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Not housekeeping related but why would you be

Posted By: holy moly on 2006-03-06
In Reply to: Sounds great, but... - awood_mt

engaged to someone who not only doesn't help financially but also brings their mother along for the ride?

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Honestly,I have been an MT for over 25+ years. The best and most satisfying job I ever had was cleaning homes on the side. I would do my transcription but I need to move. I was in the best physical shape, my mental attitude was healthy, and it kept me from getting a stiff back having typed 8-10 hour days. I loved it and seriously, I am going back to it. I love helping families keep organized and it is for my OCD, very fulfilling for me.
Housekeeping as an alternative ...
... has anyone gone from MTing to housekeeping in a hotel?  I can't support myself as an IC and can't meet the requirements for employee status.  What are the going wages in the South?  Do I have a snowball's change of being hired in my 50's???  I'm desperate.
Not true. Housekeeping is a VERY necessary job!
Isn't there something else YOU can do other than make ugly statements about other people's choices?

A recipe I saw in Good Housekeeping!
Carolina pulled chicken from March issue. Looks good.
I read recently (think it was Good Housekeeping) that it was one of the top 5 up and coming (sm)
businesses - think it was actually 3rd... it was an impressive article - from what I have read - very impressive company. The gal I know makes a ton of money but she works her butt off and loves her work and her company
Not MT related, but pet dog related. See message.
I have a 5 year old Maltese dog who has always been a great sleeper at night. He has always slept on my bed next to me and never budged all night. Last week he started to wake up shivering and panting in the early morning and could not settle back down and would just jump off the bed and go off somewhere else to sleep. Now he starts this shivering and panting as soon as the light goes off in the bedroom but instead of jumping off and going off on his own, he just stays there next to me and keeps sivering and panting and is unable to fall asleep. He's perfectly normal otherwise during the day and sleeps fine during the day, behaves normally and is eating and drinking normally. I called the vet and she thought he was having nightmares. But I'm not so sure. Last night when I went to bed and the light was on for about 15 minutes he was quiet and comfortable lying next to me. As soon as the light went off he started the shivering and the panting and could not go to sleep. Anywone gone throught this before? Should I be worried about his health?
Not MT-related (sorry).

Anyone know the official name for crime scene tape that is used by just ordinary people to rope areas off?  It says something else besides crime scene.  Need to buy some and trying to do a search at different stores, but you can imagine what I'm finding when I search for tape.


Not MT related but --
What would you do?  I have a home I am selling thru a realtor.  This realtor listed the house and has personally shown in to no one (4+ weeks).  I have had people see the house thru the MLS, but I had to be here to show them because she was always busy or could not make it.  She had an open house last week, I live on a street that is about 3 blocks long, dead end at both ends, about 2 blocks off a main street - there were no signs posted at the main intersection, none at the next corner, directing them to the house - she put 1 sign up, in my front yard - needless to say no one showed up (she was also 20 minutes late for the open house).  She has also forgotten to call me when she makes an appt and I was taken totally by surprise when the possible buyer showed up at my door.  Maybe I am wrong but I don't think she is doing her job - any ideas or suggestions, am thinking about cancelling her contract already  (will cost me $250) because I feel I am doing everything myself and also because houses in this area usually sell within 2-3 weeks of going on the market.  Any suggestions or ideas?  Thanks.
are we related?! lol
i have a SIL exactly like that!!  
non-MT related but
do cats go off to die alone? I had a cat which has disappeared. It's been about 2 weeks now since I've seen him. He did used to drink out of the toilet (gross, I know) and I'm wondering if this made him sick. Otherwise he seemed okay. Just wondering if this has happened to any of you.
Just MT-related?

My divorce is final!!!!! :)

What is up with you? Are you related to Frank?

Frank knows that.  What a sourpus.

Can't be related to MQ lawsuit

My ipay statement said is was for a DEP adjustment, but the majority of the lines in question were done on the various old platforms, Medwrite, Enterprise, etc...remember it goes back to 1998.

I got the ipay notice but no check or letter yet.  I have direct deposit but nothing in there either

Not MT related, but need advice.

Is it inappropriate to wear black to a wedding? 

If so, what is appropriate? 

Not MT-related but I must vent

When a hurricane is headed toward a given vicinity, I thought the drill was have plenty of water and food for at least 3 days for each person in the home.  You'd think Floridians would know this better than anyone.  I'm a Floridian myself.  Fortunately my area was not affected by Wilma, but guess what?  I STILL have supplies stocked.  I LIVE IN FLORIDA for heaven's sake!

As soon as the wind let up, people were forming lines... and they expected water and ice to magically appear on every street corner.

Granted, the elderly and poor may not be as equipped to prepare like the able-bodied and financially secure, but these are the ones and the ONLY ones who should have been needing help at this early stage.  Did you see the caliber of cars in those lines?  Many were new, nice, and expensive.  No excuse.  I'm sorry.

It's bad enough that many are going to go without power for weeks.  Wouldn't it have nice been if local, state, and federal governments had a couple days to position themselves in an organized manner?  Or be able to provide for the poor and elderly in a more expidient manner rather than servicing a gaggle of people? This would have been hard even under the best conditions, but at least possible had more citizens cooperated by heeding recommendations to be prepared.

Thanks for letting me vent...

Maybe not related to homeschooling, but...
whatever happend to kids just going outside to PLAY???  I don't think these structured lessons and sports are quite the same thing.  Kids are so micro managed anymore that they wouldn't know how to go outside with the kid next door and just climb a tree.  If they did, they'd have to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and carry a cell phone to call for help once they got up there.  I guess being a kid in the 1960s was just so different.  We went to school, made our friends, lost our friends, read at our grade level (and that was OKAY), and for the most part we're smart successful people.  Oh well, off my soap box.
are we related RadGuy??? nm
I have a QA related question
Concerning my new job, which I started about two weeks ago: My QA, so far, has only given me feedback twice. When one of the errors was over misspelling the name of a local clinic, I asked her if she could tell me where I might find this information. I have yet to get a response from her. Another error was misspelling a clinic docs name (not from the hospital I am transcribing). I asked her again with no response. Am I asking the wrong person? Should I be asking HR instead?
Thank you!
Not mt related but need info
on drug and alcohol addiction intervention - my sister is doing one Wednesday night at church for both her husband and her 23 year old daughter and I would like to know what to expect.  I think the husband is so far gone nothing will help.  The daughter is into alcohol and recently got into meth, has a 2 year old and am terrified of what is going to happen to her if she does not get help, she went into rehab but they only kept her 3 days and now is going to 5, 8-hour days of therapy.  Her and her mom are always at each other, do not get along (mother is also bipolar),  Any ideas as to what I can expect?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
RE: totally not MT related
What a childish attitude. The woman is not seeing your husband, nor is she interested as per your post, so why would it upset you? Your best option would be to put it out of your mind and consider placing your anger at something more important.
Are we related? I have a cousin just like this....sm
as long as she thinks the spotlight can be on her she's all for everything - but if she's not in the spotlight then she doesn't show up, etc. At least I got off the hook when she got married for the FOURTH time - she had a small wedding and invited my nephew (ring bearer), my sister/brother-in-law and my brother (photographer) but I didn't get an invite as she didn't have space.... so I never sent her even a card acknowledging her marriage.
I wonder if your family is related to my MIL
When I decided to stay home, she had a fit! I told her it just made practical sense. We had a premature daughter and with all of these warnings about RSV in preemies, I just decided not to take the risk of putting her in daycare. Especially since I have experience in a field that allows you to stay home. Well...when we told her this decision, you would have thought the world was falling apart based on our decision alone. What she doesn't realize is the money we are saving by my staying at home! No daycare bill, no money spent on gas or lunches. Even after we explained it all to her she still didn't understand. I got to the point where I just basically told her it was our decision and our business. We were the ones paying OUR bills and we were the one worrying about our daughter. You would think the lady would be supportive because this IS her granddaughter, but oh no. The funny thing is she doesn't mind calling me and asking me to watch her other granddaughter whenever the sitter is sick or has a vacation because her other daughter-in-law "works".

Oh! The MIL works at the local bank... I make sure I go to her lane every time I go into to cash my check!
not related necessarily
but I need a part-time job and would love to find one in DQS.  Actually, at this point, would like to find anything I can do.  Would it be too much to ask to e-mail me with any leads?  TIA.
Eye related question . . .
Is it possible to have the beginnings of macular degeneration with a perferct field of vision? 
I would look into something health related
I'd look into something in the health field so that your MT background is at least partially relevant such as insurance claims processor for a health insurance company, a coder, or in billing for a large clinic or hospital. I don't think any of those require more college, although they may prefer some training at least. There are of course many other directions in the health field, but many have you interacting with people.
MT and non-related work
Hello Fellow Transcriptionist.  I was wondering if someone out there could answer a  few questions to set me on the right track.  I would like to freelance medical and non-medical transcriptions as well and was wondering how to charge for this  by the page or by the line count?  Also would like to know things to avoid or helpful tips with this adventure??  Thanks a ton.
Totally not MT-related, but need advice
My old crockpot (have had it for 20+ years) needs to be replaced. It seems to work fine but the plastic lid is totally cracked. It's probably losing heat because of this, so I would like to get a new one. I know there are some folks on here who use their crockpots a lot and was hoping for a little advice. I was thinking about getting a programmable one. I don't really NEED it, since I'm at home working anyway, but wonder if it offers any advantages over the regular kind. I would probably get the 5-quart model. Any feedback would be appreciated. TIA.
help please, re Amway related business
my daughter and s-i-l, who cannot afford it, are about to get snookered into Quixtar, a company related to Amway.  Can anyone give me info about their experiences with this?  thanks.
If I have a transcription related question
I ask it and may get one or two responses, usually nothing helpful. However, any ol' goofball question that has nothing whatsoever to do with transcription - and there are a couple dozen or more responses. Some people would like to come here for help and advice on MT issues. Unfortunately, MT doesn't seem to interest the people who visit this board. There are many MT related questions posted with no replies at all.

If you look over this page and the next 2-3 pages (that's just a sample) and look at the longest threads...what is being discussed?...cats, dogs, high schools, Walmart, gays, gay movies, etc. The folks who are trying to benefit from visiting this board have to sift through all of that nonsense in order to see MT related topics.
Not MT-related. A houseplant question. SM

Could anyone tell me how to start an English ivy?  I have a plant from my grandmother that both my sisters want a start from.  I am lucky it has still survived with me, but is quite healthy looking and grows like crazy!  How can I make a start from this plant?



Not MT-related, but a quick poll....sm

If you receive poor service from a business do you:

A.  Discuss the problem with the first employee you come in contact with.

B.  Call/visit the manager and discuss the issue.

C.  Let's say that A&B didn't bring resolution.  Would you then contact the next higher up person, i.e. the owner, company headquarters, etc. or would you just forget it?

Where is the pain? Is it sinus related?
If the pain is around your eyes, try to find that little hole over each eye, just below the eyebrow, where nerves come through. If the area is tender, gently rubbing one of those holes may give some relieve. If the headache is muscular, make faces to stretch jaw muscles. Make your mouth small and round at the same time you lower your mandible as far as you can go, still holding your lips in a fairly tight O shape. As your mandible reaches the bottom of its range, pull your lips in to give a good stretch. Do this slowly several times. Notice the muscles involved, and try to keep them loose. Hope these maneuvers help you.
Great post, related to all you said....sm

The answer is comfort - some get comfortable where they are at (and for my PT work, it's my situation at the moment....*lol*).  But I have lots of irons in fires and when I get fed up, it's onto bigger and better things. 

Got a technical question, not MT related

I have a priceless message, left by my son, on my digital phone/answering machine, and am wondering if anyone here would know how I can transfer it to the computer so I can share it (and delete it from the phone).

TIA for ideas/solutions!

nothing related to post - just liked your name - took me a minute
are you in Kansas anymore?
3 jobs, 2 transcription related.
1 is full time, other two are part time.
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Wow, are you related to Cheryl at the CAI MT School?

I looked at your web site and thought it looked great.  I also noticed your name and was curious if you are the daughter or related someway to the owner of CAI MT School in NJ.  I took that course about six years ago.  










there's a reason for that and it's related to the 1st word of my ID
I'm using this ID to show that I'm an MT who has been around awhile but have become extremely disillusioned by the industry I used to love.

I think the combination of the two words that make up my chosen ID make its intent perfectly clear.
It is no doubt stress related
and you can relieve it by getting up using a bungie cord under your feet and pull up and down on it. This stretches your shoulder and arm muscles is a stress reliever. You need to strengthen your abdominals also as sitting weakens the back and abdomen. Get an exercise ball. Those can be great little stress relievers. You may even try standing at your computer by raising the keyboard and monitor. This keeps one awake and refreshed also. Eventually, the pain will dissipate. Take daily walks if you can and definitely stretch every day for at least 1/2 hour. Swimming good, too. Hope this helps.
Not all related to repetative movements
My DIL and daughter both have carpal tunnel, one works as a parapro at a school, the other works in financing- neither have used their hands as much as me when it comes to repetition, over 30 years and counting and I donít have.
This career is so closely related to "parenting" that they are one and the same, really.
How many other careers are based at home, or have been as long as MTing?  The poster was given a lot to think about, but unfortunately in the beginning the majority being negative about NOT trying to keep baby at home and work, or having baby NOT a reason to be an MT. Of course its the #1 reason for most women to be an MT! Its the dream job of any women who wants to be a mom, but cannot afford to leave the work place. Its not like the OP was asking for opinions on Wal-Mart versus McD's, was it? Kids needn't even be mentioned in all other careers except ours, and as from her post, it was for her baby!  And then to have these mothers(?) who discourage her from being with her kid? That's preposterous, and a recommendation like that could only come from a failure of a mom. Sorry, but true.  Even if I was a failure at it, I would still encourage another new Mom to try and be there for her child.  I would encourage her, unless, of course, I felt GUILTY for my own actions...and didn't want to have a reality check.  So, defending parenting does not make another MT negative! Puhleeeeeeeeeze!
Since when is this career closely related to parenting??????????? (sm)
I got into this initially because I was tired of the daily commute, the office politics, and everything else that goes along with working in an office, which everybody here knows. I also have friends that want to work at home for the same reason, and none of them have kids. So, please don't assume that everybody who wants to work at home only does so because they want to be at home with their kids. Yes, that is one reason, but that is by no means the only reason.
Not MT related, need house buying info..sm
Does anyone know what you can do when your credit score isn't high enough to get 100% financing on a home.  I qualify for 80% financing but don't have 36k for a down payment.  Frustrating!
check out this site for related information.
also, good chance its allergy related due to
season and naproxen not working. For headaches like that, I try over-the-counter Sudafed and/or Benadryl at night. I prefer Zyrtec-D, but if I'm out, I use OTC products as above. Often, one has to identify the source of the headache in order to get the right med. Headaches are very complex entities! Hope you feel better. Personally, I think headaches are the worse sort of pain, even compared to fibromyalgia, as I have that, too! Feel better.
Anything related to AAMT is not discussed on this site.
Semi-related tip: use the canned air on your footpedal too
mine went nuts one day not long after I started with a new job, I requested another footpedal and got it mailed out, and then that one didn't work, either. I got to looking and there was fur in both of them! So I keep the canned air close by and keep it blown out!
Yes. They couldn't help me. It was related to a Windows problem..sm..
I think I finaly got it fixed Saturday though, thank goodness. 
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For financially related Christmas issues, please see
gab board. I know some have posted about this and not being able to get presents for their children.