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1600/day proud, 1100 distressed and sad.

Posted By: Hayseed on 2007-09-07
In Reply to: Another poll question. How many sm - whorn

I feel like a hen in a henhouse.  Give me decent food, great co-egg-layin' buddies, and show me ya love me once in a while with some bread and I'll put out double-yolkers.  Put in a rooster that just likes to give it to me up the butt over and over again without leavin a little sumthin' sumthin' on the nightstand afterwards, well, then...need I say more really.

But that's just me.

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Harsh and angry? No, I am sad and and distressed for them.
berate: Verb - censure severely or angrily.

censure - harsh criticism.

I accept them as one of God's precious creations, born with a sin nature, just like me. I never know when someone who rebukes me for gentle sharing of what Jesus has done for me may actually be saying that they wish somebody would take the time and interest in them to explain what they do not understand. For example, a person who has only seemed offended previously may one day turn to me and ask me if they have sinned too much for God to forgive them. And I can tell them how Jesus can save them. Sometimes it happens and then we rejoice.
if I am lucky enough to have enough work on my primary account. If I have to move to my secondary account it drops considerably to the 1100-1300 range.
To anyone doing 1600-2000 lines per day
Just wondering what exactly your day is like, how many breaks, do you have tons of macros, on average how many hours do you spend typing, how often do you get up.  The biggest question of all, don't you get hand cramps??  Anything over 1300 and my hands start cramping/getting numb!  Just tell us your secrets, I would love to produce at least 1800 daily!!!!
My PT is 700 per day, FT is 1100 per day (nm)
That is great! My best so far is about 1600 but I am a snail compared to most - nm
1200 to 1600 on good days (nm)
1600-1700 straight transcription (nm)
Can 1100 lines in 6 hrs be done
I was offered a position that requires 11K every two weeks.  This is an account with about 80% ESLs.  I am a slow typer and with little experience with ESLs.  Can I pull this off in a 6 to 7 hour shift? 
new job 1000 lpd, old job 1100 lpd sm
I routinely do 1300-1500 and never break a sweat. I can't sit for 8 hours straight, so I tend to piddle around and I get up a lot.

I think that expectation is fair, but not for a newbie and probably a low expectation for one well experienced.

Old job I topped out at 160 lines an hour. COULD NOT manage more, no matter what I did. New job I top out at nearly 300 lph and I don't think that will get any better. The difference is the platform, since the new job has harder work (more ESLs, less clear audio, etc.)

It is all relative.
Wow! I do 1600 lines daily and make only 9.5 cpl as employee-
SE is that without benefits.

What MQ office do you work for? Are they hiring.
A little over 1100 - 5 hours work. nm
I average only 1100 lines per day (sm)

Does anyone know some ways I can increase my productivity.  I have many expansions...maybe not enough.  I do a variety of clinics, so there are not many norms or standards (which would help).


Thanks for any info.  Have a great day!

What do you call it when you do your 1100 lines in 4 hours? sm
and I call it normals and I call it lots of canned dictation.

Unfortunately, I am employee and I can't take the rest of the day off. Had this Saturday, had this today. IT NEVER HAPPENS and I have had it twice in a week.

Looking for my super streak to end now, go back to being a typing machine on a chase for work.
Most expect 1200 lines a day, but I think I've seen 1100.
How hard that is depends mostly on work availability and how good the platform is.
Play with other settings, too. My Auto backseop is on 1100 ms, slow 50%, and
1500-1600 doing acute, multiple, multiple work types. NM
proud to be one
You are an idiot to presume this is the only way one becomes a single mother.  If you didn't have ice running in those veins of yours you would be able to empathize with the OP, obviously you can't and we understand that.  You have not been there, done that, all we ask is that you to keep your ignorance to yourself. 
you must be SO proud
of your son. How mature he must be to have done basic at 17! Wow, guess you've been a GREAT mom! God Bless your child and I will remember him in my prayers. I hope he doesn't have to go to Iraq. I don't know yet what my son's gonna do, I just hope I can be strong and allow him to make his own decision! Have a wonderful reunion!
That is absolutely disturbing that you are actually proud that you filed for bankruptcy. I am against bankruptcy unless there has been some sort of tragedy, ie. death, disability, illness, etc., but not just because you were to darn stupid to stop taking out loans, getting credit cards, or just out having a shopping spree because you felt like it and didn't have the money. How fricken pathetic! If I were you, I would not be proud that you filed for bankruptcy!

I would definitely be proud of the former
bank manger position. It takes someone with real brains to do that job. LOL. You might as well just have said that you were a manager at K-Mart.
I am proud
I am so proud of you for being on top of things. Good job, my dear.
ain't too proud to beg --
Unbelievably, at age 41, having been completely self-sufficient my entire life, now raising a 5-y/o w/no child support, I actually had to apply for food stamps in my state... As long as my income remains below $1400 monthly, I qualify for $300 in food assistance... sad state of affairs..Also, now recieve MedicAid cost free for my child.. Last time I checked, you gotta do what you gotta do...
I am proud of you!! nm
You are absolutely doing the right thing.. hang in there.
Proud Mom

I have an 8-year-old boy and had the pleasure of attending a Math Shootout at his school today.  This is where they take the top 5 students in each second grade class in either addition and subtraction and put them up against each other until there is a winner.  My son was in the subtraction group.  He didn't win, but he came very, very close!  I was really proud of him and all of the kids as they did a great job!

I am proud of you!! We should all...
I am very proud of you!! We should all stand up for this!! There are a lot of docs who don't know that there work is being offshored, and many patients who would probably be irate if they knew their information was going overseas.  I say if any other country wants to do MT work, they should get their own docs dictating. Someone obviously got it started here...they should do their own thing and leave the US reports to us!
Be Proud
I am proud of these Bigh US Players who have 70% of the Indian Medical Transcription Offshore Revenues. They do not have a myopic view of the world and treat the world as a large internet village. Google, Yahoo, MS all have subsidiaries in India where softwares are developed as Indians are very intelligent. Well Disgusted & Ashamed, why do you not set up a business only for Americans. You may not last long before you see RED in your financial statements.
47 and proud
Another 47-year-old CMT and proud of it!!!! As I have mentioned before, I think getting certified is individual preference and those of us that have obtained CMT status do not need bashed for doing so. I would not say anything against an MT that did not want to be certified. That is his/her own decision. As for myself, I am very proud of my CMT status. I worked long and hard to obtain my certification. I have been in the industry for 20+ years!
I would be proud of that title too!
Don't listen to them. You have a right to brag - carry on former bank manager.
Medquist must be so PROUD of you!!
Chuck you Farley!  You are a disgusting pig.
I'm with you 100%, Sheri, and am very proud of your
Do I Make You Proud?
This would be a great song for graduation, don't you think?
Congratulations!! I'm Very Proud of You! SM

I, too, took the beta RMT test and I was ecstatic when I found out I passed.  I was a housewife and depended on my now ex-husband, so plugging away at school and putting everything into becoming an MT was a milestone for me.  I jumped on the chance to become registered.

Not to mention, for those who took the test in July, we only had a week or so to study and we totally missed out on the RMT test prep packages that are available now.  It's something to be proud of, I think.

Awesome job!

Amanda, RMT

you make me proud
you are on your way to more success.  Everything is put in our lives for a reason - good or bad - you perservered and are seeing the results.  What a bright light for someone who is going through the same thing you have been through.  And what wonderful examples of how to keep yourself on track.  I wish you continued blessings.
To Proud Member of AAMT: I think it's just as

Things in this field have changed for the worse over the past years.  Salaries have decreased, yet expectations have risen.  Benefits are contingent upon production, yet a good share of the time production can't be met due to complications outside of the MT's control.  When it comes to taking the losses due to changes in the field such as offshore outsourcing and technologic advancements, it isn't the clients or the service owners taking the major hit.  It's the transcriptionists.  Yet AAMT has done NOTHING to help the transcriptionists in general.  In fact, it has gone out of its way to PROMOTE offshore outsourcing and even to change some of the guidelines in the newly published, amended BOS to accommodate voice recognition and other technology geared to replace the MT or relegate transcription to other forms labeled "editors", which in reality involve retyping whole reports or major portions of reports at a cut in pay, of course. 

All anyone, newbies included, needs to do is to look at the history of the medical transcription field, see the changes, and then see how much AAMT did to promote the worth of the Transcriptionist in this country.  The depressing message isn't coming from those speaking against AAMT, it is coming from the consequences resulting from the actions of the AAMT.  One fact alone can depress a newbie, and that is to look at the average line rate in 1995 compared to the average line rate now in 2005.   Thank you, AAMT, for promoting that.

We are so proud of you...now STAY STRONG!!!
He will be trying to worm his way back into the household. Be firm, be strong! Set a time limit (in your mind, but to him also should he start begging) that you WILL BE SEPARATED FOR A SET AMOUNT OF TIME no matter how much he begs or how much you might start to miss him. Maybe 6 months or thereabouts. By that time, I think you will be SOOOoo glad you booted him out!

Please let your community's support system know you need a little help. Get the word out that you need a car. I'll bet a car shows up! Probably not a real spiffy car, but transportation nonetheless! Let your neighbors (if you have any)know what the situation is so they can be on the lookout for him and watch over you.

Please accept help and counseling from whatever community support groups there are to help bolster you resolve!!! If you have a neighborhood patrol (depending on your area...here, we have senior citizens that patrol neighborhoods in police cars, checking homes for people on vacation, etc) have them swing by the house often just to make a statement that someone is watching out for you. Even the police might do this if you are not out in the boonies. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU AND KEEP US POSTED.
Hey, with ideas like your's, I'd be proud to be your daughter!
;o) It's been fun talking to you! Have a good evening!! See you at the polls in 2008!
That is something to be proud of. I've never smoked
and I'm about as antismoking as you can get.  My parents smoked most of my life and 3 of my 5 siblings smoke/smoked.  It is a disgusting habit and unfortunately many of us have to suffer the dangers of second-hand smoke.  Glad you were able to kick the habit and it certainly is reason to celebrate and pat yourself on the back. 
Congrats to your daughter! You have every right to be proud!
Rich parents, huh? I bet they're so proud of their little girl ...
I can't figure out why she keeps doing this - she's so easy to trace and she gets caught so easily.  I guess she's a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.   I hope everyone sees her name on this board.  Her name will be mud in this industry and maybe whoever is employing her will kick her to the curb and give her job to a decent, deserving person.  I wonder if she's even an MT, now that I think about it ...
I used to be semi-proud! At least content that I was doing well, but hearing these #s
thrown around constantly has really done a number on my job self-esteem.  If they use normals to hit those high #s, which I really think they must, I just wish they would post that for all of us - know what I mean?  Again, I can't imagine being a newbie and reading that everyone hits those #s. I'd probably give up.  I hit a bunch of Ops once where the guy did have a standard - cataract surgeries.  I did about 20 in an hour, and the count was HUGE - like 500 lines?  I nearly fainted, but that only happened once, and my account just does not permit it, nor do most accounts I have as back-ups, come to think of it! I know a lot of MTs in my company have their "canned" text, like opening paragraphs for Op reports, and they just stick them in no matter what is dictated as the opening. I think that's terrible, and would NEVER do that.  Plus now they will be getting "canned" themselves if they keep it up!!  New company policies!
Proud owner of Alaskan Malamute!
I was so happy to see the AKC finally recognize the Alaskan Malamute this past weekend with the national championship.  Cane is 3 years old and is nothing less than a part of the family.  He honestly thinks and acts like one of the family.  It is so amazing how smart dogs can be!
Very proud of you, you stick to your guns, and when the going gets tough,
be even stronger.  Tie another knot and all of that.  You are on the way to a healthier life for you and your children.  You will survive.  
Thanks, proud prude, for another point of view on this....
Good idea with the dashes. I do wish I didn't
have to hear the words in my ear, either. Why do they feel they need to repeat that?

Although, putting the dashes doesn't really hide what has been said.

I WOULD be really PO'd if I got a look at my medical record and found a less-than-attractive quote in black and white. I'd prob. demand it be removed.

Spying and rating on co-workers and you are proud of it? Your worse than a
I'm a bit late, but I'm the proud "mommy" of a miniature schnauzer. :-) nm

Proud ex-CMT here too. I quit 'em back in 1999 - sm
They got almost 3 grand out of me before I wised up. LOL!
Did it occur to you maybe this is all she can afford?She worked hard for it so is very proud of it?
I would be proud if my records, with my name erased, could be used to help an MT be treated fairly.
900 lines is below 1100 lines, where the bonus starts.
You're really proud of the 'former bank manager' thing aren't you
Why do you use that name? Just curious.