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If the shoe fits...

Posted By: Deb on 2007-07-04
In Reply to: Do MTs bother to use their reference books or the internet? SM - QALady

wear it. I think she's absolutely right. Doctors and hospitals figure if they're going to pay for crap, they might as well pay for cheap crap and send it overseas. It's amazing how lazy and sloppy some American MTs are. I have even seen some "team leaders" and "MT supervisors" type crap like 38 cms, and I've seen companies refer to HIPPA instead of HIPAA.

I personally know an MT who thinks she is one of the best MTs there is, and she has no clue when to use "their," "there," or "they're." She mixes up tetanus and tinnitus. It's disgraceful.

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That shoe fits a lot of 'em. MQ, MDI/Transcend, the old Edix.
don't forget the shoe
shoe on other foot

Would any of you want to be forgiven if you cheated on him?  They say almost as many  women are cheating these days as men, according to Dr. Phil and Oprah.  Even with all the troubles that we had in our marriage and the straw that broke the camel's back was the cheating, I could never bring myself to even consider cheating but everyone is different.  I don't condemn or condone women who forgive their husbands and know that every situatioan is different and until you are in that situation/shoes it is hard for you to say what you will do.   You always say a big "NO, never" but when you are presented with the situation it is amazing how many times that changes. 


Funny. Shoe's on the other foot, here. And I just SM
can't bring myself to even look at another man. Been nearly two years. Ah well, I like myself pretty well!
ROFL - you are worse than mud on my shoe. Shelly Hendrix is one of the NICEST and KINDEST posters on
on this miserable forum.  He is always willing to lend a hand, help out with a problem, or just plain old encouragement. He's a hard worker for more than 1 company, and he gives focused intelligent summations of these companies. You are a disgrace of an MT to make fun of him here, ROFLOL.  Go ahead and flame me back - you won't bother me at all, but you KNOW in your heart what a creep you are. You can hide from all of us, but not from your own soul.  For shame.
there ya go, that fits. NM
That fits perfectly

you go girl!!

Thanks much,


Virgo...and fits me to a "T".
My cat is 13 pounds and she just fits in the....

Sounds like a 27 pound cat might be too big for the litter boxes with the covered housing/top.  My cat just fits into this regular sized one.  Suggest you either get a bigger litter box system or have one built.  A 27 pound cat is a HUGE (loveable) cat who needs above-normal sized cat box.

Just my 3 cents  as a CAT LOVER!!!  *S*


So the aka name fits perfectly!
it fits the bill for me! i'm frugal too :)
TransHealth fits this category. nm
Ok, there are only a few boards now, so if what you are posting fits into
one of the boards to the left, post it there, otherwise your post will be deleted. We're not going to lock posts anymore, we're just going to delete them. This should be no major undertaking. Have a word question, post it on the Word board...have a question about a Company, post it on the Company board, etc.
Thanks! It is nice to finally find something that fits! :) nm
Virgo, fits me like a glove. I used to work in - sm
used to work in court reporting & the overwhelming majority there were Virgo and Scorpio. I'll bet MT is the same way.

My sister and her husband, who are both graphic designers, are Libra, as is their little girl. When sister started a new job they asked her what sign she was, she said Libra, and so was almost EVERY person in the office!
Sagittarius (everything fits except the outdoorsy part)

you proofread all business letters you receive in the mail and have fits over the errors! LOL (nm)

For arthritis/cold weather, I use cheap, thin, one-size-fits-all
grocery-store gloves, and just cut the fingertips out. Warm & comfy. And cheap.