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Safetype. nm

Posted By: typer2 on 2007-08-24
In Reply to: Favorite keyboards? - Taiga

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I ordered this and it fell apart.

be careful in paying this much for a keyboard.

I bought the refurbished safetype and they both ended up breaking. I think it is good but my speed went way down. It helps your wrists but hurts your elbows. lol

I would say go for it but the price is a little steep for me to go back to it.


I actually prefer the 6 on the left-hand side. I recently purchased the SafeType split keyboard (vertical sides), and the 6 key is on the right-hand side.

I use to get crampy, colicky shoulder pains, stiff necks, and thumb/wrist pains. Pure agony--I thought for sure I'd have to give up transcribing.

Now that I switched to the SafeType keyboard, all that is gone, and I can transcribe without any pain whatsoever.

I think this would be the perfect keyboard if only the 6 key were on the left half.

It did, however, take a little while to get used to typing with this keyboard. It slowed my speed down at first, but after I got used to it, I'm smokin' and my speed is much greater than it has ever been.



Has anyone tried the Safetype vertical keyboards? I would love to try one out.
I use SafeType. (sm)
I use the SafeType keyboard, and I like it very much. I have thumb arthritis in both my thumbs, and I have trouble with my neck and shoulders as well.

Before I got the SafeType, I used Microsoft 4000 keyboard. I might have stayed with that keyboard had it not been for the fact that the keyboard kept breaking down, requiring replacement every 6-9 months or so, and my neck, shoulders, and upper back screamed with pain. If I couldn't find an answer to the neck and shoulder pain, I would have had to drop out of Andrews and given up on MT work.

Since I have been using the SafeType keyboard, my thumb arthritis is not an issue. The turning the the hands necessary for most other keyboards does not happen, and I notice no pain from the wrists and thumbs. Likewise, my neck and shoulder pain has gone away as well.

Will it help the OA pain in your hands? This I don't know. But what I do know is this: If the pain in your hands (or neck or shoulders)is caused by or magnified because of the pronation of the hands in the use of your current keyboard, this will not happen with the SafeType keyboard.

It completely eliminated the searing pain in my neck, shoulders and upper thoracic spine, and I do not have any stabbing thumb pains anymore either. I have been using this keyboard for just about a year now, and I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Because of the SafeType, I was able to continue with my schooling, graduate from Andrews, and now I am employed as an MT. :)

If I ever got wind that the SafeType was ever going to be discontinued, I would promptly buy 10 or more of them because their resale value would then skyrocket, probably into the quadruple digits.

link for safetype
Safetype Keyboard?

Anyone out there use the Safetype keyboard?  I'm having some trouble with my wrists and forearms.  Ergonomic curved keyboards help somewhat, but not enough.  I still have a lot of discomfort.  Was looking into the Safetype, but wanted some opinions first from someone who has used it.  Thanks!

Does anyone use a safetype keyboard?

Does anyone use a safetype keyboard or heard of reviews either good or bad?  I am seriously considering buying one but I hate to spend the money if it won't help with the pain in my hands (from OA).  Thanks for your help. 



thanks guys. I've tried the SafeType
Spent over 300 dollars on it and its collecting dust.  So i'm afraid to waste more money.  I was thinking of the Ergoflex so I  can spread them apart as much as possible.