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NEMT, Inc.

Posted By: SL on 2005-10-13
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Has anyone worked for or does anyone currently work for New England Medical Transcription, Inc.?  I am looking for information on this company regarding pros/cons. 

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I used to work for NEMT
not for very long, though. Unfortunately I found I didn't have enough time to devote to working for them as I thought I would be when I was first hired. They were actually really good about it. I was an IC, but there were days when I didn't have time to work because of other work commitments or I didn't have any work (I worked very late nights/early mornings). I was never able to get comfortable with the doctors so I made very little money. Now I work my full-time job as well as 2 part-time general transcription jobs where I can work p.r.n. with no set schedule. They email me work they have, and if I have time I take it, and if not I can decline. The TAT is 3-5 days, sometimes longer so I find that works out really well for me.
NEMT pays weekly. nm

curious about location of NEMT
looked on their website and it hasn't been updated since 2003. i may have worked for NEMT years ago. are they in massachusetts?
LinK don't you work for NEMT? You posted on here once saying you did?
Just curious?