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It's Officially in the Attic

Posted By: Skeered of Snakes on 2009-06-06
In Reply to: Am I the only one - Skeered of Snakes

Since my husband heard the noise, it's officially there.  My hearing didn't make it true.  I want to rub it in but am not so glad that it's there.  Funny how it had to be verified, and I was just imagining it.  I'm just being paranoid, yeah right.  I'm glad he did hear it (kind of).  So he's got the light fixture on the ceiling open and is trying to catch it that way.  I live in an old, holey cabin too.  I love living in the country but hate having to deal with some of the critters. 

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No lights on in the attic.
Yep, I am officially hooked
Me too -- officially she is "Magnolia"--if we every -sm
registered her (which we did not). We'd known a "Maggie" dog before and loved the name too. We were driving past streets with tree names (Oak, Pine, etc, plus used to live on Walnut) on the way home after "picking" her out at the breeder, and I love a Tom Petty song called "Magnolia" - hence Maggie was named!
Thanks to all of you!!! I have officially given my notice. sm

That was a real slap in the face.  I will never be an employee again.  Will be

independent contractor for the rest of my life!  Thanks again to all of you!!!

Ya know, winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow

And, I'm already tired of the cold,

tired of all the snow,

but my kids love it and I can't move.

Then consider the heat bill.....now I'm crying

My claim was denied b/c officially, I was still employed but we were out of work. Crazy. nm