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Question for Lillybelle

Posted By: Chavera on 2008-02-06
In Reply to:


What did you mean by debate? I thought I was backing up what you said about not being able to pick and choose. At least I don't think you can. Don't you think the reports get shuffled so that ones more important to the hospital get shifted to the top of the queue? Cause I have checked and sometimes when I expect the next one I see in line, that is not the report I get, and the one I expected is still in line. So I deduced that maybe consults are more important than clinic notes, etc. But yeah I have been having trouble getting work on the first shift and in fact worked until 3:00 a.m. Tuesday nite.

Maybe I shouldn't have said I have pretty good dictators on my accounts, but in general most of them are do-able (not sure if that's a word).

I am curious to know if I said something that upset you, it is not in my character to be in any way unkind or wanting to make trouble.

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Looking for Lillybelle

Documented a bunch of stuff.  First job contact was bizarre.  Second one was lukewarm with one really offensive aspect.  If you email me I can pass some info to you...it's rather cumbersome for the board. 

What Lillybelle said. nm
Hey, Lillybelle-just tried to email
you, but I guess that is not working right now. Just wanted to know where you will go if you don't stay on here!