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Scammed By KP

Posted By: labjlm on 2006-05-09
In Reply to:

MH - your e-mail address is invalid that you provided earlier - please update.  I have information regarding KP in Oklahoma that I would like to send to you.  There is a detective at the local police station that there would like you to contact him regarding the equpiment you never received.  I just called him earlier and he is going to help get me my $300 back. 

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Is there anything I can do? Scammed..

I bought a footpedal from someone on here when I posted on the equipment board that I was looking to purchase one.  She seemed very sincere and I sent her my money order.  She said she sent it out over two weeks ago.  I've tried contacting her numerous times and now I can't seem to get in touch with her.  Is there anything I can do?  I thought about contacting the police in her area to see if there is anything I can do.  I just want my money back or my foot pedal.  Anyone have any ideas? 

P.S.  I just posted a new message on the equipment board to look for a new foot pedal.  Although this time I'll be more careful. 

RE: Is there anything I can do? Scammed
Notify the administrator of this site, and let her know all the particulars, so this person cannot advertise here anymore, and see if maybe she can offer you more advice.
Scammed by K.P.
Just reading some posts and noticed a couple below about being scammed on some equipment.  I bought a Lanier unit a while back from an ad on MT Stars by someone with the initials K.P. also who was from Oklahoma.  I sent the person $400 and never received the equipment.  Was told several times it was shipped (insured), then told it was found in the trunk of her Mom's car and never shipped, then it was shipped again but still never received and was sent (uninsured) and lost by the US mail.  Was told she had a sick daughter with leukemia and did not have time to reseach the problem right then.  Finally, I threatened to take legal action and got a check in the mail, WHICH BOUNCED!  Was then told by her that she was going through a divorce and her husband wiped her out of everything.  Please e-mail me with her full name.  I would like to see if the K.P. I have delt with in the past is the same K.P. you guys are having trouble with now.  Thanks!
Scammed as well...sm
After reading many of the details regarding how everyone was scammed, it is sounding like the same person using different names. I was scammed by a lady from Woodville, Texas with the initials DS about a year ago. She had a laptop with many extras. Received only half of what was advertised. Had to send many e-mails. Told by daughter that mom was very ill with cancer and ended up in the hospital. Finally did get the rest of the things but computer was three years old and not 8 months old and no longer had a warranty like I had been told. It was worth about half of what I paid. I was then told the mother died. I did contact the police in Woodville and they said the address I gave them sounded like a campground and that they had a lot of transients that came through there.

Makes me wonder if this could be the same person just traveling in the Texas/Oklahoma area.
To Everyone Scammed by Kristen Pineda - sm
You need to contact Detective Joe Rodriguez at the Frederick Police Department, 580-335-2301. He is VERY familiar with her and he is very anxious to hear from everybody who has been scammed by her. She just got out of jail not too long ago for this same thing - WE NEED TO STOP HER!!! This is a real hick town (kind of reminded me of the Andy Griffith Show) and everybody knows everybody's business and EVERYBODY at the police department knows Ms. Pineda. PLEASE CALL THEM NOW!
I was scammed by someone on this board with the initials K.P. `sm`

I purchased a c-phone from someone named Kristen in Oklahoma.  She gave me a similar story.  First she mailed it, then she lost the receipt for the post office, then her grandmother died, then her daughter had cancer and then her husband left her.  I paid her $225.  My computer crashed and I had to buy a  new one so I lost some of the information regarding this but my old computer is now fixed and I have most of the emails that she sent me and that I sent her.  I also have my copy of my priority mail slip and money order that I sent her.   Besides scamming people out of money, isn't she doing something illegal because she is using the U.S. mail to do it?   I was going to just let it go but now reading these posts that she is still doing it and that she is such a liar and crook, it makes me want to pursue it especially when I work my butt off for my money. 

Laura, the person who scammed the OP is not Kristen Pineda. This is a
completely different person altogether. We are dealing with the situation from this end. Thank you.