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Need feedback on getting paid for spaces vs not....

Posted By: Carly d on 2006-03-09
In Reply to:

have an offer from AccuScribe in South Carolina, 9 cpl, but no spaces.  Would like to hear opinions please, whether good or bad!  TIA!

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They used to not pay for spaces, but a poster here said they are getting spaces paid. Are there 2
I would move on. I think it is so unfair not to be paid for spaces! I think we should get paid

per keystroke, but that'll never happen.  I just think that these national companies are going to keep finding ways to cheat us.  I found a job working for a hospital as an employee, paid hourly plus incentive, and they let us expand everything!  Somebody's gonna have to kill me to make me give up this job.  I will never go back to the national's again.

I feel for you though.  I know that for us MTs those good jobs are few and far between and some have little choice but to work for the nationals.  I just happened to luck into the job I have now.  I just applied at the right time. 

Good luck to you whatever you decide.

Paid for spaces
Was told years ago that the account I was on did not pay for spaces even though the contract I signed as SE said I would be.  Was told that we were compensated by being given the headers and footers in our line count (yeah, right).  Was then told they didn't want to lose me so if I was totally unhappy to ask my manager for another account which did pay for spaces.  I, of course, was told there was no other account available at that time.  On some unscientific studying and counting, figured out was losing 13% to 17% of my counts by not getting spaces.  This is one of the reasons MQ is being sued by the employees in the lawsuit.  Don't believe anything management tells you.  Just count them for yourself. 
At 9.5 cpl what are you really getting paid without spaces.
Why spaces are not paid for... sm
I once worked with a Transcriptionist who would pad his reports with huge lines and lines of spaces that would go undetected. He (yes he) would be paid for these elaborate line counts (we had an incentive program). If you adjust the pay rate for characters only with no spaces according to an appropriate line rate, you are assuring yourself of not being cheated by some MT who thinks they can get away with padding spaces into their documents. True story.. now lets see the end of this endless discussion.
Are you sure she gets paid for spaces?
So it would not equal to 7.5 cpl.
paid for spaces


I do get paid for spaces.  We take the character count INCLUDING spaces and divide by 5 to get our word count.

I think spaces are paid for. However, there
may only be 1 space in between sentences, which is set in Word. From what I have read, the eScription platform does not pay for selection of demographics, headers, or footers. Many commands are not allowed, such as specific symbols, bold, underline, tabs, and indents, to name a few.

This is how eScription is saving hospitals millions of dollars. Yes, VR is very profitable for hospitals. Of course, that would need to compare the savings to their operating costs. However, They only seem interested in saving TRANSCRIPTION costs! So, the bottom line is, MTs are working harder and harder each year to make a decent wage, while management is working harder each year to trim our lines. This is not the MTSO but the hospital administrators.

I had a physician recently tell me, "Transcription has sunk to the lowest of the lows." I told him, "You only get what you pay for." Pay nothing, get not much in return!

Curious..MQ and spaces...paid or not?

I have read many post from fellow MQers.  Some say they get paid for spaces.  Some swear they do not.  I know I get paid for spaces and have been with them since January, Denver office.  For those of you who say they do not get paid for spaces, is this a new phenomenon? What office do you work out of and for how long?  Have you copied reports in Word and counted characters and spaces? (I only have 'Works', which only counts characters, but have manually counted spaces and added that to the total characters and have come up with the same count as MQ is paying me.  Now, all I have to do is take my character count and add about 22%, which is the percentage of characters that I have found out are spaces.  MQ's count is always right on.  So, just curious if some are not getting paid for spaces and if they know that FOR SURE!  Not getting paid for spaces makes a 22% pay cut!  That is a LOT!  Now, I am not looking into starting any kind of battle here.  But just really am curious if this is the 'wave' of the future with MQ, just certain offices, new hires, or what.  Thanks! 

Working for 9 cpl, not paid for spaces
Does anybody else think this is not good?  Working same account I used to do paid for spaces and working harder for same pay.  Thinking of moving on.
Want to get paid for headers, footers and spaces?

Just in a silly mood.... 

To the "not paid for spaces" question
Why is not being paid for spaces the norm?  Don't you have to tap the space bar just as you have to tap a letter key?  I don't get this.  This is just another way to reduce our income.  DON'T ALLOW IT!
i do NOT get paid for spaces, my best friend does.. both out of the same office -- go figure
We're paying 9 cpl and everything transcribed plus spaces is paid for.
What the heck does getting paid by a 55 black character line?? Does this mean without spaces and doe
You just never know if this is a trick to somehow rip you off of lines. I am just very skeptic of it since I have never heard of anyone using this formula before.
My line including spaces is 65 characters. I've heard that not counting spaces
takes away over 35% of your line count. I believe it too because you have at least 15 or so spaces on each line that you type. Use your first sentence up top as an example; you had 77 char and 21 spaces - in that line that would be a little less than 30% of your characters that you didn't get paid for. I don't think it's worth it and wouldn't want to work without getting credit for my spaces.
For QA consulting I'm paid per hour; QA instructing (college) paid salary, QA editing paid per li
I am an IC and work for two different MTSOs as well as instruct at a business college.
Pay No Spaces, Type No Spaces nm
without spaces compared to with spaces
10 cpl without spaces equals to how many cpl with spaces? 
Spaces versus no spaces....

Can someone tell me how big of a difference it makes if a company pays for spaces versus no spaces.  I have only every been paid without spaces.  I have been offered a position that pays for spaces, but the cpl is less than I am making now.  I am not sure if getting paid for spaces will make up for the pay cut.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

if mt paid 9, editor paid 4 or 5...how can company charge 14 and make it..sm

I know the going rate in our area is 14 cents per line.  As MTs most companies here pay us 8 or 9 cents a line.  Now add in the Editor rate at 4 or 5 per line..you are paying OUT more than you can charge a line.  How would companies stay in biz?

Unless all work is sent by the company overseas at pennies per line, this would not pay for a company.

just curious how this works out

But how much are the US EDs gonna be paid? Typically this work is paid at 2-3 cpl. nm
You don't get paid an hourly rate you get paid by line - sm
so because of how you are paid (not an hourly rate) you don't get OT, especially if you are an IC.
If those companies paid a fair wage, and paid more
all came out equal, people wouldn't feel the need to try to make up the deficit by going for the good stuff. I actually prefer the harder, juicier reports. But I can't make a living doing only that, because the pay is not commensurate with the difficulty. So even though I prefer not to, sometimes I have to pick up some of the easier, more boring 'line-o-matic' reports just to make ends meet. Tell your MTSO to make it work their while, and MTs will stop taking all the easy work away that you obviously would prefer to keep for yourself.
You wont show UE being paid because it is employer paid -
the employee will never have to pay this.
What you "should" be paid and what you "are" paid

sadly are two very different things.  Good luck on demanding more..because someone else will just come along and take it for what they offer and they know it. 

MQ feedback from QA???
Are you kidding???
Feedback on e-MTS

Does anybody know anything good or bad about this company?  I am looking for a good MT employment position, and I have been burned before (by Voice Systems--they don't pay!). 

e-MTS (Electronic Medical Transcription Services
Contact: Recruiter
2836 N. University Dr., Coral Springs, Florida 78065
Telephone: ., Fax: .

More MDI-MD feedback, please?

Well, I just got offered a statutory position at MDI-MD, but the huge packet of policies, acceptable acronymns & abbreviations, etc. (8 attachments!) plus having to set up a specific testing time with proprietary equipment and specific tech help is a bit daunting, not to mention having to submit a schedule 2 months in advance!

I have satellite as my only option, so that limited my choices of accounts, too.  I am apparently going to get an account with a high percentage of ESL dictators.   .  I can't TELL you how tired I am of thick accents and having to edit the grammar of ESL dictators. 

In addition, I must learn to use their BayScribe with its own word Expander instead of being able to use Word with Smartype. 

Is this all worth it? 

I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad (hopefully with details) on MDI-MD. 

Thanks for the feedback sm

Talking about teens. I heard on the radio the other day that some teenager, I don't know the age skipped school so the father made a sign that said I skipped school and my father is making me stand here.  He made her stand on high traffic road for 30 minutes.   Most callers said they applauded him.  

I feel better that I am not the only.   I starting to think that she is getting cold feet about going on to college. 



thanks, all, for your feedback.
 I will be trying the B&L bifocal contacts next week.
Thanks for the feedback!

I've checked in with my LT colleagues, and they're echoing what you are saying as well. I'm considering it a gross error and landing those applicants in my Delete box.


Thanks for all your feedback...
At least I know I'm not alone - and yes the "attitude" is what REALLY bugs me.  Thanks again.
Looking for feedback

on my job situation at the current time.  I underwent major foot surgery (right foot) on 04/10/07.  I was off on surgical leave from then until 07/16/07.  My doctor did not want to release me back to work until 07/16/07, but my FMLA ran out on 07/02/07.  My place of employment gave me the run around about extending my FMLA but they did.  I have been back to work transcribing (I am the supervisor and senior Transcriptionist at a local mental health facility) now since 07/16/07.  Every evening my foot swells so bad that I cannot sleep. It throbs and hurts. 

I asked if I could work just 4 hours a night for the next month to transition back.  My supervisor said she did not care; however, my HR person stated that it would affect my insurance, which is based on fulltime status. 

Here's the main problem.  There are rumors that they are going to get rid of in-house transcription (I have been here for 15 years).  They have already hired a service "to help us", etc. 

I would like to just work 4 hours a night, or maybe even have my doctor write me an excuse, but with having used all of my FMLA for the year, my job position is not secure, especially in light of what is going on. 

Here's the cincher, I have an FMLA person who calls off all the time, and she seems to be protected (insurance, etc.).  This woman is just dead weight in my department, but I can do nothing about it because she is protected under FMLA.  I had to use all of my 12 weeks of FMLA up at one time due to my surgery.  She takes hers here and there, and every pay period receives one day of PTO; so, her FMLA never seems to run out.  I am feeling as if I am being treated unfairly here.

I need insurance as does everyone, so I do not want to jeopardize my job position, but my foot is absolutely killing me.  Again, this was a major surgery and I do not want to mess my foot up working for these ding-dongs that do not seem to care, that I sit with my right foot up on my desk with a pillow underneath it and an ice pack on top of my foot, while I try to transcribe with my left foot. 

This is just utterly ridiculous - - any suggestions as to what I can do here! 

I'm tired, !@#%#% off, and just plan fed up.







Thanks everyone for the feedback! sm
  This helped tremendously!  Have a great weekend. 
Thanks for feedback everyone

All of your responses REALLY helped. I feel better about my decision to move on. I am not going to say anything to the PT office. I am looking for more acounts and aleady have interviews with 2 companies. I have learned a very valuable lesson - Be cautious and cover your back!        

I ask for and get feedback
and even though I have done this for years and years now, what I do is use what I get back and put in spellcheck several different ways to help me with a term that may not be one I use on a daily basis but may run across again; therefore right there for me.
Thanks for the feedback
Thanks so much for the feedback on Amphion; I'm definitely going to contact them as they sound great! Do you know of people who've worked for them or have you had any first-hand experience?

I realized in my posting that I made an error. I meant to ask about any companies that pay by the PAGE (not the line). Would you happen to know of any that compensate by the page?
Thanks for all of the feedback.
I don't feel so alone now.
Thanks for the feedback!

Ok, so most of you put in 8, but also have a minimum line count that you can do plus some within your 8 hours.  Makes sense!

I don't have a minimum assigned to me per se.  If the work is heavy, they expect more.  If the work is slow, you can do less or take days off, etc.

I do get incentive pay for anything over 1200 lines a day (M-F average through pay period), but did not sign a contract to a set amount.

I think that is part of my issue as well.  It is open-ended, so I am not sure how much to give them as far as lines.

I want to go completely to pool work beginning in January and I greatly appreciate this.  I am just going to have to turn phone off, get my 8 in for the pool work company and call it a day!!

Anyone have any feedback

on the suggestion to slow down and listen ahead.  Not only do I have trouble doing it, but is seems fruitless, as so many of my dictators change their minds several times and other such nonsense. 

I would love to hear from those who have tried (or continue to make it work) and any suggestions or thoughts on it.


Have you given this MT quite a lot of feedback?
Just to make sure your not my STM :)

I have gotten feedback from some errors occasionally or blanks that I missed, but nothing more the last couple of months when compared to the last 9 months that I have been with the company.

How much feedback do you give your MTs whether good or bad? Just curious if you don't mind answering.

No, I haven't heard anything like that with the Kensingtons, but that sort of thing does happen, apparently more so when using a desktop transcribe unit like a C-phone.

A problem like that might be managed by inserting a "pocket equalizer" (like the equalizers on stereo equipment) between the headset and the source. These are usually battery driven. Koss makes the EQ50, for instance - about $20 online.

Or, you can get a device that amplifies the signal and cleans it up, like the Boostaroo. The amplification from the Boostaroo lets you turn the volume from the source way down. Minimizing the drive (power) coming off your source can sometimes eliminate or minimize these unwanted audio signals in the new amplified signal that gets sent to the headset from the Boostaroo. Unfortunately, for any given situation there's no way to predict whether either the equalizer or amplifier will help.

feedback please!

I don't think the original posted so I am going again. Sorry if it posted twice.

I am new to being an MT and have only worked for 9 months now. I absolutely love this job, but I am falling out of love with the small company that I work for. I have little to no support and it is not uncommon to even get a response within the week. My work is dwindling and so is my paycheck. It is all very disorganized and I have been lost in the shuffle.

I work hard and am good at what I do. I am very accurate and am getting faster. I am just lost at what I should do next. I need more income than this and I may be very independent, but a little support would be nice.

I guess the point of this post is to get some feedback on my next step.

Should I stick it out with the company to get more experience time before I start looking elsewhere?

Since I have never worked for any other company, what type of company is the preference for most MTs? Large or small? IC or employee?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations on a good place to start looking?


Thank you so much!



You actually get POSITIVE feedback
feedback Now you can check
reports yourself, when you check your line count choose detailed report and then when report numbers are shown you can click on them and look at report...... might help you out some for feedback
Thanks for the feedback and well wishes
I am preapproved for a loan but the payments scare me. I've never owned a home on my own before. I'm also cashing in my small 401k to use for it. I'm young yet, under 35, and know that that is not the smartest of ideas, but my NOT-darling, boyfriend, father of my youngest (2) (have 3 total) is prone to violent behavior. I've put up with his rantings for 3 years, NOT anymore. If I can just get through the next couple weeks .......the house is empty.....so hoping if things go okay, I can move in, maybe before closing. PRAY for me!
Feedback on B.I. (right now on MTjobs.com)?

Does anybody know anything bad or good about this company?  I am looking for a good MT employer. 

Contact: Robin Loatman
105 Paul Mellon Court, Suite 15, Waldorf, Maryland 20602
Telephone: 301-843-9380, Fax: 301-843-7744



Feedback on Spheris

Does anybody know anything good or bad about this company?  I am looking for a good MT employment position, and I have been burned before (by Voice Systems--they don't pay!). 

Contact: Recruiting Dept.
720 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste 200, Franklin, Tennessee 37067
Telephone: 000-000-0000, Fax: 000-000-0000

Feedback on SoftScript

Does anybody know anything good or bad about this company?  I am looking for a good MT employment position, and I have been burned before (by Voice Systems--they don't pay!). 

SoftScript Inc.
501 Colorado Ave.; Suite #206, Santa Monica, California 90401

Feedback about Medware?

Okay, gang, here is one more.  I see that they are listed as the 2005 and 2002 AAMT Employer of the Year, and I am scheduled to test with them tomorrow. 

Any feedback, good or bad, on Medware?