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Re-reading your post.

Posted By: sm on 2007-07-19
In Reply to: I'm not blaming MS Word - JustATypn

"Shouldn't the line counts be exact since the company issued their own program? The program works with MS Word's count, and their reasoning is that Word counts differently on different computers" So, are you using a program that uses Word or are you just using the properties as listed in the actual Word document?

"Is MS Word that inaccurate on their counts on different computers?" If you had already checked with MS they why are you asking us to tell you something different?

Bottom line, ASK THE MTSO. Verify that your settings match. The posters on this board couldn't possibly answer that question for you.

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after reading THAT post, certainly...sm

certainly happy you don't work for me and happy you're happy too about it....

Changing poor non-English (ESL) dictation to reflect gramatically correct reports, using the poor dictation sample provided by the original poster, isn't changing the doctors words, nor patient care. If you want to attach your name to that, and the OP stating she/he is refusing to correct what she/he knows is supposed to be, BE_MY_GUEST!! 

Your comment about how long YOU *think* I've been dealing with MDs speaks tomes.......been in and around this business probably longer than you've been alive!!   

After reading the above post..sm
I was going to say the same thing, basically. I use macro's all the time, too, but I would also like to know what exactly the macro feature is CAPABLE of doing. I know the place I work for just designed a macro to line count and change font on a whole folder of typed files at one time. It is things like this that I would like to know...how do you *program* macros to do this??? So, I know what you are saying.
Reading your post...

I'm sure it is.  I could have written that same thing exactly!! 

What is up with that?

After reading your post, I'd have to say

it seems that your hospital wants to take advantage of you both as an employee and as an IC.  I don't think those 2 should mix.  I would start with the Labor Department for your state.  They should have a website to answer some of the general questions and probably can direct you to the more specifics.  You may need to file a complaint with them.  Good luck.

AWESOME! Reading your post gives...
...me more hope than I have had in awhile (since I have been seeing this coming). Can you give me anything concrete (or ideas where to look) to include in the presentation? I need to jump on this. I feel like I have been given a gift, and YOU are Santa Claus!
And it was 'funs' reading your post.
loved reading this post :)
i absolutely adore houses, and thought that is why i would take the real estate class, it wasn't to "make money" like most, it was simply because i cannot get enough of houses. I have drug my boyfriend around to all the new houses going up to look at the "model homes" and there aren't any left! I try to get him to go to open houses with me all the time and he always refuses, and I always have trouble understanding who wouldn't want to look at different homes!! haha. but like i said that dream ended when I had to get all the technical learning... so boring.

I'm now in my late 20s and I'm just feeling like my life is in such a downward turn now that I know transcription won't last forever. I now have a mortgage to pay (because i was making enough a couple years ago) and now I'm barely scraping by. I'm going to look for other work but it's scary for me. I know I am young (but i dont always feel it) but your stories of different jobs inspired me. I feel sometimes I should go back to school but I'm afraid the commitment isn't there on my part...

I know I have it better than a lot of others so I am thankful for that... but it doesn't mean Im not sometimes feeling lost!

I remember when I learned transcription 10 years ago, my mom taught me as she has done it for like 30 years now... it was hilarious :) but now 10 years later I feel strong and good at it and it's hard to wonder if I'll every find something else that I feel that way about :)
I am reading your post and thinking
i have been doing this work for years and years, can hold (as per my previous boss) a conversation on almost anything, I read a lot, interested in things going on around me and yet I could not tell you what is north, south, east or west. Raised a family, owned my own home, but my father always amazed that I was not able to stand in a yard and know which way south, north, etc. I am also challenged with anything doing with math. My family kids me with the fact if I could not type fast and spell I would have really been in trouble!!!
After reading your post, I have to comment
Ella states: "It's not fair to form one's opinion of people by their nationality or ethnic background..."
"New Yorkers and damyankees are rude, abrupt and downright hateful."

You state it is unfair, but you've just passed along your own stereotypical close-minded opinion with this post.

Substitute nationality and ethnicity for Northerners and folks outside your little circle there in Texas and bingo Ella! You're a hypocrite.

I am from NYC. I happen to think you're words above are ruder than most NY'ers. In all my years, I've not been as offended by something or someone as much as I have been just reading your post.

Feel free to share more of your prejudices and sling further insults all you want, but it's plain to anyone reading your offensive post above that you speak from the side of your face and are filled with hate.

After reading your post, I have to comment
Ella states: "It's not fair to form one's opinion of people by their nationality or ethnic background..."
"New Yorkers and damyankees are rude, abrupt and downright hateful."

You state it is unfair, but you've just passed along your own stereotypical, close-minded opinion with this post.

Substitute nationality and ethnicity for Northerners and folks outside your little circle there in Texas and bingo Ella! You're a hypocrite.

I am NYC born and raised. I happen to think you're words above are ruder than most NY'ers. In all my years, I've not been as offended by something or someone as much as I have been just reading your post.

Feel free to share more of your prejudices and sling further insults all you want, but it's plain to anyone reading your offensive comments above that you speak from the side of your face and are spreading your own hate.

In reading your post, I just want to hug that poor little girl.
I can't imagine how depressed she must be.
Reading my own post .. .i realize I messed it up!

and it didnt read that it was my first time SELLING on Ebay... Sorry, but you guys got the message.. THANKS

I was thinking the same thing before reading your post!

lol Reading all of this, your post struck me funny.
You state that you would think her equipment is paid for by now. You would? Considering what? You know her? LOL You know her equipment purchases or lease agreements or what?! LOL

It just seems like everyone is assuming quite a bit.

She sounds like she has more than a rinky-dink small-time business.

I especially love the "get rid of the QA" vote! As if that poster has any clue what her needs are or what her contractual obligations are!

Just kind of funny to me.
And I don't understand why you are not reading this post correctly, it says
being as it was elective on my part, all lawyers I contacted said no case. What else can I say?? Simple, elective, you did it to your own self, not like you had to have.....
Reading your post and frankly, my dear,
I do not believe if you transcribe 200 lph manually that you can do 6500 lines a day on Escription. Manually I always typed 250 or more an hour. I now work on Escription and have for some time. You would have had to go from manual from 1600 lines a day to over 800 lph. I have NEVER done 800 an hour and have done Escription now for 5 years. If I kept my foot on the pedal without making the first correction I do not think 800 would be possible. You must be in sales for the Escription platform.
I was very spooky reading your post because you are describing me and you have no idea who I am.

I have tried over and over the diet thing and I hate how I look, although, I think there are some heavy people out there that do not care and are very outgoing even though they are heavy, unfortunately that is not me.  I tend to not want to go to social things because of it.  I am very lucky too in that I am almost 6', I could not imaging weighing my weight and only being 5'4". 

Does anyone else have trouble reading this post and previous one from this poster?
It is hard to read when correct punctuation, etc. is not used. I know everyone returns to work. I am just saying that it would be nice not to return to 40 hrs worth of typing & it be expected to be caught up on the day I return. Call me crazy, but I believe there are only 24 hrs/day. I may not be able to read this post well, but I can do math! It is also not fair for them to dump all my work on 1 other person. Jobs come & go, but children grow up & life is too short. I would like to thank those who posted support & compassion & hope when this poster needs help, you will overlook her insensitivity & give support anyway.
Your post should be required reading for anyone wanting to do at-home MT to be with kids...SM
I just don't get why people think that just because MT *can* be done at home that it's appropriate to try to do it with babies or small children in your care. It's no different from any other kind of on-site job...you couldn't very well take a baby to any other kind of job, so why is MT any different? It's not, and I wish people (mostly women) would lose the notion that MT is a good option for them *just because* they happen to have little kids.
I feel kinda lazy reading your post as i'm content just

Where I feel crazy, I set a goal of around 300 lines an hour (ha! not with these dictators but 250 is still good), every two hours make a snack to get me moving.  I love juicing veggies and making fruit smoothies in the blender, coffee makes me nuts.  I also do calisthenics (sp?) every couple of hours for about three minutes to keep my blood flowing and keep toned.  I walk the dog two times a day for about 10 minutes to get energized from the sun and keep a good color.  I take an hour break to watch good ol Judge Judy, and fix myself something nice n yummy, and after Judy I crank out my last hour called the 'power hour' where I take no prisoners and smoke comes off my keyboard!  Like a race to the finish line.

I can't see how you could do the 20 and the 10 minute clean break, that would slow me down!  Maybe I should take cleaning breaks, because I never want to clean when I have a block of time off and the dirt just collects.

Can point in a direction but takes reading, re-reading sm

Goggle.com and enter various phrases to get articles and companies.  I use a free doanload of ExpressScribe, yep, it is free. They have a number of various software things on their site to read and perhaps one will fit. The express Scribe is a piece of sotware to download, it is very simple and I like simple. You can listen and transcribe various voice file formats. You can use a wav pedal one is called a serial pedall and I think it is 9 pin and plugs in the back of PC and also another pedal I think a 15 pin wav pedal and goes in the USB port in front.  However, you can also use it without a pedal and it works fine.  You use a couple of key to stop, pause, rewind, I forget the key.  There are a lot of pedals so don't just jump in.  On this site you may benefit from emailing the company after reading and rereading, even if you don't understand.  .




Express scribe site above Copy and paste into address bar in your browser.

Need help can email darleneh1111@earthlink.net   

An error reading or a negative reading? (nm)
Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day
More reading

"I hope we realize that the people of New Orleans weren't just abandoned during the hurricane," Sen. Barack Obama said last week on the floor of the Senate. "They were abandoned long ago—to murder and mayhem in the streets, to substandard schools, to dilapidated housing, to inadequate health care, to a pervasive sense of hopelessness."

Well, from what I'm reading, it's best to have
a real contrast between color of skin and color of hair. It sounds like your daughter was maybe dark skinned? That's difficult because the hair will be dark, too.

I have very fair skin and very dark hair and have read that is good. I've also read that if the laser isn't set high enough it's not permanent.

Unfortunately, this isn't some hormonal thing that just came along. I'm almost 40 and have been waxing, plucking and bleaching since I was a teenager. Probably spent many times over what laser would cost.
I will. I would much rather be here and reading
some very entertaining and sometimes informative posts than deal with rudeness at another site:) Good to be here!
ME Too! Reading, PA.
I can't believe what I'm reading sm

here.  One suggestion, since you must have had it so good before, is to go right back to the other place you were working before you took the 3 years off.  They're not in business anymore?  They've been sold?  The MTSO got out of the business?  Welcome to 2009.  Do it or get out of the field.

Even 3 years ago we were doing 2, 4, up to 8 different accounts to get the required lines we needed.  Three years ago I was still required to do at least 1200 lines per day.  Three years ago, an MT with a well-rounded work history could do what you are saying.

If you have been there as long as you say, you are doing something wrong to make $6 an hour.  At that rate, you are typing about 75 lines per hour at 8 cpl.  You need to kick it up quite a bit if you intend to stay in the field, because the service will fire you if you don't get faster.

Am I reading this right?
It seems like you are trying to say that it's OKAY for people to trash newbies:

I quote here, without quotation marks, because I refuse to give up my beloved Firefox browser in order to regain punctuation marks, but you said:

Stop attacking one another and stop trying to bully individual posters or opinions. This means trying to police others' posts for grammar, spelling. It also means to stop trying to personally address others' posting styles or personalities by calling them out.


It seems like you're taking the side of people like MT30+ here, like you're saying that it's okay for her and others to put newbies down and tell them repeatedly how they're whiners, complainers, and slackers because they expect a reasonable work environment and reasonable expectations from their employers.

Am I missing something here?

Everything in the paragraph I quoted sounds good until you get to the last sentence:

QUOTE: It also means to stop trying to personally address others' posting styles or personalities by calling them out. END QUOTE.

The only people personally addressing other people's posting styles on this forum are the ones who keep calling the newbies whiners, slackers, etc. When we who are trying to keep this an encouraging forum protest this treatment of newbies and others, we're STILL not calling names - we're trying to create a POSITIVE environment. Sometimes creating a POSITIVE environment, much like childrearing, requires that we point out what is being done wrong, but with the end goal in mind of DOING IT RIGHT.

I'm sure that didn't come out the way I intended, but please please please, take a stand for the GOOD! Thank you!

Just reading it was USB - sm
As suggested below there has to be more than one, I have 4 on the back and 2 on the front. Maybe under a panel so they are hidden? Some Dells have panels on the front that open up to reveal 2 USB ports usually. Otherwise I suggest you get an external powered USB port. I have a powered external Dynex 7 USB port as well as I have lots of USB stuff plugged in...only have 3 spare ports out of all 13 I have. Just make sure it is powered, meaning it runs off of electricity (power cord), not your computer, less of a draw on your computer then. Mine has a power cord plugged into wall outlet, and then a cord from the Dynex is plugged into one of the USB ports on the computer, and I have 4 things plugged into the Dynex. Works great. Was not about to play multiple plugs with all my stuff, printer, memory card, external hard drive, picture transfer device, not sure what else, lots of stuff though.
OOOOPS sorry for not reading sm
carefully.  With all those problems with SS, I'm afraid I'd be looking at SS in my rear view mirror. :)
Possible disaster. I can't believe what I'm reading.
Lots and lots of sites on the internet with good coverage.  I've been following it all evening.  They are saying it if doesn't weaken significantly it could be one of the greatest natural disasters in this country in this century.  60-80 percent of the homes could be washed away, 1000s killed, 30 foot high water in the city if the levees give way and there is a 70 percent chance that could happen.  This is from the Associated Press and a meteorological website - I am not making it up. 
The reason you are reading so many (sm)

bad things is because some of these services are bad!  I have lost a lot of income at times because of these services.  They promise the world and don't deliver.  There are some MTs that by chance fall into a good job with good accounts working for another service, but I wasn't one of them.  I always got the worst dictators and quit working for other services.  If you do not need a full-time job and can get by on a few hundred a week, maybe working for a service would be a good job.  Otherwise you might be very disappointed.

I think you should start looking for your own accounts now so you don't have to work for another service.  Good luck. 

reading reports
Yes, some of the dictating physicians may not read their own reports, but OTHER physicians may read them. I'm speaking particularly with regard to progress notes, X-rays, cardiac reports, and especially consults. One account I worked on very recently, the doctors ALWAYS read their own reports, and referring and consulting physicians all read each other's reports before seeing the patient. See how that karma quickly comes around? I proof and read. I agree with Albert: If you don't have time to proof/read, when will you have time to do it over? Places like Spheris don't tolerate lack of attention to detail.
After reading everything posted here, it
that did not endorse or encourage offshoring but finally accepted that it was here to stay, then taught the Indians how to have their own web page, then began to charge people subscriptions to the web page.

The only difference I see since the Embracing Offshore declaration is an upgraded web site with an increase in paid ads from MTSOs who offshore (i.e., more revenue to the web site), a post here and there defending those same MTSOs in various threads by asking us to understand their pay structures, a sporadic reference to webmaster (denoting the site is being monitored more and treated more like a business) and an far greater tolerance for newbies asking questions (perhaps to help those MTSOs grow some acceptable newbies to hire or fill in the gap those companies QA staff can't provide individual attention to?)

Think about the whole overtone of the board and the posts. It has become an MTSO board. I'm sure if I were an MTSO of US MTs only and I was supplementing my income with a website, at some point I would need my website to be my main source of income as opposed to that from transcription.

Deja vu all over again from the mid 90s.

Hi, neighbor....I'm in Reading, PA.
If I'm Reading the Question Right...

EditScript is incorporated into Word and your AC should work in it.  If you disabled the replace as you type when you were using ShortHand, you just need to enable it again.  If I have the question totally wrong, I'm sorry; I may need it spelled out for me .

I've been having SH trouble recently and I didn't even think about using EditScript as being part of the problem.


Exactly my first thought after reading
the above post. WOW.
Reading the last 2 posts...
really warms my heart. It really makes no sense for these MTs to get into such a tizzy about some simple questions. It is nothing personal, after all. One good thing about this is we get to work from home and do not have to meet these people in the office each day. My goodness!!! Just think about what your life would be like then, a constant unheaval. What tickles me is when others (who don't know you) tell you you have a problem. I never assume, not a good thing. The only problem I have is around the end of my work day and my little cat walks in wanting some petting and I am trying to wind up my day. Merry Christmas to all. Hope this New Year brings you much happiness, love and security like the last 6 have been for me when I married the love of my life.
Proof reading
I have never heard of that either. I go over/listen to each report I type twice. QA is only there if I get stuck or have blanks.
Crap. Try actually reading what she said.
I agree with her. I was not a good, fast, MT but I am a killer at research and I can find stuff it seems like nobody else can. I share it with the MT's I proof and my QA peers in the company and everybody benefits.

It's not a question of being better than, worse than or whatever. People are reading stuff into posts that isn't there, IMO.
Tinks - you are reading
was gonna post that there HAD to be a catch somehow, the post is just written like that....
I think for me and what I am reading, these are mainly experienced MTs and ....
I have been doing this for 17 years and what causes the burnout is the stress, not from the job but all the changes in the last 5-6 years, with major companies having people just to figure out how they can make more profit and the constant changes with line counts, different platforms to the company's advantage, dictation maneuvering, on and on and on. I worked for one company that gave me a secondary I fell in love with, told them I wanted it for my primary, it reminded me of the hospital dictation I was used to, it wasn't a week later that I was doing almost 95% ESLs, that was bull - then to be making less than I was 5 years ago and working more hours to make less, VR that is not trained and takes longer to change than to type and make half per line, all these things contribute to burnout - sometimes I work sporadically all through the day to get my lines in because I am so discouraged of such a skilled profession making less than minimum wage with some companies. Yes, I agree it is great to be good with ESLs but it does slow you down and if you want to work 2 more hours a day or more because you are on an accout that is mainly ESLs, then you are doing it because you are lowering your standards, again, and again and again. That is the nature of this profession anymore.

In bowling good bowlers have a handicap for less experienced bowlers but that is a game, this is not a game. I do not like being handicapped in this profession bacause companies have to handicap the more experienced transcriptionists to be able to have less experienced transcriptionists do the work. Too many experienced transcriptionists are getting out of the profession because of that stress, not the stress of transcription, that is not the stress. The cherry pickers are the team leaders having to get their lines in and doing the easier dictation, they can do that, I don't think they have favorites they give it too, most are faces they don't see or know - they give the more experienced MTs the hard dictation, take the cream for themselves, and maneuver other dictation for the more inexperienced transcriptionists, and probably for not much different pay.
This was worth reading, thanks.nm
You don't know how to stop reading this
My prob is reading it how it SHOULD be and not
I try to convice myself what I am reading is as
Yup - it's why I'm reading MT Stars right now
After Reading About Captioning

I am wondering why MTs don't use those stenograph machines like court reporters.  ?

Someone on here mentioned that she/he does use one.  Does that plug into the computer like a regular keyboard, and is it difficult to learn the keys and such? 

I would love to hear more about it.


After reading most of the posts below..sm
I would just like to say that it probably just depends on the program the office/hospital uses and the doctor's choice of how they want it done.  Where I work the doctors could still dictate and I could still transcribe it and then the reports could be scanned into the EMR if that is what they had chosen to do, but it wasn't, and my position is being phased out.  Lots of different ways of doing this type of thing, and unfortunately saving money is more appealing than having a finished report that looks and reads decent, so bypassing the Transcriptionist seems to be the way our area doctors are going.
Do you have a reading comprehension
problem? The problem isn't promoting MTs.