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Office politics. That is why I enjoy working at home. In the office,

Posted By: mmmmmm on 2005-08-23
In Reply to: Need Advice! What would you do? - tina21

people are in other people business. Just mind your own business.

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Working from home and not going to the office
I work for a local hospital and I have worked from home for 20 years now.

I would never never go back to an office setting unless there no other at-home jobs were out there.

I have a separate office and can watch my house from thieves, throw a load of laundry in, put supper on early, etc. I do take my two 15 minute breaks and 30 minutes for lunch just like I am in the office. If I need to run a short errand I save my breaks and lunch and combine the two and have an hour to get back.

I have three grown children but I still get phone calls all day and have a separate phone line for them if they need me and screen other calls on regular phone line.

You just have to learn to kind of pace yourself. I do sometimes type in my PJs but not too often because my husband runs his business from our home and Fedex and UPS come here all of the time.

Just set a space aside if you can from the other part of the house. I try to stick to a rule for everyone "if they see my door closed to my office, then they try not to bother me unless it is absolute necessary."

You will love it if you ever try it.I really do not miss the office and its politics.

Sometimes being at home we home MTs do not get the necessary information like we should have. Also I can count part of one phone line and my office space and books and whatever it takes to do my job on income tax. Hope this helps. I do not think that you would regret it.
In-office work is different than working at home. That's just the way it is. If it seems too
rigid to you, maybe you should stick to working for the nationals.
Working at home is harder than in office
Because we are our own housekeeping, tech support, errand runner, no cafeteria, ect. I have no idea why they are passing around this WAHM myth. I don't understand the savings idea either because our utility bills are higher. In an office you get paid 15 min breaks 2x a shift too. You are also paid for all the stuff you deal with that you have to deal with to work. Like talking to supervisor, sending an email, reporting a problem, ect.

30 day TAT in this office ... office politics at its best

I have kept in touch with an MT I worked with at the last in-house job (radiology).  This was inpatient radiology and also an outpatient radiology clinic the hospital operated.

One of the girls, a person who at one time folded towels but who was hired as a clerk, was just discovered to ahve not mailed out reports for 30 days.  These include both in house reports and outpatient reports.  They have been sitting on her desk because she "has not had time to do them." 

What do you make of this?   The lead MT is close to this girl (hence her being moved from housekeeper to clerk) and is trying to minimize the impact that not having the reports mailed to referring physicians' offices, as if it is a minor problem (how they found out about it is a doc's office called the MT's supervisor and asked why 30 days worth of reports were mailed to their office yesterday.

They were keeping it from the director of radiology.  I think this is BIG and that heads should roll for negligence.

What do you think?

Office politics. SM

There was a lot of that before I became an MT.  Maybe I was just lucky, after I went into MT we were on a great incentive plan and were highly competitive, I don't think we had time to gossip and backstab. I know what you mean though, I have had those jobs.

office politics
I will never forget the Friday night when, after working from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, I left my desk at 5:25 to head for home and my supervisor went ballistic. After four 12 hours days, I left my desk 5 minutes early (it was a good 5 minute walk to the time clock) and she got angry with me. Nor will I forgot all of the times my supervisor procastinated on deadlines and guess who was there late meeting her deadlines? In-house is not for me, I enjoy my freedom.
office politics never change--sm
find another at-home job. It won't stop just because you want it to. JMO
IC good thing is no more office politics.....nm

Hated it. The office politics, the dressing up, the back-stabbing. I do in 4 hours what I did in 8
at home.  That hospital environment with all those women backstabbing, worrying about how long other people took for breaks or lunch, who was in favor with the supervisor, who fit in with the cliques,  UGGGGGGHHHHH!   I can't believe I am saying this but MQ looks good compared to those days now that you got me to thinking.  (Not that good pay-wise/benefit-wise though)
at home vs office - i am in office
well, I really was referring to the MONSTER MANAGER that I have, who has her favorites here, and she assigns them the easy doctors who say the same thing over and over, you know.  I have to do something.  I am losing my SELF at this point, with no church and no family.  The stuff on here about running out of work, my lack of computer savvy, all  has me just frozen. MOre about in-office.  Do you have little habits like talking out loud to the dr?  Someone will complain about you.  Do you ever say a cussword?  Someone will complain.  Do you ever sigh?  Complaints.  About age - I was offered 2 trans. positoins in San Diego before I came here.  I had gone to a seminar about how to look for work over age 55, had revamped my resume and my "presenting" self, and it made all the difference.  Things are way different than they were evern 10 years ago, you will be judged by someone younger than you, but in this line of work they do appreciate experience and reliability.  And the computer doesn't care if you're pretty.  It's not your age unless you are sickly.  Don't give up!!  if that's what you want. 
Have most people had good luck with their MQ office closing and moving to the regional office. Have
things gotten better or worse for you.
Yes, I lost mine. I upgraded the Office 2000 package to Office 2003. sm
I have over 2000 autocorrect entries and lost them all as well as my supplemental dictionary for my Stedman's spellcheck. Lots of grief!

Maybe you will be lucky and not lose anything. Good luck to you.
If you had your very own office at home,
How would you decorate it?  Anything specific you'd get?  Wall color?  Flooring?  Curtains?  Light fixture?  Any feng shui motivational tips on color or spacing?  It's your fantasy here, so let it out.
Where is your home office?
Mine is in my dining room.  I have my computer on a desk in the corner of my formal dining room.  I am thinking of moving it to a bedroom for less traffic and noise.  I am curious - where is your home office and is it working for you?
Your home office
Do you have a room in your house that is solely dedicated to your work space, or do you work in another room that actually has another purpose as well (such as a bedroom)? If you have a multi-use room, do you feel that you have enough space to do your work efficiently?
You want Office XP pro or home at least
I just bought a new Dell and they didnt give me Word and told me something similar about works. I blew a gasket and then offered to return the computer since they didnt see fit to include the program as promised and they very quickly changed their tune and sent me Office XP Pro for no charge.

so stick to your guns and have them give you a copy when you buy your computer.
home office ?
I plan to use TurboTax Small Business this year since many of you seem to be satisfied with it.  I will take a home office since I work exclusively at home as an IC.  Have any of you had any problems with the IRS and taking a home office ? I have not taken one in the past because they said I could not even receive personal e-mail or surf the web if I did so in my office.  I use the same e-mail for work and personal so I don't have to toggle between two different e-mail accounts.  Besides, I only have one computer so would have to receive personal business on that computer even if separate accounts.  I hope they change some of these ridiculous rules since I have no other place to work and have to use my own electricity, internet, etc that is unreimbursed by the company I work for.  I use high-speed internet (required) also for work.  Is this just lumped in with utilities?  Last year I was an employee, so that is why I have so many questions (IC).  Thanks in advance !
home office
My tax woman told me years ago that if I did not have a dedicated room, I could figure the amount of space -- say your computer and the usual thousand or so reference books, paper, storage, printer, file cabinets, plus the phone bill, or anything else like cleaning bills for a person or supplies -- as a percentage of the square footage of home. Deduction is the percentage. IMPORTANT: Good friend is a tax attorney, and he tells me it drives HIM nuts because the IRS changes the rules every year. So, be sure to get the most up-to-date regulations from the IRS, themselves. After all, where do the CPAs get their info? Rosie
Might be able to rent one from an office supply or office machine repair shop
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
Which office are you working for.

I doubt offices use MTs anymore. All of our hospitals use outside services. All of our clinics have the reports dictated back to the hospitals which then ship them out. I would love to get back on site again. My doctor actually types out his own report on a laptop as he is examining you. I read that is very popular. Where in CT are you?
I have my own decorated home office
And I LOVE it. Husband just painted it a sunny yellow not too long ago for me and I totally redecorated with a corner desk with hutch that I bought that is situated where I have a great view out my window to our front yard and road. My office is all done in a tropical theme, with a cute tropical valance and bamboo shade on my window. I have a wicker chair and trunk, tropical hanging greenery basket hanging from my ceiling, decorative shell ceiling hanger, a big palm tree sitting in a corner, 3 piece palm/mirror wall hanging, a live bamboo plant on the top shelf of my desk, palm tree designed vase and two big candle-holders. I also have a cute table top palm tree lamp.

I absolutely love my office and everyone that enters does as well. :D I spend SO much time in here I wanted it bright, cheery and something I would enjoy - and that I do. :D I feel very lucky.
I have a patriotic home office and
many houseplants.
Reasons for home office
I too have home office for tax purposes.  Also, with friends and family knowing I work in an office at home, they seem to take my job more seriously.  I am not just sitting at the dining room table "playing" at the computer.
Can you take home office deduction if you are sm

an employee and how would one guestimate if they would qualify? Looking into this option this year.

Home office deduction
No, but unreimbursed work-related expenses may be deduced on Schedule A.
nix the home office deduction
If you plan on selling your house later on. The deductions you claimed in previous years will be lost when you try to sell. So, if you were planning on selling for $150,000, but you claimed $500 a year in home-office deductions, per year, over ten years, that's $5000 you'll lose out at the end.
home office tax question
Doing taxes.  To measure the square feet of my my home office, which is 10 x 12, do I just multiply, which would give me 120 square feet?  Thank you! 
My IC home office deductions came to only sm
$1100 because I own my house outright and, like you, have no real expenses because I work at home off the Internet. My health insurance premiums are low because it's lousy insurance.

People with high mortgages will have a higher deduction based on that. They may travel each day to get their work, etc. Every person's situation is different.

I think you did okay!

BTW, if anyone uses H&R Block, I strongly urge you to get the Peace of Mind benefit for $27. Mine came in handy for 2004 when the preparer made a big, big mistake caught by the IRS (I'm going to end up getting a refund of what the preparer said I owed in 2004!!!) This may be my last year with the blockheads, though. I should say I've gotten excellent service in the last 25 years, except for that one preparer last year and Block messing up on its own tax preparation.

home office and interruptions

I work out of my home doing medical transcription and have for quite some time.  I love it except for the interruptions!  I can't seem to get into the "zone" because of it and my production is down.  Here is an example of what I find hard to deal with: Phone calls, contractors working on the house (one-time thing but still..), husband running the microwave (can't hear my voice files), husband in an out of the house on his days off, husband mowing the lawn right outside my office window.  You get the picture.  I have thought of moving my office to an upstairs bedroom but I really don't know if I would be gaining that much for all the trouble.   A sound proof room would be nice!


I'm very discouraged right now.  I would like to earn more money but it seems like an uphill battle!  I have a hard time concentrating as it is (probably menopausal) and after so many interruptions in a day I feel like throwing in the towel!


How can I set up boundaries and keep them in place?  Any suggestions would be welcomed!

home office location-sm

I will take another look at another location for my office but I do like it where it is because it is handy for me (when there is no visitors), convenient to the kitchen, bathroom (I only have1), and I can start the evening meal and still work, etc.  Why can't anything be easy?

Work in office and home
The office provided me with software in order to hook up to the office over my DSL line. Just connect to the company's software and the computer works as if I was in the office exactly the same way. And anyone in the office can see what I have typed instantly! I love it! I would much prefer working at home than at the office however!!
Home Office Deduction
I rent my apartment. I have a home office, which is a room used soley for the purpose of an office, which is the restriction, cannot be part of living room, etc. I deduct portion of rent, all supplies, telephone, cell phone, electric, gas, and oil heat. I don't think your name has to be on the lease, just that you live there and use that room solely as an office. Also, if you travel to and from your job you can deduct mileage, oh and internet connection, which I use mainly for work. Hope that helps you.
Home Office vs In-House
What about transcription done in-house in an office or dept. where there is high traffic from MDs to janitors?

My dog watches me type and horror of all horrors, I usually have the dictation on speaker phone.

home office lighting
Any advice about the new full spectrum lighting that supposedly resembles daylight?  I rent my house, so can't install ceiling fixtures; can only use floor lamps and desk lamps.  I also have pretty severe seasonal affective disorder and need as much light as I can get here in the gray midwest.  The regular (incandescent) lights I've been using put off way too much heat in the summer and really don't provide good light in the winter.  The compact flourescent bulbs don't seem to be bright enough.  I'm thinking of trying the BlueMax full spectrum line.  Any experience from you guys out there?
home office lighting
Thanks!  I checked out the website and have emailed them for info. 
Home Office Deduction
I have 2 jobs, one as an employee and one as an IC. I was living in a house with a separate room for an office. I have now moved to an apartment. Will I still be able to deduct some portion of my rent and utilities if I don't have a separate office? I would still be able to deduct office supplies and a percentage of internet and cell phone charges, correct? Thanks in advance for your advice.
Working in doctor's office

I have a small MTSO, two I/C's but last January started working in a clinic that used to me one of my clients -- but they put in electronic charts and after 4 years of pulling their hair out and late notes I now go in 2-3 days a week and one of my subs 2 days a week to do their notes.   It is as an employee and no where near what I get with my own accounts but gets me out and with other people.   Nice mixture.   Out here in Oregon we have several large clinics that only use in-house people.   Need to go to the medical offices located by hospitals.   They are out there but don't expect big bucks as you won't get them. 


working directly for rad office

If you took a position working from home directly for a small doctors' office (5 docs) with no ESL and you supplied your own computer and internet, what is the lowest line rate you would accept?   There is a good chance they may provide benefits too, including medical insurance.  This would be for radiology only with mammos, x-rays, CTs, diagnostics, ultrasounds and no MRIs. 

Thanks in advance for comments. 


Working for a physician's office.

I am currently working for a small company as an IC. I need some extra work and I'm thinking of trying to get hired on with a local physician's office (if I can find any that are hiring and are willing to hire someone who is a recent graduate) and was wondering how do you charge them for your work?  Is it per report, by the hour, so much per line, etc? Is there anyone out there who could give me some pointers as to how I can go about doing this? Thanks.



Another problem with home office deduction
It has to be exclusive use, so you can't take it if you use the area for other activities than strictly work. Also, I did the depreciation thing with my home and it can come back to bite you if you sell the house and make a profit. 
Slums of Calcutta home office :)
aren't ya just tempted to send em a pic of one of the starving children in Africa for your photo and the slums of Calcutta for your home office? :) I bet that would get a rise out of em.
I also took home office expenses as an employee, but --
You can only get any good out of it if you are also a homeowner with a lot of mortgage interest or have a lot of medical expenses, etc., that would make it higher than the standard deduction.
deducting home office expenses -
For the home office expense - You would measure the amount of space you actually use to work (your desk area) and figure the percentage of that square footage to your total square footage. Then you would use that percentage of your utilities costs, etc., to count on your taxes.
tax return-home office credit
Don't you claim a home office on your tax return. I claim a home office and I always get a huge refund at least when I was working as an employee MT and not an IC. But I can still claim my home office and should not have too pay much but no refund either.
Can anyone suggest an office in MQ that is not run like this Amherst office. They are absolutely
pathetic. I wonder how many other MTs are in that office in the same situation.
Just DQS from my office was transferred and the rest are getting on DQS before the office closes.
Pay kids work around office, renovate office.
"close" your home office before you sell your house...sm

then you don't have to do anything with the tax depreciation, etc.