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OT-Anyone have polycystic kidney disease?

Posted By: At Home MT on 2006-07-31
In Reply to:

I have just recently learned I have polycystic kidney disease (my mother died of kidney failure) and the cysts are on my right kidney, adrenal gland and on recent CT, (only two months from my first one), I have now developed cysts on my liver too. The kidney cysts are bleeding. :( I have daily right-sided aching and back pain. My right kidney is deformed and I have reflux on the right as well as kidney damage from childhood.

My whole illness started out about eight months ago as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and it was horrible with nausea, anorexia due to that, and significant weight loss. I had two Epley maneuvers that corrected the vertigo. A CT of the abdomen and pelvis was done and that is when the first cysts on the kidney were discovered which I was told were not concerning in someone in their 50s. In the meantime, I had started eliminating a couple of my Rx meds and the nausea stopped, and so I felt they were the cause of my nausea which in a sense I feel could still be true but perhaps more due to not metabolizing the meds appropriately due to kidney and/or liver problems but I do not know that yet. I do not see a urologist until 09/07 and will find out more then.

It is my understanding that this is a hereditary/genetic disorder and there is no cure and progression to kidney failure is quite high by the time you are 60 and I am 52.

I was just wondering if anyone else has this or knows someone who does and what info they may be willing to share. 

Thanks so very much. :)

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Anybody donated a kidney? sm
My sister has renal failure and is on dialysis.  She was admitted to the hospital with myxedema coma (severe hypothyroidism) back in March, being hospitalized into the middle of June.  She made a miraculous recovery considering she started out on life support in the ICU of a major medical center.  She's now home and doing terrific, but she's been left with the RF.  She is starting the paperwork for a transplant, and I am considering possible kidney donation.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it?  I'd appreciate any info.  I've done a little investigating on the net and it goes without saying it's a big decision and a lot involved.  Appreciate any input for sure and thanks!
May be "pole of the right kidney"
Pole of the right kidney
Now you are in the ballpark!! Go back and listen yet again.
kidney surgery
I am facing kidney surgery in the very near future to cut out a urethral stricture from my single kidney (congenital).  My doctor informed me this is a relatively common procedure but that it is not a surgery one can just bounce right back from.  I'm just curious if anyone can tell me whether you've had this surgery or know someone who has, and know their recovery rate and prognosis.  He also told me there is a 2% to 3% chance this could not take and the surgery might have to be repeated.  My doctor told me one month after the surgery I will have to have a second surgery to remove a stent that he will temporarily place.  He said I will be in the hospital overnight (for the initial surgery) and then probably won't feel like doing my regular activities for at least two weeks.  Thanks for any information.
My son's best friend is in need of a kidney transplant.
He is such a smart, sweet, good kid.  He's only 15 years old, but he's trying to help raise some of the money for his transplant by operating an Internet store because his family has had hard times and the insurance company bailed on him.  He's not yet on dialysis, so Medicare won't cover it.  The high school refused to work with him on his absences because they thought he was making it all up.  Never mind the fact that his mother and doctor also called the school to explain.  He sleeps a lot because he's so sick and tired.  He has been off the charts on all of the state's standardized tests, so you know he could just walk in and pass the GED exam.  Anyway, his older brother will be the living donor because there are no compatible cadaver donated organs out there.  A person ought to be able to depend on their family when nobody else can help.  I have kidney problems myself.  I only hope that if it came to it, someone would be there for me.
Anyone REALLY familiar with GFR/kidney tests?

     This is a personal question, not exactly related to work.  I am going in circles with at least 2 doctors now (and several unrelated specialists) who are not concerned about my lab values, but from what I have looked up, it seems they should be doing something, even if it is just explaining what is going on and why.

Since August last year, my GFR has been 55-59, and from what I've read, that means kidney damage.  I am still on indomethacin, which I believe can contribute to kidney damage.  I don't know what else could be contributing or what might make things better, or if like they say, it's "within normal limits" and "nothing to worry about".

Any input?

My step-father got a kidney transplant

He was extremely happy to be off the dialysis and looked quite a bit healthier for a span of time (kidneys do things the plastic tubing just can't), but he only lived an extra 3 years and had to take lots of antirejection meds in the meantime, was in and out of the hospital a lot.

I agree with the person who posted below about talking to a physician about the downsides. Find out exactly what quality of life most transplant recipients have and how many extra years most of them receive. This is a big decision. It will change your life and probably in ways you can't fathom yet.

Wish I could give you better answers. It's so hard to watch people we love suffer.

Yep, my son's doc charged 111.00 for a 3 minute visit to tell him he had a kidney stone.
And to think the insurance paid it. Hmmm.
The first question I would ask myself is, "why would I NOT give my sister a kidney?"
Yes, it's an enormous decision. Good luck to you both.
exophrenic..can't document this word but I know it means outside the kidney..sm
Is it spelled right? Thanks.
ask yourself how you would feel if she died needing a kidney and you didn't save her with yours t
You let me know when you pass a kidney stone the size of a golfball without anesthetic and THEN
we can talk about the pain of being a man vs. a woman!
Guess you do not believe that it is a disease, huh?

There isn't a disease that causes someone to take that first drink, first

cigarette, or first hit of whatever.  I also think a lot of times "disease" is an excuse and not a real issue.   I come from a very long line of alcoholics on both sides of my family.  As as result I feel I have a predisposition to becoming an alcoholic, so I choose not to drink.   Alcoholism may be a disease in some people, but it is curable.  HIV/AIDS is a disease too that is 100% preventable.   I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and want to blame everyone else.  

I don't believe it starts as a disease. I

fully believe it starts as something to pass the time or forget problems, but then the body becomes dependent and then it causes disease.

Leyden's disease

is a clotting disorder occasion by an abnormality of Factor 5, according to the dictator, but I cannot get a solid spelling of this disease.  Anyone out there heard of it?



infectious disease
I may possibly be starting an infectious disease account soon.  I have already ordered a Stedmans dictionary, but was wondering if anybody has done any work in this field and have any advice, websites to check, etc. on this specialty.  I want to gain as much knowledge as I can before starting.  I appreciate any input.
Ah that must be the disease people have when the MDs can't
figure it out! They would NEVER say they don't know, right? I'm going through something similar. I know I have something going on, been sick for a few months, and never was before, and I mean, really never like this. They found a few little things so far but this MD really just can't figure it out, unfortunately. So, onto the next. I am confident that at some point I will find a good diagnostician that really knows their stuff, if any still exist. Hope you will too :)
I have Crohn's disease and have
had blockages after eating foods hard to digest.  My Crohn's is locasted in terminal ileum.  Had 2 feet of small intestine removed in 1998, but it came back in same place.  It is very narrow and scarred in this area again.  I have to be very careful about what I eat.  I don't eat anything that has a peeling on in unless I peel it first.  When I have a blockage, I have pain and then vomiting until it finally goes through on its own.  Have been to ERs many times.  It could rupture, and that would be very bad.  If he has an intestinal blockage, it is very serioius.
infectious disease, but for some reason I also get
Does the patient have Paget's disease? If so,
that could explain prescribing it twice weekly.
I was tested for Lyme disease when I first started with everything..thanks anyway. :( nm
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis - LAM - never heard of this before but what a scary disease

They just reported on this disease on our local TV station.


"Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a progressive lung disease that strikes young women in the prime of their lives. The prevalence of the disease is not known but it has been estimated that there are a few hundred cases in the United States.

The disease is characterized by an unusual type of muscle cell that invades the tissue of the lungs, including the airways, and blood and lymph vessels. Over time, these muscle cells form into bundles and grow into the walls of the airways, causing them to become obstructed. Although these cells are not considered cancerous, they grow without the usual controls within the lungs. Over time, the muscle cells block the flow of air, blood, and lymph to and from the lungs, preventing the lungs from providing oxygen to the rest of the body.

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis is pronounced lim-fan-g-o-lie-o-my-o-ma-toe-sis. Lymph and angio refer to the lymph and blood vessels. Leiomyomatosis refers to the formation of the bundles of the unusual muscle cells.

Although there is no clear evidence for a hormonal abnormality, therapy has focused on estrogen reduction because of the population affected and includes tamoxifen therapy and progesterone therapy. Lung transplantation has become an established therapeutic option in patients with advanced disease. Recurrence of LAM has been reported in the transplanted lung of two patients raising questions about pathogenesis and suggesting a systemic component is involved.

The cause of LAM is not known. "

I worked for an infectious disease specialist sm
who was asked his opinion on someone suing a company because he caught pneumonia from being cold, then hot. This specialist said you cannot catch cold or any other illness from temperature, just from a bug. A person could get hypothermic and then get ill, but it would have to be in extreme cases. Here, it was 20 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, and yesterday 81, and today 62. I'm staying away from people who are coughing and sneezing. Temperature changes have nothing to do with illness.
Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Your man will never resurface. nm
A possibility would be ischemic bowel disease.

How about yourself? I type a report on some horrible disease and think "Hey, I think I have that.
Oncology, Rheumatology, Pathology, Infectious Disease
It already has. I have to work from home because of disability due to chronic disease.
My physicians and visiting nurses are extraordinarily caring individuals who fortunate have (more so than I had previously thought, apparently).

Also, I can understand venting about a situation you feel you have no control over. I assume you desired sympathy or empathy or just someone to say, "I know where you are coming from," but to post incoherently and then lash out at those that reply is only going to add to your frustrations and negative feelings.

I am sorry you feel as though your health care providers don't care if you did, but I am sure that is not the reality of the situation. If you had taken the time to provide context to your rant, then you might have received the type of replies you were looking for, whatever that may have been.

Best of luck to you.
I find infectious disease to be IMPOSSIBLE, with all the bacterias AND the meds.
switched to miniatures-stronger, more resistant to disease and pests.
and now I actually like them way better than the standards.
Might also be your thyroid or Lyme disease. Insist on blood work! nm
Need good organisms and infectious disease books/sites (sm)
I have Stedman's Organisms & Infectious Diseases, but it's out of date (2002) and an updated company has not been published. Does anyone recommend any books and/or web sites that can give me quick info including on meds for specific IDs? e.g., Stedman's lists HIV/AIDS medications alphabetically in the appendix.

Good luck to you folks. I hope I can perk up soon. I thought I was the only one with this disease
Corporate greed is a rampant disease that will end up killing the American middle class....sm
These people never have enough, there are no scruples, In God We Trust is just something printed on currency instead of being a moral principle carried down by our Founders...the French started a revolution over this. I hate all war and violence, but how do we stop global economy as being the tool which the corporate entities use to rape the middle class workers? Sorry for the rant, bad week....year!
Any rose gardeners out there? Good roses that are disease proof and smell good?
I heard good things about Knockout Rose but they don't smell too much like traditional rose.  Supposedly blooms all season.