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No lights on in the attic.

Posted By: NM on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: He is one fry short of a Happy Meal. - Just for fun... a new list... Add your own :)


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It's Officially in the Attic
Since my husband heard the noise, it's officially there.  My hearing didn't make it true.  I want to rub it in but am not so glad that it's there.  Funny how it had to be verified, and I was just imagining it.  I'm just being paranoid, yeah right.  I'm glad he did hear it (kind of).  So he's got the light fixture on the ceiling open and is trying to catch it that way.  I live in an old, holey cabin too.  I love living in the country but hate having to deal with some of the critters. 
The lights were on and
it was daytime.  There was nothing to see. Ever read the book 'Withering Heights' , oops, my bad, I meant 'Wuthering Heights'. You sound like you're getting tired.  Why don't you give it up for the night and go to bed.  You are no match for me.
the lights are on, but nobody's home! nm

The lights are on but there's nobody home
THe best Christmas lights ever...lol

Someone just sent me this web page and my kids loved it. Has music attached to the web page too.


Lights of America

I just sent my hubby down to Walmart to pursue the sunlight lamp.  I think I am really gonna like it!!!!!   I am recommending it to my colleagues. Thanks for the post, MTs !!!!

www.lightsof america.com



She came here to turn out the lights.
Halloween twinkle lights.

These lights are adorable.  If you weren't going to have the kids make them, perhaps you could make them up ahead of time to "decorate".  Twinkle lights are sold at the dollar stores nowadays for a buck!!! 



He, he, turn out all lights, disconnect
sprinkler, AND put the dog out. Maybe you will be safe. You could also hang a sign out front, real big, that reads "GONE TO BED, PLEASE DO NOT AWAKEN." Let us know what you end up doing and good luck.
Now the lights came on. Hourly average drops for pay for PTO,
jeopardize benefit status, and no increase in pay because you don't produce enough work consistently. Overhiring is used to their advantage. They do not care about the employees.
Are you under fluorescent lights or hooked into a Dictaphone? nm
Glad you're both okay! They say X-mas lights are a cause of lots of fires.
  Guess I'll keep better watch on mine!
Mouse included in the package lit up right after battery insertion. No on lights
come on when the batteries are inserted and power button doesn't do a thing. Power isn't being transmitted to keyboard for some reason.