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Oh but it was nowhere near full.

Posted By: MSMT on 2009-04-14
In Reply to: autotext--- - anon

This is the 2nd time this has happened.  Believe me, in the olden days when autotext was all there was I had a WAY bigger file, now it's gone.  Not autocorrect, mind you, I use the ESP for that, but the autotext.  It just makes life so much easier. 

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Full Core means full CPR code.
Yeah, but full-time lines does not necessarily mean full-time hours, so I would do it if your produc
I work a full time and a part time, but not sure about 2 full-time...
My hubbie is disabled and I am the only one in my family working also, so I fully understand. You will not have a day off at all working 2 full-time as that is going to be the only way you will get in all your hours. I work one job in the mornings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the other from 5 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and do have off one day a week, but if I had to get in the extra 15 hours to make the other job full-time I am not sure how I would do that other than lose my only day off. Also, make sure you have your account specifics in front of you at all times because you will get yourself confused as to who is what and having notes will help in that area. Good luck to you, as it is possible, but forget about your house being clean, having any social life, etc. Feel free to email me personally if you just need someone to talk to, as I have been where you are and still am.
HA! You are full of it, LOL. (nm)

better to be *full of ourselves* than....nm

Boy you are FULL of it
How the heck did you jump to the assumption that I probably make less than you? Why - because your brother and father are engineers?? I never said I needed another job, I said I wanted one to fill my time and make some extra money. Unless your last name is Gates or Buffet, who wouldn't want to use their natural skills to make extra cash on the side? Grow up.

And if your job is so difficult, how is it you have all this extra time to sit on this forum bashing folks? I never claimed my job was too demanding, but it did take quite a bit more education - initially and always ongoing to keep up with the latest technology - than yours did. I didn't come on this board to start a "My job is harder/better than yours", but my goodness you are the most assumptive and pious person I have ever had the displeasure of being introduced to. And that says a lot considering I work with all men in a computer engineering industry! Maybe you would find your job more rewarding if you spent more time doing it!
Are you full-time?
I was just wondering how they expect people to get a quota with no work.

Thanks, we already have a used car without full coverage.

The payment's not that big on it, except when there's a mixup at the bank and they deduct one check twice with the same amount and same check number.  It just feels like the money mojo magnet is gone from my life this week!  LOL  Everything seems to go wrong all at once. 

Full screen
No, it's not in full screen mode. You're right, though, I was hitting Ctl not Alt for a while. Have tried Alt V and nothing happens.

I did find something in MS Help online, but it requires that I start the machine in Safe Mode. The PC locks up now when I get to the dos program where I would select Safe Mode.

Thanks for all the help. So far I've tried all the suggestions and nothing has worked yet.

I'm about ready to light a match to this machine, I tell ya!!

and aa and jb are my full initials so no need to qa it
Not a warrior, but usually end up doing at least a full day of
work one day or split between the two.  There is always tons of work and always out of TAT, but I do it mainly cuz I need the $$.  
I'm getting the full picture now. Not...
a pretty picture is it?
$1,100.00 full time
It took 2 full days, but...
I love it!! My hands never ache after I am done typing, and I have increased my speed with this keyboard.
What is the company's full name?
MAN you can tell it's a full moon!

ok.... Here it is... in full and complete.
Suicide Brownies

1 - 19-21 oz. pkg. fudge brownie mix.
1 - 10-12 oz. pkg. white choc. pieces.
1 C. semisweet chocolate pieces.
1/2 C. pecan pieces

1/4 C. melted butter (not margarine or spread)
3 Tbsp. hot water
2 C sifted powdered sugar
1/4 C unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp real vanilla
3/4 cup pecan pieces (for topping)

Grease 13 x 9 pan. Make brownie mix according to box directions but add in half of the white choc. pieces and the 1/2 C. pecans. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes till center sets. Sprinkle with remaining white choc. pieces and return to oven for one minute. Let cool.

Combine melted butter and hot water. Add powdered sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla. Beat by hand until smooth. Spoon over top of brownies. Add 3/4 cup of pecans. Cool 1-1/2 hours or until sauce sets. Cut into squares.
he's so full of psychobabble....sm
In my mind, I have always questioned Phil's degrees, where he got them, if they are legitimate, and all that jazz....he doesn't sound like a true psychologist and I cannot stand the way he speaks to people, except his wife, who he wouldn't dare speak to the way he speaks to others.  I think he is a shyster of a *psychologist* IF he is truly a psychologist!!.....
That's for a cut & full highlights though...
I don't know what she would charge for just a hair cut.
Judy CAN be and should be full of herself
Are you full-time?
How  many lines do you do a day?  I personally think this is very low even for a newbie, but I'm wondering if your accounts are REALLY easy and you have a lot of "normals" (macros) where you can get great line counts in a short period of time.  Just my opinion and I'm no expert but I'd say they ARE taking advantage . . . . 
Also add someone else is doing full QA on your work.
I would say full time 1,000 to 1,200 per day. nm


Its not me, its my full time job
Its not me being superwoman, I can assure you. My full time job is awesome and the company I work for is everyone's dream come true. My little one takes up a lot of me, don't get me wrong, but I guess I spent a lot of time out doing things where as now I have to be at home with her. My husband and I have opposite work schedules so he's on his own pretty much and I only have to take care of myself and our daughter usually. I just thought someone there is this get rich in your free time job out there in the MT field that I should look into (JOKING!! please don't bash me again!).

Seriously - I am just looking into ways to make money from home while filling up my free time. Computers is what I do so I figured it would be interesting to look into MT. My mistake I think. Sounds like way more work than I wanted to do.
You are just full of compliments.
You should examine yourself in the mirror.  "Look like a slob while you work"?  How do you know what people look like when they work?  Do you have a cam?  I am no newbie, but I feel for the MTs you do QA work for as you are pretty tough!          Have a    and get out more often!  Have a great day, my goodness. 
Full audio QA
If you do this, then they need to pay you QA pay in addition to line count pay.
Yes, Full-time.
I work 40 hours a week for 1 company. I also have an IC job on the side to help with some money, but everytime I have logged on in the last month, there has been no work.

I do see my lines starting to come up, but am still only hitting 100 lines on average which is only $6.50 an hour. Not a livable wage by any means. That barely covers my rent each month.
I also have gotten out of MT full time
So I only work doing transcription part time.
I think you're full of it.

Full-time IC?

Full-time IC is a term that seems contradictory to me.  I thought an IC was expected to have more than one "client", at least per IRS expectations, so how does an MTSO get away with requiring an MT's undivided attention as an IC?  It seems that MTSOs have a different set of rules....and we are the ones who allow it.

Has anyone out there addressed this issue with either a potential client and/or the IRS?  If so, what was the outcome?  I'm thinking of filing a complaint and just need some feedback to determine if it is worth my time and energy.



You are exactly right. Beth is full of herself and her focus
is not where it should be.  It's time to sit down and shut up and let the professionals do their job.  She is in no position to criticize because she doesn't have all the facts.
$16/hr with full benefits at home.
I think it is probably someone unable to have a full thought because
this job takes over our minds LOL!!
has anyone transitioned from IC or SE to full time
How did the transition go?  What are the differences?  What do they take out of you for single in regards to health insurance.  Did your pay rate stay the same?  My premiium went up AGAIN as it does every year, 20 bucks, and i'm thinking about becoming full time, but only if it is a smooth transition.  Thanks guys
Lady you are full of it. Amherst, tell me another one.
Two full-time jobs here
It bites!!! I'm exhausted.
I just love your posts! You are so full of
knowledge about the happenings at MQ and Spheris, as well as other companies you don't work for. It must be hard to keep up with everything. How do you get any work done when your opinion is so widespread on these boards?
I understand, I think it is just here lately the pages are full of nothing but MQ and then
it turns into arguments and nasty remarks, and so forth.

It isnt really the talking about MQ, it is just the bickering going on about it.

I understand completely about wanting to discuss some things.

I dont really mind the MQ posts, but they are so large in number.

I hope things clear up. Maybe if you and other MQ employees that have a lot of time with them all take some "time off" at the same time, they could get the idea they need you guys.

I guess if I was with someone for that length of time, I would have the same feelings.

I really do wish you the best and I dont want you to think anyone has singled you out. It is the whole MQ thing.

I think we are all scared because MQ is a leading company and scared that they are ruining the whole MT business for us all.

We would all love to see MQ split up or downsize and not be such a big part of the industry. Then again we dont want to see people out of a job either.
Well I'm doing this full time and ouch !!!

How do you make any money???? Typing and shortcuts is not the problem but trying to figure out some of what the dictators are saying is time consuming... How do you make money????????????

Though I love the research and find this interesting 40.00 a day is not going to cut it... Does it get better?????  I feel stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I try to bring up a full sentence

in IT, it peters out after approximately four to five words, ending up with mumbo jumbo for the last few words.

What could I do to correct this?  Any IT experts reading the board today?

Thank you!

you're not wrong..just full of yourself.

Is it full moon out tonight?
I am stuck going full time because
that's all the university offered. They said if I didn't want to go full time then get out of line because 933 other people wanted my spot. I have a small MTSO right now and so am able to just parcel out work and do a little QA each week. I already had an Associate's of Science which transferred to the U, and then I had to do pre-req of Nutrition, Developmental Psych and Organic Chem (and after I did organic chem, over the summer no less, they dropped it as a pre-req grrrrrrr). This fall is my third semester, I will finish after my fifth semester though I want to go on to get a master's as a nurse practitioner....another 2.5 years  **sigh**
Yeah, I have a full life too, but with my...
myspace I talk to my friends, my mother-in-law who lives out of town, friends of mine who live out of town and post blogs like my journal and pictures to share these times with them all at once rather than having to email each one. Just because you have a myspace and spend some of your free time on the computer does not mean you do not have a life. Do you watch TV? Well, I don't. I play on the computer. Everyone needs a little free time.
boy, aren't we full of ourselves! Sheesh! nm
Does it really sound like a full system?

You've just about got me convinced! Oh no - I feel a SHOPPING SPREE coming on! LOL

yes, sounds like a full system...

I got mine because my brother had one and I heard his and loved it.  I don't know if they sell them in stores, but if so, go in and listen to it.  You will be pleasantly surprised!  The sound is full and rich.  Even when just listening to the radio.

What I would really like to do is hook up my TV to it and have the digital music and Sirius channels play through the Bose.  That would REALLY be amazing. 

I find it very relaxing to have calming music playing in the background while transcribing.  These docs can get so darned frustrating sometimes....

don't forget to look for interest free!! 

I agree but ask for full payment
good luck
No way, Jose! AAMT is so full of it! sm
I wrote them a scorching e-mail refusing to participate in anything they do because of their "lack of representation of American MTs" and the fact that they have allowed this industry to rob us blind when they could have been an MT advocate group. All they are interested in is furthering themselves! He--, No, We Won't Go" should be our chant! $5000 to spend per person to go represent AAMT. I wouldn't go if it was FREE and they paid me $5000 to go!

AAMT - Go recruit your MTs from some of the outsourcing companies overseas, cause the American MTs don't want any part of AAMT anymore. In fact, take the "American" out of the AAMT name altogether!

Sheesh. What nerve.
Wasn't that only for a full weekend of it? nm
It depends, IC or full time? nm