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Putting things in perspective...

Posted By: kyradmt on 2005-08-04
In Reply to:

I was talking (actually complaining) about the usual MQ stuff with someone in the office when I noticed they weren't laughing and/or sympathizing with me like they normally do. I asked her if something was wrong and she said she lost a friend. I stupidly thought she meant work-related fighting and said "Another cat fight?" to which she replied "No, my best friend was killed yesterday in Iraq by the roadside bomb." Talk about feeling VERY VERY small....but it put everything back into perspective for me. I am so fortunate in so many ways...

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Put things into perspective

When I was a team leader, I had anywhere from 40-70 people on my team and I'll be honest with you, to have sat down and sent up to 70 individual E-cards, would be extremely time consuming.  I realize that a blanket E-card may seem "impersonal" but I would expect your team leader sent it from /his/her heart.  In other words, as others have said below, it definitely is the thought that counts. I doubt he/she meant to make you feel like you were not important enough to have sent an individual card to, but it was probably just a time issue. 

The holidays are busy for everybody!  Some of my relatives complain that they hate getting a "newsletter" in their Christmas card that I send out every year, but you know.....It's different than it was 40-50 years ago.  Everyone is being stretched to the limit on their time, and I just don't have time to sit down and write a note on every single Christmas card I send, and I would rather send out a 'generic' newsletter to everyone on my Christmas card list rather than just sign my name only!

This kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it. SM
God bless and keep our fighting men and women and God Bless their families who will be without them during the holidays. 
This is wonderful have it on audio has really changed my perspective on things :-)
Boy, does this dictator have a way of putting things to make sense.

A 24-year-old married Hispanic male who does not speak English but we used an interpreter for him during each session who has been married 6 times with 3 children.

Another perspective

What you describe is something that happens unfortunately, and is not one's CHOICE.  Your mother is to be commended and I admire her.  Women find themselves alone through abandonment and death.  Can't be helped. 

However, bringing children into the world on purpose when you're young and stupid and trying to keep your boyfriend, or because you think it will be fun, or because your clock is ticking and YOU want to be a mother, and all the other poor reasons for PURPOSELY having children who will be raised without ao mother and father is something different. 

Ever since the 1960s, it's become evil to judge these choices.  We toss baby showers for 14-year-olds.  We celebrate a single woman having a baby on purpose.  There's no shame anymore.  On the whole, single mothers have a much higher rate of poverty, and that creates a vicious cycle whereby an entire generation or two have repeated the same poor choices.  The black family prior to the 1960s used to be MORE intact than any other group, now they are born out-of-wedlock at a rate of 69%.  That has a huge impact on the raising of young men, who lack a positive example in their lives to teach them to be men.  They're joining gangs as a replacement family and listening to gangster rap.  The fall out from rampant single mothering is having effects on many aspects of our society.

Again, what your mother was dealt is an entirely different matter. 

How sad! These things happen, so don't beat yourself up. We are all fortunate in so many ways. Ya just have to get past all the negativity, go forward, and don't look back.
my perspective

You're dealing with two factors:  [1] Those physicians in private practice who use SR (speech recognition), and [2] Hospitals that utilize SR.

MDs in private practice are well versed in the proper use of the SR (Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Suite). Those who are REALLY knowledgeable can write macros and templates that will knock your socks off. I've seen the results and they are quite impressive. They wonít need more than their office secretary to clean things up.

Hospitals that use SR will have less and less need for the MT who physically transcribes the reports. Why pay 12+ cpl for a service when you can get the same result by utilizing the services of a 4 cpl Editor (or whatever the going rate is).

I mean ... in all seriousness ... if you didnít drive a car that much, which would you buy:  a 2006 Saturn for $18,000 or a 2006 Lexus for $35,000?

The end result will be the same either way. From point A to point B. And, that is ALL the hospitals and doctors care about.

I need some perspective here.

I don't know if this is just PMS or winter blahs or Christmas blues.  I just really feel resentful lately.  It's like I'm spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing lately.  I'm not happy about anything in my life because I feel like I can't catch up.  The house isn't clean enough, I don't get enough lines in, there's always extra stuff needing to be done.  Every day is the same old, same old.  I'm running from the moment I get up in the morning.  I have to drive my kids to and from three different schools every morning and afternoon.  That takes up about two hours a day between driving and sitting in the parking lots.  We were told our house was on the school bus route before we bought it, but then the school district changed the bus routes from 1 mile to 1.5 miles, 2 miles to 3 miles, etc. 

I work parttime while the kids are at school, which means I'm at the bottom of the totem pole for work.  Sometimes I have to sit and wait for work to come in.  It also means I don't get a formal lunch hour, just a quick snack at my desk.  I can't make enough money, not even with the side job I do on the weekends.  I'm really tired of the strict schedule because some days I can't even get a shower in until right before I go pick up the kids.  After I pick them up, then I have to run errands, clean house, get dinner ready, help with homework, and go to bed just to do it all over again the next day.  My husband and kids help out, that's not the problem.  I just don't ever have time to sit and drink a whole cup of hot coffee at one time, let alone watch a movie or read a book.  I feel like I sold myself out to be chained down to this stupid job, but my peanut paychecks make me wonder what I'm doing it for.

Then I look around at people who are juggling fulltime jobs, hobbies, kids' activities, and everything else, and I wonder why they can handle it all but I can't seem to.  Do I expect too much of myself?

Well...I have a different perspective

We had a neighbor lady (very obviously irritated) come over and demand her son's scooter and sweatshirt back.

I politely apologized and explained that her son had loaned the items to my son.

I could tell that she felt like you do and was not happy with her children sharing/loaning/whatever their items.  So, I just handed them over and apologized.  After she left I warned my boys to never borrow something from them ever again...that some people were like that.

But the ironic thing is (and of course I did NOT mention this to her when she came over) she has one of our bikes that my boys gave her younger son, a 4-wheeled scooter that my boys gave her middle son, two Play Station 2 games that my boys loaned to her sons and a Play Station 2 game controller (items they have never returned even though my sons have asked for them back).

Kids are kids and will ask for things.  Her sons ask me for food and drink.  I hope that my boys are not trying to mooch off her, but fear that they probably are.  Children do not understand that it is not socially acceptable to do this. 

So, I think you should try not to be too upset about all of this because your kids might just be doing the same thing (just being kids).




My perspective...

I know that it may seem that they are just spoiled when they are being picky, but I don't really believe that is the case with my kids anymore.

My ex-husband is very picky.  He said that he read an article years ago that said some people are "super tasters" and that they have too many taste buds on their tongue.  He believes that this is his problem.  He is very sensitive to strong tastes, smells, and textures. 

My kids are picky about the same exact things that he is, and they don't live with him.  He lives in another State, so it isn't a learned behavior.  My daughter gets nauseous every time she smells beef cooking, and so does her father's sister.  My daughter has only met her father's sister a few times and didn't know that when she started refusing beef.  (Neither my daughter or her aunt has ever eaten beef).

My daughter told me when she was 5 that she had wished that her pickiness would go away when she blew out the candles on her birthday cake, then burst into tears after someone told her that wishes don't come true if you tell them.  To me, this tells me that this is a lot more than just being spoiled.

Try to look at it from QA perspective.
If you didn't know which eye was correct, and the dictator didn't know which eye was correct, what on earth would make you think that QA would be able to "fix it and put the correct eye? We aren't clairvoyant either. I would bet the bank that QA person filled out a note or whatever protocol is with the client, informing them of the discrepancy and that the report was -- typed as dictated -- just as you did yourself. Most accounts don't let the MTs view the private notes that go to the client, so you may be having a snit for nothing! Things just should not be the us versus them mentality - MT versus QA. It stinks and is quite tiresome. As MTs you just don't know all that is going on behind the scenes, nor should you. You guys are the ones transcribing your buns off, and QA is bombarded doing their thing, but we are all on the same side - try to remember that. Try not always being negative towards QA. No MTs ever, ever are thankful that a QA person figured out some impossible blank for them, or put together some disgusting ESL whose report was handed in like swiss cheese, but boy some of you sure do gripe at any perceived error on our part, and that's a dang shame.

When I first started out, I took the attitude that my first job (working from home office) was an internship - a paid one.  Though I didn't make a lot starting out, looking at the job as a paid opportunity to get around the learning curve helped keep the frustration level in check.  Speed and accuracy come with time and experience - if you stick with it, the money will come.  If finances can't tolerate learning on production, consider applying for an in-house position if that's feasible in your situation. Best of luck

wow, a little perspective please
I can't believe something either - that you would be so insulting as to call someone stupid for expressing their opinion. No, not one clinician could do what you do, but that knife cuts both ways. And while you hold a medical record in your hand, the clinicians hold the patient's life in theirs. You may be a medical terminology specialist, as you say, but you did not need to go to school for many years to get there like they did. yes, my skill is worth more than $10 per hour, but your attitude is not. How about a little respect for other people? now, that would be worth something.
Another perspective on MT

My husband is a top-level executive (CFO) with a retail company.  He was just informed that he would be required to take a pay cut that will amount to $1200 out of our monthly budget, or approximately $15,000 a year.  We are also going to be required to pay an additional $200 a month toward our medical benefits, so we are looking at about $1400 chopped out of our monthly income effective immediately.  Although I wish right now I was in a higher-paying field, I am grateful that I am in a job where I can increase my pay through increased effort.  I decided early in the week to see if I could increase my production by really keeping my nose to the grindstone and focusing.  I typed in 2 days what it usually takes me 3 to do.  I will be making a great effort to help make up some of what my husband has lost. 

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that it's not only MTs who are seeing downward pressure one wages.  At least we have the opportunity to increase our pay through our own efforts.  My husband doesn't have that option.  He will be working longer hours and being paid considerably less.  

When I took my transcription courses and graduated, I thought I really knew my stuff. Then I started in medical records at a local hospital and realized I knew nothing (comparatively speaking). Then after a few years there, I started working from home, thinking by now, I DID know my stuff, only to be thrown into an account on a large teaching hospital and realizing once again, I knew nothing!

So, maybe I wouldn't call myself uneducated in the beginning, but the education I had was only a seed compared to what I learned in the years since.
Hadn't put it into that perspective but sm
Mr. and Mrs. Cooke were HORRIBLE.

They didn't know even the basic stuff about ranching, even though they were all given instructions/training before they were put on the ranch.

I don't blame the cowboys in the way they left at all.

Mrs. Cooke was the one stirring up trouble, NOT Maura. There was a lot of double talking going on and it wasn't the cowboys. The cowboys worked for them, they weren't their slaves.

So the cowboys didn't round up the goats a couple times. Big whoop. Who in their right mind would leave food and dirty dishes out for EIGHT DAYS after a party??

Horse manure wasn't the only thing attracting the millions of flies. ICK!
An MTSO's perspective.
I read these posts and see the complaints about lack of work and how nationals/MTSOs are so unfair etc., etc. I am a small MTSO and have 7 transcriptionists working for me. I am very flexible and easy to work for, but I have a time service committment to the clients for 24 to 48 hours and my goal is to have the work turned around within that period. Now I don't charge my clients a lot, and I pay up to 10 cents per line. I do expect a high quality of work (which I don't always get). I have a lot of work, but I feel that 7 transcriptionists should be able to keep up no problem. My problem is that by the time Thursday and Friday come around, no one is on production and the work falls behind. I have sent out emails and asked everyone to please put in the required production time so we can keep up but I swear, I'm getting nowhere. Every week by Thursday we are falling behind and out of the 7 transcriptionists maybe 1 or 2 is on production and the rest slack off. Now, I have kids and I understand that we all have lives outside of work, but I keep the clients in order to have work for these girls and along with that come a lot of headaches for me, which I am willing to deal with as long as they help me keep up with the turnaround time. My problem is that I'm not getting the production I need from them and unable to keep up the time service. So, do I give up the clients and just keep enough for myself or become a very mean MTSO and demand required minimal lines each day? I give up!!!!

The point being that as MTSOs, we have the pressure of maintaining the turnaround time for the clients, otherwise they go elsewhere...we need the transcriptionists to honor their production committments daily (barring any unforseen problems, of course). I understand that being an IC gives you the luxury of working the hours you want, but if the MTSO cannot count on the production committments from the ICs on a daily basis, then we cannot keep the clients/work for the ICs to have work......it's a vicious cycle.

Where, oh where does an MTSO find reliable, quality people who are willing to work every day and honor their production committments.......[sigh].....

implied perspective

Let me ask you something for you to answer to yourself:  If this was on a billboad for the world to see, it would bother you, right?  And not because of YOU but because of the implication given -- that she works for a company who perhaps is of a certain persuasion and seeks employees of the same which right now is a controversial topic-- get what I mean? This is not to condemn the lifestyle but only to say it might lead others to think this company is of that lifestyle itself or seeks such employees which in turn might deprive you of business or other employees.  See where I'm going?  So yes, I do think it has an impact on your business and in a negative way.  It's not like she's broadly smiling while holding a little baby and saying she works for you, giving the impression you can be a stay-at-home mom and work for this company and all will be well with the world.  People don't think negatively of a loving mother.  It's not a controversial topic. 

Example:  If the picture was of her drunk at the computer with headphones on with a liquor bottle nearby it would reflect badly on your company, possibly implying that you don't care about what the end product looks like or who you hire.   

Now her behavior does not affect her work, so there is a difference.  But still, I think there must be an issue here that the law would cover. You can't fire her for being lesbian.  But bringing your name into the picture changes matters-- that's a different story especially when done so in this manner. 

Think about how companies are so particular what their logo looks like and their web pages -- it is a form of advertising.  You see something, you associate it with that company like the Nike whatever.  There is a mental connection made in the mind of the beholder.  It's happening to whomever sees this picture and depending on the mindset and morals of those who see it, it can reflect badly on you in such wise that you hire immature people who willingly broadcast scandalous things on the Internet, you don't care in what context your name is mentioned--in short, YOU are not professional because you allow your name to be associated with such a picture so who wants to give their work to you?  And for other MTs, they may get the impression you condone this and they might not want to work for you, thereby depriving you of income both ways. 

You may have grounds for legal action here if you wish to pursue it.  But mentioning where she works in the context of whatever sort while engaging in behavior that is of a controversial nature certainly does NOT help your company's image and if you are the owner, I'd be mad as you know what.  I know if I did such a thing, I'd get fired no questions asked.  They'd find a lawyer and get a reason and fire me. 

I'd seek legal advice as to the implications of this sort of thing.  It's out there now.  It's a problem you have to deal with.  If you don't want to ask a lawyer, then ask her to remove it from the web site and make her sign a legal document stating she will not mention on the Internet where she works (get a lawyer to draw it up so it covers all possibilities) if you want to keep her.  If she wishes to live this lifestyle, that is her business.  When she brings your or your company's name into it, it becomes your business as well.   


Good to get the other POV, and some perspective. Thanks. NM
EMR-Some very interesting perspective

EMR-Some very interesting perspective
See link below

Happier perspective

You'll get a lot of negative feedback on this board.  I, however, am making 8.75 cpl doing straight typing and am enjoying the heck out of it. 

As to your actual question of how to get into the field, frankly right now is a tough time to do it.  I think the MTSO's who are hiring are getting inundated with resumes.  Having said that, however, make sure your resume really emphasizes the transcription experience and what you are doing to bring it up to date.  Then just send it to every MTSO that you can think of.  The job seeker's board here is good, mtjobs.com is a good one, and I think there's another one that I don't know right off the top of my head.

It may take a while and you may send your resume out 100 times, but you'll hit that one where a real person looks at it and thinks that you're worth taking a chance with.

Good luck.


Another perspective on child support
My husband adopted his ex-wife's 3 kids when they were preschool and elementary age. They were married for 10 years. He loved them like his own. When they divorced she forced the kids to choose sides. They chose hers. He rarely saw them after that and didn't force them to visit if they didn't want to. HOWEVER, in spite of never seeing his kids, he paid $1500 per month for child support. He barely had enough left over to pay his apartment rent and monthly expenses. (I don't blame them for their choice; their mother made that choice for them). Incidentally, after the divorce she inherited her parents' fortune, several million dollars. She continued to take the child support knowing how hard it was financially for him; when he got behind during a period of unemployment she took him to court. Even as the kids got older, she continued to threaten to disown her them if they had relationship with him.

Unfairness can work both ways. It's not always the mother who gets the short end of the stick. Dad's sometimes get the shaft also.

One final note. The oldest son tried to maintain communication with his dad, but sneaked around to do it and had hell to pay when his mother found out about it. Eventually, his attempts to contact his dad stopped completely. About two years after that, for reasons that are still unclear) he committed suicide at the age of 20. I wish parents would wake up and see that their bitterness toward their spouse and bitterness over money can poison their children.
Interesting perspective of outsourcing...
Here's a different perspective on what really caused lung cancer.
Yes, those. They look "heavy", and even when a post starts out "another perspective"
Big red flag!!  Grab the BP pills, and read at your own risk! Sort of like the way my heart twists along with my stomach when my husbands says, "Now, there's something we need to talk about"...I know that is NEVER good, cause men never talk about stuff first!
interesting perspective on outsourcing tech support

My husband was in a networking class last night and the teacher, who he says really knows his stuff, polled the class to see how everyone felt about tech support being outsourced. Well, the general concensus was pretty negative.

The teacher also voiced his opinion. He had absolutely nothing good to say about them. They don't know what they're doing. They read from a script and so forth.

He pretty much said, "The damn Indians don't know squat about computers."

The teacher ... is from India.

Interesting, huh?

Bad things? what bad things? people's being petty and small?
If you were putting
your pie hole to good use, you wouldn't have time to be on this board participating in such foolishness. How old are you?
Well why do you not like putting it where it goes?!?!
Ah, so this is putting them down!!??!! LOL!
My Post: I don't know..... I know many MTs making that in a month...but in their jammies, don't have to fuss with the makeup and only have to leave the house to go shopping! Oh, and they still get the write offs.

And sorry about the sobering up comment, I just coulnd't for the life of me figure out what you were looking at. And still can't! Many posters use initials sm/nm for see message or no message - maybe that's why you're getting confused : )

Just as I am putting away $ for my SM

later years (I have no children to depend on) I expected that my mother was.  Wrong.  I have currently chosen to essentially give up where I want to live, to be with who I want to be, to take care of things for now, but it won't be that way forever.

I am doing it out of obligation right now, but I don't intend to sacrifice the next 10 or so years of my life to keep doing this. 

Putting myself out there

Has anyone ever done this...?

I am thinking about making a bunch of copies of my resume and writing a cover letter describing my abilities........then distributing it to different clinics around the area. 

I work from home but want a second job as an in-house Transcriptionist to gain some experience and also because I am not making that much money here at home!

Has anyone ever done this?  If so, have you had success doing it?  How about putting an ad on Craigslist for transcriptionist services?

PS-I don't like putting it over there, but was told had too!nm
My DH was putting together my new desk and he had

gotten to the deep drawer where files go.  He put the frame of the drawer together without putting the bottom of the drawer on.  Fortunately I happened to walking through the room at this point and told him he has to put the bottom in the grooves on one side before he can finishing putting the drawer together.  He tells me that the directions don't say anything about that.  I told him common sense dictates that you have to put the bottom before you put the second side on.   Poor man.  He is very bright, but has zilch common sense.  I'm not very book smart, but have been blessed with my share of common sense and then some, so I guess we made a good couple - LOL. 

The best way to help is to be supportive by putting
You didn't get pregnant. You sound very self rightous and with I told you so attitude. A decision to carry the pregnancy, terminate it or give up for adoption is not one to be made lightly or out of guilt because someone forced their own opinions down the throat of someone who obviously needs help. Being condescending doesn't bolster her self image to find the courage to live with whatever decision she makes. She needs support, not degradation, not put downs, not made to feel worse than she already does. This is a decision she will live with every day...not one you will have on your mind every day of your life.

Knowledge knows when to speak. Wisdowm knows when to listen.
By putting up with him and his ways
you are just enabling him.  Sounds like not only are you doing most of the housework, you're providing most of the financial support.  I think he has got it pretty good and as long as you don't give him an ultimatum why should he change.  You're young yet and there sure is better out there.  I'd cut my loses.  I'd rather be alone than with someone like your SO. 
Thank you putting another twist on what I am
trying to relay in my post above.  Happiness is not bought or paid for.  You must have self worth and some people like the fact that they can be an employee and have someone else do the worrying in regards to maintaining the account on the administrative level so to speak.  I am not going to go on and on again but I just wanted to thank you for your opinion and taking the time to post...  
nothing more then putting your name and email in as we do here
those that joined me, thanks. it was fun to talk in real time.
Agree, but WE are putting up with it...
...remember long ago when PROTEST was effective and alive and well?

There is no need for the powers that be to change anything if WE THE PEOPLE tolerate the abuse.

Peaceful protest is and always WILL BE patriotic.
I would strongly consider putting that
comment into the report.  They certainly can't think any less of you and maybe seeing it in print will make them realize the harshness of their words as well as their own stupidity for assuming you are the only MT who types for them.  Some dictators have no clue or class.
Keep putting your head in the s/m

sand about the credential.  Don't get one, it's your choice.  In the meantime, everyone else will get theirs and most of the ads (except for the rinky dinky jobs that pay nothing) will require the CMT and you won't be able to apply.

People will listen to you now because the majority of the people in MT don't have credentials.  What will you say when the time comes that most do and you don't? 

Thanks for putting the word out...
I knew it was Toth. They seem to prey on new grads and I was within 2 seconds of signing their contract....until I read it! Their contract is completely ridiculous and totally out of line, especially for IC. I really don't know how they stay in business. Maybe you at least got a little experience and can try applying at reputable companies. Good Luck!
That is just it, I am not putting pressure on him at all and support him,
but deep inside I am heartbroken and won't let him know it.
yep - sure do - I love putting the voice with..sm
GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!!  *lol* - I'm rarely disappointed in how they do look though......
If you accept that, you ARE putting yourself *on sale*. (nm)
we aren't even putting periods after...
Dr. or M.D. they have just given up on that here. i think the use of a period after dr is justified. we get paid hourly so it doesn't matter for us.
Not only that, but the poster is putting this man in a pool sm
with every single person who does MT transcription in India. That's kind of like being mad at every single driver on the road when you've lost a loved one to a drunk driver.

I am just sick and tired of the intolerance in this country and the I-am-better-than-you attitude because these people are of a different origin. No wonder there is no world peace. It starts small. If you continue to think small then big problems in our society will never be solved.

to who posted about putting keyboard in your lap,
thanks for taking the time to share that.  I've been MTing over 30 yr and just in the las few have had trouble with the carpal t. syndrome stuff. I thought i always had good ergo posture, etc, but when i have had a persistent pain in the one arm, i tried your idea and it seems to be helping. I use a board under the keyboard tho as it feels better to me that way.  I've learned so much from people sharing on this board, and thank you for your input!
You're putting your SS# on your resume?
I absolutely HATE putting laundry away.
Sorting, washing and folding are not a problem.