I am trying to bite my tongue because I will probably make her cry once I get started because I am so angry with her.  So the less I can say to get my point cross the better.  I really wish there was a way to handle it without speaking to her at all.  I have her email address but that doesn't seem right either.  There are lots of "details" that makes the situation much worse than it sounds but I just need some advice on how to be kind and still get my point across.  As much as I dislike her I don't want to be mean.  Help, please!  Thanks.
Our next door neighbor breeds pit bulls
and the new mother pit bull gets out of their fence after the owners go to bed. She comes over here and jumps at my windows and doors (I have two small dogs). She wags her tail like she is friendly and barks to get in. A vet lived in this house before I did. I won't open the door though I feel she may be friendly. It scares me that she gets out of their yard and you see all the small pit bulls out during the day.

I am so so sorry for what happened to the OP's lab. I feel that they should ban the breeding of pit bulls. Too many horrible things have happened with this breed of dog.
So you think a dog getting hit by a car or poisened by a neighbor is better than an invisible fence?
I live in a rural area and even people I know what dozens of acres tie their dogs up during hunting season. Many dogs out chasing deer are shot and killed every year by some angry hunter.

In towns and cities there are leash laws. I'd sure rather see a dog inside the safety of an invisible fence than poisoned by people who don't want dogs crapping in their yard, getting into their garbage, etc. Do you not realize there are settings on the collars that can merely give a buzz to the dog just to remind them of their boundaries.

Training dogs is great, but it also depends on the breed. A dog outside will bark at birds, squirrels, etc., and I don't care how great of a trainer you are, I have yet to see a dog trained to stay in their yard.

About a year ago, our county had problems with teen boys just picking dogs up and "relocating them" far from home. My sister's dog was one of them. After weeks, she found her 15 miles from home, emaciated, and had been beaten. You cannot just let dogs wonder. There's not point in arguing the fact. IT'S THE LAW. Don't like it? Write your state rep.
maybe neighbor was lonely and wanted someone to have coffee with...nm
don't take it so PERSONAL. if you have a lovable buffoon husband, neighbor or son, okay, it's
I don't think it's funny and that's the end of story. And the joke is disrespectful of men in general.

PS: Yes I am offended by women jokes, blond or brunet. I do like comedians, Kathy Griffith, Chris Rock, etc. No I did not like Red Skelton or anyone who played a bumbling idiot. I am drawn to the more clever witty less obvious humor than general situation comedy humor.
A female neighbor, sister, mother, anyone who can give you
Freakin out - next door neighbor arrested for child

molestation on a little boy and is out on $500 bail.  What is this world coming to?  I'm just sick over this.  I have a 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.  This guy has been giving me the creeps since we moved in 3 years ago.  Comes over all the time and asks me to fax things for him and he always wants to know where my husband is. 

The newspaper said that he admitted to it, so doesn't a $500 bail seem ridiculous?!

Hi Neighbor - middle-TN -- AND all the public pools close except for weekends.
we are on year-round scheduling 9 weeks on, 2 weeks off and just off June and July.
I hate to be skeptical, but I hope she really didn't get it. I had a neighbor "claim" the s
thing and actually she had the package all along. I'm sorry, just had a bad experience with people not being honest around the holidays. I will be more than willing to give 10.00 if I knew for sure she didn't receive it for real.
A good neighbor is worth a million bucks, they say this for a reason
I purchased a house at a remarkably reduced price because of a neighbor who was a lunatic. First thing I will do the next time I buy is try to get familiar with the neighbors bordering my home. Thank GOD, he moved but for several years, I had to get a restraining order and even with that, he used foul language, sometimes directed at me, tapped into my utilities, had loud fights with four letter words. I could even hear them in the bedroom going at it (yes, i know)... What I say is don't make her angry or she could make your life REALLY miserable. There will be times when you will not be home...people like her resort to all sorts of behavior, I have a feeling.
My neighbor had a golden lab that went to obedience school and was shot in their yard because of
Neighbor has indoor woodburning stove, started house on fire twice. sm
He has vinyl siding and installed the outside pipes himself.  Apparently he is in over his head.  Last year, his siding started on fire and he burnt up his electrical wiring.  When heating season started this year, the fire department was back.  He did it again.  Make sure you have a professional do the work.
Ssame thing happened with next door neighbor's daughter. Not even a verbal thank you. nm