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Seasons Greetings

Posted By: LOUISA MAY on 2005-12-29
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I truly hope you all had a very muzzy Christmas and have a hairy new year.

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It was always fall when I lived in the northeast.  Now that I live in Texas, it's winter.
We have 4 seasons here....
probably more reinfall that most states though!! We do have winter, spring, summer and fall though. Just had 93 degrees last Monday though, that was unusual. Now, rain, but that is typical for the month of May. I have heard Iowa is really nice. My dad said Twin Falls, I think?? is supposed to be great weather-wise with some very nice weather, but don't you get a lot of snow in the winter? I don't like the cold. Not that it isn't here!!
I get this every change of seasons (sm)
Here's what helps:

Claritin-D - recommended to me by a pharmacist. It's much better than anything else I've tried. You'd think all the OTC stuff is pretty much the same, but it really is better.

Neti pot - do a search online. Little pot thing for irrigating your sinuses.

Humidifier - a pain to clean out, but helps with the dry heat.
I think 6 seasons total.
I too did not watch from the start - but began to watch the reruns on HBO on Demand from the beginning - and have now seen them all, around 3 times each!!! If anyone hasn't seen it - do yourself a favor and watch on Demand or rent the DVDs beginning with Season 1 and enjoy - you're in for a great ride! The most cleverly written women show ever - hysterical AND poignant! It will make you laugh out loud and sometimes cry. I am in love with all four of those women - Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and especially Charlotte - and I'm straight! LOL!
It changes just like the seasons. You need to search
e-bay and get a feel for what sales.  I'm trying to declutter my house and anything that I think is of value I check on e-bay.  Many times there are 100 of the same item and none of them are getting any bids, so it isn't worth listing there.   I would recommend you trying your local Craigslist.   No guarantee it will sell there either but it doesn't cost to list.  
Update on another one burned by Four Seasons Transcription
Okay shocking news here.  I just received part of the pay Robin owes me.  Why, not sure.  Supposedly she''s in the hospital, but I also was told she's famous for "being in the hospital for surgery" as an excuse for nonpayment.  I'm still not sure what made her go ahead and pay part of what she owes me... I just hope my other invoices get paid as she bills the acct for them.  Now if she seriously was in the hospital she has my sympathy BUT according to other MT's she's burned... this is a signature Robin move... minus the actually getting paid... I honestly don't know what to say.
Yet another one burned by Robin Hall/Four Seasons Transcription

Robin managed to find me via Guru.com.  I wish I had read the earlier warnings about her on here back then.  I kept on working believing she way pay, falling for her excuses.  She's very good at what she does.  My paycheck was 5 weeks late when I finally said enough and told her I could no longer work for her on 02/01/08.  Since that time I haven't been able to contact her through home phone, cell phone, e-mail, yahoo messenger or anything.  I even tried calling her business number listed on her website for Four Seasons... guess what... that number has been disconnected with no forwarding number.  She got me for over $800.  The part I feel the worst about is I referred a friend to her shortly after starting with her myself.  Robin now owes that friend over $900 and has still not paid her to this day.  I know there's nothing I can do (still investingating legal action though) about what she did to me.  I mainly want to warn other MT's about her.  Please... before any of you accept a job at ANY company IC or employee.... check them out in any way possible.


Another scammer - Robin Hall (Four Seasons Transcription) sm
Robin Hall CONTINUES to scam MTs and get away with it. I get emails weekly from MTs who cannot get their paychecks from her. I find it absolutely incredible that she can continue to get away with this, but she does. After she had to leave here, she moved over to guru.com. I contacted them and warned them about her, but she wound up scamming some people there and has since been banned. Kind of an interesting aside - heard from a reliable source that Robin was giving hospitals a false Tax ID#. Go figure!!
Tryin to book a vacation. Does anyone know when hurricane seasons starts and ends? Nm