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Pay by report?

Posted By: Resalyn on 2005-11-15
In Reply to:

Hi, all:  I've been getting my own small clients here and there, and I've had a request for a proposal to radiology reports for a small radiology group.  Their current vendor is charging them by report, not line.  Anyone have any idea what to charge by report?  I've done some calculating with regard to average lines per report, and I'm thinking of offering to do it for $3 per report.  Any idea if this is too high or too low???  Any input is appreciated........


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You do not need the 1099. You just need to report the income. Report the company/person ...sm
to the IRS for not sending out the 1099. 
I charge the same amount for a "normal" report as for any other report.
You still have to listen to the dictation and change anything that's different.  I had one woman try to pull this on me.  She'd dictate, "Just pull up my normal, but change this, change that, switch that around, move that, add this, delete that, and change the other."  Then she'd only want to pay me what equated to $.03 per line.  She wanted 1:1 on her dictation to transcription ratios.  I told her to take her cheap account down the road because I'm worth more than that.
Oh, a report just came in. A report actually just slid in, can you believe it. Hip Hip Hooray. I

had better get that sucker typed before it gets out of ONE MINUTE TAT.

If you are careful with putting the correct report in the correct report shell and patient, you will
not have any problems. I only take away this option when someone is careless. There can be NO room for error on this. One mistake can be very serious. Many do it well though, so just double check and you will be fine.

Yes...Every Report
I have to admit, I proofread EVERY SINGLE REPORT. But I always have gone for overkill, and I am new. My one and only QA score was 98%. While I am proofreading (long reports), I sometimes stand up and stretch, or run and grab a snack or lunch so I don't feel like it is so much a waste of time. I suppose I will have to get to the point where I don't proofread every report, or I will never make any money! I may have to rethink my strategy if and when MQ increases their line quota for part time employees. Rumor has it at 8,000 lines per pay period, and I am only managing 6,000 and working long hours just to do that. Got to figure SOME way to speed up!
I get paid per report, $1.30, includes all accessions/requisitions -
for instance in one report if doc says this is an MRI of the Head, neck and 3d multiplanar I get 1.3 for each. I use Shorthand and I have eight years experience. I do anywhere from 80-120 reports a day.
There was a report in AL, I think, that there was

a live alligator swimming around the flood waters there in one area. The newscaster kept saying it was live and nobody would come out and was avoiding that area until it disappeared. It's probably waiting somewhere quietly for its next dinner to walk by.

Two of my accounts are in New Orleans and I have typed hundreds of patients with abscesses that tested positive for MRSA over the last few months. The way the city is now cannot be helping this at all. A few of the docs I do are automatically  treating for MRSA now w/o getting the culture report just because they've seen so many cases.

right! Fox would report a

That would be real news there.

No, the woman bought a LOUIS VUITTON with the money she got

(debit card).


ONE report probably
so they will need to add more MT's...LOL! I feel for all of you.
Per Report
The highest I have heard of anyone paying per report is $2 with most paying less than that. Hope that helps.
Per report

Working as an IC you should be charging $2 per report, that is what I charge my clients.  Good Luck!!!

I saw a report that said . . .
Heart rate 80 permanent. Do ya think he said per minute?
Report changes
Has anyone ever had someone go in and change your reports?  I don't mean change a small word or the wording of a sentence.  I am talking about taking out information and putting in information that the doctor did not dictate, making the report incorrect for the patient's records?  I found this happening to my work and need information on the legal ramifications, as well as how to handle this. 
report changes

I work at home for a service, but not as an IC.  I found work changed by having a temporary copy on file - then the QA changes/corrections - and then relistened and found changes made that affected the whole report, different medications, different procedures and PMH, etc.  Information that will probably one day go on to another physician that is incorrect and that I did not transcribe, but with my initials on the report.  Of course, I realize that once the physician signs it that the liability is on him, but it's just inconceivable that someone would do this.  I saw this happen one other time when I worked in house and one Transcriptionist didn't like another one and this was done in order to try and get the disliked employee fired.  However, it did not involve my work then.  I keep thinking that MTs all think ethically and with a legal obligation to the patient, but I know in reality that to some it is just a job.  I am tetering on talking to the company and/or the account manager, especially since I have everything in black and white - the first report - the QA corrections - the changes to the report after it came back to me, etc.  I'm just looking for some guidance on how to handle the situation. 


I had one report from one md....sm

I had one MD last week that had this dinging sound throughout his report......I hit no key accidentally or held a key down.  This was on the dictator's side, this dinging noise.....

$1.20 per report
ask what are the margins, font, length of reports for per page or gross lines

also what do you mean by "plus paid for links?" is this something additional that you do for the report?
$1.20 per report
I have been offered $1.30, $1.50, $1.75 to $2.00 per page depending on the average length of report.
definitely report it
That is very disturbing to me. She was very unprofessional and not that I want to know what she said, but is it something she did that should be reported to authorities?
$3-4.00 per report sm
But no one will pay that. You probably don't want to take a job typing MRIs and CTs by the report. They can get pretty lengthy. Just my 2 cents. :)
I just sent a report with ....

24 QA markers.  The darn thing looked liked Swiss cheese.  And it wasn't even an ESL.  He was an American who could speak perfectly good English if he chose to.  Instead, he slurrs entire sentences, sometimes 2 or 3 together in the same breath.  I cringe every time this guy comes up on my screen and even having old reports to look at in my feedback screen doesn't help. 

Okay, I'm done.  Have a good evening.  I'm changing into my flannel jammies and watching a movie.

My tax guy says you do not have to report it if
If they 1099 ya', that means they reported to the IRS that they paid you.  If they send you the 1099, then you must report it or you could get blipped.  The $500.00 amount is correct though if you made under that amount, you do not have to claim it.  I really do not think you need to combine anything.  Each company you have worked for as an IC should 1099 ya'!  Just my thoughts on this issue and the experiences I have had. 
Every report
This person has no experience and seems to have no pride in the work. She types any old thing. I send her feedback and I get somewhat snippy replies that I should explain things better... I am not the trainer..but references to that I might have needed help when I started out. Well truthfully, when I started out I looked things up like crazy, proofed by work and had a lot of pride in my product. This person had to have been very cheap for the boss. The boss knows I will fix the mess and so what's the problem? Everything is peachy for everyone except me?
pay per report
Any radiology Transcriptionist out there that know of any companies that pay per report and how much?
Per Report pay
MQ pays up to $1.25 per report for Radiology.
report pay
Is 1.10 cheap per report?
per report

I think 1.10 is low - i get 1.50 on one account, 2.00 on another.  I think rad reports are average 15 lines per report.

On other rad accounts I get 10 and 12 cents per line.

per report
I get 2.00 on one of my smaller accounts and 1.50 for another.
Try pay per report instead (sm)

I think you were responding to another post, but...

I understand your predicament.  This is the reason why I will only work for an MTSO that pays per report.  And even with that, I need to see a good balance of reports, with at least 50-60% of the dictations 1 minute or less.   Also, an MTSO that pays for links and has normals.  Your average x-ray may be 10 lines, so imagine getting paid $1.20/report for that, and for the 5-line one, too.  Yes, you'll get CTs and MRIs, but these are so easy to template and add to your Instant Text that even if they're 3 mins, you'll still do them in little of no time.   

rad by report
Just remember, this is by REPORT and not the PAGE.  Some reports are 2 to 3 pages long and whther you type 4 sentences or 400, you will still get paid by report.
Please report ... SM
Please forward any unwanted email you receive through the MTStars board directly to the administrator at admin@mtstars.com.

I think if it's in an ad like that, anyone should be able to report them.
so did you report them?
Exactly! If a report goes through QA...SM

That QA person's name should be on the report as well, especially since they have the final say in its quality.  If the QA passes off a piece of ----, they'll still get off scott free, while the MT gets left holding the bag, as usual.

Per Report
Be careful about charging per report. I think several rad MTs have found more and more places are doing detailed diagnostic studies with minimal to no use of normals, so a 15 minute report can indeed be 15 minutes of straight typing. At $1.15 or so per report and an 8-hour shift full of diagnostics, you could end up really suffering financially. I'd go per line or per page, just to make sure you're covered.

Good luck!!!
That's what I have to do, too, but when I use it in a report it comes out
Report him
I would call JHACO and report him. The AMA might slap his hand.
Also- that report was CC'd to

an apology/correction letter sent with a corrected report to all five CC'd physicians, at the request of the psycho MD whose name I screwed up.

My director said just do it and forget about it. 

I agree, that MD had some other issues going on there, for sure, besides being accidentally referred to as Dr. Stupid. 

H&P report
Hi I'm new here and not sure how this works quite yet.  I'm a student from Allied Medical School almost done with my MT course.  I'm doing a H&P report and under the examination the doctor is talking like it's supposed to be paragraphed but also put some headings in there as well.  I'm a little confused as to how to type it out.  Example:  VITAL SIGNS:  His pulse is 112. Respirations 14.  Blood pressure 157/86.  For general appearance he appears quite uncomfortable.  His face is flushed.  Non-toxic and no respiratory distress.  Neck is supple. He demonstrates full range of motion of his neck without pain or ("cervical spine") tenderness to palpation.  CARDIOVASCULAR:  His heart rate is down to 100 beats per minute.  It is a regular rate and rhythm.  S1, S2, and no murmurs were appreciated. 
Pay per report (radiology)
1. If a radiologist dictates CT abdomen/pelvis and you have to combine the reports, do you get paid for this?

2. If the radiologists read reports from another facility and the transcriptionist has to type them in the system (a different way than the regular reports), do you get paid for these?

3. If you transcribe a report dictated by someone other than the radiologist (i.e., cardiologist), do you get paid for this?

I have found that the discrepancies in my production totals have to do with all three of the above. I don't believe I am being paid for any of them.

These may be good questions to ask when discussing employment. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask before-hand. I'll repost to let you know when I get the answers from the company.
I reread each report.
report samples

Does anyone know of a web site with surgical report samples and EMG reports?  I've searched google for hours and can only find informartion ABOUT them, not actual reports....

Thanks for ANY help!

I get paid by the report and would only
consider by line if all I did were MRIs, CTs, etc.
I report them to their supervisor and if I can't get anywhere, I look for another job and when
I've located one, I give notice with an explanation as to why I'm resigning.
that's where I saw the hoax report, too
Link: http://www.snopes.com/science/mars.asp
Lab report question. SM.
Antinuclear antibody 15HS IU/mL puts him in a 1/80 to 1/320 dilution and it was also ANA pattern was homogenous speckled pattern was also detected. Sed. rate was 24 and the ANA titer was then 1/160. (This doesn't seem to make sense. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.)

Yes. I wonder though if it is 2.75 a report or 2.75 an exam.
If there is a police report, that should be all they need -sm
I am going though this too right now, was T-bone, other person ran a red light and they were cited. Their insurance has copped to fault but pushing to get me to settle for $350, really don't want to get lawyers involved but fear I may have to. Also wonder if any of our conversations have been recorded, the agent has never said they were though. I have contemplated settlement but have not agreed to it or any figure. Since our last conversation my back/neck pain as become more of an annoyance (its been almost 2 months since the accident now), 2 doctors told me there was nothing they could do and I was fine....muscular injury....now seeing a chiropractor which is helping, so in the meantime I have not done anything about "settling". You have 2 years by the way in most states. So take your time and be careful what you say basically. I have a knot at the back of my neck the size of a small egg that gets worse the more I work, not good, along with stiffness and minor discomfort. It took time to all come out, so with being rear-ended get checked out and don't believe everything they tell you. My 2 doctors I was less than impressed with, one handed out Vicodin like candy (I have taken 4 in 2 months and he tried to give me more when I called him back a week after the accident), the orthopedist said I had a neck curve but it was from the swelling and time would fix it. How much time? A week, a month, 2 years, what? No advice on how to try to heal myself, etc. Needless to say I don't need this crap on top of everything else, but I have lost work, etc. and it is now harder to work, so I am taking a wait and see approach at this point. Good luck in how you handle it.
Report not returned
They'll catch errors at Spheris. You can bet on that. Some very good editors there. You won't get "punished" though, the edited report will just be returned to you via e-mail or through their edited report system. I think they realize not everyone is perfect. Sometimes the docs are pretty tolerable too, as long as it doesn't happen that often.
I'm so glad you were able to report them!
I live in a small area, just off two sorta major highways, and it just bothers me how folks drive. Heck, a lot of them don't bother slowing in a community where the speed limit slows to 55, there are kids living there, and I think it should be slower even.

Good for you! I HOPE he slows down some, if not, maybe some well-placed nails in the road?? hehe
Every day I transcribe an op report on someone who is REALLY having a bad day, sm
and no prospects at having any kind of a happy life.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, especially when you're feeling down. And never lose faith as you're supposed to be learning something from this, and God really is looking after you.

I'm sorry things aren't going well. My very best advice,again, is for you to be positive--look at the ever-present bright side--COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, and never, ever lose faith.
The worst report I ever did was
some years ago, when I worked part-time in an AIDS clinic. The doc started dictating on a former co-worker/friend of mine. Of course, I couldn't say anything, but it was a heartbreaking experience.