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what'd you serve with it?

Posted By: gonna try it this weekend! sm on 2005-08-11
In Reply to: I saw below that my 20 garlic chicken was thrown in a few crockpots.. - what did ya think?

mashed potatos, pasta, rice? All of the above! I'm a carb freak, can you tell. I personally appreciate any good, quick and easy recipes.  It's like I never have time to "cook" anymore! I mean really cook, like mama used to!  excuse me, I'm gettin' all choked up! LOL

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This is one I serve sometimes
Skillet-browned chicken breasts; chilled pasta salad; mashed sweet potatoes.

Make your pasta salad first and let it get good and cold before serving. Boil a bag of tricolor rotini and drain, immediately immerse in cold water. I add a drained can of LeSeur baby peas, a drained can of LeSeur baby carrots, sometimes a drained can of niblet corn, and any other tender veggies you want. Toss with about 1 to 1-1/2 cups of either low-fat Italian or Ranch dressing, depending on the taste you want. Chill until dinner.

Chicken: Heat 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil. Rinse and pat dry your boneless skinless chicken breasts and simply rub with salt and pepper -- gently brown in the olive oil.

Mashed sweet potatoes: Peel and cut into chunks 2-3 good-size sweet potatoes. Boil until tender and drain. Mash with salt, pepper, and a dash of milk.

Does it serve your financial needs?
The main criteria for any job wage would be whether you think it is a fair trade for your skills and will it provide what you need it to financially.

I personally would not work for $15 an hour. However, your needs may be different from mine. I also have other options. You may not.

It is a very subjective question and one that only you can really answer.

That is a noble thing, I believe . To serve for
I started in the early 80s and worked my way through college, and decided to keep with it rather than go for my intended job in the liberal arts. I have never been sorry. I have always been inspired. From steno pad to manual typewriter, and rolling fax machines. From white out to voice editing, I still believe it to be a noble profession. Good for you!
Got an air horn?!!! Would serve them right to lose their hearing! nm
In France, they serve Lapin (rabbit)...yum
Yes, we idolize people who do drugs and serve placenta pate.
Always fresh, the baby spinach. Need a few bags to serve a crowd, though. nm
Choose any menu, prepare, serve and enjoy. If they don't want to eat, their prob. This should
You can serve chili sauce or a chutney spread on a bar of soft cream cheese to put on