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Need doc on 65CPL. sm

Posted By: NNMT on 2007-11-15
In Reply to:

I've gotten 2 doctors who had wanted to know if I give a line rate that it is a 65CPL rate. I saw somewhere that AAMT wrote something that stated they recommended it but MTs had the option of using something other than that. Hope I paraphrased this correctly.

Basically need something to prove that 65 cpl is not a national standard. Don't have any software for VBC or ASCII. Use line counting software and charge 10 CPL, which is the going rate in my area, based on a 60CPL.

If I can't get documentation, I hope to provide some sort of explanation. Maybe they think I'm cheating them or something. Frankly, I think I'm cheating myself at 10 CPL, but you can't go over the rate without ruffling feathers and not getting accounts.

Thanks to those who respond.

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