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Can't be related to MQ lawsuit

Posted By: crittersmom on 2005-09-03
In Reply to: could it have to do with the class action law suit, my credit card company did that once... - formerMQ

My ipay statement said is was for a DEP adjustment, but the majority of the lines in question were done on the various old platforms, Medwrite, Enterprise, etc...remember it goes back to 1998.

I got the ipay notice but no check or letter yet.  I have direct deposit but nothing in there either

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Not MT related, but pet dog related. See message.
I have a 5 year old Maltese dog who has always been a great sleeper at night. He has always slept on my bed next to me and never budged all night. Last week he started to wake up shivering and panting in the early morning and could not settle back down and would just jump off the bed and go off somewhere else to sleep. Now he starts this shivering and panting as soon as the light goes off in the bedroom but instead of jumping off and going off on his own, he just stays there next to me and keeps sivering and panting and is unable to fall asleep. He's perfectly normal otherwise during the day and sleeps fine during the day, behaves normally and is eating and drinking normally. I called the vet and she thought he was having nightmares. But I'm not so sure. Last night when I went to bed and the light was on for about 15 minutes he was quiet and comfortable lying next to me. As soon as the light went off he started the shivering and the panting and could not go to sleep. Anywone gone throught this before? Should I be worried about his health?
Lawsuit MQ

Have not heard a single peep about what is current on the big MQ lawsuit.  Still being pursued?  This is too big not to hear from anyone about updates .... anybody?   I followed this for a long time in November/December/Jan, then POOF!  Realize that the wheels spin slowing in legal-ville, but sure would like it if somebody could throw us some crumbs of information. 

And if it has just fizzled out ... SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!

Lawsuit MQ
Apparently it is still on.... I just received a letter today from Frank regarding holding on to all materials regarding MQ, e-mails, contracts, etc. So guess it is just moving slow as all legal proceedings do.

I have to vent.  I asked a question a few days ago, wondering if anybody heard anything about the big MQ lawsuit.  Now we all know that this is BIG.  But, not only did I only read maybe two responses (thank you, responders) to my specific question, but I have also not heard anything from anybody ELSE on this board regarding what is up with that. 

I am wondering:  a) is it under tight wraps and hush-hush for open discussion; b) do we have damage control by MQ intercepting posts of an informational nature on this;  or c) SOMETHING ELSE? 

Sure would appreciate if someone threw us a crumb.  Thanks in advance from the mushroom crew!

I don't know details, but it has to do with line counts not being correct and being cheated out of $$ and not being paid correctly.   
what there is a lawsuit over?
MQ lawsuit
I got in on the class action deal almost a year ago and I haven't noticed any difference in how I'm treated, but then when the bosses change so often they chew you out for not working on your scheduled day off because they didn't know, well.........
I think the reason we all got checks, was because of the lawsuit. Now, they can say that there were slight computer glitches or whatever, and that they have corrected them. I think their plan is for this to make them look like there was a small mistake and that they corrected it and make up for it.

However, this is ridiculous. In DocQmanage, they can do whatever the heck they want to - AND THEY DO!!! So, for the people who are saying that they feel sure that they are being paid for spaces, maybe they are; but, I assure you, most people are not being paid for spaces and other things as well.

This is just a pre-trial 'make MQ look good' thing. There is no way in the world that we would have received these checks if there had been no lawsuit filed.
We will be your fifth name for a lawsuit
If you want a fifth name, please email us.

This OP might just be looking for a lawsuit...NM

MQ lawsuit letter
Yes, I received the letter yesterday.  Sounded like this investigation is going to take quite some time if they have to subpoena transcriptionist's records.  I just threw it in the round file  :)
If there is an MQ merger or lawsuit, in the end, how do you think

Question on MQ lawsuit. I do not want this to be a
thread for flames or negatives, just would like a brief and simple explanation of what the actual issue(s) are for the lawsuit. 
MQ checks & lawsuit
Let's not forget, the checks can not be 100% reimbursement for all lines jipped out of, they only cover an error on DEP, a LOT of the issues with the atty's go back to 1998, before DEP was even a thought process, so it really can not be for the cheated lines totally.
This would be a legitimate lawsuit....
I have seen this situation before and, believe me, you have a major lawsuit on your hands and this would not be a frivolous one like so many are. You are talking about a medical professional who has taken monies up front to perform a service that he did not perform, he is withholding monies owed back to you (which is unlawfully stealing), and he fradulently dictated a report on a procedure that he did not perform. You need to consult with an attorney and see what the statute of limitations are in your state as far as the face lift aspect, but as far as the fradulent making up of a report and keeping monies owed to you, he needs to be helpd accountable. This means he has probably done this before many times to other people. The hospital is at huge fault here and is at risk for a major lawsuit. The administrator of this hospital needs to know this first hand from you or your attorney. Please don't put this off. This guy needs to be brought down to earth. He is probably a big money maker for the hospital and they won't discipline him unless you do something to start the ball rolling. If the hospital is a privately-owned company, they will pay attention to what you're saying more than if they are a non-profit hospital where the doctors tend to run the show.
No lawsuit even considered

I nor my friend have even considered a lawsuit.  I just get mad at being pre-DISQUALIFIED no matter how good I am at my work.   I have had to deal with this problem all my life, so it is nothing new. It is just that  I have never been visually disqualified for anything before in regard to work and this was a real eye-opener to me. 

And for the record.  Morbid obesity is a legal handicap and so is being left handed which I am both.  It is just sad.  Oh well... I will continue to work where I am appreciated for my job well done...and so will my friend....:)   They pay me way more anyway. 

IC vs Employee lawsuit


In re IC versus employee status.

Did anybody else get a letter from MQ about the MT's lawsuit? Any thoughts if you have?
I received a letter from MQ CEO regarding the MT lawsuit
They have acknowledged the existance of lawsuit but in their CEO spin states only 3 (THREE) MTs are part of this action. I know I'm not part of the original 3 and I have joined the class action so either MQ CEO is blowing smoke or has his head up his A$$. Either way, it is typical of MQ CEO.
Find us the details of this lawsuit.
you sound as if this MQ lawsuit makes you happy (sm)
in some sick and twisted way! Why would this make you happy.  Not that anything significant will come of it, I mean come on, do you really think MQ is going down the tubes? Don't get your hopes up, honey! You know, your posting name is very fitting...mushroom=fungus!
So What if lawsuit makes poster happy. So WHAT?
Why are you UNHAPPY about lawsuit.

BTW, when you come down to tearing apart and anonysmous posters screen name you have lost any sort of credibility or argument you know.
That is a whole different story than stating you "joined" the lawsuit. Its how
so much of the original MQ class action lawsuits got so screwed up information-wise to the rest of us MTs. You were probably one of the originals, proudly claiming you "joined" the lawsuit, while hundreds of us scrambled around trying to figure out what we missed and how to "join". That was the huge fiasco months back.  You are misinforming when you state you "joined" anything, cause there is NOTHING to join at this time.  Personally, I think its just "pomp" on your part, actig like you're "in the know", and making some kind of martyr stand. There is NOTHING to join, so don't misrepresent it until such time as there IS something to join. Makes the rest of the poor MTs feel worse - MQ gives no info, and then everyone else but them has "joined" a suit.  Not defending MQ - just wish folks would not "spin" the truth - same games MQ allegedly likes to play! But you, naturally, feel justified!
me too - I figured it must be the lawsuit as I am not an employee any longer nm
My girlfriend was part of that CU-7 lawsuit. She forgot all about it. SM
She went to the mailbox one day and there was a check for $7000 in there! That thing really messed her up and she had to have a hysterectomy and surgery for a perforated uterus, all kinds of stuff. She probably deserved more.
Or a corporate restructuring to head off lawsuit awards.
You said you "joined" the lawsuit. You did NO such thing! You're a liar!
How's that for spin? Didn't want to say it before, but you're right, why be polite? There is NO LAWSUIT TO JOIN NOW.  Only 3 employees are suing and we're NOT ALLOWED to join it yet.  So banter and pound your chest all you want, you joined in your dreams, sister!!
just received the paper work on the Medquist lawsuit
Seriously, no flames, anyone know whats going on?  Are we on a sinking ship here? 
Time Warner Cable has also settled a lawsuit
in hopes of staving off billions.  They sold their customers names out on mailing lists.  Got a notice from Federal courts that if you were a customer from 1998 on, then your in.  I think you may get about a month of free cable out of it.  So looks's like Time Warner/AOL got caught and hmmmmmm that 1998 year is the same time frame as MedQuist...geez!
oops.. Wasn't "there" a major lawsuit :)
for poster below who wanted contact regarding MQMT lawsuit, this is who I talked to.
Name: Cynthia Hill
E-mail: chill@deflaw.com

Phone: 404/885-6338
Nice to talk to and can give you info regarding MQMT lawsuit so you can decide if it is something you are interested in pursuing.

well wait til your daughter hits someone. You will lose everything in that civil lawsuit.
I mean, how ridiculous is that. Letting a 14.5 year old to get more experience. Sheesh. Let her drive at 16 with you and let her drive alone at 18, if you want her to have more experience. There's a reason why the driving age is 16, not 14.
What a lame excuse. Move forward on your lawsuit, cuz you're not gettin paid.
Not MT-related (sorry).

Anyone know the official name for crime scene tape that is used by just ordinary people to rope areas off?  It says something else besides crime scene.  Need to buy some and trying to do a search at different stores, but you can imagine what I'm finding when I search for tape.


Not MT related but --
What would you do?  I have a home I am selling thru a realtor.  This realtor listed the house and has personally shown in to no one (4+ weeks).  I have had people see the house thru the MLS, but I had to be here to show them because she was always busy or could not make it.  She had an open house last week, I live on a street that is about 3 blocks long, dead end at both ends, about 2 blocks off a main street - there were no signs posted at the main intersection, none at the next corner, directing them to the house - she put 1 sign up, in my front yard - needless to say no one showed up (she was also 20 minutes late for the open house).  She has also forgotten to call me when she makes an appt and I was taken totally by surprise when the possible buyer showed up at my door.  Maybe I am wrong but I don't think she is doing her job - any ideas or suggestions, am thinking about cancelling her contract already  (will cost me $250) because I feel I am doing everything myself and also because houses in this area usually sell within 2-3 weeks of going on the market.  Any suggestions or ideas?  Thanks.
are we related?! lol
i have a SIL exactly like that!!  
non-MT related but
do cats go off to die alone? I had a cat which has disappeared. It's been about 2 weeks now since I've seen him. He did used to drink out of the toilet (gross, I know) and I'm wondering if this made him sick. Otherwise he seemed okay. Just wondering if this has happened to any of you.
Just MT-related?

My divorce is final!!!!! :)

What is up with you? Are you related to Frank?

Frank knows that.  What a sourpus.

Not MT related, but need advice.

Is it inappropriate to wear black to a wedding? 

If so, what is appropriate? 

Not MT-related but I must vent

When a hurricane is headed toward a given vicinity, I thought the drill was have plenty of water and food for at least 3 days for each person in the home.  You'd think Floridians would know this better than anyone.  I'm a Floridian myself.  Fortunately my area was not affected by Wilma, but guess what?  I STILL have supplies stocked.  I LIVE IN FLORIDA for heaven's sake!

As soon as the wind let up, people were forming lines... and they expected water and ice to magically appear on every street corner.

Granted, the elderly and poor may not be as equipped to prepare like the able-bodied and financially secure, but these are the ones and the ONLY ones who should have been needing help at this early stage.  Did you see the caliber of cars in those lines?  Many were new, nice, and expensive.  No excuse.  I'm sorry.

It's bad enough that many are going to go without power for weeks.  Wouldn't it have nice been if local, state, and federal governments had a couple days to position themselves in an organized manner?  Or be able to provide for the poor and elderly in a more expidient manner rather than servicing a gaggle of people? This would have been hard even under the best conditions, but at least possible had more citizens cooperated by heeding recommendations to be prepared.

Thanks for letting me vent...

Maybe not related to homeschooling, but...
whatever happend to kids just going outside to PLAY???  I don't think these structured lessons and sports are quite the same thing.  Kids are so micro managed anymore that they wouldn't know how to go outside with the kid next door and just climb a tree.  If they did, they'd have to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and carry a cell phone to call for help once they got up there.  I guess being a kid in the 1960s was just so different.  We went to school, made our friends, lost our friends, read at our grade level (and that was OKAY), and for the most part we're smart successful people.  Oh well, off my soap box.
are we related RadGuy??? nm
Not housekeeping related but why would you be
engaged to someone who not only doesn't help financially but also brings their mother along for the ride?
I have a QA related question
Concerning my new job, which I started about two weeks ago: My QA, so far, has only given me feedback twice. When one of the errors was over misspelling the name of a local clinic, I asked her if she could tell me where I might find this information. I have yet to get a response from her. Another error was misspelling a clinic docs name (not from the hospital I am transcribing). I asked her again with no response. Am I asking the wrong person? Should I be asking HR instead?
Thank you!
Not mt related but need info
on drug and alcohol addiction intervention - my sister is doing one Wednesday night at church for both her husband and her 23 year old daughter and I would like to know what to expect.  I think the husband is so far gone nothing will help.  The daughter is into alcohol and recently got into meth, has a 2 year old and am terrified of what is going to happen to her if she does not get help, she went into rehab but they only kept her 3 days and now is going to 5, 8-hour days of therapy.  Her and her mom are always at each other, do not get along (mother is also bipolar),  Any ideas as to what I can expect?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
RE: totally not MT related
What a childish attitude. The woman is not seeing your husband, nor is she interested as per your post, so why would it upset you? Your best option would be to put it out of your mind and consider placing your anger at something more important.
Are we related? I have a cousin just like this....sm
as long as she thinks the spotlight can be on her she's all for everything - but if she's not in the spotlight then she doesn't show up, etc. At least I got off the hook when she got married for the FOURTH time - she had a small wedding and invited my nephew (ring bearer), my sister/brother-in-law and my brother (photographer) but I didn't get an invite as she didn't have space.... so I never sent her even a card acknowledging her marriage.
I wonder if your family is related to my MIL
When I decided to stay home, she had a fit! I told her it just made practical sense. We had a premature daughter and with all of these warnings about RSV in preemies, I just decided not to take the risk of putting her in daycare. Especially since I have experience in a field that allows you to stay home. Well...when we told her this decision, you would have thought the world was falling apart based on our decision alone. What she doesn't realize is the money we are saving by my staying at home! No daycare bill, no money spent on gas or lunches. Even after we explained it all to her she still didn't understand. I got to the point where I just basically told her it was our decision and our business. We were the ones paying OUR bills and we were the one worrying about our daughter. You would think the lady would be supportive because this IS her granddaughter, but oh no. The funny thing is she doesn't mind calling me and asking me to watch her other granddaughter whenever the sitter is sick or has a vacation because her other daughter-in-law "works".

Oh! The MIL works at the local bank... I make sure I go to her lane every time I go into to cash my check!
not related necessarily
but I need a part-time job and would love to find one in DQS.  Actually, at this point, would like to find anything I can do.  Would it be too much to ask to e-mail me with any leads?  TIA.
Eye related question . . .
Is it possible to have the beginnings of macular degeneration with a perferct field of vision?