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Windows Vista

Posted By: Diana on 2007-02-28
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Are there any companies that have systems compatible with Windows Vista?


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Anyone considering Windows Vista?
I'm just now beginning research, anyone have any opinions yet?
windows vista
I have seen a lot about Vista not working with several programs, etc. Has anyone found a fix for this, or is it better to just stay with XP and pray it does not crash. I think I may use the "contact us" on the windows site to let them know our problem, I mean we are a major user of their product. What are our alternatives? Any opinions?
Windows Vista
I need to get a new computer, having decided I need one dedicated solely to work, without my 13-year-old's sites and fun and games. But I'm wondering how the new thing, Windows Vista, is going to affect different programs and platforms. All the job ads I see where you use your own computer specify Windows XP. And I don't really want a buggy new system. Amybody facing this?
Has anybody tried the new Windows Vista...sm

If so does it work well with the voice file/foot pedals we use for transcription. 


Windows Vista
Does the new Basic Windows Vista come with any type of word processing program or do you have to buy that separately? Thanks.
Windows Vista

Has anyone used Windows vista with Extext? 

I have Windows Vista

I think that's why it won't play on Express Scribe.  My tech converted a dss file to a mp3 file and then it played...??

Thanks a lot for the help!  I'll try!

Windows VISTA

How do you find working with Windows Vista?  Bytescribe tells me that I can use it with Vista, but I've been told otherwise by other MTs.  It's complicating the purchase of a new computer!!  I'd like any input I can get.




If you buy it brand new it will come with Windows Vista

Better make sure all your programs are compatible.

You can go to Best Buy and get one of their e-machines (Best Buy brand). They will custom-build it for you and it won't cost as much as "name brands." I used one of theirs for quite a while and I was very satisfied with it.

You might even be able to get them to load XP on it if you have the full version (or you could buy a copy). I've heard Vista is still pretty glitchy. I plan to wait at least another year or more before I get Vista, to give them a chance to work out some of the problems.

Good luck!

Windows Vista and DocQscribe.

I am thinking about getting a laptop for travel purposes.  Can anyone tell me if Windows Vista is compatible with DocQscribe?  Appreciate any input.

Can I install Windows XP on PC with Vista??

Using the old backup disks from my crashed computer? 

I need to get this new laptop able to function so I can get a PT job and all seem to want XP...

If you can find a Dell without Windows Vista, buy it.

A lot of MT companies use older software that is not compatible with Vista. So for me, if I were considering buying a new computer, that would be a major consideration.

Other than that, if you are planning on using it primarily for transcription and other home uses (no high-tech graphic video games, for example), just get the biggest "bang for your buck". The fastest processor, the most RAM, the biggest hard drive in your price range.

I would definitely recommend a flat screen monitor. My eyes don't get nearly as tired with my flat screen as they did with my regular monitor.

Windows Vista and foot pedal


My mother just bought a computer with Vista on it.  We haven't been able to successfully get the serial wav pedal hooked up because Vista doesn't have a current driver for a game port.

I wanted to find out if anyone has had success with Vista using a USB wav pedal using ExpressScribe.


Question. I have Windows XP now on my computer which is getting slow. I do not want Vista
so what do I do if you cannot buy XP or what is the situation with that if your computer goes and you dont want Vista.
Instant Text software and Windows Vista
I purchased Instant text software about 6 months ago.  I have a new computer now with Windows Vista and while the software worked properly on Windows XP, in order to install the software on Vista I was told by the company turn off my user account control and if I do that my software platform I-Type will not let me in to link the program to it.  Anyone have a clue?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!
Oops..sorry your right. I forgot that. I specifically ordered my Windows XP as Vista is compatible w

Just about every computer has Vista now but I went through Dell and found the computer I wanted with Windows XP and then went into ebay and got it $400 cheaper than what Dell was going to charge..The one downfall, it didnt have Office Word etc.. installed so I had to buy that but I still came out ahead.

MTStars FlashType works in any Windows environment including Vista.
see link below
I got mine on Ebay because I needed Windows XP on it and NOT Vista. They wanted to charge me almost
it with Windows XP. So I saved money and did Ebay.
Are you working in DOS or Windows? In Windows, it's Kilobytes.
Fax in Windows XP
There is a place in XP where you can send a fax, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Fax, there is a section there that says "Send a Fax" and it walks you through.

Hope this helps!!
WP 5.1 or WP for Windows
if you are using windows xp..sm
up on the toolbar, there is an icon that shows the *zoom*. if you want to change the document to 100 percent, click on the icon, choose 100 percent, and save the document that way. if you want to use a template that is not at 100 percent..open the template, change the zoom to 100 percent, click to close and it will ask if you want to save changes. say yes. next time you open the template, it will be at 100 percent. hope this helps.
Do you have Windows XP?

What happens when you click on "My Documents"? Does it say that it is not accessible?

You might try creating a new folder to save your documents in. Try creating it directly on the C drive, so you bypass Documents and Settings.

Otherwise...I don't know what to suggest.  Good luck! Let us know if you find out what went wrong.

If you have Windows XP, there is....(sm)
Remote Desktop already in your system, you just have to access it. See link below. I've never used this myself, but I would imagine your new MTSO would have to give you more info, for you to log onto your server, ISP, or other. I'm not a real technie person, so can't really help further. Hopefully someone else will have more hands on experience for you.

(Personally, don't understand why the MTSO would not give you all the information you need to be able to work for them, and provide technical support, but that's just me, I guess....)

Good luck!

No, I use Windows XP.
It's really weird. It was the same expresss scribe I had last year. It worked fine. Now it doesn't work. I did uninstall it then download the newer version. So, I have been online looking for an older version. No luck yet, however.

But thanks for trying to help. I really appreciate everyone for trying to help me out with this.:)
do you do windows?
the ones on houses? and not the computer!
Windows XP sm

Dell stopped selling computers with XP on 6/30 this year.  I called them and asked them if I could get a computer with XP, and they told me no. 

I think it's a shame they're trying to make people purchase something they don't want. I'll probably go with Tiger Direct.


Is this for DOS or Windows?
Sounds like DOS version if it's on a disk. Not sure if one for Windows came on disk. If it's for Windows do you have the right version of Word to use it with? If it's for DOS do you have wp51 installed? Are you using it from the RUN function? Other than that maybe your disk might be corrupted.
Thank you but I have Windows XP

Do you know of a "fix" for this ?

Can you use the DOS system with Windows XP?nm
Anyone here about the Windows XP virus out right now?? nm
Anyone using or have used MedriteXL for Windows not DOS?
Is it MT-friendly and productive.  Does it count  headers, footers, etc., or would that be company-controlled.   Can you use ShortHand abbreviation Expander with it?
Windows upgrade
If in doubt about upgrade, please try www.worldstart.com and post a message on the message board asking your tech question and one of the techs will get back to you. They have helped me many times and are great. They sent me in the right direction for my memory upgrade and problems on my computer. They will know if it can or cannot be done. I always ask them there before I add anything on my computer. Just upgraded my memory to 512. They know about software/hardware, etc. Good luck. Try this web site, these techies know what they are doing.
MS Word for Windows 95
Does anybody know of a medical spellchecker that works with MS Word for Windows 95????  Thanks
ShortCuts for Windows........

I like Shorthand for Windows.
You can use it in MS Word almost everywhere else. It is very reasonably priced, and has a free 30-day trial.
if you are on XP, Shortcuts For Windows

PCShorthand for Windows
I use the above. It works with pretty much all windows-based programs. You can download a free 30-day trial to check it out.
This key is on all windows keyboards.
Windows Update.
Your operating system needs updates. Go to Microsoft site and check for the available updates.

MTStars Support Team.

The new Macs can use both Windows and OS X
The new macs allow you to install both Windows and OS X. So basically you get the best of both words. They call it a dual boot. I use it and it actually seems faster on my mac then it did on my pc. I hope this helps
Shorthand for Windows

I need help with setting a command for metformin XR so the X-RAY does not expand to x-ray.  Thanks!

a new windows software?
has anyone else heard about there being a new windows version that will be available to replace windows XP since a lot of people are dissatisfied with XP?  A friend of mine told me this as she had heard that much but she did not know all of the details.  TIA! 
Short Cut for Windows
Does anyone know if the word list from Short Cut for Windows is transferable to Shorthand? Thanks in advance.

32 days until Spring!!!
Yes, you can do this from Windows Explorer. sm
Find the ShortHand folder on the main drive. Look for your dictionary names ending with the spf extension. You can copy those to a CD or flash drive or email them to yourself.
WordPerfect for DOS or Windows?
Either way, you'd have to write a macro or something that would find the next instance of what your jump marker might be, and go there.
Use Windows Explorer. Are you using
WinXP? Click the setup.exe file.
Help with WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows
Long story short, I do dictation at a hospital where we use WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows.  I am going to be doing dictation at home and then pasting the file in WordPercfect at the hospital.  I was looking for a way to convert files from MS Word into to WP, but wasn't successful in that so now I'm trying to find a copy of WP 6.1 and am not having any luck.  Does someone know where I might could download this as I need it ASAP or can you use another version of WP with 6.1?  Thanks in advance.
Help! Windows turned sideways?

I tried a new 'keyboard shortcut' and miraculously not only did it not work, it turned my desktop on Windows sideways.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?


Is that Medrite windows based or DOS? nm
Shorthand, I believe works in all Windows
programs.  It works in my email, etc. so should work in Works also