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Posted By: anon on 2009-04-14
In Reply to: Someone please tell me how my autotext entries - MSMT

autotext was not made or intended to be used as a word Expander the way we use one. It has limited input. Once that input is reached, the file becomes corrupt and deleted. This happened to me once too, and I bought a Word Expander program instead of relying on autotext. It will never happen to me again. I lost soooooo much info that way. Most people are not aware of the limited input parameters and continue to keep adding words, etc. So sorry for your loss. I do understand.

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can someone tell me where I can download autotext software.  I understand it is free word expander.  I searched the internet and found rapid text and phrase something (cant remember).  Which is the better one or are they both the same.


I believe you can use autotext through Word and the function key is F3 -- I think.  I haven't used it for a while.
Go to insert, then autotext then check the box that says to suggest autotext entries.  Hope it helps.

Hi me - does this work only if you use Autotext? 

Highlight what you want to save as an autotext entry, then click autotext, and name it.  I use it all the time. 
Thanks -- that was exactly what I needed. The only problem I had was that the font size was smaller when I inserted it in my document. Is there anyway to fix that?
AutoText works for me. sm
I make tempaltes in AutoText. When I need a certain template or canned text I only need to type the name of the template or the first few letters of it and Word bubble pops up and asks if I want to insert it; hit and it drops in.
I agree...autotext is the way to go there!
I can tell you how to do it using Autotext, which is easier.

I'm using Word 2003 with Instant Text as my Expander software.  I have been trying to figure out how to insert *stop codes* literally for months using Instant Text.  I finally gave up and here's what I do.  There may be easier ways around it, but I just learned today. lol

I transcribed the report,, which is a pain center report. I get the same doc everyday who has a style that he sticks with pretty much.  After I was finished, I copied the report and went into a new document to tweak it up.  I left in basically all of his  repetitive phrases along with the exam, and all of the headings.  Anywhere I wanted a stop code or field as MS Word calls it, I pressed the combination of ctrl+ F9.  When I  was  finished I highlighted the document and clicked on Autotext.  If you've never used autotext, when you want to retrieve an entry you've created, you start typing the name you've assigned to it, and either press F3 or enter and BAMM there it is.  The stop/field codes look like this {  }, but you can shade them gray.  To access each field you simply press F11 and it takes you right to the next stop. I hope I didn't confuse you.

I just bought a book that is truly a MUST HAVE for MTs working with Word.  It's called Tips N Techniques to boost the productivity of the medical transcriptionist.  It was put together by an MT.  I think you can find it under www.cherylflanders.com.

Good luck!


Word XP/autotext help
Is there a way of using autotext so that it will come up in the font that you are typing in?  Some doctors use arial and some use times new roman and if I use my autotext it automatically comes up in whatever I created it in, not necessarily what I am currently typing in.  Is there a way to change that? Thanks for helping.:)
Autotext via keyboard.
I'm a firm believer that if your hands are off your keyboard your not being productive. It's just funny to me because I hardly ever use my mouse. It seems tedious to see it in writing but here's how I get there.
Shift and cursors to highlight the word/comment (or use mouse), Alt I, A, X. This will take you to autotext to add auto entries. Shift and Tab to get to the top tabs and cursor to left x 2. Alt R will take you down to add.
My autotext entries are gone!!!!

I use a program called iType.  When I add an autotext entry it is there until I shut down and open program again.  I know that I have to add autotext entries outside of the actual iType program - I open word and add them there but they are being deleted somehow.  Any help would be appreciated.  Oh, I use Word 2003. 

Thank you.

Word AutoText
I cannot get this to let me add a shortcut for cm2. I have tried different things and just can't get it to work. Any suggestions?
autotext identifiers
you want to make them short and easy to remember - try doctors initials plus exam - HBCTHwwo, HBCTHwo, HBCTCwwo, HBCTCwo, DVCTHwwo, DVCTHwo, DVCTCwwo, DVCTCwo, etc
Autotext gone Bold?

Why are my autotext entries turning bold when I go to use them?  I am starting to get annoyed here...I constantly have to change the autotext entry back to regular.  I know I did not enter it in as bold.  What is going on here?



You should know if it's autotext because you have do something to expand it.
Redo the entry and make sure you don't pick up anything after the text when you copy it because it will automatically format if you do.
You can use autotext in Word. nm

Hello to all my MTs out there!  I would like to know, how could I use my auto text to the best of my ability?  What I am saying is that, whenever I try to look at what is important to add to increase  my production, I don't seem to know what to add.  Everything from words to phrases, that I add, is still not enough, and I don't see an increase in my production at all.   I need tips and advice from pros and vets who has been there and done that.  I appreciate any help really.  The platform that I am using is EMDAT.   Also, what is the best tasting coffee that I could buy or one that taste the best?  I love chocolate.  I am open for all suggestions. Thanks.
Autotext Question
After you enter something in Autotext, is it possible to edit it? Also, how do you add -year-old? Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!
There is a way to copy Autotext and - sm
your normals, not sure about autocomplete though. You can copy your "normal.dot" file in your templates and transfer that quite easily, I don't know if that covers everything or not. Do a search under your help file on your tool bar in word.
I use Autocorrect and autotext

mple, right upper extremity, I use RUE and if the doctor says right upper extremity first exam,  use RUE1 and I have the whole exam in there.  I use for other exams as well.

Someone please tell me how my autotext entries
could just VANISH overnight?  This has not been a good day. 
More Autotext woes.

So I started (or so I thought) building my Autotext back up because I LIKE using F3 and only having to remember 1 abbreviation to get 5 different expansions.  My line count went down 500 lines going from having it to not having it. 

BUT when I went to save it and copy it to my new file, it was the same size as when I started, and I checked the normal.dot several time while I was working and it was always the same exact size as when I started.  What do y'all think is going on? 

If you're just starting out and can, use autotext for now.
You may want to change later
Autotext vs. third-party software
I have tested InstantText, SmartType and several other abbreviation Expanders out there. InstantText and SmartType are more expensive and I found I can have the added features they provide with PCShorthand which is about $100. The added benefits include things like adding other functions such as backspace to your abbreviations so the abbrevation "yo" will do backspace hyphen and then type "year-old" things like that. Also with PC shorthand you can have a suggestion window displayed and resize and position that anywhere on your screen so you have a suggestion window like InstantText and SmartType. Then if you build your list properly, you can quickly see which abbreviation to use if you need to and you don't have to remember exactly what abbreviation you used, which are the primary selling points of InstantText and SmartType, both of which are great programs. You can also transfer your autotext entries to any of the third-party programs. They do have a 30-day free trial demo (www.pcshorthand.com) and no, I do not work for OfficeSoft, just like their software and think it is reasonably priced.
Where is AutoCorrect and AutoText stored....sm
and how do you back up these files?  Thank you!
Copying Word Autotext? Can anyone help?
Can anyone tell me how to copy my autocorrect entries?  Word help says to make it into a template but don't know how to do that.  I'd appreciate any help very much!
Lost autotext entries
Look in your recyle bin. That happened to me once and I found them in my recyle bin. I was not real good about keeping mine backed up either and I sure was glad to find them in the recyle bin!
That's the way you do it. I can't get anything in either autocorrect or autotext to stay put.
Therein lies the problem. 
I love my AutoCorrect and AutoText sm
I type in Word so I use both the AutoCorrect and the AutoText.  If the doctor says it a second time - it goes in there.  I tend to do the first letter of the key words or parts of words if I put in a phrase like acghj = acromioclavicular and glenohumeral joint, aci = acute changes of ischemia.  I do Radiology so I also put in all the commonly associated views for x-rays together like pl = PA and lateral, etc.  I also have the doctor's signitures under their number like 12345 = John Smith, M.D. on another job I would put in drsmith for John Smith, M.D.  I have all the techniques for CT, MRIs, etc. in there.  Everything is in there and every day I add more.    I am confused on why one would put tp for patient.  That would confuse me!  Right now my tp = trauma, pain.  Oh...I also change them if I'm typing a particular doctor and they use a particular phrase a lot - I will override something I already have in there to what that doctor is saying and next time I get the other doctor who uses the other phrasing, I'll override it back.  Like sometimes they say bones, joints, and soft tissues and another doctor likes to say it differently in the sentence and says bone, joint, or soft tissues - so I just change my bjs to whatever that doctor is saying that day.   
Autotext not working properly
Does anyone know whay might be wrong with my autotext?  I have several set up in WORD.  I have it setup so when you start entering the text, it will show a balloon popup and you can hit enter or F3 and the entire autotext will populate.  However, this will only work if at the beginning of a new paragraph.  I can't seem to get it to work in the middle of a paragraph after a sentence.????  Any thoughts?  Would appreciate emensely!
Autotext not working properly
Does anyone know whay might be wrong with my autotext?  I have several set up in WORD.  I have it setup so when you start entering the text, it will show a balloon popup and you can hit enter or F3 and the entire autotext will populate.  However, this will only work if at the beginning of a new paragraph.  I can't seem to get it to work in the middle of a paragraph after a sentence.????  Any thoughts?  Would appreciate emensely!
I use AutoCorrect and AutoText on Word sm
It isn't as limited as you might think.  If you have over 225 characters in your selection or have blank lines, etc. you need to check "formatted text."  You can also put it in AutoText and once you start typing the first few letters a box will come up with the rest of the text and if you want to insert it, you just press enter.  I have many, many entries in both AutoCorrect and AutoText.  I like it much better than the ShortHand program I bought, though I do need that to transfer text to the Word program that work uses between emails, etc.   That may be because I've used Word for years and am used to it. 
I find it much easier to use my autotext....sm
and where I want the "??" I do a ctrl F9 (which puts in fields).  I save the report in autotext (with the ctrl F9 fields) and then to get to each field you simply use the F11 key.  It's much easier this way, I think.  I have always hated templates.  Just make sure you keep a backup.  Hope this helps.
Are you talking about the AutoText feature?
To create a new AutoText entry, it's ALT F3.

I don't know if there is one to open the AutoCorrect options window by default but you could always assign a hotkey/combo.
Look up AutoCorrect and AutoText in the help file.
They are two very different features. If you get confused, post back with your questions.

Since you're starting from scratch, you are far better off purchasing a true text Expander that works in all of your programs instead of the features that only work in Word. Instant Text will import entries from most any program and you can take it with you from platform to platform or any other program.
Converting Shorthand to AutoText
Well I have used my trial versions of Shorthand.  Speedtype has not responded to my trial version request.  So is there a way to convert my ShortHand dictionary so that I can use it in AutoText?  Not Autocorrect but AutoText.   Thanks
Autotext - font size
Hmm, I don't know.  Let me play around with it, and I will get back with you.  I have never had that problem.  When you highlight your text, is it in the font you are wanting, or is it changing from that to a smaller font?  Strange. 
AutoText is saved to the normal.dot. sm
Your platform might block changes to the normal.dot or you don't have access to that file. Have you checked with the tech support for your platform?
AutoCorrect and AutoText are two different features. Which one... sm
is causing the problem? Both features save to different files unless you are formatting an AutoCorrect with italics, bold, or more than one line, which is also saved to the normal.dot (normal.dotm in 2007). Plain text AutoCorrects are in the acl file.
Where did you find the lists for Autotext?
I did not see any lists for autotext for free or ones that could be ordered.  Where did you find them?  Can you give me a link?  Thanks
Are you using Autotext, too? Macros? Why not get a program like Shorthand for your
Try googling copy autotext in Word
You should get a link that gives instructions.  Hope this helps.  I copied mine recently on a disc with no problem.
Which one -- AutoCorrect or AutoText? Word version?
Also, back up your AutoText by copying Normal.dot SM
Search for normal.dot on your computer. Usually it is under Program Files (click my computer, click C: drive, click program files), Microsoft Office, click Templates and then you should see normal.dot. Right click it, click "copy" and then put on a disk so if you have to reinstall Word you have a copy of your normal.dot that has all the stuff you've saved (exams, etc.) so you won't have to go through setting them up again.

Searching for .acl (using the search program on the Start menu) will show you your AutoCorrect file. Copy this (right click, copy) and also put it on a disk.

Do these whenever you make significant additions or changes, probably about once a week. I'm using disks, but my son says that I could get a thumb drive or whatever, and I could add and delete things from it, since the space on the disk I am taking up saving these 2 files is miniscule.

Also, you should copy to disk all your documents (like samples, templates sent by your job, doctor lists--anything and everything you use to work.) Then if you have to install Word or install Word on a different computer, you can just replace the *acl on that computer and the normal.dot with your saved versions and have everything there, and also have all your templates and lists etc.

My computer crashed after deleting a TRIAL VERSION of Microsoft Office 2003. Without saved normal.dot and .acl, I'd have had to re-do all that work and all the doctor samples. You never know when an update or any old think will set off this Microsoft stuff. You can lose the stuff you need and so it is really good to have it saved on disk.
You might try putting some of your longer entries in AutoText

I agree, I love AutoCorrect. I use ShortKeys for clients that have a word processing platform that does not include AutoCorrect. ShortKeys is good, but it has a few glitches.

Everyone seems to love ShortHand. If someone can tell me how to use ShortHand the same way you do AutoCorrect (without having to use Alt or Ctrl or other keys which take your hand off the main part of the keyboard), I would really appreciate it. I tried ShortHand but I couldn't get it to work that way.

Also, Word has the AutoCorrect and AutoText--see inside
Also, Word has the excellent AutoCorrect (for expanding words like "tp" into "the patient"). It is an excellent help, the only downside being that it maxes out at about 7000 entries.

Also, for longer portions of type, like something a doctor says over and over, there is AutoText in Microsoft Word. Just put the paragraph or sentence or whatever in th AutoText, and the next time the doc says it, you can put it in.

Also, you can save complete documents in Word that you may use again- like psychiatric tests that they do-- you can just open that document and rename it a new name (keeping the old document as the template, like "Dr Smith Psyc tests" and then rename it when you do it to something new- and you can have all your margins, test headings, tabs, etc.

I would not work without these 3 things being available--AutoCorrect, AutoText, and the ability to store documents that I might want to use again.

So, I'd just drag them into the 21st century! It is actually ridiculous. Would their programmer(s) work without their production shortcuts? They have plenty of them. Ask them not to use any, to type every / and etc. and have no canned programming stored, and see how they like it. Arrogant snobs.
Google Jay Freedman's autotext loader.
word has both autotext and autocorrect plus macros

I really don' t see all that much need to buy a ShortHand program, especially when you are just starting out and probably put out a lot of money already. Just click on your toolbar, click on autocorrect, and you will get a menu that you can use to add in your new expansions. 

if you would like to access this toolbar from your keyboard, you can create a macro that will do this.

Sub ATxtShow()
End Sub

Paste this into your macro editor, and now record a "hot key" macro on whatever key(s) you would like to use.  I use alt-5, but you can use any alt or control key combination you have free.

I certainly hope this macro posts properly, I tried 3 times to post a macro that to count characters, and each time a quote mark was removed by the system, but I hope this will post properly.  I will follow up on this immediately after posting and make sure it is correct.








AutoText and formatted AutoCorrect entries are
saved in the normal.dot file. Unformatted AutoCorrect entries are saved in the .acl file.
No expander, I've just been using the autotext for a lot of things because

in my opinion the 'stupid' errors I make are transposition of a letter in words or leaving off/adding a letter at the end of a word.  Like "does" vs "dose" or along vs alone.  When I go back to read over, its like my brain is not really "seeing" what's there....because it already knows what I'm 'mean" for it to say, if that makes any sense.

To be truthful, none of it makes sense to me becasue like I said its only a few reports out of many that I do in a day...so you figure, If I can do majority of them without the stupid errors, why not all.