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ROFL - you are worse than mud on my shoe. Shelly Hendrix is one of the NICEST and KINDEST posters on

Posted By: OldTimeMT on 2005-07-16
In Reply to: Where is Shelly Hendrix..usually defends Spheris ROFL!! - nm

on this miserable forum.  He is always willing to lend a hand, help out with a problem, or just plain old encouragement. He's a hard worker for more than 1 company, and he gives focused intelligent summations of these companies. You are a disgrace of an MT to make fun of him here, ROFLOL.  Go ahead and flame me back - you won't bother me at all, but you KNOW in your heart what a creep you are. You can hide from all of us, but not from your own soul.  For shame.

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    Where is Shelly Hendrix..usually defends Spheris ROFL!!
    The nicest thing you can do for someone
    when they lose a child (and what my best friend has done for me for 10 years) is to continue to remember. Your friend will always feel sad on the anniversary of their child's death - it is comforting beyond description to know that someone else remembers with you.
    ROFL - do folks eat it vertically??? *ROFL..nm
    Actually, Hendrix' album of the same name was released in 1967, not the 1980s. :) nm
    don't forget the shoe
    shoe on other foot

    Would any of you want to be forgiven if you cheated on him?  They say almost as many  women are cheating these days as men, according to Dr. Phil and Oprah.  Even with all the troubles that we had in our marriage and the straw that broke the camel's back was the cheating, I could never bring myself to even consider cheating but everyone is different.  I don't condemn or condone women who forgive their husbands and know that every situatioan is different and until you are in that situation/shoes it is hard for you to say what you will do.   You always say a big "NO, never" but when you are presented with the situation it is amazing how many times that changes. 


    If the shoe fits...
    wear it. I think she's absolutely right. Doctors and hospitals figure if they're going to pay for crap, they might as well pay for cheap crap and send it overseas. It's amazing how lazy and sloppy some American MTs are. I have even seen some "team leaders" and "MT supervisors" type crap like 38 cms, and I've seen companies refer to HIPPA instead of HIPAA.

    I personally know an MT who thinks she is one of the best MTs there is, and she has no clue when to use "their," "there," or "they're." She mixes up tetanus and tinnitus. It's disgraceful.
    Thanks, Shelly
    That's great advice that I hadn't thought of. I have a lot of reference books, but the latest version in this specialty would be definitely be helpful!
    Funny. Shoe's on the other foot, here. And I just SM
    can't bring myself to even look at another man. Been nearly two years. Ah well, I like myself pretty well!
    Shelly Winters.
    So sorry to hear of her death - what a great actress and huge talent - I feel like I've lost a family member. RIP Shelly!
    OMG ... how can someone not know Shelly Winters? sm

    Poseidon Adventure ...... old days ... A Patch of Blue (Sidney Poitier too) ..... she's an icon.  


    So sad to see her gone ... sigh

    That shoe fits a lot of 'em. MQ, MDI/Transcend, the old Edix.
    Shelly, I love your avatar! Cute!

    One *does* need to use the Shift key to highlight words as Shelly asked. sm
    Ctrl and the right arrow key goes to the next word *without* highlighting. You might want to read Shelly's original post again.
    Rude people? I hardly think so. They are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. sm
    Not just management, but QA as well. No one is rude. They are a very understanding staff. There is one account that is hard but all it takes is getting used to it. Once you are used to it, it is no harder than any other ESL account that you would do anyplace else. I have heard all these things about TH from the archives and I have yet to come across rudeness or any kind of thing that I have read about in the archives. I would definitely pursue them if I were you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
    Worse. Far, FAR worse. (no mssg)
    and if you toss them a beer every now and then, they'll fall asleep a whole lot faster!

    ROFL here, too. nm :)

    There are several boards provided here.  Please post under the appropriate board.  If you are talking about a school, there is a board for that discussion.  The same applies for a technical board for equipment topics; word, style, drug boards; a political board, a christianity board, a specific Medquist board, an offshores concerns board, etc.  The Main board would serve for all discussions/topics that have not been provided special boards.

    It is not fair for some to post where they should and others not.  To avoid your post being deleted, please post under the appropriate boards.

    If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.  My e-mail is goldbird@mtstars.com and you can e-mail me directly or use the Reply By E-Mail option provided at the bottom of this post.

    Thank you.


    regardless of BOS or the posters...nm
    "I Shot The Seriffff"...went up in pitch on the end like someone was squeezing where he wished they wouldn't. HAHAHAHAHA Hadn't laughed like that in awhile.
    ROFL!!!!! nm
    no, there are just some posters who are....NM

    thanks to both posters.
    On the other hand, we all probably need a lot less penile bladder in our diets.

    Thanks for making my morning!

    ROFL! I'm with ya there!
    My sis is a flight attendant and loves to spontaneously fly into town for a day THEN call me to see if I can a)pick her up from the airport or b)hang out with her for the day.

    And she always does this during the week.

    My hubby always tells me, "treat it like a real job"...as if it was a FAKE job. LOL...
    I forgot about that aspect of it! We were told in Cincinnati that we should wear anything we want as long as didn't offend the sensitivities of our coworkers. LOL!
    rofl. MD just came in and i asked, here's what he said
    the pt has a "sort of meandering gait"   LOL
    ME TOO! ROFL That's why I suggested it!!
    Mom's know best, huh?! :)

    ROFL! I tried something similar.
    I told my boys that they'd have to hug each other, apologize and tell each other three nice things if they were mean to each other.  They're such twerps that it didn't work.  They'd bearhug each other as hard as they could, sneer sorry, and say something like, "Your breath no longer smells like a camel's backside."  I give up.
    just because more posters think it is okay, does NOT make it
    ROFL! Thanks for the memory.
    It was horrible at my last job.  The supervisor told us to never, ever touch the thermostat.  She'd sit in her office with a heating vent and get too hot, so she'd turn the heat down.  My cubicle was by the windows in the winter with subzero temperatures.  I was so cold that I had on my winter coat, gloves and a blanket.  Then in the summertime, it was too hot with the sun reflecting through the windows.  I used to climb up on my desk and change the thermostat anyway.  I loved ticking that woman off because she was such a shrew.  She was firing any employee who had more than 10 years of service because they were making too much money.  She could hire college grads with more technical skills at lower wages.  So much for not discriminating against people for their age.  The things she wrote them up for were asinine.
    Below posters are correct
    Nancy Drew's conclusions:

    Everything inclucing headers on the text field is counted and expansions are as they appear on the text field.

    I have tested this MANY times.

    HOWEVER, we do NOT get paid for ADT and this is significant. This is our major loss.

    It's not your imagination if your account that goes to DQS turns into crap dictators. It is already being ASR'ed. All the good dictators are gone... to the ultimate cherrry picker.

    I hate this job.
    ...and someone who does not use commas. ROFL! nm.
    ROFL at what this MD just dictated...sm
    NEUROLOGIC:  He does have diminished memory.  I did start him on Aricept for this last year, but he has forgotten to take it. 
    NAILS??????? ROFL

    ROFL! Thanks for the chuckle.
    I needed it today.
    Maybe I'm getting the posters mixed up here.

    I was responding to the person who wrote *I just started with a company, and I honestly don't think I will EVER be able to make the line count .... 11,000.*  That's what I meant by the line count being required.

    As problematic as the company is, though, I don't think they offshore.

    OK, I see... you're one of THOSE posters. (sm)
    Sorry - I can see now you're one of those posters who don't really contribute to a conversation, but just likes to get things riled up. I make it a point to avoid those kinds of posters/conversations. But have a good day! :o)
    naw...you must be joking *ROFL....SM

    Of course more than just gay people have AIDS/HIV........sheesh -

    I was specifically talking about the GAY community going to Mexico in the early 1980s.........nobody else.


    We are not censoring. We are merely asking that posters
    use the correct forum when posting.  If you have a technical question, ask it on the Technical board, religion on the Religion forum, Politics on the politics forum, etc.  Thank you.
    This is Hilarious, ROFL. Sm.

    This is rofl, for real