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One quick question - I saw the two garlic clarified, how about the onion?

Posted By: How many onions should be sliced? TY! on 2005-08-11
In Reply to: I saw below that my 20 garlic chicken was thrown in a few crockpots.. - what did ya think?


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I'm sorry. I should have clarified that better.
I know of the family through marriage. At one point, we were connected, but I don't have contact with them, another family member did, who was very active in Daniel's life when he was younger. I really have no idea. This was the first I've heard of it.

The only thing I know of her though was when he was younger...nothing since the marriage in the family dissolved.
Yes, I should have clarified that...

Yes, I should have clarified that.  I meant that I am often correcting mistakes made by the doctor or adding more information to a previous report that was already completed.   : ) Thanks~

I would like this clarified too please...sm
When I do a line count I see a total for standard lines but a "0" for qualified lines.  Does this mean templated lines are not being counted?  Thanks for any info. 
I should have clarified that more. I meant
as long as you can get the work done when it is supposed to be done. Like say you work 3 hours in the morning and then 1 hour in the afternoon, or 1 hour in the morning, and 3 hours in the evening, and such, as long as it is done by the 24 hour turnaround time.
When you say slice onions, do you mean like one whole onion?
and/or Calif onion dip...happy new year...nm
Bean, cheese, onion, and jalapeno burrito
Onion soup mix, 1/2 cup Madiera wine, carrots, potatoes.

Cook roast slowly (325 for about 3 hours, add the potatoes and carrots, cook another hour, and serve.

Or just slice onions on top the roast, add about 1/2 cup water, put in covered dutch oven, cook same as above, adding potatoes and carrots.
I just dump them in a covered bowl with vinegar and sliced onion. nmx
I dunno. I sure do miss my Selectric and those onion-skin copies. nm
20 garlic chicken. sm
At the risk of sounding dumb - are you supposed to use two whole actual things of garlic.  Garlic has always confused me.  The recipe sounds wonderful but two whole garlic or two segments of one garlic thingy? 
I only used 2 segments of one garlic.
Garlic Chicken

Thanks for posting this.  This smells so wonderful. 

I had gone to a Garlic Festival and they made this with pieces of chicken and added rice.  Wrapped it in a tortilla.  Walaaaa wonderful!!! You could smell it everywhere!  Which is how i found this food booth. 

what is the 20 garlic chicken recipe!
sounds incredibly good! Love both garlic and chicken...pls share!
Garlic's good. Keeps vampires away.
No stinky
The neighbors are having garlic. Just walked
Forget all that mushroom soup stuff. Add carrots, celery, dry onion soup mix, a touch of tomato past
Add flour to mixture when roast is finished for gravy. Home made mashed potatoes and green beans with almonds and a salad. Yum.
Left over from wienie roast cheesy potato soup, french onion soup and squished sandwiches.
Just wanted to let you know that the 20-garlic chicken was AWWESOME!!
If anyone wants the recipe let me know..it is one of the fastes crock pot recipes i have done and sooooo delicious!
I saw below that my 20 garlic chicken was thrown in a few crockpots..


lasagna, salad, and garlic bread

Din tonight...garlic bread, artichokes..yum..nm

We had homemade spaghetti and garlic bread.-nm
I have 20-garlic chicken in right now..YUMMY cant wait for dinner.
just put the 20 garlic chicken in the crock pot. Smells GREAT!
have to cook chicken for my BF...the 20-cloves of garlic, is that from Rachel Ray?

Wait, I think it was from the barefoot contessa show, I saw her do that but not in a crockpot. 

(We are looking for a place to buy chickens locally as I still believe no animal has to suffer for me, smile!)

Just because I am lazy, is that recipe already posted here, can I do a search to find it? 

Thank you everyone!

Does anyone still have recipe for 20-garlic chicken in crockpot? I can't find
make that garlic bread and it'll be perfect
Recipe for lemon garlic chicken, please??? Sounds yummy.. nm
Garlic keeps you healthy. You smell so bad sick people avoid you.
Hahahah! Are they good Italian folk? I LOVE me some garlic!!
I put garlic in practically everything, short of desserts!
Grilled chicken breasts and garlic mashed potatoes
Vegetarian chili from the freezer, salad, garlic bagel chips. nm
I meant 2 medium garlic divided into the cloves...was half asleep LOL
BBQ chicken, baked beans and garlic toast with M&M cookies for dessert! nm
'Tis the season for fresh asparagus, steamed or roasted, or spinach sauteed with garlic. Yum! nm
Roasted parmesian garlic sauce over grilled chicken served on bed of vermicelli, green salad
with all the fixins including home-made croutons with garlic and homestyle ranch dressing with sweet tea! YUM!
Seafood pasta and olive oil garlic sauce, red leaf salad, homemade bread with sun dried tomato
along with a big glass of white wine.  MMMMMM
Hubby making 40 clove garlic chicken in the crock pot. I'll make mashed potatoes and glazed
Vacuum the house a lot, garlic powder and brewer's yeast (not baking yeast) sm,,,
in all the dogs' food, and definitely give the little one a bath. You'll  need to comb the fleas and their dander and eggs out wtih a flea comb. My dogs used to love this. During flea season, I'd get on the floor and comb them after dinner every night. Have a bowl of soapy water handy (with the flea soap if possible) and dip the comb in the bowl when you start and especially after you find the fleas (and ticks!) on the comb to drown them. Residual soap will help keep them off the pooch. Fleas congregate at the base of the tail and in the groin area. Get puppy used to combing and he/she will come to love it as part of normal grooming. An herbal flea collar might help, too. The other dogs will need to be watched for fleas, too. Good luck!
Per Quick Look, it is
No. There is no quick fix. (nt)

I had to unplug my Infinity foot pedal from its USB port today and now my computer will not recognize it.  I had this problem once before and I cannot remember how I fixed it.  Finally I have some work and now the pedal won't work.  HELP ME PLEASE.....thanks a lot.
I only use the Quick Look because...
the company bought it for me.  I like it but it's gettin' old (2005) and missing a lot of new drugs.  I sure could use an update or something, so I'll be paying attention to the thread you've started here as well. 
need help quick!
Suddenly my enter button is acting as a spacebar and not a return key!  What do I do?
quick look
I bought the new version and found that I liked the old 2005 version that I had, because of the wild card function in the search. The newer one didn't have it. I just reinstalled the old one and add any new drugs as I find them through my daily work. Unfortunately, it now has a glitch that keeps me from opening the information about the drug in the index without locking up. At first I would close and come back in so that it would show, but I discovered that it would also work if you go into the appendix screens (any) before doing a search or using the index list. I like using the drug reference because it clearly lists the dosages and uses for each drug, and is quick to use. Since my account doesn't use a lot of brand new drugs it works fine for me this way.
A quick ?

Hello everyone, I am new to this board and just have a really quick question that I would like someone to answer please. On the MT job openings page when you click on an opening and in the employers description of the job they say to reply to and email address and then they list the address. However each job opening has a "apply now" tab at the bottom. Doesn't it just email your resume when you click that and submit it? You don't also have to copy the employers email address and then sign into your email and send a message to them that way too do you? Thank you,


Quick question for you, please?

Thank you for your advice.  I just need to take it!!

But my question remains, perhaps I did overstep bounds by voicing my concerns for his depression and mentioning that his brother had also noticed it.  He says I have betrayed him.  What would you have done in this situation? 

quick way to remember
Think of the Romans performing a play, like Julius Caesar....The ROMANS are on the STAGE.
Too quick on the buttons there.

Don't sign it.  It sounds as if they have a pending lawsuit and are trying to make sure no one else joins in.  If they call you about it, tell them you sent it over to your attorney to evaluate it.  LOL  It's NOT standard procedure.  You don't have to sign it.

The one I got had nothing to do with age discrimination, but it was a similar type of Hold Harmless document.

quick change tip

I haven't tried this yet (our office isn't on the one space thing.. yet), but I wrote down this tip that was posted last time this issue was brought up:  At the end of the report hit Ctr-Shft F, 2 spaces, tab, 1 space, Alta A to fix.  It should switch all your double spaces to single spaces without having to remember to change the way you've been typing for 20 years.