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Run away from e-tranZ (GA)..sm

Posted By: ex-etranzer on 2005-08-30
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I see e-tranZ has a job posting on this site.  Please do not consider sending your resume to them!  Their checks are consistently late, and when they do come, they bounce.  Trying to get a replacement check is like pulling teeth.  I know this from experience.  I left several months ago and I'm still trying to get the money I am owed.  The owner of this company won't answer emails, and if on the rare occasion she does, they are demeaning and rude in nature.  She makes you feel like it was your fault that HER checks bounced.

There are too many good companies out there that are hiring.  Stay away from this one, please!

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FU on e-Tranz

I noticed today that e-Tranz has posted available MT  positions on Mtjobs.com.  I have sent the owner of Mtjobs.com several emails, along with several letters from other former MTs associated with this company, concering the latest unprofessionalism of e-Trans, i.e. bounced paychecks, inconsistent payroll practices, and Mtjobs still continues to post jobs for them.  Please be aware that not all the companies that post on Mtjobs.com are good companies to work for.  I am so ashamed of Mtjobs.com for their apparent noncaring attitude of MTs.  I have been an MT for a long time and have always looked at  Mtjobs  as the leading source of information concerning MT positions.  That will no longer be the case. 

I urge all of you to extensively investigate any company before you put yourself out on a limb.  There are some very good companies to work for, but then there are those companies who should not even be in business and who consistently break the law.  Be careful out there!!!!

E-Tranz, Inc.
This is a company from Georgia and they have contacted me, but after reading from dls about pay problems, I am leary.  Any further info available?  ANY info available for GOOD transcription companies?  I have over 3 decades of experience in every field and just want to get with someone good and where I can once again enjoy my job.  Thanks.  lsb in Florida
Are you sure you're not talking about e-Trans Plus? e-Tranz

e-Tranz does not offer benefits and have no employees, all ICs. 

The owner has a habit of not paying the NEW MTs whom she hires just to get back into TAT but then does not to pay them.  I was an MT for that company, and it was an awful and terribly stressful experience, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. When I would email her (at first) and practically plead with her to pay me, she shot back some very sadistic and unprofessional emails, sounding as if she was getting joy from what she was doing.  It was the worst experience I'd ever had with any MTSO.  She blocked my emails, and I couldn't ever reach her by phone. 

She ended up paying me eventually after 2 months had passed since that last invoice, but that was only after I informed her via a third party that I would definitely be paying her a visit in person for a little face-to-face, one-on-one "discussion" about our little problem.

Please, please don't ever work there, especially if you live paycheck to paycheck and need that money to survive each month.

It's all about the almighty buck where MTJobs is related. Note that E-Tranz is an MTDaily paid