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Reinstalled WAV Player, Now Won't Play DSS

Posted By: Dave on 2008-08-24
In Reply to:


I have always been able to play DSS files using my WAV Pedal (WAVPedal 5). I just wiped my computer clean and renistalled all of my programs, including the WAV Pedal 5. Now it will not open and play DSS files.  Any help?  Thanks,


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Do you have a wav player and pedal to play the files?
You will need wav player software on your PC for your pedal to play
files.  You can download Express Scribe for free and it works really well.  Then you will need your clients to use digital recorders to record their dictation.  The dictation can then be saved to a jump drive, disk, etc. or uploaded to an FTP site that you maintain and you will then be able to download the files from the FTP site to your PC and transcribe them. 
Can you get the file to your desktop to see if Media Player will play it, just so you know
Hmmm.....I read somewhere about seeing if you can play the files in Windows Media Player....sm

because Media Player downloads proper codec "on-demand" and this is apparently needed to play .wav files in Express Scribe (read this at their website).  Can you play any other types of files?  

You need something to play the files like free download of Express Scribe. Need to play with your
Starting job using Olympus Player/pedal - does this have a good player with slow down speeds - I do

Until now I have always used company software with player included.  I hate to spend money and find out the player is mickey mouse!!

Thanks- you may e-mail me if you prefer.

IF you can get it to play, just play it over and over a billion times & fill
? how to play CD-R

ok, got a CD-R for Christmas with old family photos/video on it.  How do I play it?  I put it in my CD player and it said check disk.  I put it in my Computer and nothing happened.    I found media play and pressed play but still nothing.  What am I missing?  Thanks.


Alt+P = play, sm
Alt+P = play
Alt+O = onward
Alt+E = everything
Shift+F2 = Speed Bar

Hope this helps.
I don't think there is any way to play the CD--sm
like your digital voice player. you should be able to transfer the files off the CD to your computer and then change them to whatever your voice player will play, i.e. wav. dss, or whatever, but to play the CD like that, uh..no.
Or less play time.
If he had a brain, he'd take it out and play with it
Thanks! I'll play around with it! :) NM
What are you using to play the files? sm
There might be a setting to select the foot pedal and/or the type of files. 
yes. they are used to play wav files on your --sm
digital wav player, so they can be called wav pedals too. Although some programs require a specific type of pedal because of the way they are wired. USB port is pretty universal and the simplest, but some programs like the serial port ones so it is wired as to left pedal, right pedal, fast forward, reverse, etc. but they are essentially the same thing.
Can you invite them over to play again? (nm)


ok, done that, now how do I get it to play so I can take the test? nm
why 'work' when they pay you to play!!??
you have to make these hurtful things into humor somehow to cope. or explore why they don't consider this work -- the pay? that you sit down all day? but most of all, YOU know that its not only work, but work that very few can do at this level well. if you'd like to buddy-up and vent personally to me, feel free. Its too bad your extended family doesn't appreciate all that you do -- but i'm sure your immediate household does. Anyone working MT, taking care of spouse and children and home deserves applause -- my hat's off to you!!
This is where your skills really come into play.
It will drive you mad if you let it.  Sometimes even the doctor is unfamiliar with the med especially specialists.  I have found that on an occasional basis. 
Play The Ball, Not The Man
I am respectfully handing this thread back to Dinosaur, when someone starts playing the man, not the ball, it's time to say cheers because it serves no purpose. Loo, you don't know the first thing about me nor did you bother to take the time to say one reasonable word - to those that did take a moment to at least respond meaningfully, thank you.

Continues to play
I have the start/stop USB pedal and it continues to play when I stop the foot pedal. Sometimes it just continues for a few seconds, and sometimes it just keeps playing and you have to push on it many, many times to get it to pause. GRRRR!

What company did you order your new one from? I may break down and buy another one. :(
Don't know if Play-All or ByteScribe do this, but that's
I'll play around and see what I can do.
And two other issues come in to play.
It's the company's responsibility also to make sure the MTs have the tools they need to do the work, not pass along unreasonable expectations and demands to the MT with no help. I'm thinking things like facility punishing for not filling in demographics when said dems aren't available to the MT. IME it's the "st*pid clerical stuff" that often gets focused on. Stuff that could be fixed with a little footwork and planning.

Secondly, the supe should get over the emotional delivery and hysteria. The MT needs to know the facts; they don't need to know how upset you are about it. They don't need to be made to feel st*pid without being given the tools to solve the problem. Management needs to go into problem-solving mode, not blame mode.
DSS files won't play

I am totally new to the at home transcription profession.  I found someone to type for but when she sent me the file, .dss, it didn't play on Express Scribe.  Now, I have been on their forums and tried ALL of the suggestions and nothing worked.  Apparently it has something to do with the way the new version of ES interacts with XP or something.  So I found a DSS Player Lite at Olympus and it played the file, but ofcourse there wasn't any foot controls or speed, et cetera.  I was just wondering if there are possibly other, preferablly free or cheap, software programs that I can use to play these DSS files.  I have another person I will be transcribing for as well but I guess she uses a different file format so I am hoping that it will play with ES. I am just so frustrated and don't know what to do to get started making some money.  Can anybody help me??       


what software are U using to play
the wav file? You should just be able to save to your desktop and open your software and then in your software, go to where U saved the wav file and dbl click to open it. At that point, you can step on your foodpedal and it will play
I took it to be a play on words

bezoar.... hairball in the stomach.


and how about a bazaar? 

But really, you just asked a simple question.


It should play .sri files. Have you tried doing this??? sm
Go into settings, then file types, and put a mark next to .sri files.

Give that a try and let me know if it works. HTH!
another player
I also have Audacity (for my legal work).  PC World has several listed as well.  You might try this link: http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,22513,00.asp
She said she had a DVD player for the car so it would not be that bad - sm
I drive to the Philly area (4 hour drive w/o stops) with the kids at least 4 x a year. I use my laptop (my travel computer) and play movies for the kids to watch, the one reason I bought a laptop with a DVD drive. It is great. My husband built a little table to put the computer on in the backseat with them (Suburban so plenty of room), and some of the time the kids play with their Barbies, read, gameboys, Pixtar, etc. and the other part they watch a movie or 2 (they are short movies for the most part). The trip is not too bad, and the kids don't fight, wonderful. Takes about 4.5-5 hours depending on how many food and pee stops, I carry a potty seat with me so that helps save some time and I can stop anywhere basically. So it is possible to make it pleasant, of course the kids will want/need to run about a bit when you get there after sitting strapped in all that time, but they will be fine otherwise, and I speak from much experience in this as I have been doing this for 7+ years now. The DVD player makes a BIG difference in how smoothly a long drive goes.
What .wav player are you using?
wav player
 Sorry to change the subject and hope this is the right board.  But, I have a problem. I was testing with 2 reports to transcribe.  My wav player only would let me do the first one.  It is rather hard to explain but I could not access the 2nd file. I shut my computer off and tried again but it would not let me have access to it.  Does anybody know what I mean?  The file is unzipped and I can click on it but no audio comes up. This is on both.  I just got this player and, of course, cannot find the directions so if anyone can help I would appeciate it. 
I have DSS player, the doc who uses
it has a dock that is attached to his computer, he puts his player in the dock and it is able to send the voice files to my computer. Not sure all the mechanics of it on his end, but if your docs have used it before they should already have the dock and be able to send.
Dss Player for Mac
Olympus dss player for mac is tho only mac compatible program. Purchas the AS2300 kit for around $199.
What is the best .wav player

I currently use Express Scribe and wanted to get some opinions on other .wav players out there as far as dictation sound quality goes. 



Are you using a player with it?
Not sure if you're asking about programming your pedal, or if you've done that and it still won't work.

If that's the case, make sure you've checked the correct player. After you sign on, click options and then select the player you're using.
Vxp player?
Has anyone been able to install VXP player on Vista? 
WAV player
Does anyone have any favorite WAV players that work with a foot pedal? I have Express Scribe, but the sound quality is not the best. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
perhaps it's not the player...
perhaps it's the recording itself. or your headphones/speakers. I use Express Scribe and some files are clear as a bell, some are muffled...it all depends on the file format, the recording device, etc...in other words not on your end but on the dictator's end.
I don't know for sure if a different player
would make a difference, but I do know that if you use USB headphones versus one that plugs into your speakers or the round outlets on your computer the wound will be better.  It won't be a huge difference, but if you try it for a month and then go back to regular phones you'll notice a difference.  You can probably get a headset for around $30.   There is also a thing called Audio Advantage by Turtle Beach (you can google).  It is pretty much the same thing as above, it turns your regular headset in USB ones, but you also have some software on your computer where you can manipulate the sound.  It takes a little bit of playing with to get it just right though.  I have a company supplied computer and not allowed to be anything on my computer.  I'm using the headset part, just can't use the software now, but it is still better than using your sound card.  I got it at Best Buy for around $30 a couple of years ago.  
Try FTR Player Plus...SM

For the Record player, it plays wav files...you can download it at:  http://www.fortherecord.com/page.asp?pageid=222

It is free.

It's just a wav player, that's all. NM
DSS Player
I have been using the DSS Player 2002 for a couple of years.  It plays DSS, WMA, and WAV files.  I haven't had any trouble with it at all but it is rather expensive.
VF player
HELP!! Is anyone familiar with VF Player from BCB voice systems?  My boss sent it to me to load on my PC so that I could pick up some extra work and I can't get it to work.  I am running Windows XP, is that why?
This is where the term "accident" comes into play - sm
I have looked it up for Dork Lady to save her some neuron-firing energy... she needs all the help she can get...
"ACCIDENT": An unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm: car accidents on icy roads.
An unforeseen incident.
Lack of intention.
Do you comprehend now Dork Lady? Reality - get a grip on it... save yourself, really...
Pushing them to play a sport is not always
"good for them". As a coach's wife I can see why you would say that but come on the world does not revolve around sports in most households!
It was a PLAY on words, get it? DIS and SHOVE?
It was a PLAY on words, get it? DIS and SHOVE?
I agree. It seems like all of them want to play catch up on one day
then they expect you to have ALL of their work done within TAT when they went beyond the agreed lines per day.
Yup, you're right. I was just trying to get her to play nice
Some people's feelings can truly be hurt by some of her comments, although I doubt that that has ever crossed her mind and probably wouldn't bother her at all. I can only imagine what type of employee she makes and how she reacts to QA!