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Oops..sorry your right. I forgot that. I specifically ordered my Windows XP as Vista is compatible w

Posted By: TravelingMT on 2007-06-23
In Reply to: dont buy vista - certain voice files do not play - clk

Just about every computer has Vista now but I went through Dell and found the computer I wanted with Windows XP and then went into ebay and got it $400 cheaper than what Dell was going to charge..The one downfall, it didnt have Office Word etc.. installed so I had to buy that but I still came out ahead.

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Please let us know if your software is compatible with Vista and thank you.

It seems that companies would hurry up and get compatible with Vista, as they would have more choice in MT's in their hiring process.

Vista is still not compatible with most platforms currently.
I have yet to see a platform compatible with MAC and if you look at the job ads when listing needed equipment they all say PC. 
Stedman's is compatible with Vista. I use it. nm
stedman's 8 is compatible with VISTA. nm
EditScript8 is VISTA compatible
I have them both on my other computer. I'm not sure EditScript is VISTA compatible, though.

Hope that helps :-)
Accordign to Microsoft, it is XP and Vista compatible.
Is Vista and Lotus Notes compatible?

I just had Lotus Notes installed on my PC from my company. If I upgrade to Vista, will I have to get them to re-install it and is it even compatible?



Best Spell Checker compatible with Vista?
I just bought a new Sony Vaio and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a spell checker that was compatible with Vista for Word 2007.  Are there any out there that are good?
I also need a medical spellchecker compatible with Vista. Any ideas? TIA. nm
Many companys don't have their stuff compatible with Vista yet. Keep your old machine
FYI Blew motherboard. Need new puter. Was told not to get Vista as not compatible with work program
Anyone considering Windows Vista?
I'm just now beginning research, anyone have any opinions yet?
windows vista
I have seen a lot about Vista not working with several programs, etc. Has anyone found a fix for this, or is it better to just stay with XP and pray it does not crash. I think I may use the "contact us" on the windows site to let them know our problem, I mean we are a major user of their product. What are our alternatives? Any opinions?
Windows Vista
I need to get a new computer, having decided I need one dedicated solely to work, without my 13-year-old's sites and fun and games. But I'm wondering how the new thing, Windows Vista, is going to affect different programs and platforms. All the job ads I see where you use your own computer specify Windows XP. And I don't really want a buggy new system. Amybody facing this?
Has anybody tried the new Windows Vista...sm

If so does it work well with the voice file/foot pedals we use for transcription. 


Windows Vista
Are there any companies that have systems compatible with Windows Vista?

Windows Vista
Does the new Basic Windows Vista come with any type of word processing program or do you have to buy that separately? Thanks.
Windows Vista

Has anyone used Windows vista with Extext? 

I have Windows Vista

I think that's why it won't play on Express Scribe.  My tech converted a dss file to a mp3 file and then it played...??

Thanks a lot for the help!  I'll try!

Windows VISTA

How do you find working with Windows Vista?  Bytescribe tells me that I can use it with Vista, but I've been told otherwise by other MTs.  It's complicating the purchase of a new computer!!  I'd like any input I can get.




If you buy it brand new it will come with Windows Vista

Better make sure all your programs are compatible.

You can go to Best Buy and get one of their e-machines (Best Buy brand). They will custom-build it for you and it won't cost as much as "name brands." I used one of theirs for quite a while and I was very satisfied with it.

You might even be able to get them to load XP on it if you have the full version (or you could buy a copy). I've heard Vista is still pretty glitchy. I plan to wait at least another year or more before I get Vista, to give them a chance to work out some of the problems.

Good luck!

Windows Vista and DocQscribe.

I am thinking about getting a laptop for travel purposes.  Can anyone tell me if Windows Vista is compatible with DocQscribe?  Appreciate any input.

Can I install Windows XP on PC with Vista??

Using the old backup disks from my crashed computer? 

I need to get this new laptop able to function so I can get a PT job and all seem to want XP...

If you can find a Dell without Windows Vista, buy it.

A lot of MT companies use older software that is not compatible with Vista. So for me, if I were considering buying a new computer, that would be a major consideration.

Other than that, if you are planning on using it primarily for transcription and other home uses (no high-tech graphic video games, for example), just get the biggest "bang for your buck". The fastest processor, the most RAM, the biggest hard drive in your price range.

I would definitely recommend a flat screen monitor. My eyes don't get nearly as tired with my flat screen as they did with my regular monitor.

Windows Vista and foot pedal


My mother just bought a computer with Vista on it.  We haven't been able to successfully get the serial wav pedal hooked up because Vista doesn't have a current driver for a game port.

I wanted to find out if anyone has had success with Vista using a USB wav pedal using ExpressScribe.


Question. I have Windows XP now on my computer which is getting slow. I do not want Vista
so what do I do if you cannot buy XP or what is the situation with that if your computer goes and you dont want Vista.
Instant Text software and Windows Vista
I purchased Instant text software about 6 months ago.  I have a new computer now with Windows Vista and while the software worked properly on Windows XP, in order to install the software on Vista I was told by the company turn off my user account control and if I do that my software platform I-Type will not let me in to link the program to it.  Anyone have a clue?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!
MTStars FlashType works in any Windows environment including Vista.
see link below
I got mine on Ebay because I needed Windows XP on it and NOT Vista. They wanted to charge me almost
it with Windows XP. So I saved money and did Ebay.
Oops... forgot to say this is for DQS. (nm)
Oops, forgot this was in regards to
my hubbys work. He has to drive probably about 6 or 7 miles to get to his terminal-he drives one of the 18 wheelers. Now get this, he brings home (with taxes taken out) more in a week than I make in 2 weeks but I am gonna DEMAND to his job, probably will write that letter later on today, that they pay for his gas in order for him to come to that high paying job. I am rolling in the floor laughing as I type this. Thanks for the laff of the day.
Oops, I forgot the bird flu. nm
oops...forgot my "s"...that should be desperately! and I am!

oops, I forgot to answer your question. sm
I didn't mean to say 2 lists open at same time, but only 2 can be merged at same time. Does that make sense now?
Oops! Forgot to mention the pedal!
Sorry. The pedal and headphones both plug into the dictaphone.

Sorry for the confusion.
Oops, forgot tho. That job I typed in Word.
oops forgot Holland - Heineken brewery!!!....nm
Are you working in DOS or Windows? In Windows, it's Kilobytes.
Ordered one!
After doing some searching on-line, including local office stores, and E-bay, I decided on the Pearlcorder T1100 (hopefully built to withstand a little heavier use) from digitalfotoclub.com It seemed to be the best price for what I was looking for.

Thanks everyone for your feedback.
I just ordered one of those but thru AT&T - sm
Sprint did not have coverage where I am. It is enroute to me as I type.....probably have it in a few days, cannot wait!!!!! I just hope it works. Verizon offers it too. 595U AirCard/Wirelss modem. I wanted this one and not just the card since I can use it on my desktop and the laptop since it connects via the USB port and not a card slot (on laptop). I will post and let those interested know if/how it works when I get it. This is my last ditch effort to get high-speed where I am; told my neighbor I ordered it, she said you know now we will get DSL next month. Well we will see (doubt it though really). I'll worry about that when it happens!
I have not yet, but just ordered on of those MS - sm
Natural Multimedia keyboards that were being discussed here last week or so. Hard to find, but got one used at a place called Tech for Less, only $22. Shipping was $18 I think. This is a great site, great prices, ended up also buying a floppy drive I needed for my new laptop and a modem, each for $10 and brand new too. They have both new/new opened/and used. I will probably end up buying the external hard drive I have been putting off buying from them too, just need to do a little research first. But check it out, pretty cool stuff there.
Did anyone specifically ask you for references?
Do not give out references unless you are asked to.  If they did ask you, did they want personal or professional references?  I use my parents' friends as personal references.  They've known me my entire life and would never say anything bad anyways.  As for professional references, you can call old supervisors or coworkers to see if they would do it.
The recruiter specifically said 8-4:30 Sun through Fri.
This has been mentioned in conference calls.

"You are not to work outside of your schedule. If we need you to work outside of your schedule, we will call you. Do not work off the clock. No where in the U.S. do people work off the clock. It is not legal to work off the clock. Do not work OT without prior authorization."

These are a few of the statements made by management regarding when to work.

I don't play bingo. I do have a mtg, a car payment and would like to live a modest middle America lifestyle which I cannot do I there is a feeding frenzy for the work load because some people make their own rules.

If my company would have said, "have at it" with regard to when to work, I'd be the first one and here is what I'd do.

I'd leave my computer on 24 hours a day and simply check on the work load every 30 minutes, sit down and type away when there was work to do and get up and do other things when there is not.

However, I signed a contract that said I understood the terms and until I am told otherwise, I will follow them.

M-TEC has a program specifically for ....

those with a prior healthcare bakcground.  M-Tec programs are very comprehensive.  Many companies waive the usual 2-year experience requirement for grads.

OP specifically said wants rental on...nm

My mom has specifically told me...
that she wants me to let the state take care of her. I, of course, cannot do this. I love my mom way too much, and she has had a VERY rough life. Unfortunately, she has not been able to save or put away money for her when she gets older. She will have to work until the day she dies. Having 4 kids with no help whatsoever from the dads, family or the state, she has taken care of us the best she could....holding down 2-3 jobs at times. All the while doing this, she still had my brothers in baseball, took my sister to the medical center for counseling several times a week and stood up to my abusive father in court to fight for her kids. Not to mention, my three times a week breathing treatments. We came first ALWAYS! None of my brothers and sisters (the ones still living) can take care of themselves. I understand that it will be my responsibilty, one in which I will do without hesitation. The only exeption to that would be if it were damaging to my own family, which she made me promise her. If it got to the point, like a friend I know, where she was constantly crying in pain and it was taking an emotional toll on them, I would have no choice but to put her in a nursing home. You bet your butt though I would be there on a regular basis.

It just all depends on the situation. I do think though that it is a very sad thing that we do not take care of our family better, especially our elders. When there are elderly people sitting without AC because they can't afford a $450+ electric bill, not eating right, going without medicine, that is a sad thing...just as it is that we have children starving in our own country.
Same here. I have accounts that specifically say to
put the patient's name in the report if the physician dictates it.
sometimes the docs specifically say they--sm
won't pay for *normals* or pretyped template phrases. If he/they have not already stated this, then charge the same. If they realize after the fact that this is the case, be honest and tell them that it was never stated not to include template normals and then negotiate a price. If, as the other poster stated, you have to print these out, it is still costing you the same, so I would charge for it. Perhaps, if you want to be above board, ask him prior to beginning with the new templates, what his intentions are. Sometimes they *forget* to say whether it is paid for, or not. I hope you get what you want out of it. good luck.
Unless the client specifically says do not
double space, then I do. Were you told not to?
If the doc said specifically send via (sm)
email, then address the email to him with ccs to other docs who are to receive a copy..
Maybe she is told to specifically do certain
dictators first or worktypes first. You never know what goes on behind closed doors or what agreements other coworkers have with the company or supervisor.

You can approach the subject with you supervisor gently without accusing the other MT of anything and see what reply you receive. At least, that is how I would approach it if it really bothered me.

Personally, I really don't pay much attention to what other coworkers are doing, as long as there is enough work for me and I am able to make a decent pay check and have the quantity of work to transcribe, I am happy.

Try not to get so wrapped up in what others are doing and just do your job to the best of your ability. If and when it hinders your ability to make a decent living, then maybe talk to your supervisor.