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No stupid questions

Posted By: Aunt Lou on 2005-07-14
In Reply to: This is embarrassing, but how do I just go back a page - when looking at job seeker board?

There are never any stupid or embarrassing questions around here.  I've found people are very willing to help.  That's why I love this board.

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Stupid is as stupid does, says Forrest...
Meditech questions and Cerner questions. Any input is appreciated. SM

I just recently went back to work in the office at a local hospital. We type in both Meditech and Cerner, depending on what you are typing, i.e. Medical Records reports versus Radiology.  We are currently typing blindly in Meditech, meaning we do not have access to our line counts and must depend on management to give us our totals.  In Cerner, we are able to run a line count report and print out a hard copy of our line counts at the end of the day.

We are finding that 800 lines in Cerner equals about 500 lines in Meditech.  We are not paid per line nor do we have an incentive plan, but we have a new HIM Director who would like to institute an incentive plan and the administrator over our department has laid down the law and decreed that all transcriptionists not making minimum in the department will be written up.  Problem is according to Meditech line totals that we have been given, that would be about half the department.

The transcription supervisor has taken our concerns to the new director who told the MT Supervisor to hold off on writing people and has taken home all the line counts from the last month and she is going over them with a fine tooth comb this weekend.

I am not a very trusting soul by nature, so I am doing a little research on my own.  I've been in this business for about 15 years.  I started out in a hospital and have worked for a few services at home and am now back in the hospital setting.  So I know a few things about line count and I consider myself to be pretty well informed on trends and technology in the industry.   I would like to walk into our next department meeting armed with as much knowledge as possible.  So I have come up with some questions that I would like some fellow MTs to answer, give opinions, and maybe even direct me to websites or individuals who could give me a better understanding of Meditech and Cerner.  Here are my questions:


  1. Is it possible for an MT to have access to her line count in Meditech or is strictly a management function?  Any MTs that work in Meditech on this board, do you currently have access to your line counts and if so, how do you check them?  Is it an option on the main menu after you log into Meditech?

  2. How is a line defined in Meditech?  (i.e. 65 cpl, with spaces, without spaces)

  3. How is a line defined in Cerner?

  4. What abbreviation Expanders work with both Meditech and Cerner?

  5. Examples of incentive plans (if anyone would like to share that with me that would be great, if not I completely understand).

  6. Measuring productivity by minutes of dictation versus typed lines.

    1. What would be the minimum minutes required for an 8-hour day?

    2. How would one structure an incentive program based on minutes?

I was thinking of presenting the idea that we keep track of productivity using minutes instead of lines since there is such a discrepancy in Meditech.  I also worry that if an incentive plan is put into place and we are still typing blind into Meditech, what's to keep management from shaving off a few lines here and there?

Feel free to email me or post here any responses.  Either is fine.  I really appreciate any input, comments, or just plain old supportive posts would be nice too! 

G*D is this the pits or what? Sure I got in...finally, but like others, I can't set up files for my various accounts, it's a stupid decision and HEY,if they did it to prevent junk mail..guess what Frank...didn't work, got 5 junk mails already today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe if we didn't have to spend so much time and money in other countries fighting their causes, we could spend our time and money on global warming issues.
You really are stupid.
You think that you all have the same opinion of Medquist and no one could possibly like them. How insane is this? Who is agreeing with themself? Obviously, there is someone else here who agrees with me and isn't afraid to say so. What I have to say is the only loser here is you, so lose about 50 pounds and come back later.
Now that IS stupid. :D nm
Oh really? Stop being so politically correct and tripping over yourself with apologies when you are speaking to or addressing the subject of someone that isn't like you. Always with the apologies, always with the fretting of not to hurt their precious feelings!  THAT'S your problem, right there.  Stupid is as stupid does, Becky.  (Could Samtel tell me who that quote was from? hmmmm?)  Don't be so quick to jump to the "defense" of someone encroaching on OUR jobs, who by the way is also someone who probably does not want or need your defense, and is doing quite a nice job of showing his STUPIDITY by his postings on this board anyway.  It's like nails on a chalkboard tho when I see comments like yours rising to defent these jerks just for the sake of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.  Enough!
man, lady, you got major anger issues! i'm going with "anon" because i don't want you coming to my house with a shotgun or somethin!
stupid is as stupid does
His meatloaf ain't quite cooked. 
Some of us cannot believe just how stupid.....sm
these people are that Mr. Leno interviews....COLLEGE kids no less....they know so little, it's incredible.......they tell you the name of their schools and then they answer any of his questions incorrectly...and some of them are the simplest of questions.....
I may be stupid...
but what ARE you talking about??? How exactly DOES he say thank you in a thread that is so irksome to you?? Chosen few?? I would really like you to enlighten all of us dummies who have no earthly idea what the heck you are talking about!
Sorry for the stupid
question, but what is EMR?
Just how stupid do they think I am. I just
got an E-mail from Chase - the credit card company.  I do have a credit card with them that is paid in full and I'm fixing to cancel.  Anyway the e-mail was addressed to valued customer, which should have been the first clue.  It was offering to credit my account $20.00 for answering 6 questions about their supposed new and improved website.  At the end of the questions they wanted my ID, password, account #, etc.   Now you'd think they know this information if I had an account with them - LOL.   Of course I didn't fall for it, though I'm sure there will be many who will.  
They think we are stupid
In biz anything that is paid is cost LOL what about the billing cycle revenue and legal protection transcriptionists provide. They fail to mention that everything is cost from the nursing salaries to the paper cups in the cafeteria.
What a joke and sad attempt to put the blame for their creepy ways on the big bad administrators and insurance companies.
Yeah lets support them so they can reduce wages even more with the black character line bs.
If they were devoted to MTs, apart from patient care & safety they would be advocating for us by emphasizing to hosptials admins and risk management and insurance companies about the legal protection that error free accurate reports provide. They would be emphasizing the value of what we are offer/our product instead of working against us.
I am stupid, but
I am not sure what you mean, can you "draw me a picture"?
I don't know, but that is stupid! sm
She needs to get a life!
I was stupid enough to take a job QA job...
making 3 cents per line. I thought it would be just filling in blanks so it would be okay and I was tired of typing. Well they wanted me to do 100% QA for 3 cpl! The MT's work that I was QAing were making 3cpl for VR editing. So basically, I'm making the same thing as them, expect I'm having to correct their work, provide them feedback, field emails from the MT's all day answering questions from the feedback that I gave and all for 3cpl. So basically, I was making less than the the MT's. I told my boss I needed a raise or I would just go back to being an MT b/c I could make more money doing that. She wouldn't give me one. Even after I told her that it took me 6 hours to get to 1000 lines in QA one day b/c of all the terrible MT's she hired and bad reports I was correcting. So what's that $30? I made way less than minimum wage! She didn't even respond to me.

I see job ad's here ALL the time from TTD saying they are paying 3cpl for QA. I emailed them to see if it was 100% QA and she said yes. Unbelievable.

It really makes me sick how MT's are so taken advantage of and so underpaid.

I would say on average, an MT would edit 300 lines an hour. That's decent. I would be offended if someone offered me 1 or 2 cpl for VR. Do the math. 3 cpl is too low IMO.
stupid statement
That's a very stupid statement. You evidently don't work on the kinds of accounts I do. I send blanks that QA can't get, either. There are various things that affect a report and require blanks besides a dictator's accent.
But maybe she does not like watching MTs look stupid
ranting about something that isn't even true? I know I don't.
I know, it's a stupid idea, but...sm
Why can't the cruise ships come in and get these people? I know there was a port in the area, so the cruise ships have got to be somewhere nearby. They could let everyone use the facilities, rest, relax.

I know, it's probably about the expense and loss of income to the cruiselines, but why not? These people are going through so much.

I know other ships are coming, but maybe the cruiselines could send their ships just until the other ships come.
Did u get the stupid ph call

And you ask, what is it about?

I don't know.

And you ask, why don't you know?

I don't know.

And you say well it probably doesn't apply to me, right?

I don't know.

And you say "I threw away the letter because I'm SE and the letter didn't mention SE.  So why am I getting a package? "

I don't know.

And finally you say, well is it specifically to me?


Then you wonder, if I'm a SE, why are they sending me SPECIFICALLY anything AT ALL?

Who are you calling stupid?
Well, if they are soooo stupid, explain how they are the largest transcription company in the US?

Perhaps you know something about the packet that we don't, because in case you didn't know this - NO ONE GOT THEIR PACKET YET! DUH - Talk about stupid - look in the mirror.

How do YOU know so much, huh?

PS - While looking in the mirror, go brush those yellow-stained teeth, comb that nasty wirey, brillo-pad hair, squeeze some of this nasty whiteheads, and get a face lift - because ain't no one want someone like you working for them!
Just S.O.S. (Stuck on Stupid!)
...and besides, who needs their stupid credentials?
All I did was line AAMT's coffers.  I no longer belong to AAMT nor do I keep up my CMT credential.  Has not hurt one bit professionally.  Please point out something positive that AAMT has accomplished for our profession.  All CMT does is provide AAMT with more money for their dog and pony show.  AAMT?  No thanks!  We need someone who REALLY represents the day-to-day MT, not a select few.
oh what a stupid thing to say ...
that this person works from home for that reason !! It is management's fault that boundaries are not set. But know what I think? Management doesn't give a HOOT about the IC or the employee - as long as the work is getting done. If the choice was angry typists vs an angry account - guess who loses. WE DO.
Not everybody is so mindlessly stupid that they have to
act out the things they see and hear. I listened to all sorts of music growing up, but I've never been a drunk, promiscuous or druggie. My parents gave me credit that I brains enough to make the right choices, and I proved to them that I did. My kids all have good heads on their shoulders, too. You can't lock them in a windowless cage to shield them from the world. Actually, that is considered child abuse and irresponsible parenting.
What a stupid question.

What do you think she's going to do?  Sit back and let a bunch of MT's who could give a flip about the quality of their work let an account who pays thousands and thousands of dollars per year go bye-bye out the window? 

Personally, I hope she lowers the boom because any MT who doesn't have a spell checker shouldn't be working and never should have been hired, and any MT who refuses to use a spell checker should be canned immediately, if not sooner, on the spot.

I'd like to see you bust your butt to do all the things involved to secure a good account and then see how YOU react when some/a bunch of airheads do lousy  work, with the end result being all your hard work, expense, and time away from your family that you put into securing that account fly right out the window.  You'd be L*I*V*I*D!


stupid emails!
Does anybody know how to keep these ridiculous emails from coming? It seems like every day I'm getting more and more of them, you know, the ones that have absolute nonsense in the subject line? I don't read them, just delete them, but I must get 15 or 20 a day and I'm sick and tired of it. I feel like my privacy is being invaded, and it is just junk filling up my mailbox.
stupid email
That sounds great. But does SpamBayes filter any email that you DO want to receive? Thanks.
stupid emails
Okay then, again, thanks very much for your help. I am going to check this out because at this point I'll try anything to stop the insanity! It's just crazy the stupid, stupid stuff people send via email to clog up the mailboxes. I wonder, does anybody even READ this junk? And better yet, does anybody ever BUY stuff from this spam email? Sorry, I just get carried away with this subject; it's a true thorn in my side. Again, I thank you.
Absolutely, not stupid at all. nm
Stupid question
Ok, so I know this may sound like a completely dumb question. What does the SO stand for? Sorry.
RE: Stupid question
Service Owner or Service Organization
This may be a stupid question but....
what is a troll?  I keep hearing things about troll alerts and hoping someone isn't a troll and the only troll that I know of...I used to collect when I was in junior high with the different outfits and the different colored hair that stood up.  LOL.
Sorry, but that was just stupid, looool

this may be a stupid question but...
are you making sure the file is even in the express scribe? It is hard to explain in writing, but are you dragging and dropping the files into the player? That is how I did it when I used Express Scribe...
this may be a stupid question but...
are you making sure the file is even in the express scribe? It is hard to explain in writing, but are you dragging and dropping the files into the player? That is how I did it when I used Express Scribe... I'm sure you are, but just making sure you are seeing the file name or number in the listing of files to be played...? again this is hard to explain ...
OMG - This is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time.  I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants too!. I am so glad you posted this, I really needed it today.  Thanks everybody else, these are great.
Oh My GOSH! I do feel stupid!
That was pretty easy!  I did everything but that!  thanks!   
dubya is too stupid to be swayed by anything.
least of all public opinion, which is unfortunate since he is supposed to be SERVING us, not corporate america.
Very true, but the stupid mistakes get old after you tell them
over and over and over and over again. They just blow you off. What makes me so mad is they DO NOT read over their work and if they did, half the mistakes would be caught. The sentences that make no sense...for example. He has pain with driving the walking on concrete that lessens on lass. That sentence should have been...He has pain with driving and walking on concrete. It lessens when walking on grass. (THAT IS WHAT THE DOC SAID).
but she is ranting herself and we don't know why? and who looks stupid. the beitch and you or M
BTW, how do you know what another anonymous poster is thinking?
Hopefully this is not a stupid question - maybe we are outdated - sm

in our transcription department we type milligrams/deciliter as mg/dl.  However, the transcription outsource service we have types it as mg/dcl.  Which is correct???

Here is the other thing - when the doctors dictate KCl 20 mEq, we type it as noted.  However, the service has been typing it as Kay Ciel 20 mEq.  We have asked them not to use KCl because the floors and docs might get confused (even though they are educated, they can be quite lazy), however, they won't stop doing it.  Have we been transcribing it wrong and the service is right???


Bashers apparently are stupid and
critical people - must not have anything better to do than be bitter.  Only people that feel crappy about themselves feel the need to criticize people so they can feel superior.  Pffttt. 
HAIRY!! do not call yourself stupid!!
Noboby called you stupid

It is very interesting when you say "you have followed the directions of our company."  We don't give directions on software that we don't sell.  We have over 20 different foot pedals that work on nearly 100 transcription software programs.  We have never claimed to provide support for transcription software that we do not sell.  We only sold you the foot pedal.  I absolutely guarantee that it works with DVI VoiceWav when the DVI VoiceWav software is configured properly.  After checking our records we have sold over 1,000 of the exact same pedal you purchased without an incident.  We exchanged your pedal and continue to ask you to check with the company you bought the software from.  We tested the pedal you sent back and as mentioned previously it works perfectly.  PLEASE speak to whoever you bought the software from.  If you can't get support because you don't have a legal copy of the software I strongly suggest you purchase a legit copy. 

Your IT guy is completely wrong.  Anybody that knows anything about a 15 pin game port pedal knows that there are no settings in that type of pedal.  The pedal is configured to match what the software is looking for.  The pedal you sent back matches the pin outs perfectly for the DVI VoiceWav as does the replacement pedal that was sent out.

Please feel free to give the BBB and credit card company my direct information.

This will be my last post regarding this matter.

Tom Wilkes


However, I saw a stupid young woman on
television last night talking about outsourcing and she is so stupid. She had that only being 1% of the jobs. She needs a real lesson in this. No way is it only 1% of jobs. I just felt like coming through the TV and smacking her around a few times. LOL. These young do not understand. Maybe they will outsource her job and she will look at things differently.
I took a stupid test and the sound was

horrible plus I did not have cable internet then.  Supposedly I failed but they would not tell me what I had wrong.  I took a written and actual dictation of about five charts.  I have 18 years of experience, but I got a stupid letter from them saying to retest when I had more experience.  Gosh that was insulting.

Not to tell you what you missed also didn't mean anything to me.  It took me about four hours to do that test and I did it after putting in a full eight-hour day too. 

I mean get real.

If I am given a sudden oral exam, I get flustered and can't remember, so I think you should account for that and give that person every opportunity to get calmed down.  I remember one person asking me about ORIF which I knew but locked up on.  I felt so stupid because I knew what it meant.  .



Real stupid question. What does (sm) mean?
Hope this isn't a stupid question...

I finally got a second account, since my first one hasn't has much work lately.  My question is, do I treat this second account as that - a secondary account - and give more of my attention to my first account? Or go where there is work?  (I've only ever had one account, so wasn't sure.)  Just so happy to finally have the chance to get my line counts back up!  TIA!

I love using that one. People look at me like I am stupid! nm