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Oops! the are positive, not and positive.

Posted By: sleepy MT on 2006-05-24
In Reply to: The responses I get and usually positive. - just me


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how is this positive?
Is that if we're offered up sh@t, we're supposed to eat it, because it could be worse?  Nice attitude. 
well, I'm not positive but...sm
I don't think you can use any other Expander with DQS.  An expander does what DQS does...when you type tp and DQS gives you the patient (if that's one you use)...I used Smart Type b4 (which is still my short cut for before!!) and LOVED it.  It took me a long time to get production back up with DQS...but I was never as fast as you--2000 lines! wow   
You positive that's what it was? sm
If you're sure it was a panic attack, then I wouldn't go to the doctor. But if not absolutely sure, it could be something serious.

Extra stressors? How old are you (if you don't mind my asking!). Typical age is 30s. Lots of info easily found online.

As others said, the bag works for hyperventilating. Re-breathe the air from the bag.

Hope you feel better. No insurance sucks. I'm right there with you.
It was positive! sm
Congratulations! You will be in my prayers!
Think positive (sm)
When you say about going to counseling and state "but I feel it is not going to help" is not starting off in a good direction. Go to counseling with an open heart. Tell youself that it WILL work. Tell yourself that the counselor is going to help both of you see new ways to handle life.

Not knowing your husband's mental health issue, it's hard to put a finger on that. I'm saying it sounds like he's depressed? If he's not working due to this mental health issue, that's probably a nice slap on the ego as well.

With regard to getting help, ask him to come help you do whatever. I used to do the same thing, do everything while DH sat on his behind. We went for counseling and I let it be known at that point that I wanted a partner, not another kid. I wanted a partner in all aspects of our marriage; 50/50 marital, 50/50 in parenting, 50/50 in house keeping. We then went from there and figured out how to help this out. I told the counselor I felt like I was expected to do everything. He was kind of surprised to hear me say that. After that, we all started doing our own laundry, even him!!! He does his own work clothes too.

I'm going to bet that if your husband can feel like he's contributing more, maybe he'll feel better and start taking better care of himself. I know back in the day when I was depressed and feeling the world upon my shoulders, looking nice was the last thing on my mind.
Something positive

Yesterday I went to my daughter's school to have lunch.  This was the first time the school did this so it was very disorganized and the schedule was running an hour behind.  There were all of these moms fretting because they had to get back to work, and some even had to leave before they were able to participate.  Seeing this made me very happy to be an MT (IC) because I didn't have to worry about getting back to work right away and got to enjoy the time without the anxiety of what kind of trouble I would be in with the boss. 

I know we all have complaints and things that are not fair in this profession, but that is one huge benefit that I am more than happy to take.

Try to be positive sm
You have a great educational background. I met people along the way who could not spell diarrhea correctly. You may be able to help a large dental facility such as Tufts-NE in Boston or a service a large facility contracts their work to. You could start slow, gain confidence. You will definitely not make money at first, but if you want to stay home with your child, think of the costs you will eliminate and the pleasure you will gain by just being home. Don't be discouraged. Where there is a will, there is a way. Perhaps someone will direct you to some SUM program tapes, etc. and you could slowly build up your word book dictionaries by buying used. I started out buying books from the Salvation Army as I live near a large prestigious university. People tried to discourage me as well, but I learned fast and furious as I had a good education and a good head on my shoulders. Don't give up! Good luck!
You actually get POSITIVE feedback
Positive things!

Okay, I'm with ya here.  I really need to start focusing on the positives in my life instead of the negatives.  This is a fantastic way for me to start.

Let's see now.  I'm a recently divorced (YIPPEE - put that off for ten years!!) mother of 2.  Although it can be isolating working at home sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for anything!!  I make twice (sometimes three times) as much as I would per hour in a hospital.  I don't have to pay for day care - EVER. 

Oh, and since I make so much, I was able to keep the house (my ex couldn't ever afford it).  I'm proud to say I have not had to borrow ONE PENNY from anyone through my divorce, I did it all on my own! 

I can always be worse, I'm trying to be positive
You could be one of those in New Orleans, then would the pay cut mean anything to you? You would be happy to be alive. Why is it that only what affects us personally matters? This is what is wrong with society. My husband took a 25% pay cut a year ago, now the company he works for is bankrupt, slated to shut down in 9 days. He has worked there for 35 years. Be thankful you have a job, or get a new one.
A positive pause...please sm

Just wanted to share a link with anyone who could use a little positivity today...it's truly worth it




need positive thoughts
whether you have insurance or not, if you continue to experience chest pain, go to the nearest ER. I am a 42 year old who had to have a stent due to a 95% blockage. It is better to be alive than worried you will look silly.
Thank you for the positive thoughts.
I do have a little small something that might eventually need surgery, but it's not cancer. This doctor was very nice and didn't treat me like I was a hypochondriac.
I'm positive - maybe if I "google" it (sm)

Duh. I figured it out, it's positive. nm

The responses I get and usually positive.
The most common is, "Oh, I know someone who does that. She makes a lot of money!"
Positive experience here...
We filed Chapter 7 a couple of years ago (before new laws).  Best thing that ever happened.  Since then we have paid off our house, saved money and are driving older paid-for cars.  We only pay cash.  If we don't have enough, we save it.  It actually turned into a blessing for us.  I think credit is absolutely ruining so many people's lives.  Better to do without for now and save!  Then if you save, you can pay for emergencies.  Good luck in whatever you decide!!
Thank you for the positive encouragement!
It is a very scary thing to do, but I am not going to quit...I need to continue on.
Think Positive....see message
Okay, so maybe you have slacked off a bit on your production in comparison to years past, no big deal. Maybe you just got comfortable with a flexible schedule and didn't make much time to work and perhaps you didn't need the money to begin with....We all make excuses! It is very easy to get sidetracked and do 'everything else' when you are at home trying to work. The great thing about this new situation for you is that it will be a FRESH Start! You can make more out of it if you start off by setting goals, meeting production, etc. Don't really need the extra money now, but want to have something to fall back on in case your situation changes? Well, then reward yourself for the extra hard work by treating yourself to "prizes"- go shopping, go to the spa, go out for ice cream, anything. Make yourself feel good about meeting your goals/production requirements. Yes, you CAN do it. You will be proud of yourself for doing it. And By the Way- Congratulations on your new Position! :)
Well, I am not positive, but the way I understood it--sm
was that the bill *strongly encouraged* physicians to upgrade and make paper medical records available on some type of electronic system so they could be accessed by computer. I do not necessarily believe that all doctors are going to be *forced* to use the EHR system for transcription...just so the records can be accessed on line by any physician anywhere. that is all. but that is just my understanding of it and again, I could be wrong. Sounds like she was just trying to scare you! She better be careful, maybe they will sign a bill allowing for robots to take over all nursing professions too. lol. j/k.
Positive note
MT is a real, legitimate work-at-home job. You can't do it, usually, without either contacts, past experience or formal training. I formally trained for 7 months and got a job working from home 2 weeks after graduating. The formal training costs are reasonable...and I think anyone would agree with that after the money they've spent on their BA (of which I have one too). If you are serious about this, get formally trained at one of the good on-line schools, and you should have no trouble finding an at-home position. Working with a child or children (as I do) is not easy, but it can work if you want/need it to. You will have to have some help...maybe your spouse or an in-home babysitter sometime, but it beats working full time and leaving your kids in daycare to get pneumonia, of which I speak from experience. Good luck to you in your decision. Becky
Positive note

I didn't even realize you could look at other reports...and I will definitely try just using the function keys instead of the foot pedal.  I have also been typing for a long time, 20+ years, and I find it difficult to make my fingers do other things than what they have been doing for 20 years LOL...but I guess I just have to get used to it.

The thing that I really don't like about this system, and maybe you could give me some feedback on this too...I HATE the spellchecker...when I spellcheck a word, there is an option to add the word, but when I go to the next report, it's not there.  There is also no way to save any normals, except for the autocorrect for words, but I don't think you can actually put in a paragraph or a sentence and have that as an autocorrection.    The words that are in the spellchecker are horrible too...most medicines are either captilized or lower case, even if they are not generics.  I am just so used to the Word program and really feel that it's the best to type in.  I also don't like the fact that once you send the report, you cannot get back to it.  I have just really been making mistakes in this new system, and am now watching every little thing I do, and that slows me down, but maybe once I work out some of the kinks, I will be able to speed back up and not have to worry so much.

I also liked the advice (not sure right now who gave it) about cutting and pasting the document into word to make sure there are no mistakes...I have been doing that, and it's working really well for me!  Thanks for that

Thanks for the advice!

thanks for the "proof positive"
This just sounded too good to be true, and I really appreciate the "proof positive" it is working for transcriptionists before I invest. One potential employer without hesitation lumped wireless in with satellite. I will make a transcript of this post to reply back on my next rejection e-mail.

Thanks again for the help.

Do not look for it to be a positive experience at all.
Hey, thanks for such a positive post.
Thanks also to the others below who understand how it is out there.
Think positive and don't worry is my best tip.
I took my test and passed (I'm sure by the skin of my teeth, LOL) way back in 1992, so it's all different now. Some of the best MTs I ever knew--far better than I was--didn't pass the first time, but passed the second, and others just got mad and didn't take the exam again.

If you want it, go for it. I believe you will pass because you truly want the credential, and desire and motivation are the key! :) :)
I used to be positive - but, too many years as an MT

finally, a POSITIVE post, thanks! nm

:) There are a LOT of positive, helpful people out there...
...but you won't find many here, unfortunately. FYI. :o)
Guaranteed positive results.

It seems people everywhere are looking for positivity - especially in light of the Katrina disaster, on top of the 9/11 anniversary, the Iraq war, tensions in every aspect of our life.  I'm going to share a personal mantra of mine that has helped me in the past, is soothing me now, and will greatly benefit me in the future as well.

Fasting can be looked at in different ways.  Most of the time, we think of it purely toward food and most of the time associate it with religion.  Fasting, however, is really a drawing back, holding back, purposefully now allowing full satisfaction.  You can do this in any and all aspects of your life.  Fasting as a way of life can change your life -- it has mine.

By not allowing myself to fully satisfy whatever aspect I am engaging, I make room for personal growth and fulfillment from that innate resource of the soul.  I recognize God as my maker, my Father, my Savior.  Some recognize other forms of higher power.  I can speak from MY experience, my beliefs, that fasting in areas of your life as a way of living will grant Him room to give you satisfaction and fulfillment beyond what you could have achieved without it.

You can fast with money -- don't buy everything you want to with the last $5 in your hand, give it away.  Give it to some worthy cause.  Give it to church.  Buy diapers or food for a local shelter.  Don't take all your money for just yourself.

You can fast with time -- give 30 minutes a week to read stories to children at the library, to visit a nursing home and play checkers or just talk and hold the hands of people who have no control over their fate, or volunteer with CASA or a battered women's shelter, or even a school to help with room mothers or watch traffic at the high school, etc.  Don't take all your time for just yourself.

You can fast with your intellect -- give an hour a week to work on changing a problem in your community, your state, your local government, your school district, this nation, this world.  Use your mind and determine a value really close to your heart and then use your intellect to understand where you can help and do so.  Don't take all your intellectual energy for just yourself.

You can fast spiritually -- give an hour or two a week in prayer for simply thanks.  It takes the focus off YOU.  It puts it on OTHERS.  It directs your attention away from what you are inundated with all the time.  Don't take all your prayer time for just yourself.

Of course, you can fast with food as well.  Wednesdays are the middle of the work week and perhaps you could do a juice fast (only juice/water) for the day, or fast from something you usually indulge in, or just simply decide to always leave food uneaten on your plate every meal.  Do it with the remembrance of the millions who die every single day from not having food to eat.  Do it to recognize that we have it all right here in our own backyard.  Do it to recognize the choice you have of whether you WANT to eat, what you want to eat, how much you want, etc.  Maybe you will fast a meal and send the makings of one to a shelter or to a family in need.  Don't take all the food just for yourself.

The list can go on and on and on.  It truly works.  You can start really really small and if you want to increase what you are enjoying, you've a base to start on.  Start with $5 a payperiod to invest in others; 30 minutes a week to give to others; 30 minutes a week studying and working toward resolution of a problem in your world somewhere; 30 minutes a week of prayer for others; a meal a week for others. 

Trust me, it is a different type of sacrifice.  One that only offers positive results and they are guaranteed for everyone. 

Guaranteed positive results
Thank you for such a wonderful post. I know that this is true. I've tried and have been successful in teaching my children that it is important to give and help others but I find myself slacking in these areas recently. With my health problems I feel I have been mired down in self-pity but with your post to remind me what it's all about, perhaps I will be able to get back on track. Thank you again - your post has been a blessing.
I liked it!! good to see positive humor! ..nm
Positive serum pregnancy
Yes, it happened to me spotting on tissue only for 2 days, son is now almost 20. Doctor first said she did not know if it was a viable pregnancy, told me to go home and take it easy for a week, I did just what she said. Bleeding stopped by the next day. Good luck to you.
Positive pregnancy test
Indeed I've had that experience with two months of bleeding/spotting with a positive pregnancy test, the result of which was a lovely 11 lb 9 1/2 oz, 26-inch long baby boy born by natural delivery with a smile on his beautiful face. The lovely boy is now 6'4" inches tall and the love of my life. My prayers go with you for a successful outcome.
positive voice recognition?
Are there any MTs on this board who are doing voice recognition work and enjoying the job and pay?
I agree...Time to be positive
No one is perfect, no company is perfect and everyone has frustrations. I try to teach my little girl to focus on how to make things better and we all should too. :)
Also-my attitute has been positive till now-
Hope this doesn't happen to you
So you actually find positive things to say about
You sound like a newbie. Or maybe you're a suit? If not please enlighten us. What is there to like about seeing what was once a good job turn into nothing but peanut-paying sweatshop labor?
You are so welcome .. I've had a very POSITIVE attitude (sm)
adjustment in the past few weeks since I went out on my own ... I'm more than happy to help anyone wanting to do the same.  The feeling is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Kudos to you! You have a positive 'tude!

I would suggest since I started working 20 years ago in this field that you take notes.  Ask for sample reports if and when possible.  Start a notebook either by account or dictator.  I have a 3-ring binder.  If I have an account (like your secondary) where it's different specialties, I simply open my notebook and it brings back my memory of that particular dictator.  Some people say use expanders, but I don't use one.  I do use autotext because I work in Word. 

I think developing speed takes having the same dictator, but I definitely think you are on the right path! 

there should be more positive/truthful comments

I am at the opposite end of the MT career ladder. I am a newbie working her first job at home with IC status, and I have no complaints. I was just thrilled to get a job. Fortunately, my program gave me no delusions about what it is really like as an MT. Plus I didn't do an online program-I went to school the old fashioned way for over a year.

I don't care at this point in time how much I make (7 cpl) because this is a career choice and you have to start somewhere. It took hard work to get through school and months to get my first job, but I am happy. I love the medical field and doing interesting and challenging work. That is why I chose this profession. I'm sure there are others out there like me, they are just probably busy doing what they love to do.

positive "osbitidal glycerone" OBGYN
I know this is probably the wrong board, but I need positive thoughts
prayers, whatever you can spare.  I've been having left-sided chest pain for a couple of months now.  I had two irregular EKGs about 18 months ago but couldn't get in with a cardiologist before losing my health insurance due to job loss.  They've got a huge waiting list to get in, and "younger" people are at the bottom of the list.  I'm just feeling panicky because I'm worried that it's breast or lung cancer or heart disease or something, and I've got young kids at home.  I just hope this doctor doesn't treat me like I'm a hypochondriac because I'm a female Transcriptionist over the age of 30.
Putting a positive spin on MT resume
Updating my resume and wondering if there is suggested format when one is an MT? Not a lot of job hopping per se but multiple jobs at once (for enough lines). When I list them all its hard not to make it look bad with so many company names.
Thanks for your advice.
When asked for your opinion, always make it positive
while trying to get your point across. I.e., when asked if work has been low, do not say "yes, it has", but instead give a response that will make them feel like you know they are doing everything they can to keep everyone happy rather than saying they overhired again.
Yeah, you have to lie through your teeth to survive in these crappy companies.
You might need to report the problem to IT. They may be able to improve it, but I'm not positive
We use Winscribe wav player when we help out other offices, and at one of them the sound was not good. After I sent an e-mail to the IT guy it seemed like he may have improved it, but that's just a theory because he didn't tell me that. Good luck.

Has anyone ever had a positive serum pregnancy test and...sm
then started bleeding or spotting without any pain?  I had 2 positive urine tests and then started spotting or having a period but not as heavy (only sign of blood was on tissue).  I have been doing this for 2 days, so I went to the ER today.  Serum test was 154...I have to go back in 2 days in which time they say it should double if everything is okay.  Has anyone had experience like this and came out okay? 
1 positive post near top of pg 2 on the Company board.
Positive the hyphen doesn't go in sm for Vicryl
The zero (0) and one (1) can stand alone. You put a # if the dictate it, not if they don't. 1 Vicryl, or 0 Vicryl is correct, as is 2-0 Vicryl and 3-0 Vicryl and 5-0 Vicryl Rapide (not RePEED) as I had an MT transcribe and who SHOULD have looked this up!

Numbers really can stand alone, as above or in 2 days' time. I had an MT type in 1-day and that is wrong, it is just 1 day or even one day. We are so used to sticking stuff together with hyphens and what not, it seems odd at times, but it is true. I'd rather see a number stuck alone that really needs to be a compound modifier, than see them always as compound modifiers when they are not. This is the most common error I am seeing in QA right now.
Robin, you're a delight, always so positive. ) nm
It goes both ways. Not all those with positive experiences are skilled or professional.

Some are in it for the referral bonus, some are company recruiters posting anonymously.  It's really hard for anyone to tell the motives, but you can usually tell from the way a person posts who is on the up and up from those who are just spewing sour grapes and those bucking for the referral bonus. I tend to believe negative posts that don't personally insult other posters over positive posters that completely rule out any type of problem.  If a person is saying that their company is perfect and there are NO problems, that should send up red flags.