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Need help, so confused

Posted By: jenny on 2007-07-16
In Reply to:

I use short cut for windows as an expander.  Today was the first time I ever checked the statistics.  When I divide the total characters, including those put in by short cut, then divide by 65, my line count is 2415, (which is about what I used to do on my old job) if I take the total characters only transcribed, not the ones inserted by short cut, I get 1611 lines.  The line counting program for my job gives me 1600 lines, does this mean that I am not getting compensated for anything put in my shorthand?  If that is the case, then this is really discouraging and maybe I need to stop using my shortcut?  Can anyone tell me if I am figuring this incorrectly.  Any info will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance

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I am sorry but you must have me confused with someone else.
I don't cherry pick.  However, I am very interested in increasing productivity.  If you have something to say along those lines that would be more helpful.  Thank you and have a blessed day.
I am sorry but you must have me confused with someone else.
I don't cherry pick.  However, I am very interested in increasing productivity.  If you have something to say along those lines that would be more helpful.  Thank you and have a blessed day.
WAIT A SECOND.....someone is contradicting themselves here by saying MQs debts are not high either - HELLO! What is all this talk then about what they owe in legal fees?
Confused about
Is it just me or did NM just answer her own post above?  sm nm? two people?  one person?
I think that you have that confused. A gameport is 15 pin, or db15 and a serial port is 9 pin, or db9. This is important to know when troubleshooting the problem. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

I'm confused...
On what basis/grounds would a college have to sue someone who opens a transcription school? I know that the US has gone to the dogs but...uh...I don't think a college has any legal recourse towards someone for opening a school.

I don't mean to be mean, but you sound kind of flakey.
This is where I get confused.
An instinct is an inborn tendency.  If you have the instinct to be gay, you are gay.  Whether you act on that or not isn't the point.  It says somewhere in the Bible that thinking of the sin is as bad as doing the sin.  Not acting out as a homosexual doesn't make you not gay. 
You are confused...

it's happening before your eyes and you cant see it.



A little confused...
What does failing a test have to do with technology. You obviously were able to transcribe the dictation because you had to have submitted a test in order for it to be scored. No, they don't take off for taking your time unless they specify that you must complete test by X time. It's the quaility of the work that you type that counts. If you've been doing this for as long as you say...what's the problem?

Every company has some sort of platform. Are you hoping to find a company that allows you to use a typewriter?
I just visited their website. If you click on "jobs" it states that MTs get 2 weeks paid vacation and sick time which accumulates immediately after hire and that MTs can make from .06 to 0.12 a line.

BUT, if you look at the employee handbook (which MTs have to read and sign), it states that MTs make between .06 and .075 a line and that you have to work for them for a year before accruing any time off.
I'm confused
I would like to help, but I don't understand the question at all.  I think all the pay rates you have mentioned sound good.    Not sure about the benefits.   Benefits was THE deciding factor in the job I took.
I am confused by the fact that you can be an employee, work 8 hours/day for five days, Monday through Friday, and not be compensated for OT if working more, i.e weekends.   In the "real" work world you are required to get OT if over 40 hours.  I do not understand how this plays out as being okay.   Help me understand.
Now I am confused....
I get no benefits, no taxes withheld, so how exactly am I an employee?  If my husband does contract work for one company for the year he is still a contractor. 
Personally, I enjoy working at home. There are plenty of companies out there that you can work from home for. I would just really push the hospital about getting you set up at home. Tell your boss you cannot work OT and that is that. You have another job. Tell her if she wants you to work to pay you extra and that you would be losing more money by working for them on OT than working for your other co. (I would definitely play the $$ part). Sometimes then they will give extra incentives. If not i would go over her head!
What do you think the issue is then.  My friend transcribed a report in Courier New 12 and got a line count.  She then highlighted the same report and changed the font to Times New Roman 12, and she said that the lines were half of what the Courier New 12 was.  I'm confused.  She is totally new to this company, and I think she is being ripped off.  She said that she figured she made $348.00 for working last Saturday and Sunday at 8 cents a 65-character with spaces line count.  She found out today that she only made $174.00.  Any explanation?
Not as confused....sm
Thanks! I'll look into both options. Dragon looks more affordable. The others look very pricy for a one-man-band. I'm making calls now to see. :)
More confused.
Keystrokes wants me to have one, they are going to supply it and it is worth $500. I can't imagine why I would need to have one. It takes forever to get emails back from them so I thought I'd ask here before I spend time emailing them.
I'm confused....
Why is it on every post on this board someone feels the need to start an argument? I am not a MTSO, I am one person, looking to bring on another person for this account. This account will pay 14 cpl. I don't see where there is any bashing going on here.
I guess I am confused. I have read on the board where I guess some services pay minimum wage no matter what your line count is.  I just think this sounds weird.  Again, to me you get paid for what you actually produce.  I am just wondering, as I begin a new position next week with a MTSO.
Really Confused now
So why am I getting a 1099 that doesn't show my company paying anything at all? I'm paying all my taxes every year.
Is the 865 for a 40 hour week or 80 hour pay period? One place you say a full 40 hours and then you say it is a biweekely paycheck.
I was frustrated by those complaining about making $20/hr not someone, who doesn't have a job. I don't blame you for being unhappy, and I wouldn't blame you for complaining. I am sure I would be too if I didn't have a job either.

I am employee, in answer to your question. I also pay for my own equipment, references, phone, internet, and utilities. Yes I get insurance and retirement, but that is why I get paid less than IC.

I guess I don't know what to say about not being able to find a job. I would think with the number of openings you see posted on mtjobs.com and on here, there might be something, but I could be wrong. I am sorry for the situation you have been put in. The economy is very hard right now.
No offense to Jay Vance, but he's been very involved with those pushing outsourcing from the get-go, now known as AHDI. So are you saying that now he's severed his connection to AHDI and is now following a more benevolent inner light or what? I'd like an explanation for this apparent contradiction before I join anything proposed by Jay Vance, CMT.

Here is a link that might refresh some memories: http://mtresources.org/?page_id=2
confused is confused and I sent her sm
two notes telling her she had the wrong person but since she has ripped into me she doesn't have the decency to apologize for her mistake. I guess hse is hiding now!
I'm confused now
I'm trying to figure out why you need a splitter at all for your foot pedal? I have 2 foot pedals- one came as a USB, which I just plug into any available USB port. The other requires a converter that takes it from- I believe it's a 9-pin- game controller to a USB, a piece, incidentally, that I had to get from Radio Shack as most places don't carry them.

Maybe that's what you need. If so, let me know and I'll track mine down and see I can't find the part number off it for you.
Ms. perfect? Confused? SM
Watch out, now you have really insulted her!! 
Okay, I am REALLY confused now..I'm not an imposter at all... I am me
are you talking about me or her?  seriously
I am a little confused by your post....what do you mean by it does not - sm
fit into your speakers? The player is on your desktop and will play the sound either from your computer speakers or a set of headphones through the headphone jack on the front or back of your CPU. I don't think there is a connection between the footpedal and the speakers, and no one in a store is probably going to be able to help you with regards to your footpedal. If you have the right footpedal for your version of Bytescribe (I use the 9-pin) it should work fine, if not maybe your sound is set on mute, try checking your settings.
Hahaha -- I'm confused on who I was even
talking to...you or the one who answered below!!

Oh well, I think we all got each other's points!!

Confused about Rad Rates
Is the trend for radiology now going to per line rates?  Love doing radiology and trying to find PT but afraid to give up the basic 4 that I do now.  Most posts for radiology nowadays advertise 7-8 cents per line.  Isn't that a lot low as compared to per report at 1.10-1.50 as I see some rad trans getting?  There are are a couple of ads on the job board I would fit my equipment and time schedule but not at the rates they are willing to pay.
Okay, I confused myself. Sorry very tired-sm
Misread something in an archived post about a doctor who stated fluctuance but was actually meaning flocculence and thought that it was pertaining to a wound. Fluctuance is definitely correct in regards to a wound and, as you stated, flocculent would pertain to something such as urine. Also, my medical dictionary is a Dorland's. Is Stedman's better?
kind of confused
I only thought EMR meant to push from having paper records to having all records available electronically; hence, making it is easier to store and access patient information.
This is where our priorities are so confused.
Media needs advertising and advertisers tell us if we don't have everything they sell, we don't measure up. To obtain everything they sell, we have to work ourselves silly. Then, our children are put in front of the t.v. while we rest and there they are fed more corporate America's "buy this now and ~be somebody~".

In the meantime, teachers who have graduated at the bottom of their college class are teaching our kids in a half hearted manner in the public school system, cuts in funding for programs is having detrimental effect on the gifted few and we are being fed a diet of sugar and chemicals that has us so over nourished we are dangerously obese.

Who is running the show in this country and what are they thinking????
confused by your comment
I work for only one company as an IC.
Very confused and frustrated!
I have worked for the same ortho office for 16+ years.  During that time I was offered the opportunity, by my boss, to work at home which I have been doing for the last 4 years.  I had to buy all the equipment to set up, nothing was paid for by the company.  During these four years I have been told to work in the office to cover for vacations, sickness, etc.  I understand that and have no problem with that.  What I do have a problem with is my boss telling me suddenly she wants me to work back in the office for awhile.  When I said no she seemed okay with that. She then kept asking me when I was going to get DSL.  I finally got it (at my own cost) and then 2-3 months after I did get it my scheduled suddenly was changed by my boss to work in the office every Monday.  Shortly after that my schedule was changed to work in the office full time all week every other week of the month.  I feel like a lab rat that is being experimented with!  The only reason she will give me is that "it is a business decision."  There is one other lady who works at home also and the same thing is being done to her.  There are two other transcriptionists who work in-house who had no idea these changes were coming or why.  What would you do?
No I'm pretty sure I'm confused....
My bad. I got OP confused with poster
No longer confused
Now, that makes sense to me!
You said no IC answers - so I'm confused too (sm)
If you are paid by the line what difference does it make if you are IC or employee status?
I am so confused? Is Latter & Guru the same?
I'm sort of confused here..

If so, I wouldn't be in a hurry to think you'll get the flexibility you desire by applying to these positions here.  Most of them require you work a set schedule, i.e., part-time or full-time. It's tough to find a company that hires true IC status.  They say IC, but then you are required to let them know which days you'll be working with a line quota.  

As far as insurance, check with your local senior center.  They may have information on health insurance providers. 

So are you totally confused now?
Sorry no one can really give you an answer on the was/were thing. If it were me, I'd go with 'were' just because of rules of grammar. But if the company you work for is a stickler for BOS rules, go with 'was' because that is what is says. Clear as mud, huh?
Confused about test taken. sm
I took a test for a company, but some of the errors they said I made don't make sense to me. Has that happened to anyone else? The grammar is not in AAMT BOS Style, the spelling of some terms is incorrect, lots hyphens are placed that are no longer necessary according to the BOS that was marked incorrect. I'm confused!

If I did the test the way I used to type, before the BOS Book, I would have passed the test!

BTW, it was cardiology. I took a test for a company that only does cardio reports and passed, but I bombed on this one due to BOS-style rules that they don't implement. What's the point in learning all this stuff and still can't meet their standards?
Lordy, you have about confused me
So are you saying Expander is what I have used as shortcuts except just have not expanded say a whole sentence? The most I have is probably 4 or 5 letters together.
What are you talking about? You are certainly confused
by all these threads, because ELLA used 'dat' and 'Bezoar' (pissoir?), not 'curious.'

So many frustrated, paranoid, desperate, jobless people posting on these boards, attacking people posting innocent questions.
Call me confused!!! ROFL too

He always seems sort of confused and lost
But this is an 88-year-old man who is confused and sedated...sm
He was supposed to be in the ICU for one week after the surgery and then another week on the regular floor. They let him go the next day, one week early and I think it is because they dont want to be responsible for him.

He didnt know what he was doing that night when he left. He was delusional. He could have walked into the street and gotten run over.
confused about company categories....
I know what a large national is, I know what an MTSO is, but I don't understand what a 'small national' is. Is this the same as an MTSO??

I haven't been in the biz an awfully long time, but from what I've been able to gather, an MTSO/small national is the way to go.

Happy 2006!
R U the original poster? confused...sm

IF you are the original poster, many feel badly for you because of YOUR words YOU typed....."my husband refuses to let me go back to dental hygiene school" or words to that affect.

Seems to me you lost control over your life...........

I'm kind of confused about your post
Are you currently working in a casino but want to go back to transcription??

Where are you located that the pay is so low?? If you are looking to get back into transcription - depending on where you are, I might know of a hospital that is hiring - I kind of want to guess that you are in Arizona, but I'm probably wrong.

Let me know