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yes...but I should have mentioned...

Posted By: Taiga on 2007-08-24
In Reply to: Did you search? We discussed the Saitek Eclipse a few - weeks ago. NM Goldtouch is nice, too!

That I do primarily VR.  I just bought an ergonomic keyboard (MIcrosoft) and while I think I would get used to it at some point, I'm not sure it's the best choice for someone who does 95% VR.  So actually I need thoughts on this as I am pretty much hating this new design and am working on my old one.


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you mentioned everything you could
think of except the pay.  How IS the pay??? 
I should have mentioned...
I get paid by the report! ARGH!!!! Its weird how most MT's get paid by the line and hence love long reports while those of us paid by report LOVE short reports! We have this one new doc who never says more than a sentence or two at the most unless its a CT or MRI, in which case he says four or five sentences....love it!
Actually, as mentioned below
I have worked for MQ, twice! Before and after DQS. As I said, it's up to whomever as to how they want to count lines (divisor, footers, headers, numbers, spaces, symbols, etc). It is not DQS - It is DocQmanage, which runs DQS!
Did you see SE or IC mentioned

I didn't.

So if they don't address me I don't pay attention.

And all they addressed in that letter was Full time and Part time employees.

Looks like somebody else mentioned this above. sm
I keep an eye on it when I transcribe since I've changed it in my expander, but haven't yet run into the cc in combination with prostate, but I'm sure it'll happen.
I don't think anybody mentioned
Harrison Ford -- I love his movies.  One of my favorites is Regarding Henry.
It had nothing to do with what you mentioned
and I will NOT post it, it's just too nasty.
to add to what the others have mentioned ... sm
If you charge a gross line, you might consider how many characters/spaces possible you wish your gross line to be made up of. For instance, if your font is New Times Roman 12, your possible characters per line will be less than if it were New Times Roman 10. And if your margins are 1 inch, that's a whole heck of a lot of typing to make up a line in New Times Roman 12. My gross lines are made up of a *possible* 65 spaces/characters per gross line, no matter what font/size they see. If you go this route, gross line and calculate this way, make sure your clients understand how you are charging so you don't have any conflicts.
No I just mentioned RP because
there was a dramatic difference. It made me wonder if there was something better than ES to play dictation with.
You can say that again. Sorry I mentioned it.
Ok, I should have mentioned.....
it would be working for the SAME company, not two jobs, just my one job, but working here in my own state most of the time and then for 2 weeks every few months or so in another state. I know it wouldn't be my employer's business if I were to get another job at the different company.

I was wondering if I had to let my employer know that I would be working from a different state now and again.
You also mentioned that

you are new to the game, so I thought I might recommend some good quality headset earphones.  I found them yesterday and fell in love with them immediately.  I've had a lot of earphones trying to find just the right fit. Nike Vapor adjustable sport headphones.  might check with www.philips.com  They have 3-way adjustments and the sound quality is magnificent! Can you tell I am sick of bad quality earphones?  :)
have a good experience instead of bad.  Its a long haul if you choose this as a career and you have to take care of yourself.

I don't know if this has already been mentioned here, but
on the other job board, there was a job listed that wanted 10 years experience!!! Good luck with that one...
Have you mentioned to them...
that you would like to visit them more often but it will require them having internet service?  Being the type of work that we do, you have the option to travel anywhere and still work as long as you have a pc/internet service...just as you explained it to us, have you explained it to them in that fashion?  How much will it cost for you to get internet service?  A friend of mines visited me and she had a lap top with an air card and.  she told me that if someone near you has a satelite that you could tap into (not stealing) but somehow you would be able to tap into their service provider and get internet service.  Speak to someone about how the air card works?
Like you mentioned, there are many
variables. I was told by the person who trained me that average is about 3-4 times the length of the dictation. Usually, clinic work is pretty easy, and with the same docs all the time, etc., it could very well take less time. Of course, with poor sound quality or difficult dictators, etc., it could take longer.
That is why I mentioned the supplements...
If you are healthy, from the inside, I think it shows on the outside...

One of my favorite female performing artists is Emmy-Lou Harris:  She is also stunning, for her age.  She is a natural beauty, who when she was quite young was a beauty queen, but I have noticed the last few years she is doing what I see a lot of older women do, just as you mentioned, dressing a little too 'hip', too much makeup. 

A lot of her appeal was her no makeup look, long straight hair, and jeans, in my opinion.  With her gray hair now she is even more drop-dead stunning, only I wish she would not dress so 'loudly' - not that she is anywhere NEAR what you are talking about - haha...

Ick - I know exactly what you mean with some of these women...  classic 'change of life' symptoms... 

In all fairness, though, the advertising market knows just how to do this to women - and they are merciless with 'telling' women how to look, and changing the style every week so they can make huge mounds of money...

Another 'trend' I see more and more is older women with much younger guys...  Yikes, for me, I am terrified already of losing a man to someone younger, imagine he is in his 30s (his prime), she in her 50-60s (menopause, hair brittle, spots on your body, tired, mood swings, etc etc - no need to go there, smile) and he is surrounded by these 18-20-somethings who are completely aggressive and thrill-seeking (with aspirations of being strippers and prostitutes from how they look)...ya think???  Are these relationships solid?  I imagine a few are based on real emotional/love, but...what a trip!

If you have mentioned within the Post
that it's in-office position, no worries. Board is for every sort of Jobs. I have seen many on-site and hospital jobs on this board before.
Each of the companies you mentioned
per year -- I am certain that Equifax does, and believe the others do also. They will charge about $8.00 for subsequent reports within a year. I believe consumers now have a right to access their credit scores as well, but I do not think this can be done for free. I would inquire with these companies as they should have the info. on that. Anyway, you will at least know from the free reports whether there is anything negative that you need to clear up.
I think the FREQUENTLY mentioned ones
if you'll check are the ones who are talked about on this board quite often. The good ones are only talked about infrequently, that's the only point I got out of this whole thing. Can anyone name 1 company that called them after a month and offered them ANY raise at all. I'm interested if anyone can. I only know from my own experience that I only get raises when asked and have only had 2 in almost 10 years and they weren't more than 1/2 cent, so I think the author of that is correct in their viewpoint.
Expunging is the best bet, as mentioned below. sm

It may depend upon the type of felony, but a friend of mine had a felony DUI, but he straightened his life out, and after 5 years was able to have it expunged from his records.  His attorney told him that for all intents and purposes, he could then say "no" when asked if he had been convicted of a felony, unless it had to do with the military or top government type jobs. 

The law may vary from state to state, but it would probably be in your best interest to check it out.

Good luck!   

When this was mentioned last week, I went to sm
Amazon and read reviews on it. Some people raved about it, but others claimed it was garbage. Too much hiss.
I have all the same issues you mentioned as well.
I guess everyone else is thrilled with the new version or just does not use it? May be my last year wasting my money with them unless I hear they have made dramatic improvements for next year.
I am glad you mentioned this
as many people often glorify having their own accounts/ own business. Been there/done that and I learned that the most important thing to me is the freedom and ease of taking time off without all the worries. To each her own, I guess :)
Maybe she had that typist mentioned below...
You know, the "slapping pooperectomy" one?!    Still kills me!     
I am about midway between yours and the one you mentioned. sm
do you speed up the docs you have been doing? i do have one doc i have done for about 2 yrs and i can do his speed at 225% because i know him so well. i average about $45/hr on his work. i find the faster i have the speech going, the faster i work/type. do you have Expanders with sentences/phrases or just words here and there? i have entire sentences and paragraphs that are frequently used.
No one has mentioned neurology...
I love neurology, psych, ortho...okay, just about everything but ophthalmology. ER is fun too...get the drunks and crazies...
your very welcome. you mentioned the other gal was hired sm
so she could possibly take some home to do it so i thought well why can't you take some home too, at least temporarily until you are better healed with your feet. you could put in 4 in-house, go home and then late that evening maybe put in another 4. i think breaking up your time at the computer into some sort of split shift would be the best thing for you and your feet. but do check into the requirements (maybe not asking the lady over you as she seems to not want to work with you). it typically is not 40 hours at all places.
Not the OP, but you had me there until you mentioned clicking.
Dont you think dr would have mentioned that if
He would have mentioned it so it was clear it
Yep, I mentioned my other job quite a few times
I work for an insurance company doing accident transcripts. In fact, that's what I'm doing tonight.
No, for all the reasons you mentioned.
for those same reasons, i refuse to be a member, though i too was originally. AKA AAMT is like congress today, self-serving, not representing "the people."
MT needs to be mentioned or else we go unnoticed again.....
We have been in the basement with no windows long enough. 
I think the MT business needs to be mentioned...
but maybe not the entire jest of the letter. Like a poster below said, if it's not mentioned, we'll go unnoticed again. A lot of people don't realize their records are being sent out of this country. I'm going to do some research before doing a letter, but I'm hoping to find some info regarding how many MT jobs are being sent overseas, just as a part of the overall number. I think it will come out that we actually are a big part of the grand scheme of things and it is a big deal - regarding jobs and security.

She mentioned somewhere in this story that
The doctor and his wife don't seem to care how far behind the dictation gets. It sounds to me like the doctor's wife just doesn't want pay for transcription anymore. Perhaps the nurse might want to consider getting another IC job with a different doctor? Then it no longer matters to the nurse whether she's more stressed during the 8 hours of employee-time, at least she'll have a separate stream of income from a different doc. And eventually the doctor may realize there's a major problem, but by then the nurse will be in a position to negotiate a better IC rate or better working conditions (or both).
Touchy, I never mentioned your age
You call attention to the fact of being retired in all your postings.
new plan not mentioned from office ..sm

excuse if this is messed up..the message keeps getting wiped out...but I

have been hearing about this new plan for over a year now as well as changes such as two spaces between sentences, etc. yet, I have not heard the first word of it from my office and I have simply carried on as usual...you would think the office would say something, wouldn't you?  Nothing in email or snailmail.

ditto, no SE mentioned in 9/2 letter
at all.  But, maybe you can ask that of the MT/ME Rewards Plan specialist who will be calling us all....
Has anyone heard anything about why SE was not mentioned when the letter was sent out about the
awards program. I hope that does not mean they are doing away with SE. I have no interest in being an employee of MQ. I also wonder if all of this seems to be in line with the way Spheris operates as a possible merger.
Supervisor mentioned gets things done. sm
If you are an MT who likes to work hard, have a supervisor who is willing to do anything to help you get your line counts up and work with you on scheduling, the one mentioned that the other person did not like is a good fit.  She is a very hard worker and very organized.  I enjoy working with her.
Thanks, but can you tell me what a C-phone is? I've seen them mentioned on here, but have no ide
Since you mentioned Ford, I have a 2005
and so far, I love it! I really can't think of too much that I don't like about it, other than wishing I had gotten a few options that I didn't think I would need until after the fact. We actually went to the dealership looking for an Escape, but it was just too small for us. My 12-yo could barely fit in the back seat, so I knew he'd grow out of it too quickly, and we do drive some long distances in our vehicles so comfort is of the utmost importance.

It runs well and seats 5 comfortably and also has another back seat that seats 3 more, though we haven't used that much except for adults, only for kids (one 12-yo) and they are comfy back there -- there are actually wells that go under the front seats to provide additional foot room and never had any complaints so far. It's my first 4x4 and I'm loving that in the snow. I also like that it maneuvers very well in parking lots. It has a real tight steering range and I can get out of just about any parking space even if it's crowded.

I have known a lot of people how had problem with Fords, but we decided to go for it because we got it when they were offering employee pricing plus a $4,000 rebate. Just couldn't beat the price! I think Ford fixed a few of the bugs from the earlier models with the 2005 and up, namely the addition of the stability control, which provides better stability and traction to prevent rollovers.

I've owned a lot of GM vehicles before this and I had trouble with every single one. I had a Dodge Caravan prior to my Explorer and I loved it. Never had a problem with it and had it for 5-1/2 years. If Dodge had been offering the pricing discounts, we probably would've opted for a Durango, but I have to say that I am extremely happy so far with my Explorer, though I have only had it for about 9 months now.
100K was mentioned in post below
by "Pollster".
I saw that someone mentioned Imitation of Life
I would have put this movie on my list, but I can't watch it over and over like I can the other three. I reserve this movie for when I know I'll be alone for the evening, then I enjoy every second of it and have a good ol' cry at the end!
No one mentioned either oriental or Asian.
the OP mentioned nothing about reducing rates
The topic is about trying to set up business at home without experience. This will be hard. Maybe consider just one specialty, if you can get that, like a physical therapy office.
lol. i bet if u mentioned that fact to him, he would be mortified
go ahead, i dare ya....
This is a ? about the KVM switch mentioned below - who knew! sm
Is it easy to install?  I am a dunce when it comes to loading stuff.  Can it be used on the computer that is hardwired for wireless?  If so, do i have to install the comcast software on that computer as well - my cable internet provider.  Any problems that come up when you use it?  I also struggle with the computer situation and too many computers doing too many things.  Then are both computers hardwired?  I am assuming a best buy or somewhere will carry it?  Gosh...thanks. 
Leads to same template I mentioned above
There is still no link to a medical staff listing.
You can do CTRL-N as mentioned. I just delete.
After report is typed, I run spellcheck - CTRL-O (not zero).

Then I CTRL-TAB to get to Express Scribe, then CTRL-Delete to delete the highlighted voice file. Message says do you want to delete, yes.

Then CTRL-TAB back to report and F12 to send. It sounds like a lot of steps, but it takes no time at all.

I like doing it this way because there's no way to mix the voice file with the next template that downloads immediately after sending other report. When the next template comes in, it brings the voice file.

Basically the steps are: Type, spell check, delete voice file, send report.
Also there is a glossary on above-mentioned site...sm
it is called qdecimals, which you put qbefore your numbers and it puts the decimal in without the space.