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Play with other settings, too. My Auto backseop is on 1100 ms, slow 50%, and

Posted By: fast 150%. nm on 2007-04-06
In Reply to: An ExpressScribe Question - StyxFan


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Play with the settings under Playback & Control and
In Express Scribe, click Settings, then Auto Backstep....sm
Then enter how much you want it to go back.   I have mine set at 1100.   Don't forget to click "OK".  
Go to file, settings, playback, auto backset on stop about half way down.....sm
I have mine on 1500. Hope that helps!
Play with the numbers if it's still too slow for you. nm
My Dictatphone settings are Ŗ" to slow down and ŗ" to speed up (you can press these mo
Auto Text too full-slow MS Word
Has anyone experienced having their Auto Text in MS Word so full that it slows down getting into and out of MS Word Program?  This seems to be the problem, because when I accidentally deleted my "Auto Text" entries, my Word program worked fast again.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 
You need something to play the files like free download of Express Scribe. Need to play with your
Are you sure you're using Auto Text and not Auto Correct?
Auto Text accompanies the template, as I stated before. The Auto Correct entries are in a separate file with the .acl extension.
Transferring Auto Correct/Auto Text

I work in Word currently and have a large number of AC/AT entries.  I am moving to a platform that has Instant Text or Shorthand.  Is it possible to transfer these entries as a file somehow, or am I going to have to enter by hand?  Also any comments welcome regarding the ease of use, etc of Instant Text versus Shorthand.



IF you can get it to play, just play it over and over a billion times & fill
My PT is 700 per day, FT is 1100 per day (nm)
Can 1100 lines in 6 hrs be done
I was offered a position that requires 11K every two weeks.  This is an account with about 80% ESLs.  I am a slow typer and with little experience with ESLs.  Can I pull this off in a 6 to 7 hour shift? 
new job 1000 lpd, old job 1100 lpd sm
I routinely do 1300-1500 and never break a sweat. I can't sit for 8 hours straight, so I tend to piddle around and I get up a lot.

I think that expectation is fair, but not for a newbie and probably a low expectation for one well experienced.

Old job I topped out at 160 lines an hour. COULD NOT manage more, no matter what I did. New job I top out at nearly 300 lph and I don't think that will get any better. The difference is the platform, since the new job has harder work (more ESLs, less clear audio, etc.)

It is all relative.
Slow day for me. Typed two reports in two hours. Anyone else having unusually slow day?
A little over 1100 - 5 hours work. nm
I average only 1100 lines per day (sm)

Does anyone know some ways I can increase my productivity.  I have many expansions...maybe not enough.  I do a variety of clinics, so there are not many norms or standards (which would help).


Thanks for any info.  Have a great day!

1600/day proud, 1100 distressed and sad.

I feel like a hen in a henhouse.  Give me decent food, great co-egg-layin' buddies, and show me ya love me once in a while with some bread and I'll put out double-yolkers.  Put in a rooster that just likes to give it to me up the butt over and over again without leavin a little sumthin' sumthin' on the nightstand afterwards, well, then...need I say more really.

But that's just me.

What do you call it when you do your 1100 lines in 4 hours? sm
and I call it normals and I call it lots of canned dictation.

Unfortunately, I am employee and I can't take the rest of the day off. Had this Saturday, had this today. IT NEVER HAPPENS and I have had it twice in a week.

Looking for my super streak to end now, go back to being a typing machine on a chase for work.
Settings, Playback settings.
Increase or decrease the steps in Rewind.
Most expect 1200 lines a day, but I think I've seen 1100.
How hard that is depends mostly on work availability and how good the platform is.
900 lines is below 1100 lines, where the bonus starts.
Yes . . . it is under settings
Playback tab, then Auto-backstep on stop
I am using Express Scribe, and I tried the settings and that didn't help. Thank you!
Yes, I am afraid I did all of that. It keeps coming back and saying that it is not a supported file. Thank you very much for helping!
Under settings. sm
Click Playback tab. For Rewind, I have set mine to 500 and Speed at 150.
Try the Settings.
Under playback tab you can change the rewind. Mine is set at Step (ms) 500 and Speed (%) 150.
Go into Settings.
On the Control tab use the footpedal setup wizard to set what part of the pedal does what. On the Playback tab, you can change the backspace. On the
Have You Tried the Settings?
I haven't used Express Scribe since school, but have you changed the settings?  I had to change it to change the settings for what food petal I was using.  The one I chose was V-something (VEC?  VRC?) 3-pedal, I can't remember. 
It may have to do with your settings sm
under File, preferences. Make sure you don't have verify target window checked. Also, may be the pause....after so many keytstrokes. Play around with that one. Every body is different but what works for me is pause 5 msec after 1000 keystrokes.

Also, try waiting for the expansion to appear before you type the word after it.

And below, make sure you have simulate Keystrokes checked.
On Exp Scribe, click on settings,file type, and if you don't what type of file, just check them all. Then give it a try and see what happens.
Did you try the settings on the
monitor itself.  Mine has buttons to push to change the screen size and my old one had a dial.  That's about as much as help as I can give. 
Did you check all your settings and especially....
your password in OE? If so, is the Spamgard on in Yahoo so that it is keeping from going to your OE?
Settings, control and then where?
Settings, control and then where - can you help me?

Thanks so much!
Settings on my computer??? sm
Do you know how to check those?  Thanks for your help!
see message for my settings. sm
variable speed 50 to 150
tone low frequency 1500
back step 1500
mode: constant
rewind: 500 and 150
forward: 500 and 150
I DID go into the settings and *told* it what to --sm
count. It was still very inconsistent and would not count headers, even though I *told* it to. I would count lines with it and then recount with Sylcount and Abacus was always fewer lines. This was just MY experience with it and I don't need to be made to sound like I am not familiar enough with these programs to not do the *settings* correctly. thank you.
it depends on the settings
I worked before for gross lines, but it depends on the margins and the font setup.  I had one account that was Ariel 12 and the other was only a font of 10.  With the 12 font I got more lines credited as opposed to the 10 font.  Working at 9 cpl without spaces actually evens out to about the same as the lesser amount with spaces.  You can download Abacus and then take a document you have typed and have it count it without spaces and with gross lines and then see the difference, it's really not that much.
click settings then...sm
under Playback tab, adjust the Auto Backstep on Stop (0-5000ms). 1000ms = 1 second.
Go to settings, then file and
it gives you a spot to put the number of days to delete files.
Thanks so much - still having problems.  Got the wizard to work on a couple of ports, but only to the push rewind pedal - then will do nothing - locks up and goes crazy with buttons on Express Scribe flashing continuously...any ideas?
Will do both, but how do I get those settings back?
Mine won't let me do that. Wonder if it could have to do with the settings? nm
Changing settings

You can change the settings.   With your mouse on the main desk top screen, right click and go downto properties.  Go over to the settings tab and this will give you options for changing the font size.   You can change it in that setting by changing the pixel settings, or you can click on the Advanced button and change your DPI setting (or both).

Hope that helps.

I believe if you go into your settings while booting up. SM
On my PC if you push F2 or F8 during the boot up process it will take to your configuration settings.  There will be an option that will be able to clear the password so that you will not be asked for a password anymore.
Yes, I had looked at settings, but I don't see how
to do that. My screen is stretched now, and maybe I'm looking at the wrong place. I dunno....I'm seriously challenged when it comes to this stuff....thanks for replying
Playback Settings for ES
Hello.  You can go to the Playback Settings in ES and find the Auto Backstep on Stop heading.  Mine is set to 1780 that allows for a reasonable auto backstep. You can adjust to your liking.  Once you do that, go to "Control" and run the Footpedal Setup Wizard.  That should do it!  Best of luck.
Just type the heading and bold it and then go to autocorrect and add it.
Daytime 70, nighttime 65 for my AC settings. nm
In the settings, click the Incoming tab...
and then you can select file(s) for Express Scribe to scan. Then it will scan those and will load files automatically.
Did you try the Settings in Express Scribe?

The pedal controls won't work until you open Express Scribe, go to Settings/Settings.../Control, and select VEC Pedals USB or something like that; 3-pedals.  Then, you click on "Foot Pedal Control Setup Wizard" and it will have you to press rewind, fast forward, and play.  After that, the pedal *should* work.

I received ByteScribe with my USB foot pedal but I didn't like it so I uninstalled it and downloaded Express Scribe with no additional software.

If that doesn't work, I really don't know what to tell you.  Sorry .


I could see much better but the settings slowed down my computer..sm..
I didn't have any trouble getting it back though.  Hope you find something that works.