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Posted By: Amy on 2006-07-10
In Reply to: Does anyone use MySpace.com? - XtremeMT

From what I understand, it started out as a musicians' showcase website for up-and-coming bands. My son happens to be in one of our local "grind core" bands. LOL Anyway, it seems to be mostly teenagers that use the site. If you're looking for Mr. Right, why don't you try one such as match.com or eharmony. I think you'll find more adults, and I can't say for sure, but I think Match is free. My cousin met her fiance there. Beware of internet liars, however. We can all seem dreamy when we know we have that anonymity.

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Did any of you see Dateline (I think it was Sunday)?  It was about myspace.  I thought it was scary.  I have several (adult) friends who are on myspace and they post way too much information.  They should be smarter than the teens are but they seem to have the thought that it is only their friends who see there pictures, etc.  And a lot of the content is very inappropriate for teens--IMHO for anyone.  My friends who are on it are completely addicted.  I compare it to someone who smokes.  They get on myspace each day about as often as someone who smokes in a given day.  And what a competition it is to see how many "friends" you can have whether you have a clue who your friends are or not. 

I'm not trying to start a debate about whether it is good or bad.  Just trying to satisfy my curiosity.  There are a lot of teens on it, of course, but a lot of friends my age (35) are getting into it too.  How many here are on it and what is your age? 
I'm not, but I have two friends in their early 30s who are. My 16-year-old daughter has one.

I think the media makes too much of it all. There are always going to be people who don't do the "smart" thing. You can't be paranoid about everything and cut out all the possible "bad" things from your life.

My daughter's is set to friends only. My adult friends have open profiles. If I started one I would probably make it friends only, but I'm not sure.

Why yes I do! But I use xanga more. I don't know why though, I guess because I had it first.
Do U MySpace?
I'm addicted!
Does anyone use MySpace.com?
I'm just starting out but it seems somewhat involved...is it worth the effort? And why do some people have 8,000 "friends" ? Altho I must say my sister has a very elaborate "space" with music and videos - but I just don't know if its worth it. Anyone meet Mr. Right?
I have 3 teens on myspace.
Really, you need to slowly step out on the porch, down the driveway, and into the world.

Don't you realize that media will sensationalize anything to the furthest extent possible in order to raise your blood pressure?

I watch the myspace of my kids, my kids' friends, and of any anxillary friends (it's not at all hard to do if you can use a computer keyboard). Ninety-five percent are fine. A few are revealing. Heck, my 16-year old met the greatest fellow on the planet through myspace; he has become a second son.

I have a myspace myself, centered around my work and hobbies.

Don't condemn reality before you experience your first breath.
I have a myspace account
I love it! It allows me to easily keep in touch with friends & family and I've found a lot of old classmates on there as well. I really enjoy the site. I think people are misinformed by the media & are quick to jump to false conclusions about myspace.
My 3 daughters have myspace sites
They are ages 18, 25 and 26. My older daughters stay in touch with old friends. My youngest has met lots of Marine girlfriends like her and they support each other. There is a lot of gross stuff, but some of it is kids being kids (do we all forget what we were like at that age). However, I do think parents should check their minor children's spaces. There is a lot of admission of underage drinking and drug use going on. I think these kids are nute posting that kind of stuff. I have a site and password too, that I only use to monitor things. My kids don't know that I have that. I just like to look at the pictures.

And yes, I agree, it is not any different than adults posting to sites like this or another adult type informational site.
My husband and I both 30 and have MySpace sites... sm
My husband keeps up with a lot of his old shipmates that way (some of them are under the age of 25) now that he is at another duty station and some of our old classmates from high school.  And, if you didn't notice, classmates.com charges for you to see more information on an old classmate, so if you can do it this way for free, then do it!    Not all people on MySpace are on it to do evil, look trashy or to have a popularity contest...some of us are just networking to catch up with old friends! 
About myspace posts below and opinions.
My niece has met a guy on myspace.  We're in New York, he's in Wisconsin.  She is 19.  She is going to fly out to meet him this summer.  Am I CRAZY, I THINK SHE'S NUTS!  Am I too old fashioned to believe if he were any kind of guy that he would come where she lives to meet her before her just flying out there sight unseen?  I really believe she is heading into trouble that we can do nothing about.  She is an adult (LOL) but this is still scary to me.  What do you think? 
meeting people on myspace

Oh boy that's such a tough question!  Have they talked on the phone and corresponded for a while?  I'd never meet anybody that I hadn't at least talked to on the phone for a good amount of time and gotten to know alot about them personally first.  It's hard to say though for sure.  A chaperone is a good idea but she may not be cool with that.  I guess just keep really good dibs on here while she's gone if you can.  She is 19 and I hate to say but she is an adult and if people get on her butt about it she may go just to spite everybody.  What a tough call!

I get upset when people say people who are on the internet are all pedophiles and crooks.  That's just simply not true.  I'm on the net and I know for sure I'm a normal human being!  I met my best friend online about 4 years ago.  We talked online and on the phone and corresponded back and forth for an entire year before we even thought of meeting.  Now she's my best friend and even buying a house here and I see her ALL THE TIME so sometimes it can be a great thing.  Or maybe I just got extremely lucky!

www.myspace.com.....it is kind of like a place
where you can journal, share pictures, comment your friends, etc. It's basically like your own little space.
Career Step is on myspace now
Just telling you guys if you were grads or whatever, in case you are interested. A CS student friend of mine told me about it today. I went through CS and I loved it. Anyway, like I said, in case you are a myspacer.

myspace users or computer gurus

Okay, I'm not sure what I did, but here's the deal...When I log into myspace on my computer, I can't see any pictures.  All of the other sites are fine, just not this one.  However, if I log into myspace from a different computer, everything is fine.  Any ideas?

Just turned 40 last week, Not on myspace and won't allow my teens either. sm
I have a very fulfilling life with my husband, family and friends - don't see the need for myspace for folks my age.

As for the teens - there is just too much temptation on their for them to get in trouble. They are forbidden and I check the web as well as their computers, cookies, etc. every week to be sure they are in compliance. To much danger there for my son and daughter.

My daughter met her boyfriend on Myspace. He's an wonderful guy.
Be careful, yes, but don't automatically assume that everyone on a specific site is out to do harm. It just isn't so.
Guess I have to show my ignorance -- what is myspace? TIA nm