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New Search Feature (sm)

Posted By: Purple-Hair MT on 2006-03-11
In Reply to:

Is it possible to display the dates of the posts in the search results?  If not, add to wishlist?

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Cool MT search feature

Found this awesome search engine tailor-made for MTs. Works fantastically well. Link is below.

I just use the * and the search and find feature; seems much faster than macros to me. nm
The link didn't show up, and the search feature
Does anyone find the search feature on this board doesn't work right?
I can't ever seem to find the old posts that I know are there by using the search feature.  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
Do they feature MT's?
No, this feature is not...
available in the current version. We will be adding it in the upcoming version.

MTStars Support Team.

what F9 feature? the only thing F9 does
that I am aware of is take us to screen to get line counts ??
There is a compatibility feature

There is a compatibility feature with Vista, or so they claim.  It's all in this Q&A piece in the Times here.  I think you might have to register for the Times to read this link but it's got some good info



I like the Glossaries feature sm
I can make separate glossaries for each separate hospital and then it doesn't crowd the main glossary. Also, if I leave an MTSO, I can just delete that glossary without losing all my main entries.
i think yahoo has a feature like this
but I haven't used it so I don't know for sure
Yeah, I heard they have that feature now, but...
I just don't use it. I use yahoo, but very rarely. I forgot about that though.
Well the backspace feature won't work as far as I know BUT sm
I use 48x and have that expand to 48-year-old and it will expand correctly. Some people I know use 48y and set it to expand to the same thing. Not perfect but hope it helps.
Are you talking about the AutoText feature?
To create a new AutoText entry, it's ALT F3.

I don't know if there is one to open the AutoCorrect options window by default but you could always assign a hotkey/combo.
you need to use the mail merge feature or
put the addresses in your text expander, which is much easier.
Help! MS Word 'Track Changes' Feature


Can anyone help with this? I want to use the track changes feature as I proofread reports, so the TXer can learn from their mistakes. After I send the TXer that version with the correction marks, I want to THEN REMOVE THE MARKS, so I can have a 'clean' version of the report which has all of my corrections to it, but doesn't show any red marks. As of now, I see now way to remove the marks. Thanks a lot.

Use the pass feature to move sm
past questions that are stumping you for the moment and you will get them again after you've finished the set of questions.  Get a good night's sleep the night before, eat a good breakfast the morning of if you can.  Know your BOS and general medical terminology and you will do fine.
Not with Word 2007. That feature is gone.
Actually, we've been handed back that feature.
what feature have "we" been handed back?

Maybe because Home version does not have encryption feature.
I use the Compare feature on the tools menu.
I believe the "sentence continuation" is one feature that will not work nm
Goodness, if you didn't know about the command feature, you really need to
spend some time on the Productivity Talk board for tons of ideas.
Will this glossary transfer to the ESP feature in EXText?
I know I have emailed you before but I chose that financially I just couldn't afford a Expander right now and then I found out that there is one built into the EXText.  I'm trying to build that up but as I have never used Expanders before I am at a loss as to what to put into it.  Thanks.
You need to use the command feature of IT when you make your entry sm
Copy and insert your text into a new IT entry. Now go back thru the entry and each time you want a field to be placed, you have to hit the "command" button on the bottom left of the window. Then hit CTRL+F9 to create a world field (this will make the little bracket thingies when it spits out in Word). When you're all done, hit OK and there you go!
Where would this feature be located on the drop-down menu on top?
Help with MS Word 'Show Edits' Feature...



I am proofreading reports as MS Word files. I want to send a version showing the corrections (in red, as MS Word does when you turn on this feature), but then I want to send the final 'clean' version, with the corrections but without showing all the changes in red, to the client. It doesn't seem that this is possible. Whenever I turn the show edit feature on, I cannot then remove the red marks later.

Thanks for help,



If I can remember, I like to use the "autocorrection" feature in Word that adds it to AC SM

automatically. No writing anything down. I don't take my  hands from the keyboard if I can help it. Sometimes I *do* have to go back and un-correct it so I can add it.

I do my work all crazy. Comes from so many years of not having spell check or anything.

Only if you're using the track changes or compare feature. Once somebody else has the document
I love Instant Text too, especially the continuations feature!

Added Smilies along with new format available. Note that all new posts will have the feature
but old posts may not. 
Yeah! We would go to the movies for 75c - triple feature horror flicks -
Vincent Price and Boris Karloff. Of course, we were too busy 'making out' to watch the movies! That is, until the usher came by a shined the flashlight on us!
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Start Stop digital player has a time stamp feature..sm...

I'm not sure if it puts it in Word or what it does.  I've never needed it. 

I think a program that would pull header information from Word and add it to a log file might be needed by quite a few MTs.  I don't know if that's feasible since everyone's needs would be different.  A lot of MTs like to keep logs though, myself included.

If I think of anything else I'll be back.

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best for me is www.rxlist.com

just type 1 or 2 letters and add *, then you'll get the drugs containing those letters.

Did you try the search at the top?
Do a search for
Silent Night Radio. Download it and run the program and look for Radio Free Colorado.

They have. Search the net. nm
do a search
This was all discussed in quite detail about a week or so ago.  Do a search and see what you find.  With only a year's experience you may have a little bit of trouble.  You say you are working for a local MTSO, what are they paying you, add on 20 to 30%.  Do they print?  You have to be prepared to do any kind of job, tapes, digital, printing, delivering, pick-up, transferring files before you advertise to get an account and have all the equipment necessary and everything ready to go.  But just like every other service, you gotta go out and make the calls to get the account, it isn't going to come to you and knock on your door unless you have been an established business.   Check in to see about a business license, register your name with the state, get ready for taxes, etc.   
do a search
I ran a search and got 0
Sorry to repeat a question but I had run a search before I posted and it produced nothing - I don't know why.  Forgive me for being a bother.
Do a search
If you do an archieve search yo will see that this is talked about every 7 to 10 days at least.  It is no big secret it is basically what you feel your service is worth and then figuring up what you rexpenses are, paper, delivery, etc.     As stated there are too many differntials to state flatly how much to charge -- it is not like minimum wage -- but it seems like a good starting point is 0.12 cpl but again every part of the country is different and what you will be providing in your service is different than mine.  But do a search as we went into this quite extensively about a week or so ago.    Patti
Do a search

Do a search as this has been really talked about several times during the past month or so.



You have to have the word exactly the same when you do the search if there is an extra space between first and last name or between two words it will not pull it up.  I use the search from my START key rather than from working in the microsoft word.  I also name my documents with an extension .doctor initial, i.e. .mb .jn .eif or whatever so if I know the doctor I can specify in advanced search to look only at that doctor's documents.  But if I am looking for a type of report, i.e. Colonoscopy, op note on crushed finger/nailbed, then I just put in those words and tell it to search all "My documents" or wherever you file off your reports and it does so.  I have had very good luck with this.   Hope this is what you were talking about. 


Sorry - should have done a search

I see this question has been answered many times. Never mind.