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Question about vacation pay

Posted By: JL on 2008-01-27
In Reply to:

I recently left a company and had quite a bit of vacation time accrued.   Have any of you received your vacation pay in the last paycheck from your former employer or did they cut you a separate check?  Just wondering.... Thanks.

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Oh golly, take the kids on a vacation later. They need this vacation alone Sm

and there is not one thing on earth wrong about their taking it.


OKAY! I need a vacation. Frank and fans of Frank/MQ who won the Hawaiian vacation?
Does anyone know? 
Is it possible that everyone was on vacation
due to the holiday?  Also, you do need to be pretty aggressive if you really want the job.  Call them, don't just email.  Show them that not only are you experience, but you're also interested in working for them.
Find where you want to go and look for an Embassy Suites.  They seem like a little more cash, but it includes a happy hours at night with free drinks and snacks and an excellent free breakfast in the morning.  They have a pool and 2 rooms with a fridge and sink.  This is great if you have kids and actually pretty economical.  We have stayed in several different ones around the country and my husband won't stay anywhere else.
Try Transolutions! They pay vacation time to part time, I believe, over 20 hours -- have to check my employee manual. They also give yearly bonuses on anniversaries and have numerous incentives for overtime. Very professional company. I switched from MQ, best decision I made in 20+ years of MT'ing!
What's a vacation????
It's been so long since I have had one, I can't remember what one is.  I am too busy working and trying to survive.
We just got back from California and Las Vegas. Didn't care much for Disneyland, but the Disneyland California Adventure and Universal Studios Park were great! My son is 13 and my girls are 10, and they all loved the trip!
What's a vacation?

I would just like some time off to get caught up on everything around the house.  I am so overwhelmed by it all right now.  The clutter is piling up again.  The garden has been ripening before my eyes, so everything needs to be picked and put up for winter.  Instead, I've been giving it away because I don't have time to deal with it.  We're building an addition to give me my own private office, so I spend my weekends at the hardware store, holding boards, and cooking for our construction helpers.

As for money, I stash money from selling stuff on ebay and from a little side job in my checking account to have a cushion in there.  I need to get more stuff listed on ebay because I just bought a new computer, which has been sitting behind me still in boxes for nearly two weeks now.  What's that saying?  The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

At least I have a messy house to gripe about, right?


I started doing this three years ago when I got divorced and at first it was only change in a jar, then I would add $5 out of every paycheck from my accounts, then it was $10 a paycheck (have 4 accounts).  This was hard as I was going through a very expensive nmasty divorce but I did it. So I wouldn't spend it when I deposited my checks I would buy a roll of quarters or dimes and put it in my change jar.  This year I was actually able to start putting aside more and I took my 17 year old nephew with me to San Francisco for 5 nights, 6 days, all paid with my little slow savings.   My accounts are good to me and let me know ahead when they will be on vacation and so I was able to plan it when three out of six docs were gone so I would have missed out on that money anyway.  The other three held the dictation until I came back and gave me a week to get caught up.   But you can do it, just gotta plan.  I did work many extra hours before and after though but it was worth it and the vacation was paid in full, no credit card bills coming in. 

You need a vacation ALONE.
I've taken those occassionally. You fend for yourselves, I'm outta here for a week. Go visit family or friends that live away. Totally enjoy yourself. Maybe if you blow up before they leave and tell them why you're going, you won't come back to an even bigger mess. Best of luck.

If you visit family or friends you can always take your computer with you and have a working vacation. Thank God for a job that travels with me!
On vacation

Hi, I'm a beginner home based MT.  I'm gonna be out of town for 2 weeks and was just wondering if anybody would know if I have to notify anybody about my absence?  Thx for the reply.

Vacation, what's that?

Vacation? What's that?
What's a vacation?

Any Vacation?
Do the kids get any type of vacation? Around here I think they get too much time off in between and then two months of summer vacation on top of that.
Vacation Pay

I am thinking about quitting my job with a national but wondered about sick/personal/vacation time that I have earned.  Does anyone know if any or all of this will be paid with my last paycheck, as I have almost 150 hours coming.  Is this different from one company to the next, or are there federal or state laws that govern this?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I used a lap top on vacation -
I went to the local library and got horrible reception and was so slow I could not work. I ended up having internet installed at my father-in-law's home for the 2 weeks I was there.
There never was a Hawaiian vacation!!
Frank just told us he was giving away Hawaiian vacation to pacify us for the chapstick/keyring we got for MT week. 
Can I come live with you? We need a vacation! LOL

We like to ski, swim and golf.

Or did somebody or on vacation, or did somebody get sick, or
On vacation last year (sm)
two of the places I had reserved didn't have internet access as advertised. "Oh, our server is down and I think someone has called it in." The next time I went I purchased a wireless card and subscribed to Verizon broadband and had internet access when I needed it.
Is the Administrator on Vacation??
It used to be that any post mentioning MQ was deleted, because all MQ related issues are to be discussed on the MQ board, thus, a seperate MQ board.

In addition, one of the moderators says it's ok to post and post and post about pets, when there is a Pet board under the 'General' boards tab.
Vacation coverage

I have five accounts and two I have IC's who work for them -- psych accounts no problem when I leave town.  But my other three, have asked that I have NO ONE work on the account but me and they hold the tapes and I do them when I come back as fast as I can and sometimes wishing I had not taken time off.   No they work with me but then I don't take off much time and when I do it is usually a couple of days and the weekend so we are all not stressed.   If I were to have surgery or something I have friends that would help out and the accounts realize that it would be necessary.  That is one of the drawbacks of having your own accounts.  No work --no money.   But it does make you appreciate your time off.

re: Really needing a vacation
I'm in WV too. We generally went to either Cape Hatteras, NC or Myrtle Beach for vacations, but Myrtle has gotten so commercialized it's pretty expensive. Hatteras is really nice, quiet, super clean and really not that expensive.
Vacation and benefits - really!

Is there really a company out there that provides long-term benefits such as insurance AND VACATION and that will be around when we get ready to use it  Just wondering if anyone out there really has any benefits doing at home MT work.

RE: Vacation and benefits - really!
This will take you directly to the home page of the company I work for, and you can click on careers, and it lists the benefits they offer: http://www.transcendservices.com/corporate/
Vacation as I/C or MTSO

I had the same guilt feelings that I had to be perfect, be completely on time, everything had to be perfect or they would find someone else and put a lot of pressure on myself.  I have in the last year slowed down, told them when I couldn't do what they wanted, taken a vacation, and just this week was able to go to my nephew's baseball state play-offs and skip a day of pick up and delivery -- how -- be being honest with them and believing in myself.  I am also going to Vegas for three days next week.  Just simply told them that I needed some time off.  Am working harder this weekend to be caught up by the time I go and the work will be here when I get back but they know to give me until next week to get 100% caught up.   And they have accepted it.   Our docs take time off and we don't get paid.  I simply took a deep breath and sat down and talked to the docs.  I do admit I have smaller offices 2 to 4 docs in them but I did and they said fine.   I do try and schedule the time around holidays but that is mainly for my sake as to not be overwhelmed.  I figure if they cancel on me or find another service, someone else is out there or I will go to a hosptial.  I was not uppity, nasty or put a chip on shoulder.  Just talked to them and told them that I had to start scheduling some time off for myself and they had no problem with that.  I have 4 offices to work with and it takes a little maneuvering.  But after so many years without time off, I did it.  All my accounts have been with me for 5+ years and so we are pretty well established together but it still took a deep breath to approach them.   You can do it.  I firmly believe that they treat you as you accept being treated. 


LOL....can't wait for vacation!
Virtual vacation, anyone?

DH just took me to my favorite beach for a quick vacation.   It is Shell Island in NC (basically Wrightsville Beach, but the end at Mason Inlet)

We arrived at Shell Island resort and discovered our room was on the 9th (top) floor.  PERFECT!  The dogs were staying with the in-laws in nearby Wilmington, so no worries there.

The temperature on Thursday was 82 degrees.  The water was 81 degrees.   People were few.  We walked down to the inlet, where the surf is all disorganized with no crashing waves.  The water stays shallow for a long way out, only knee deep to waist deep.  I floated out there, often walking along on my hands, with the swirling water gently pushing me this way and that.   Seagulls called to us.  Pelicans did their gliding flight just inches above the water. 

After our ocean swim we got in the pool.  Then we laid out on the chaise lounge chairs to dry.  The ocean breeze gently buffeted us in a lazy fashion until we were nearly dry and went in.

We went back to the room and I sorted my shells out on a table on the deck.  Seagulls came by to try to entice me to throw food.  Now and then, pelicans in V formation would glide right by me, so close I could have reached out and touched the feathers of the nearest member. 

We went out to The Oceanic restaurant.  I had the Oceanic Platter with broiled fish, fabulous scallops, shrimp, and a crab cake that rivaled those in Baltimore.   It was all fabulous.

I had a fabulous time.   Vacations are good. 

wireless on vacation.
I use my laptop and my cell phone on vacation. Works great. My connection is as fast dsl. The only problem I have have to plug my phone in every so often to recharge it. Now some people use a wireless card, but is more expesive. The cell phone company told me 99 and new phone line whereas this only cost me 25 a month. At home I am on DSL wireless router
Vacation time

I am an IC.  Contracted with just 1 drs. office since they generate plenty of work.  There is another at home IC, who works there, too.  We have been backed up quite a bit lately, so they hired another IC to work prn.  My question to any other IC's out there is--Do you ever take family vacations?  How do you accomplish this?  Do you tell them your office will be closed for a week? What do they do about work while you are gone?  What usually happens to me is they punish me the week before by giving me extra work.  While I am gone, they just pour all of my work on the other IC and she gets backed up, and then when I returned I have twice as much work to do.  I feel like--why did I bother taking vacation?!  I get burned out prior to vacation, and after returning to work I get burned out again from trying to catch up.  I mentioned today that we need someone to cover when we, the 2 IC's take vacation.  I was told the other IC "never takes time off" with a smirk.  I felt like saying, "Well, I am sorry, but I have a family and a life and it doesn't revolve around this office!!!!"  Got any advice?  I am so burned out and need some time off!!!! 

Doctor vacation

With my invoice for the past month, I give a form for the upcoming month for time off for each doctor, etc.  Now and then they do miss a day or two here but most of the time they are very forthcoming with the time they will be gone.  I tell them that I need that so I can plan out my scheduling and ensure that we adhere to the TAT, etc.  Also for income purposes.  My clinics really work with me.  See if you can talk with the office manager or the schedulers.  Might bring in a plate of cookies for whomever is helping you out.  But talk with them and explain the situation as that is what has helped me out many times.  

IC and taking vacation

I take two weeks off a year, which is stated in my contract.  One week is done for a full week and then the other five days are here and there.  I do not have a fill-in, other than for STAT work.  I simply put a note in two weeks in advance stating I will be off from whatever day through whatever day.  My doctors have always been extremely understanding with my time off.  Yes, its tough when I return because work is so backed up, but I just strive to get caught up as fast as possible.

I think if you're an IC and you constantly strive to provide the best of service to your clients, they'll be more than willing to have work fall behind for you to have a vacation. 

taking vacation
I usually do take a vacation this time of the year as the rest of my family live in another part of the state.  I have no one to cover for me, byt the doctors I work for are very understanding and the work just stays there until I get back and I always catch up, somehow with the grace of God.  I wish I had someone cover for me, but I don't.  A lady approached me at church yesterday and asked if you needed a degree, I said, no, but you have to have experience and know what you're doing.  Maybe in January or February we may go away.  I don't know.
Hopefully she is okay. May be took a vacation when all this started.
I would hope she would check here to see that we were asking about her. I am really on not this board much anymore. I was usually on the Word Board but it is not the same.
?? Many people do this on vacation, so
you are saying that have to pay 2 weeks' worth of taxes in the vacationing state?
How can one offer FT IC vacation pay?
Post on another board offering vacation pay for a FT IC.  They also dictate what days and how many lines minimum the MT must work.  I am so tired of MTSOs hiring IC to save themselves money, but play around the IRS guidelines......you cannot dictate any of the above for an independent contractor.   I suppose no one reports these companies to the IRS?
I'm game. And I could use a vacation, even if
I can't afford to do anything but watcth TV. (As long as I still have electricity, that is...)
What would they have done if you had taken vacation for a week, or been out ill?
Totally not fair!
I think all of eTrans management is on vacation!
Not a word from anyone concerning the "no work situation"
I need a Vacation. Not much money but need to get away 3-4 days.

On the cheap.  Fresh air.  Beautiful scenery.  Where oh where should I go? 

I'd love a vacation, but cannot afford it
Hi everyone,
thanks for your posts on this subject. I really cannot afford to take a vacation or even a day off. No one is around to pick up the work that will pile up if I take off and if I take off I don't get paid and since I just went through bankruptcy I really need all the money I can get, but it is nice to dream of the day I can take a vacation and not worry about the day without pay.
What was your best family vacation? Looking for ideas..sm

School starts in a week here !  I am already planning our next family vacation for next summer (always helps to have a plan so I can save the funds to do this)- We are not "outdoor" people, so camping and skiing are out.  Has anyone taken an extended train vacation with sleeper cars ? I have two boys ages 15 and 11, and wondered if anyone had traveled the "American Oriental Express"?

actually there was a hawaii vacation but he traded it in
yay us!
can now donate your vacation time
The IRS will now let you donate your vacation time to the evacuees.  They will convert it to cash and you can deduct it at the end of the year.  For those of you feeling so generous, this is for you.
Back from my vacation w/o the kids, for those

that want to know. The wedding was beautiful and perfect weather for it. St. Thomas and Tortola islands I highly recommend visiting, especially Sapphire Beach on St. Thomas and the baths of Virgin Gorda on Tortola. Gorgeous, breathtaking, absolutely stunning views, heaven. First 2 days I kept breaking down because the kids weren't there but then loosened up after I talked to them at our first stop. I have never eaten so much wonderful food in my life.

Kids survived w/o us and had a ball with grandma and grandpa and are already asking when we're going away again. Hard to say who had more fun, us or the kids, according to some of their stories. It was our first cruise and we're looking into booking a family cruise because it was just perfect. Having a hard time adjusting being home because I want my ocean view back...lol

Orlando vacation tickets

We are planning a trip to Orlando over spring break. Does anyone have experience with purchasing tickets on-line or purchasing them at the hotel travel desk, pros and cons of each? We went years ago before Internet and purchased everything when we got there and would like to do that again. Any suggestions?

ICs are not entitled to vacation, insurance, etc. If you are

wanting benefits you need to be an employee. 

Vacation? I've heard of that
I haven't had a vacation since 1996 and I've had ONE two-day weekend off since 2001.
What are your vacation plans this summer? sm
I'm getting married in 11 days so my week vacation afterwards will be spent honeymooning in Helen, GA, which is where we're getting married. 
Offer vacation coverage (sm)

I have offered just coverage for vacations, etc. and have networked that way, but I know that is tough when you are full-time from home and not in a medical type setting.  I think it is a shame that more do not frequent the State Boards here.  I like hearing everyone's opinions, but if the State Boards were frequented more, I think we could all really network a little more.  I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine type of thing.  Most people do not like to do that because they are afraid you will take their account, but I believe in being trusting, and that is bad karma!  JMO.