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Pay scale

Posted By: Pat on 2006-09-18
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I've looked into new jobs on the site and noted one company out of MO stating they would pay .06 cents/line. I have been a Transcriptionist for over 35+ years, retired, worked contingent, then thought I would seek another part-time job. The last job I had was .08 cents/line which wasn't terrible but not good either. Who would work for a measly .06 cents/line if you were experienced? What a disappointment. Guess I'll finally sell my foot pedal and earphones. Have already sold my two transcription machines. Sad, because I loved doing this but I could take in ironings or clean houses for more pay than that--besides which, it would be mindless

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MQ pay scale
Specifics have not been announced yet, however, my TC sent a memo stating SE part time employees are required to do 4,000 lines/week...Well, sure I would, if there was enough work!  My invoice just went in at midnight and because the work was low and no work over the last two week period of time, I only did approximately 7,400 lines.  So, if they want to make a rule 4,000 lines/week for part time and 6,000/week for full time, I hope they provide the work.
wow, the pay scale has gone down since
I was there three years ago.  How do they stay in business?  When I was there, the flat training rate reflected how much you would be getting in cpl, depending on how they think you did on the test.  Me having about 6 years experience under my belt at the time, scored the lowest according to them, and the starting pay was 7.5 cpl an hour and 12$ per hour during training.  Of course that is still mortifying, but what you're talking about is not even minimum wage, and this is a skilled profession!!
pay scale
I'd like to know which is the best way to charge for radiology, by the line or by the report. If by report, how much? TIA!!
pay scale for MTs
Why is it that we continue to allow the MTSOs to offer a pay scale of only 7 and 8 cents a line for the work we do? They want experienced, hard-working MTs and then want to pay us entry level? I don't think so. Until the MTs take a stand on this issue, the MTSO's are going to continue this. No wonder they keep saying there is a "shortage of good MTs"---it's because the experienced MTs won't work for what they are paying. We have to make a living just like everyone else. Who else do you know that works for 7 and 8 cents a line?! Come on, MTs; don't take those low-paying offers! YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT, AREN'T YOU?
Here is how I scale it myself

General Transcription with no ESL $45-50 and audio hour add $5-10 for multispeaker or ESLs.

Medical is $60 minimum for clinic and no ESLs.  I add from there depending on what else they want and ESL content.

Also, if this is general transcription and they require that you put timestamps in anywhere, I charge $1.00 each for that because it is a pain. 

This is all if you are the one typing though too.  If you are planning to outsource any, you will have to go up at least $15/hour to cover your overhead or end up with unskilled labor and/or India for subcontractors.

QA scale
Forgive my ignorance, but what is a weighted QA scale? I really don't know.
Does anyone know what the pay scale is for MQ? At what line

anyone else with ideas on pay scale for
Can email me if you'd like. Sure would appreciate it!
Amphion pay scale

Can anybody tell me what pay scale is at Amphion? Just curious about them because they have clinic but not sure about how it would balance since it looks like they require computer rent and internet expense. What kind of clinic work do they have? Is it just letters and short notes or more meaty clinic stuff, like neurology consults or things like that? Oh, and do they require a schedule set in stone or do you have any flexibility in getting lines in? TIA

Hospital MTs: What is your pay scale?

Just wondering what your base pay is, and how your incentive program works.  If you would like to give your city or geographic area that would be nice, but not necessary.  I'm just hoping to get an idea.

Also, what benefits does your hospital offer?  I'm specifically wondering about 401K and whether any hospitals match the employee's 401K contribution.

RE: Hospital MTs: What is your pay scale?
I work for a hospital in Tennessee and my base rate is $23/hour. Full health plan with medical/dental, hospital pain retirement plan, also contributory 401K, sick/vacation days, etc.
There is a standard scale!
I know this is an old post, but I just ran across it.  There absolutely is a standard scale.  The AAMT website has it under an article titled Metrics for Measuring Quality in Medical Transcription (2005).  I wish I could give you the exact page, but I only have the .pdf of that article - but it was only downloaded last week, so it'll still be there. 
I am in need for a weighted QA scale sm
I need to give some feedback and I'd love a weighted QA scale to use. Would someone be kind enough to email me one? I can't find the one I had and I didn't lift it off this site when it has been mentioned.

Many thanks.
QA scale--see inside--sm
I would think each company woudl have its own criteria, but this is one from an account I helped draft.


Medical Word Omitted (CTRL1) Point Value 1.0
Omitted medical words found in a trusted medical publication source (dictionary, specialty word book, drug index etc). In CS.com, there is not a distinction between critical/noncritical.

Medical Word Misspelled (CTRL2) Point Value 0.75
Misspelled medical words found in a trusted medical publication source (dictionary, specialty word book, drug index etc). This includes failure to adhere to AAMT Book of Style Dangerous Abbreviations list, as well as other medically related errors addressed in this reference guide, that could potentially harm a patient. In CS.com, there is not a distinction between critical/noncritical. Measurements typed incorrectly. Typing wrong form of word.

Punctuation (CTRL3) Point Value 0.25
Punctuation that is omitted or included in error that changes the meaning of a sentence, having the potential to cause harm to a patient.

Capitalization (CTRL4) Point Value 0.25
Capitalization that is omitted or included in error that changes the meaning of a sentence, having the potential to cause harm to a patient.

Grammar (CTRL5) Point Value 0.10
Any grammatical errors.

English Word Misspelled (CTRL6) Point Value 0.50
Misspelled general words.

Omitted Word Minor(CTRL7) Point Value 0.25
Omitted word that is not critical to the meaning of the sentence.
Typed extra word that does not not cause misunderstanding to the meaning of the sentence.

Omitted Word Major(CTRL8) Point Value 0.75
Omitted word that is critical to the meaning of the sentence.
Omitted modality in the title.
Contrast vs. noncontrast
Changed format (no techniques on required studies, no history, etc.).

current pay scale
I am an IC with 30 years experience. I am currently making 12 cents a 65 character line with no benefits, no time off, no taxes taken out, which is nothing compared to what I used to make in the hospital with all benefits.

None of us make enough, nor are we appreciated for our speed, knowledge and hard work.

Good luck! I hope you get your raise. You deserve it.
pay scale and benefits

I do not agree with you there.  It does not matter if we are all remote or not.  If ALL the qualified MTs would take a stance together and stop working entirely for a very short period of time ALL companies would have to give in.  Without the backbone of their company, which is the remote MT, they would have no other choice but to close their doors or pay what is fair.  Remember, when this industry went to the national carriers, they made the largest portion of their employees home-based, and for a reason, to cut down on their overhead.  With that being said, who is doing all their work and lining their pockets with money.  I have been involved, not as an MT, but in many other employment areas that had similar problems and demanded it to be rectified.  It was not done by a union; however, very similar.  ALL QUALIFIED PEOPLE MUST STOP WORKING, but prior to this must state why and for what they are demanding.   Example... until we get benefits and a fair pay scale we do not work... PERIOD!   I understand there is a group called AAMT with a BOS and an AHDI???? not sure of this one.  But they make you do standarized formats.  What I would do is contact these big groups, AAMT and tell them.  We that are CMTs or qualified MTs are going to cease all work functions until we have a standardized package.  We are expected to have all this knowledge and keep up all these credentials... and we demand to be compensated with a benefit package and fair pay scale.   The way I see it, the MT has taken a decrease in these areas, yet expected to know and do much more.  Does not make sense to me, but I am not an MT.  I was directed to this board by an MT who was looking for ideas to get something done in these areas.  

MediTech is in Marietta, not sure of their pay scale though
Where on the scale of conditions would a guarded

condition be?



First thing I would point out is that 8 cpl is the low end of the pay scale
Any MQers heard of 'new pay scale'?
There has been some rumors about this on this board.  Some say they have recently received communication (har, har, har...sorry) about this.  Anyone know any specifics?  Any other changes?
What is paid by page per sliding scale?
New one on the job board.  Never heard of such.  Just wondering.
Or they could have "restructured" (i.e., cut) their pay scale and lost most of their editors.
How is QA score measured? Is there a standard scale? sm

Is it per report?  Is by the number of characters in the report?  I am guessing that a missed comma is counted differently than a wrongly used medical term...

Thanks for any help!

My economic dilemma is the same only perhaps on a higher scale...
I have had my cable connection shut off so many times for nonpayment, my utilities are not being paid in full because we simply never have enough money, groceries are now a luxury rather than a necessity as are utilities by the way...my pay has diminished greatly due to the global market and competing with countries like India in Medical Transcription.

I am aware of India and their problems but I am concerned for my own situation and survival.

got interrupted, cannot finish, but had to make my point
Current pay scale for radiology transcriptionist

Hello Cyberspace,

I am wondering if anyone can direct me to a website that will help me calculate if I am getting paid correctly for the work I am doing.  I would like to know the going rate per line and per report for radiology transcriptionists. 

I have several years experience and need some documentation in order for me to request a pay increase. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


"Example... until we get benefits and a fair pay scale

Will you share what you think poverty wages means, i.e. pay scale? nm
1000 lines / 1.5 = 667 X incentive pay scale rate?

Ok, I inquired about a job and this is what they told me.  Does this make sense to you all?  What are they trying to say they pay for QA work? 

We have an incentive pay plan ranging from 0.07 cents to 10 cents per line. 
Our editing accounts are converted into typed lines.  If you edit 1000 lines,
it is divided by 1.5 to  get 667 typed lines and then paid on the incentive pay scale.