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Re: Best Online Companies

Posted By: tekgirl1 on 2007-06-07
In Reply to:

Thank all of you for that great input.  That is helpful.  I'm not really sure about whether or not I want to quit my hospital job and I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons.  There have been problems going on for a few years now.  We do work at home, which is wonderful, but the emailing is terrible because of the way things are set up and we get all this junk email from the whole hospital that isn't related to us besides the department stuff, so your concentration is constantly being effected.  We've complained about that a lot though and I think it may finally be resolved somewhat.  I like my supervisors, but one of them has a really negative outlook on everything.  We get daily updates and hers are just filled with negativity.  This has been much worse in the past few years because of her personal problems.  It effects all of us.  I try to ignore it, but some days it's hard.  They also cut our pay by decreasing our incentive, raising line counts and tightening up the QA.  Mine has gone down 15K in the past few years.  I could handle it though.  I'm still making pretty good money.  Some of the MTs were making a little too much and they keep up with the latest tech in software, so we can get more production.  They are also constantly changing things.  It never ends and nothing is ever in writing.  One of the MTs made a "reminder list" for everyone, but finally gave up.  It's pages and pages long.  It's very stressful and can be reall confusing sometimes.  The negative boss has a habit of changing things and then changing it again without telling anyone and then emailing us and YELLING!!!!!!!!!!, you know.  The lastest thing that happened is what really upset me though.  I was told at my evaluation by the medical director that I would get a bigger pay increase this year because I was involved in a project to develop new browser-based MT software for our department.  However, later when I actually found out what my raise was I found it was smaller than the one I got last year.  When I tried to email her about it at first she ignored me, but finally came with the response that HR decides what the percentages are and there is nothing she can do!  This has really made me upset.  I just feel crapped on even more.  I think if I let this go, what will it be next?  This all adds up to a lot stress.  Before a few years ago it was a really nice place.  MT work is stressful enough without all this added.  Otherwise, there are a lot of positives and I hate to quit, but.....  Maybe I should just stay put though, especially if what you said is true about it being a jungle in the online world.  Maybe things could turnaround where I am in the future.  Thanks for listening. 

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There are plenty of online companies set up this way also-nm
To: MTME Re: Best online companies
I have thought about that.  Right now I have cut my hours to 32/week through FLMA because my husband had a car accident and is in rehab, so that wouldn't be an option for me right now.  Thanks.
Which TASP companies allow remote users to transcribe online?

Bare Minerals IS available at ULTA online,Sephora online...(sm)

...and you don't have to sign up for a makeup "club," or anything. I totally agree with you that this makeup is great for all the basic purposes (coverage, lasting), but their slogan is "Makeup so healthy you can sleep in it." There is a delay in time between when you can apply your powder after moisturizer, but it is really worth it.

To go with your powder I recommend the "pump brush" offered at some of the cosmetic online stores. You fill the handle with your powder mixture (I mix two different powders, changing it up or down according to how much sun I've been getting) and the pump brush will distribute some to the bristles, tap and have at it! This is great for carrying it with you to minimize the loss into the lining of your handbag!

I cannot recommend Bare Minerals enough. I used to be a MAC convert, and have tried everything from Chanel to Maybelline--this product does not disappoint.

MT companies negotiate with the insurance companies until they get what they want

It is strictly up to the agreement between the employer and the insurance company.  Your new employer can tell you what the pre-existing clause is in your new policy.  Some require proof of insurance for the past 12 months.  It may say something like if a diagnosis has not been made NOR treatment received within the last __ months.  Not good when companies negotiate with a pre-existing clause in order to get a lower rate.  Better check with your HR with your new company before doing anything.  It really gets hairy !

Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
I have to contain myself for now, but I have a H*LL of an online SM

dating story - the stuff they make movies out of. I'm not kidding, either. I will be able to tell it soon, hopefully.

For what it's worth, I have found the most astounding dating site. Totally FREE. The best part of it is that there are forums there. http://www.plentyoffish.com

I buy online at...

Old Navy is one of my favorites.  Their stores are so small that they never have my size in stock anyway.  If you order from their website, the shipping is only $5 no matter how much you buy.  I also buy and sell a lot on ebay and half.com.  At Christmas time, I buy from Toys R Us online.  They usually have free shipping if your bill is over $50, and you can get the sale price.  I missed it yesterday.  I didn't realize that I could have purchased the 4-hour deals from Toys R Us on their website.  Oh well, maybe next year.

and I never used AOL online..sm

but  was a big investor back just before 2001 and I sold lots of shares when AOL was at 30....it subsequently went down to 9 or 11 and then was not on the market for a long time....


happy holidays y'all if y'all celebrate .

here ya go for online one
Look online

You can get some general info online.  But before signing up make sure you find out what the charges are for maintaining your account yearly, monthly or however.  That can make a big difference as to where you put your money.  


What's the best way to take an online

I have 4 pretty long transcription tests to take from an online site and am tearing my hair out!!!  I can't figure out Express Scribe (and I'm told it probably won't work), but using manual controls on these voice files s going to take me all night.  Is there a trick to it?

online BOS
I just love this online BOS.  Did you know all you have to do is bring it up, ctrl 4, put in a word, and it will search the whole BOS for you - Bingo!  there it is!  Love it.....I've been using it more than I ever did with the paperback.
Where is the online BOS?
I use online
resources the most.

I think I might have developed this habit because I need to have glasses with bifocals now and can't afford them. Thus, using the web is easier for me.

I have pretty good luck with it too.
Anyone using online BOS?

I'm wondering if anyone is using the online BOS 3rd edition and if you like it? 

All comments appreciated.  - P.S. The company I work for uses these rules so the info is pertinent ... and I have no former editions.


FYI, you can apply online...sm

at:  www.fafsa.ed.gov  

All the instructions are on this site.  You can get your "PIN" here (which you will use for applying online) and and also fill out your application for aid online. 


online petitions

Please...have some sense.  Online petitions for anything never ever work, period. 

Most petitions, legal/political etc will not accept online names/screen names/email addy's etc, because think about it, one person could sign repeatedly just by changing screen names, having all kind of yahoo, hotmail, aol, road runner, etc accounts.  If it's a legit petition most require a real name, address and phone number so the judging agency can verify all the votes, etc.

Sooooo, how'd you get online?
what online degree are you looking at
It's an online diary. (nm)
met my husband online

I was 28 and had lots of fun with online dating, a couple surprises with in-person visits compared to pictures, a couple of good laughs with 50-year-olds emailing me.  Great for the ego after a hurtful divorce.  Met my husband who was in a similar situation (and who did look like his picture), and he is a real gem.  I hadn't used eharmony, though, so I can't speak to how well that one works, but I went through a dating site for people of my same religion.  If you can find common-interest dating sites you already have something in common to go on.

online dating...
Went through match.com several years ago. Had a pretty good 6 month relationship with the first guy I met, and have been married to the second man I met online for over 2 years now.
Good luck with yours!!!
I too met my husband online
I met my husband through match.com.  He was the second man I had dated through match.  I was looking for a man with close to the same values and spiritual beliefs as mine.  He is a wonderful man even through the pains of blending families (7 kids between us).  I feel blessed and I believe that on line singles web sites provide an opportunity for people to meet "the right" person by laying a lot of things on the table at the get-go that sometimes takes months to discover about someone not providing a self-profile up front.  Be honest, be careful, seek honesty in your match, and do not ignore red flags. You can meet the right one through on-line dating.  Have faith, trust God to guide you to that person, and enjoy the process.
online dating
I've met some pretty good ones online (just not my type person), and some pretty bad ones. I'd say its probably the same odds as when meeting in person, some are good, some aren't. Of course, I'm perfect LOLOLOL
Online Resume
I have been thinking a lot about setting up a small page online kind of like an online resume, but I don't know where to begin. Anybody know of where I can get a ton of questions answered?
does anyone use people pc online
Just wondering how reliable it is.
I use the online Dorlands. sm

24/7 as they are wont to do everyone online....nm
oops -s/b everywhere online (not everyone).......nm
I might be able to find one online...*lol*...nm

PC Online Service
Anyone there have any information about PC Online Service. My phone charges really high and would like to have something little more inexpensive. Reliable? 
Have your husband go online (sm)
and Google "pro ana." It's worse now than it ever was. They are encouraging each other into believing this is just a "lifestyle choice."
new to online transcription

I have been working for a company for 15 years doing it the old way - i.e., tapes and printing, that has just been sold to an online company. We have a meeting with them - what questions should I ask? Terms like "platform", "expanders", etc., are Greek to me. Thanks.

new to online transcription
Thank you!
online testing
I would suggest a modified verbatim.  Correct any gross grammatical errors that really stand out and fix run-on sentences.  These tests are really geared toward finding out how well you know your terminology, so make that your first concern.  Make sure you have absolutely no misspellings whether it is an English or medical term.  Good luck and be patient with yourself.  The testing process can be scary. 
online testing
Thanks so much!! I appreciate it
Unfortunately that seems the going rate online

Unless you want to be chained to your chair.  What company is paying you 10 cpl unless you are working 10 hour days and chained to your chair with IM's popping up every few minutes and QA breathing down your neck.  I'll take the 8 cpl/easy clinic work and FREEDOM to not work when I don't want to or take on extra when I do.  I don't have to print or leave my computer.  This 8 cpl is not my main account. I have my own accounts that pay much, much more, but I needed something to get some experience online.  I came from a hospital setting with some remote work from home.  You have to gain your knowledge somehow.  There are plenty of people working for 5 cpl.  There are QA people working for 3 cpl.  You still need the skills as a Transcriptionist to do QA so why does that pay so little?  As of right now, I've learned what I need to know and that is the nationals drain you dry, expect too much and pay way too little.  The smaller MTSO's pay way too little, take advantage of your IC status (making you work a set schedule/set lines, etc.).  The supposed MT-friendly platforms are strictly to benefit the MTSO/national and not the transcriptionist.  Finally, no one seems to care about the patient.  It is all about CPL and line count, and lack of QA feedback, etc.  I'm very happy with my own accounts and a little side job making 8 cpl online with FREEDOM to pick and choice what I type and when I type it with 15+ years experience.  Fortunately you not only gain transcription experience, you gain life experience!   

Lab Tests Online
I remember seeing on here somewhere where someone had put a link to a good website with normal values for lab counts. Does anyone know that link?  Thanks
Oh, get OVER it. This is an online forum,
Online Program
I've checked into Santa Barbara's program. (not bad). Would you mind sharing the name of the online self-study program you are using?
I don't know how good online...
would be for coding. I took coding at the community college level; instructor had his own company that did coding and I learned from one of the best in my area. The test is pretty difficult and long. I took it twice; missed the first time by one question and passed the second time with no problem. You have to keep your credentials up in order to keep your certification. I have not done any coding at all, just MT for the past 5-1/2 years, but am going to brush up on by coding skills just in case!
You can get expanders online...

There are lots out there. I have Shorthand. I know several people with Instant Text. You can do the research online or ask around for what you want. It would cost you maybe $150? I haven't priced them lately. But I will say an Expander is worth every cent! My productivity has gone up more than one-third since buying and making very good use of my expander. I add multiple entries every day. You get better at coming up with a system as you go along, and adding entries is super fast. Hope that helps!

CE's Online at OA-AHDI
You can get many CEs online through the Online ASsociation of AHDI. They offer live webinars monthly and they are all preapproved for CE credits from AHDI.

You are also able to purcahse downloads of previous presentations and view them at your leisure.

Visit www.oa-ahdi.org and you will find some information there.
My docs online

Can someone using mydocsonline answer a ? for me ?  I want something simple for my group of doctors.  They have the Olympus ds 4000 with the docking station.  They dont want to log into a site everytime they dock (the files apparently auto load)  Is mydocsonline just an alternative to email?  This would seem like the easiest solution for me if it is!


Please don't believe everything you read online....
It's not ALL true.
NO. Nothing different than you can find online.
Online Schools
How can you knock what you don't know? How do you know that Andrews and M-Tec aren't graduating qualified MTs? No one said that a graduate knows everything straight out of the gate. I'll bet the grads from the vo-tech school didn't either. But, Andrew and M-TEC teach how to research (major plus!), fine tune grammar that should have already been learned, and teach how to take constructive criticism with a positive attitude-all in order to teach how not to make the same mistake over and over. As an Andrews grad (and current Editor for a mid-sized MTSO), I have seen grads from the other schools, and they require a huge amount of "schooling" on the job as compared to the top 2 schools. JMO.

meeting from online
Not exactly the same thing, but I met my husband online.. His little smiley face was lite up and I liked what he had said in his profile so we began chatting. Actually asked me to meet for a drink that evening.. I did,, in a casino where I lived. Obviously well populated area,, all i had to do was yell SECURITY, if there was a problem, LOL..My advise if you meet anyone from online you never, ever, ever bring them to your home.. You meet them in a public place with a lot of other people around. Agree with poster, never let on you live alone, or where you live until/if you ever feel comfory with that. We met that night and have been inseparable since..
Online education

I'm looking at a company called Future MT for online education.  Does anyone know anything about them?

Yes, go to a reputable online..

 spyware removal site (like Nortan or McCaffee, etc. and get any and all bugs removed.  Will cost about $60 and then your done.  This happened to me a couple of weeks ago and that was my solution.    I am cautious about not clicking or downloading suspicious things, but it got me somehow.